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Unclaimed Prize Monies

And It Belonged to the Players ...

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Originally Posted: Aug. 15, 2001
Revised: May 11, 2002
(Added link to see unclaimed prize figures
since inception of the Texas Lottery

The Proposed Rules

Html Version - This is the revised rule that they re-wrote and re-proposed. It replaces 401.305 and 401.312 that appears in the May 11th edition of the Texas Register. They only re-wrote the Lotto Texas & Texas Two Step sections - the other rule changes are still being proposed. I've posted this where it is easy to for you to read and where you can easily see the changes they've made - Something the TLC should have done but didn't - can you imagine that! Click here.

PDF Version
of the Aug 10th revised rule - Same as above but in PDF format. Starts in the middle of the page. Underlined words is the new language and strike thru's are to be deleted. Click here.

PDF - The entire May 11, 2001 Proposed Rule.
Easy to read. You can also see how much they actually re-wrote. Starts on the 2nd page. Underlined words is the new language and strike thru's are to be deleted. Click here.

E-mails - the People Speak. Right now these are the comments received during the May/June comment period. I'll be posting your latest comments here too when they start coming in. Click here.

Easy Ways For You
To Comment

E-mail your comments to me and I'll see to it that the TLC gets them ... please. Click here

A special comment for you as you requested - There's a simple copy and paste comment that you can email me after the last question on this page. Now it can't get much easier than this! This is what is on the new petition.

A notice that you can simply print, sign and mail if you oppose these rule changes - It covers it all has room for you to make more comment if you like. Iit's in HTML - Click here

A petition (revised) for you to sign, have others sign and mail to me or the TLC - I appreciate all the help I can get. Click here - (PDF format).

Call the Commissioners
and tell them how you feel about all this. They'll talk to you ... but the TLC won't.

C. Tom Clowe Jr.

3521 Northridge
Waco, Texas 76710
(254) 751-0766

Betsy Whitaker

2811 McKinney Ave.
Suite 310
Dallas, Texas 75204
(214) 754-9190

Walter Criner

Criner-Daniels & Associates
6420 Richmond Ave.
Suite 645
Houston, Texas 77057

Mail Comments To

Dawn Nettles
P. O. Box 495033
Garland, Texas 75049-5033
Phone (972) 686-0660
Fax (972) 681-1048

If you are uncomfortable mailing your letters and petitions to me,
then mail them directly to the Commission:
Texas Lottery Commission
Attention Kim Kiplin
P.O. Box 16630
Austin, Texas 78701

Poof ...
Players Lost $29 Million
Just Like That

During the July Commissioners meeting, Ms. Cloud announced that between Sept. 2000 and July 13, 2001, they had $29,077,428 in unclaimed prize monies and were transferring these funds to the multicategorical teaching hospital and the tertiary care facility.

Unclaimed prizes are winnings (or break-evens) that the players did not claim within the allotted 180 days and were forfeited.

Prior to 1998, the TLC gave this money back to the players. Remember those anniversary November's when all pots started out at $10 million or grew in increments of $10 million? Well, they were giving back the unclaimed prize monies with these promotions.

I firmly believe this money rightfully belongs to the players and should be paid back to the players. You see, these funds are in the “prize pool” and the rule states: “players shall receive a minimum of 50% of total sales” (or a minimum of 55% for Lotto) - PERIOD ... there are NO ifs, ands or buts. But now, because the players didn't collect their winnings, the state stakes claim to this money. This “unclaimed prize money” makes up the 50% or 55% that "shall" be paid to the players ... but instead, they keep it.

Hey ya'll - this is Texas doing this to us and it's time for us to scream and demand our rights. And we’d better do it before Ms. Kiplin changes the language to say "may" instead of "shall" too.

Here's where the unclaimed prize monies came from ...

Game & Amount of Unclaimed Prizes
(Aug. 2000 thru July 13, 2001)

Game Unclaimed Prizes
Aug. 2000 thru
July 13, 2001
Pick3 $1,245,410
Cash 5 $3,390,164
Texas Million $1,534,280
Lotto Texas $13,372,917
Scratch Tickets $9,534,657
Total $29,077,428

One of the biggest challenges I have is to succeed in getting you to comment. Most people won’t take the time or don’t feel it’s worth their time. But I’m fighting for what I believe is right and I know you agree with me. PLEASE help me spread the word, get comments and signatures.

And here's a simple copy and paste comment
for you to send to me!

NO to 16TAC - 401.305 & 401.312

I believe all winners should receive the same exact percentage of sales - No winner should receive more or less than other winners. Pay us what we have coming - nothing more and nothing less. We do not approve of the TLC paying the amount they advertise. That figure should represent ONLY the estimated amount the winners will receive.

NO to 16TAC - 401.302 - Scratch Tickets

I believe the TLC should tell players how many scratch tickets were printed and how many prizes there are for each prize before selling the tickets. This information should be available at EVERY retail outlet for people who inquire. Do not delete the paragraph that states the end of game report does not have to be completed. This information should be a matter of public record.

See Unclaimed Prizes Since Inception of the Texas Lottery
The Figures Are Astounding! Click here.
(Page kept current)

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