Below are the letters I've received
regarding the proposed changes to Lotto Texas.
"Proposed Amendment 16 tac Section 401.305"

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Your Letters

To Read the Duke University Letter

Dear Ms. Kiplin,

I have recently become aware of some information regarding the Texas Lotto which has disturbed me greatly. I was under the impression that the adding of four balls was simply a matter of lowering the odds of winning for all who purchased lotto tickets - which for obvious reasons, I am against.

Now, I am told this issue goes much deeper. As I understand it, the state of Texas has refused to give the retailers a much needed increase in pay on the sale of lotto tickets. Evidently this has created a less than positive sales attitude on the part of many retailers which in turn has lowered the sale of lotto tickets. I am puzzled as to why you would not want to be fair to the retailers. Surely it's not a matter of greed? I should think you would want to keep the retailers happy rather than alienate them since they have the ability to greatly increase your sales!

I sincerely hope to see the Texas Lotto continue but only if it is done in a way that is fair to all.

Please be advised that if you do add the four balls, I will be compelled to join Mrs. Nettles and boycott the lotto.


Donnita T


Ms. Kiplin:

I have previously sent you messages by e-mail telling you of how I oppose the proposed changes to the lottery. I recently heard that Dawn Nettles has proposed a boycott of the lottery if these changes are implemented. She has support from some retailers in this boycott.

I am writing to let you know that I support this concept and I will support a boycott of ALL lottery tickets, including scratch-off, if these changes are implemented. I am sending Ms. Nettles a copy of this letter so that she can show retailers that the customers will not oppose them for dropping Lotto. I am taking this a step further by letting retailers in my area know that I not only will support retailers boycotting the lottery, but I will boycott retailers who do not drop Lotto if these changes are approved.

I am urging my friends to watch this matter carefully and to support the competition (in my area Retama Race Track) if Lotto is changed in any way. I predict that these changes will greatly reduce the sales of Lotto.

Listen to the retailers who are trying to tell you how to improve sales. This is their specialty. If they earn more profit, they will be more inclined to push lottery tickets and sales will increase.

DO NOT CHANGE LOTTO unless you want to lose more customers.

Stephan R.
Kirby, TX


You raise some interesting points. In 1945 it would have been a wonderful program. A bonus for the clerks? I don't think that's the answer. It sounds nice and democratic. It also sounds impractical to execute. (Nothing is impossible) Close each transaction with, "have you gotten your Lotto tickets today?" That will never happen. The First Baptist Church would be in every retailers face faster than they could move the Lotto machine to the curb. (If just 1/2 of the retailers sold like some of the independents do, like the top 20 retailers, then lotto sales would not be down today. There is a degree to which clerks can sell and some selling is better than none.)

Do you know why I think Lotto sales have plummeted? Because people don't find the process interesting. Lotto is hot in every state when it's introduced. It fizzles. Besides, I play every free lotto on the Internet. I'm not alone. Why pay anything at all when I can play for free?

Sorry but retail merchants have found themselves undermined by the Internet and the way consumers can skate around paying State and Local Sales Tax. I think that in the case of Lotto players, the same thing is happening.

I don't know if 54 Vs 50 is a good or bad idea. But you see, I don't care anymore. I don't buy Texas Lotto tickets like I did. I play for free 7 days a week. Try ... (I've deleted the site addresses) It takes time to play these but I must emphasize, they cost nothing. They leave the person not owning a computer out in the cold. And what's so unfair about that?

The Lottery Commission is challenged by a State Legislature driven by religious groups who can't stand the fact that the voters in this state approved the Lottery. The State Legislature holds the Commission accountable for the growing disinterest among players. Probably unfair because I think the disinterest is a change in the community's perception of the Lottery in general. The State isn't going to give them one penny more to advertise, etc. All they are going to do is isolate the players more and more until the number of players decreases.

I'm glad I'm not on the Lotto Commission. It's a no win situation for anyone who serves -- a guaranteed ulcer.

Good luck in your battle. Try out the free sites. You might just forget about the Texas Lottery all together. (If the state adds 4 balls, I'll give every Texan the addresses you sent me. OK)


Dear Dawn Nettles,

I just read the E-Mail posted on your site, in favor of increasing the number of balls used in the Texas lottery; and couldn't believe what I was reading. The man attacking your, "organization", as he refers to it, is way off base. He would like to have people believe that having a Powerball type lottery, is far better than the current 6/50 lottery. I wonder how many times he has gone to Austin to collect his 6 of 6 winnings?

The odds of hitting 6 of 6 out of 50 is- 15,890,700 . That's almost 16 million to one. However, the odds of hitting a powerball lottery is- 80,089,128 to one. That's more than 80 million to one!

If lack of ticket sales are the real problem, then Mr. Don O., and his friends, are part of the problem. He,himself, said so. And I Quote,"It is players like myself, who DO NOT seriously buy until the lotto is at least $ 8-10 million, that will buy more tickets".

Well, Don O., I live in Oklahoma and I drive the 240 mile round trip, to play the Texas lottery. I stay at a motel, I purchase fuel for my car, and eat at restuarants while there. I average 3 trips per month to Texas and spend approximately, $ 1,000 on all of the aforementioned items, per month total. If the Texas Lottery Commission, decides to increase the number of balls that they use in Texas lottery.

Then, they can be assured that I WILL NOT, contribute even ONE THIRD of what I do now. And, I'm reasonably sure that I'm not the Only OKLAHOMAN, who puts money into the Texas Economy.

If the Texas Lottery Commission, thinks that by making the lottery harder to hit, and by having larger jackpots, that will give them more money on a consistant basis; they are only fooling themselves. Other states will come in, when the pot is 50 or 100 million, and they will bring in 10,000 wheeled sets of numbers and when they win, they will take with them the millions of dollars, that the residents of the state of Texas, contributed out of their paychecks.

It's consistent players, such as myself, that continues to support the State of Texas. So, unless their willing to take the loss of revenue that comes from the State of Oklahoma; via our residents, The Lottery Commission, will leave the lottery just as it is.



Dear Kimberly Kiplin, Governor Bush, Lt. Governor Rick Perry, Speaker Pete Laney,

I for one am against any change to the Texas Lotto. The following are my reasons.

First: I read that the Lotto is loosing money. This has to be false unless a bunch of folks start winning the million in the Texas Million game. I think a more true statement is that the Lotto is making less. True that it is making more than it did when it started but less than at its peak. Unless it is mismanaged it cannot loose money.

Second: I once read that a person was more likely to be bitten by a shark in a fresh water lake. At 15,890,700:1 odds this statement may be true. After the new wore off a lot of folks quit playing because of these odds and that they are putting money in and getting nothing out. Not even representation as you would with an involutary tax. Yet Texas must have the market cornered on fresh water sharks because people are winning this game. Dr. Eubanks called it unlucky. Call it what you may a lot of Texas Millionares are out there because of this game. I tell my wife that I hope someone the Lotto has a winner every time it is played. Why do you ask? Because I would rather see a lot of people all over the state with a few million than one or two a year with many millions. You should recognize what the Lotto has done for many communities across the state both large and small alike. My community, of 28,000 people, has had one 35 million winner and two smaller million dollor plus winners. They have bought homes, cars, products, and services that are supplied in this community. It would take a large industry moving into this area in order to have an equal impact. This is happening all over the state because of the Lotto. Anyone who wins 2, 3, or 4 million and thinks it is a petty amount needs to go in for an ajustment. Reading the paper the lotto commision makes it sound like the end will come to the lotto if the initial jackpot is lowered below 4 million. It doesn't bother me at all. Dr. Eubanks may have to explain to you that luck changes. The commision should be patiant. A large jackpot will come around sooner or latter. If it is not broken don't fix it. You want to improve the states income via the gambling games, drop one that does not work and make a new one that does.

For these reasons I do not want to see the Texas Lotto changed from 15,890,700:1 odds to 25,827,165:1 odds just to make more money for the state coffers. This is the peoples game that we voted for. If you want to make a change, change the Texas Million. The only coffer being filled by this game is the states and people know it that is why they don't play it. Name it the Texas Ticoon, or Texas MegaMillion or something. Make it just like the Texas Lotto except jack the odds up as high as you want to and if the jackpot ever hits 100 plus million, your right, people will cross our borders to play. The result will be one very rich person affecting fewer buisnesses and communities across the state. And posibly not even in this state.

The bottom line at present is the Lotto is for the few dollors that are extra and on the table. It is not realistic to thinks if you play all your life that you may be a winner. It is luck. But if the lotto is changed I WILL NEVER PLAY AGAIN. And the same goes for a lot of people I talk with about it.

Thanks for your time,

Bill L.


"Making winning more difficult" is my point exactly. The present odds are 1 in ~15,000,000. How much more greedy do you want? You have increased the odds of scratch offs and got negative response and now you want to try this?

I does not make since. After the baseball strike it took 5 years for attendance to reach the prestrike level. Without TV rights and over doubling the average ticket price the MLB would still be in financial trouble. It took McGuwirre and Sosa to get it up again.

The point is: Increased sales at the 50 million level will that offset the decrease in 4-50? Probably not. But go to it business men..... I will no longer buy at the increased odds.

Bryan V.

PS. I also predict that the increases will cause a collapse of the lottery.


To: Kimberly Kiplin

I think you need to do more research on the basics of what entices people to spend money on games of chance. How about a small wager? I am confident that increasing the number of balls will further decrease participation in the Lotto, even tho the winners will get bigger awards.

I am a psychologist and am basing my thoughts on what I know about rewards and incentives to increase behavior. If you put little rats in a cage, and every time they push a lever, they get a food pellet, that's called continuous reinforcement. The rats are happy and eat as they want food. Then, if you change the ratio and give a pellet every 5th lever push--an intermittant reward, the little guys wise up quickly and make five fast pushes to get the pellet. Gets more complicated....switch to a random intermittant reward, but with a max of 20 pushes per pellet. The little guys get really busy...spend a lot of time pushing that damn lever...not sure when it will hit, but they know it will hit. Then switch again...random intermittant reinforcement with a max of 100 pushes. The little guys will keep working the lever, but with less enthusiasm because it's taking a lot of effort for a small reward.

At some point there is a diminishing return on the effort. For the Lotto, the more thoughtful people are, the less they play the game. You haven't asked for my opinion, but here it is: if you really want more people to play more often...increase the frequency of reward....double the number of 3 ball winners, double the number of 4 ball winners. That way, you will increase the fantasy of the average player that he/she might hit it big next time.

If you don't believe me, go ahead and increase the number of balls from 50 to 54--but save my email and re-read it six months after the game continues to decline.

Will Pannabecker, PhD
Director, Psychological Services
St. Edward's University
3001 S. Congress Av.
Austin, TX 78704

( Note: I requested and received permission to publish Will's full name. I really thank you for this letter especially in light of the news I received Sunday, April 16, that the Florida residents are unhappy with the addition of 4 balls to their game and sales are not going as well as expected by state officials.).

Dear Ms. Kiplin,

I see that the TLC is attempting to raise the odds of winning the Texas State Lottery again. I feel that this is a foolish thing to in an attempt to increase your playership.

I commented on this the last time the subject came to the public's attention. I feel that you could increase the public participation by lowering rather than raising the odds of winning. The increased monetary prize is somewhat of an incentive but only if a player feels that he/she has some reasonable chance of winning. True the 15 million to one or so that it is now is pretty daunting but by adding 4 extra balls to the game, you make the prize seem out of reach for most people playing the

As a player, I would probably increase my participation if I thought the odds were better and not worse. The fact that the money to win might be decreased isn't too much of a factor as long as you don't go overboard on that aspect of it.

I truly appreciate that 1,2,3, or 4 million dollars is a LOT of money and would love to win it.

I for one will probably play less if the odds are increased. I will probably NEVER play at the lower prize levels again and will wait until the prize is very substantial before I spend any of my money.

I think many of your current players probably feel the same way. Had it occurred to you to conduct a poll?

Thanks for your attention. I hope this helps you make your decision.

Best regards,
Jim K



I find it disturbing that Don O. is willing to sacrifice the little guy's bucks so that someone can cash in "big time"! If I understand him correctly, he only plays when the jackpot is large enough to plunk down a couple of hundred dollars and buy masses of tickets. It shouldn't matter to him, then, whether there are 54 or 50 numbers; he will continue his habits. That is less likely for those of us who buy weekly and hope that the odds will catch up to us, but will "head for the door" when the odds change in favor of the house.

I was introduced to state lotteries when living in Germany; theirs is a 6 out of 49 lottery with a "Zusatzzahl" or "bonus number." That spreads the wealth around better, so that anyone with any five of the first six numbers drawn, plus the "bonus number" wins a bigger jackpot than just 5 out of 6. They also stop adding to the jackpot once it reaches a certain sum (let's say theoretically $10,000,000) with the remainder spread among the other winners.

"Why worry about the odds. . ."? I guess he doesn't know about the race track. The theory is the same. Some people bet long shots hoping for the "big win," but most people try for something a bit more realistic.

Want to see more players betting more money? Make it possible for more people to win, even a smaller amount. It is only common sense. I'd rather have 20% of $500,000 than 100% of nothing. It wouldn't make me feel any better to know that Don O. won $25,000,000 just because he could afford to buy $500 worth of tickets.

Don W.
Little Rock, Arkansas

Hi Dawn,

I submitted the following to the lotto director the last time the rule changes came up and never received a reply.

Each time they have a jackpot drawing and there is not a winner :

1. Take $1,000,000.00 from that jack pot and put the rest in the next jackpot.

2. Then take the $ 1,000,000.00 and divide in to smaller amounts.
a. $ 500,000.00 and have a drawing until someone wins that amount.
b. Have two $ 100,000.00 drawings until someone wins each amount
c. Have four $ 50,000.00 drawings until someone wins each amount
d. Have two $ 25,000.00 drawings until someone wins each amount
e. Have five $ 10,000.00 drawings until someone wins each amount

There is less chances to win the big jack pot and if you win you spend most of it in Taxes.

Your chances of winning a smaller jack pot increase and you pay less Taxes.

This way you have 15 chances to win. Which is still has large odds against you to win a jackpot.

I would be more incline to buy more than one ticket for each drawing under these condition than just one ticket under the purposed changes.

I also, advised them the scratch offs are a big joke. I stopped buying them years ago.

John F.

Hi there,

I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how much some of my friends and I appreciate your efforts in stopping the changes to the Texas Lotto. Below is a copy of the e-mail that I sent to Ms. Kiplin, the Gov, Rick Perry, Pete Laney, and the Austin American Statesman. I hope it helps.

Bob O.

His letter read:

I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that many of my friends and I are against the plan that Executive Director Linda Cloud has which would add four extra balls to our current Lotto. Apparently Ms. Cloud did not get the message sent back in September, 1999, by the players that we do not want the Lotto changed in any way in order to win larger jackpots.

I have discussed this problem with many of my friends who play the Lotto. We think that it is great that many of our fellow Texans have been made millionaires by the Texas Lotto. We would like an opportunity to win some bigger jackpots but not by changing the Texas Lotto. We feel that Texas should join in with the other states, such as Louisiana and Illinois, that participate in the Super Ball Lotto. By doing both, that would keep the money from the Texas Lotto in Texas for the schools, give more Texans a chance to win our Lotto, but also give Texans a chance to win bigger jackpots as well.

If Ms. Cloud cannot understand that Texans do not want the Texas Lotto changed then maybe we should change the person who is the Executive Director.

Thank you for your time and consideration of my proposal.

Bob O.
Buchanan Dam, Texas


Madam, (Kimberly Kiplin)

The proposal to increase the Texas Lotto numbers from 50 to 54 is going to be devastating to the game, and will only increase the bitterness by the players as a result of the greedy intervention by bureaucratic theorists. Look at what happened with the Scratch Offs, because this will be an exact repetition of what is to come.

In the business world, if you want to sell more widgets you don't increase the price unless you increase the value of the widget. On the other hand, if you want to increase the profitability of the widget you can't sell it for less, unless you decrease the value. Therefore, you must increase the value in order to charge more and increase profits. You appear to be going in the wrong direction and need to consult with business personnel instead of statisticians.

Translation: Increase the starting pot at 5 million and charge 1.50 per ticket. But, then you know the players won't go for this. So, why not go back to business basics and sell the customers on new games ( diversification ), improve the existing games, decrease overhead/expenses, and improve the image of the Lottery Commission. Start by getting rid of Texas Millions, give more incentive to the retailers and their personnel to sell tickets, and finally decrease the number of supervisors and managerial and consultants and get some sales people out there on the road that can re-kindle some enthusiasm not only with the retailers, but also the players. The little jigs- " Did you remember to buy your lottery tickets?" I hear on the radio fall short of making me want to buy anything. Get more effective advertisement.

Get someone to figure the odds. Then get sales professionals to do the work. But, best of all - leave our lottery alone. That is not the problem.

Stephen M

To: Kimberly Kiplin

Once again, the Lottery Commission is proposing to change the game of Lotto in an attempt to boost sales. Once again, I must voice my opinion that this is wrong.

I am opposed to any changes to the game of Lotto.

I would recommend other changes to boost sales. Among the changes I think might help are eliminating the Millionaire drawing on Friday nights, reducing the Cash Five game to two drawings per week, and enhancing the profits for retailers who sell lottery tickets. If retailers make more profit, they will do their best to sell lottery

I also suggest that the law be changed to allow sales outside of the state. This would have the benefit of enlarging the pool of potential buyers, thus increasing sales.

If there are any questions, please feel free to contact me at my home address or telephone, as listed below.

Stephan J. R.
Kirby, TX

TO: Kimbely Kiplin

Please reconsider AGAIN changing the current Lotto Texas from 50 numbers to
54 plus bonus ball.

As proposed, this is NOT A USER FRIENDLY GAME....it will be the final
deathknell of lottery in Texas. Besides, this is a single state's game; this will NEVER be the Power Ball you're trying to emulate.

You HAVE NOT LISTENED to PREVIOUS input by players put forth to you 6 months ago; many very useful suggestions were made,1)including cutting back on
frequency of Cash 5 2) and/or eliminating the big Friday Night Millions Dollar TURKEY 3) restructuring your % payments to retailers 4) rewarding the sales clerks at retail outlets.

You still quite obviously have no plans to encourage sales of the lottery at the very grass roots level - i.e. in the retail outlets through sales clerks. And it is obvious now that you intend to steamroll this proposed amendment...

Someone more in tune with us, the players, should be in charge of the operation. As often happens to a bureaucracy, your organization is now too unwieldy and unwilling to make any meaningful changes. It appears to look out for itself; not for those it serves.

I am very disappointed that you are coming back with the same wolf in
sheep's clothing 6 months later, hoping that no one will notice...

Well, I have noticed and I say, NO, NO, NO.

Nadja G.
Austin, TX


MS. Kiplin:

My name is Bill H. and I am a regular 6/50 lotto game player. I have missed only three drawings in all the years that Texas has had the lottery.

This latest proposal by Ms. Cloud to change the main lotto game of Texas is an absolute outrage!! It seems to me that she only wants the jackpots to grow bigger, and really has no interest if there are ANY jackpot winners anymore. Ms. Cloud needs to be replaced with someone who cares about the lottery AND the PLAYERS!! She is going to ruin ALL the games of Texas, with this asinine idea to add four more numbers to the main game. Only the jackpots will get bigger. The players will get screwed!

I am going to contact ALL the newspapers in Texas that I can, and ask all regular players of the main game of Texas to stop buying ANY type of lottery instrument, if this stupid proposal goes through. I will ask them to stop buying any kind of scratch-and -win ticket. I will ask to buy no more Cash 5 tickets. I will ask them to buy no more Pick 3 tickets. I would rather that Texas had NO lottery at all if Ms. Cloud succeeds in pushing through this abominable change to the main game of Texas! (I'm with you on this one!)

I am going to try to do everything I can to see that Ms. Cloud does not get away with this change. If she is successful, then I will ALSO do everything I can to try to do away with ALL the lottery games, thereby assuring that Ms. Cloud will no longer have a job!! I am not the only regular lotto player who is upset with Ms.
Cloud. In the coming days, you are going to be hearing from a lot more lotto players. I hope you and the lottery commissioners will take what we have to say about the changes and Ms. Cloud----seriously. If these changes do go through, it is very possible ALL of you employed by the Lottery Commission, will be out of a job. Do not discount the power of numbers of players working to defeat this attack by Ms. Cloud to our 6/50 game.

Thank you,
Bill H.

Ms. Kiplin,

My answer to your proposed changes of the Lotto Texas game is NO. This will not create excitement if you change our chances from 1:15 Million to 1:25 Million. It absolutely makes no sense.

The reason that sales are lagging is that people are realizing that 1:15 Million is an almost unreachable goal. If you tell us that it IS unreachable, can you actually expect us to get excited about that? And, the larger pots for 3/6, 4/6, and 5/6 -- well, big deal! Will that little bit get anyone out of debt and make their life easier? I don't think so. Could you reach your dreams with that? Of course not, yet this is what people are counting on if they win.

You may think you have figured out how to get people's attention in this State of Texas, but it is doubtful that the kind of attention you will be getting will be favorable. No one I have talked to agrees that this will be a good move for us. Only for the Lottery Commission, if anyone, would profit at all. And, we all think you are getting more than your fair share as it is.

This is lightly called "the idiot tax", but do you really think we are idiots? Absolutely not.

I've have a lottery pool going for the past 6 years with 20 people, each spending $10 each per game. These people have said that if this changes, we'll quit! Just buy our one ticket and be done with it. "Won't win anyway" is the general consensus. You be the judge!

Thank you,

Margaret T.

Dear Dawn:

Might as well get the "critique" out of the way first. Since you wear many hats in the Lotto Report office, you'll need your editor's hat for this one. On the nosales.htm page, I found a small oopsy. About half way down, it says:

... corporate chain feels they loose business because they don't sell something, then they will ultimately carry it. But they won't necessarily tell the world about it! I think the correct word in the first line should be LOSE instead of LOOSE. (Oops. You're right!)

Now on to more useful (?) things. One of your suggestions for increasing sales/profits for the lottery is to reduce the starting jackpot and use the extra money for incentives. I'd like to suggest that they make the starting pot $2.5 million. I think this would fit in nicely with the new payout of 25 years, making $100,000/yr. Or maybe make it $3 million for a $10,000/month payout. I know that a lot of
people want the immediate payout, so it wouldn't make too much difference to them. But I personally choose the payout on my tickets for the continuous income and reduced tax burden.

I also agree with you about paying the employee a bonus instead of the corporation. I believe that presently this bonus is divided among all sellers of winning tickets. You suggested $25,000. Since the present bonus is 1% or $40,000 on a minimum jackpot, paying this amount to the seller of EVERY winning ticket would probably cost less than the present bonus on the average. In Wednesday's drawing, it would have cost $25,000 instead of $280,000 since there was only one winner.

I haven't seen any numbers lately, but for several years the TLC was returning money that they were budgeted for operations. This would partially offset increasing the retailers' profit to 10%. The rest could be made up from the smaller bonuses. This is still very small, but you said that this would make the Lottery much more appealing to the corporations that run most of the convenience stores.

I also agree that eliminating the Texas Millions game is a GREAT idea. I played it for about 3 months when it first started, but haven't since. I will add that I never won anything during that time. I don't win much on Lotto or Cash 5 either, but always at least something in a 3 month span.

This may be more than you want to take on, but what about the possibilty of doing a survey on the web site? Maybe make up several alternate proposals for changing the payouts/bonuses/games and allow the actual lottery players to choose their preference. Or make a list of many of the possibilities and let people select the ones they agree with. I know the TLC would never think of doing something like asking players what they want.

Well, I've probably rambled long enough. I really appreciate the time you take to keep us well informed of the idiocy that takes place at TLC headquarters. Kepp up the good work.

Duane S.
Brownwood, TX


Remember when I asked you on Sept 3, 1999 ARE YOU REALLY THAT DAMN DUMB ? Don't you realize this is a DONE DEAL ?

Well, I'm asking it again.

The LOTTERY COMMISSION has already decided that this is going to happen and there is nothing you can do that will change that. To your credit, you did manage to delay it last time and you may manage to delay it again this time. However, you're only delaying the inevitable. There will come a day that those IGNORANT, GREEDY SOBs on the LOTTERY COMMISSION will go to 54 balls, no matter how many people say NO or even HELL NO.

The opinions, wants and wishes of THE PEOPLE that spend their money to play the lottery aren't important to the LOTTERY COMMISSION. Why, you ask? Because the people on the LOTTERY COMMISSION are not elected, they're appointed by the 'GOOD OL BOY' or 'BUDDY SYSTEM'. Therefore, they don't feel any necessity to answer to THE PEOPLE.

What you really need to do is stop jousting windmills and set a more realistic goal for yourself. I'll support your efforts. However, I'm a realist, I know you/we can't stop this. But don't be disheartened by failure on this battle. The outcome of this battle was decided long before you became involved. Now it's time for you to turn their ego, power and unresponsive arrogance around and use it against them. Let them hang themselves, (with your help). Grease the rope so the knot will be sure to slip up nice and snug.

Change the direction of your efforts. Start now to prepare a campaign to get people to stop playing the Pick 6 Lottery, once these changes are made. If you can get enough people to stop playing the Pick 6 for just 2 to 3 months, the sales will drop dramatically and the LOTTERY COMMISSION will have to explain to the STATE LEGISLATURE why the sales have dropped. If the sales drop corresponds with the 54 ball implementation then it shouldn't require a BIG idiot to figure out what happened, a medium size idiot should be able to it
figure out.

Remember the scratch off fiasco ? The sales drop was gradual, over an extended period of time. And like the scratch off fiasco, it will probably take a while for this change to run it's course and get corrected. If the sales drop is dramatic, the release of the next financial report on the lottery will grab the attention of the STATE LEGISLATURE. There will be a panel appointed to investigate, (6 months), then there will be the hearings on the problem, (another 6 months or a year if they allow public hearings), then the problem will be addressed in the LEGISLATURE and finally there will be recommendations for changes which may or may not fix the problem.

Once you have the ball rolling there, start the BIG BATTLE to get an ELECTED COMMISSION, NOT AN APPOINTED COMMISSION. That will make the COMMISSION more responsive to THE PEOPLE. All elected officials know that only about 10% of the voters in TEXAS vote, and that MAD PEOPLE ALWAYS VOTE. That means that for every 100 people in TEXAS, if just 6 people are ticked, those 6 mad people can vote them off of the COMMISSION.

THE TIMING FOR THIS IS GREAT. Elections for STATE REPRESENTATIVES will be the first Tuesday in November, 2000.
A lot of voters can remember that long. Others may have to be reminded. To do that, you may have to turn the LOTTO REPORT into a political editorial forum for a short period of time, but you have that right guarantee to you by the First Amendment of the CONSTITUTION of the UNITED STATES. And then again, a political editorial forum may help your sells. At worst, it will get the several thousand people that come in contact with your publication thinking and talking and if they get mad enough, they'll vote. Remember, in most cases YOU ONLY
HAVE TO HAVE 6 votes out of 100 people to win or loose, and a lot of people that vote also play the lottery. Then, if you can get enough people to contact their STATE REPRESENTATIVE while this failure is still in the news and fresh on the LEGISLATURE'S memory, or better still while the hearings are in progress, you can get the seeds for the movement planted. With enough people getting involved, this can become an issue. State funding is always an issue and this is part of the State's funding. If the votes are there, the elected representatives will respond to get them.

I've been in contact with the office of NANCY DENNIS several times about
other matters in the City of LAVON, and I now know several people in her office. I can make the suggestion that she could be the first to introduce the idea of an elected LOTTERY COMMISSION and get her name on the bill that makes it a law. Politicians love to have their names on bills that become law. The RAILROAD COMMISSIONER is elected why not elect the LOTTERY

(The first person to stop playing the Pick 6, if they make the change to
54 balls.)


Thank you for keeping me posted. Although I live overseas (in Kuwait), I visit USA very frequently to see my children (California) and my brother (Texas). Whenever I am in the USA I purchase Lotto tickets. I have already communicated my views regarding the 54 ball Lotto and proposals for increasing lottery revenue. Let me list them again.

1. This Texas Million game has to go. Only once in 15 - 20 draws is there a winner, there are too many numbers and there is no rollover of prize money.

2. The maximum numbers of advance drawings permitted (in the Super Lotto) must be increased from 10 to 26 or even 52 draws. This will permit purchasers like myself, who do not live in the USA, to purchase tickets valid for a longer period, thus generating more revenue.

3. The Australian, the German and the Spanish Lotteries have arrangements whereby people from overseas can purchase tickets. Perhaps, the Texas Lotto Commission should consider opening a department dealing with overseas sales, if permitted by US laws.

4. I personally am not in favor of the 54 ball game. If however, push comes to shove, and the Lotto Commission go ahead with their plan for the 54 ball game, we should fight to revise the prize amounts proposed, particularly the second highest prize. I have purchased tickets in England where they use the bonus ball. If you check the amount paid out to second prize winners, you will note that it fluctuates from between US$50,000 to US$400,000. The Texas proposal to keep this prize at $10,000 should not be accepted.

I will keep on visiting your web site for news on how this is progressing. Let me add however, that the e-mail you sent is highly appreciated.

Good Luck,
Rohinton D

Dawn, here's what I wrote to Kiplin. Don't publish my name or email on your website, please. Thanks!

Ms. Kiplin:

We all know that the odds will drop by apx. 66% if the Texas Lotto balls are raised from 50 to 54. This means that a player must spend $173 per year to have the same chance of winning, while currently $1/play ($104/yr). I'll ask myself, "Why play anymore"?

This potential change has "bait & switch" written all over it. As I wrote 6 months ago, this is seen as tampering and manipulating the rules of the game, thus ruining any integrity left at this point. Texas Lotto will be perceived as a shell game, if implemented.

Finally, it appears that commentary emails to your group are a waste of time. Likewise, don't waste your time (but more importantly my time and internet bandwidth) in sending a response justifying your position. You can, however,
write back telling me that you see my position entirely and that you will not change the rules. I would appreciate that- it would make my year.

Cynically yours,

(name & email ID withheld)
Houston, TX

Several months ago, forces within our state govenment tried to increase the number of balls used in OUR lottory game. Apparantly the players of Texas did not want to change the game, WHAT MAKES YOU THINK WE WANT TO CHANGE NOW??? Surely the brains behind the lotto can be more creative than just adding balls to make it more difficult to WIN. A common since approach to correcting problems with the lottory might be a good place to start. Please review the following suggestions, which I'm sure you've heard before:
1. get rid of the games that are not profitable
2. you probably have too many scratch-off games
3. keep rules & instructions simple
4. if your income was directly tied to the sale of lotto tickets, then you would understand the concept of incentives to sale such as a bonus or commission paid to the salesperson & store at point of sale. Share the wealth.

MOST govt. bodies only know one way to fix a problem, and that is to raise taxes which is exactly what will be happening by making it harder to win. When you should try to make more winners.

I'm not HOOKED, I PLAY FOR FUN WHEN I WANT TO, but rest assured, more balls will make me play less.





Dawn Nettles

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