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I believe all winners should receive the same exact percentage of sales - No winner should receive more or less than other winners. Pay us what we have coming - nothing more and nothing less. We do not approve of the TLC paying the amount they advertise. That figure should represent ONLY the estimated amount the winners will receive. Put trust back into the Texas Lotto - it is in your best Financial interest! Thanks - Tom A

The lotto players should get the total amount of the winnings! Not a preset amount. Kay.

Please add my resounding "NO" to the other players voices. The feel of the Texas Lottery has drastically changed since its inception. You feel almost like a fool for continuing to play since the already high odds of winning have been boosted to near impossible .... and should, thru the luck of the draw, you win .... it isn't the amount you were led to believe it would be .... not even close. The manner in which the lottery is now operated reeks of the P. T. Barnam Quote ... "Sucker born every minute" conjuring visions of "rubes" and "hucksters" and you don't have to guess who is who. Thank you for all you do with your web site. W. Keen

HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No to 16 TAC 401.302, 401.305, 401.312 !!!

I wish the Lottery Commission would engage in honest advertising, true and honest prize awards, and abide by the rules that have been set up for distribution of proceeds to schools, etc. No more "shady" dealings! Ken K. Ft. Worth, Texas resident

Is it to late to say no to the proposal of the advertised amount of the jackpot instead of the actual sales?? To me it is "stealing" from the people that pay for a chance to win. It is not their money but they act like it is. Why? Thanks for letting me vent. Charlotte W

Thanks for posting the rules for us to read. If I had been a lotto winner and learned later that I had been underpaid or was not paid in the same manner as all other winners, I would go after the Texas Lottery with vengeance. It would not be the money that would bother me, it would be the principle of the situation. No gaming authority should cheat its players. I agree with you, pay all winners the same percentage of sales and no less. Benny W. Childress

The example you posted under the powerball results hit a cord with me. It was like turning on the light switch. Hell NO to 16 Tac 401.305, 401.312, and 401.302. When and if I ever win, I want what's in the jackpot, not the amount they advertise. I'm neither greedy nor stupid. I can see where temptation could play a major role in determining the amount they choose to advertise. I no longer trust the people who run the Texas Lottery so how could I possibly have faith in the amount they advertise? BC, Cedar Hill

Below is a copy of the comment I submitted to the TLC to the E-mail address you provided below this link to you. Thanks for your efforts on behalf of lotto players AND tax payers.

"Most of my friends and acquaintences have quit playing the Lotto over the past couple of years. They truly believe it is crooked, rigged, and unfair to players/payers. With this proposed rule to payout advertised amounts in lieu of legally legislated amounts their fears and beliefs are verified.

As written, I totally oppose adoption of this newest rule. The Lottery must be seen as fair or it will continue its decline and become a tremendous liability to the general revenue fund.

If a Minimum payout is required, I suggest the Commission consider securing a Minimum $5,000,000 payout thru legislation. Then the payout can be an equal percentage for all winners at any level. At $5 million the sales would likely be enough so as not to tap into the general fund or future winners stakes."

Thank You, James A. R

Just thought I'd let you know, I have sent a copy of my original letter to the Lottery Commission again. I have also sent copies to the commissioners you have listed on your page. I hope this helps. I am very tenacious, and this latest tactic by the TLC, making me re-send everything, didn't come close to discouraging me! I will continue sending until someone listens! Keep up the fight! John C

NO to 16 Tac 401.305, 401.312 and 401.302. I would say more but I voiced my opinion in May only to learn they threw out my comments. I oppose the law that says they can dispose of comments pertaining to the same subject matter within such a short period of time too. I think they're grasping at straws. When we all quit playing is when they'll sit up and take notice but it will be too late for me. Debbie E. San Marcos

Thanks for taking your time to explain the proposed changes to me today. Let this message serve as my opposition to the changes. I have printed several petitions that I will take to work and have signed by my fellow workers. Our office pool may cease to exist when everybody hears what the Texas Lottery is trying to do to us. I think somebody needs to clean house in Austin. Fred H.

I think players are confused about the impact of paying out more than what the winners are entitled. Maybe you should explain that it's highly probable that because the 6 of 6 winners have been receiving more than what was allocated to their prize category, then it stands to reason that someone is not receiving their commission from sales. By reason of deduction, that entity has to be the education program. Imagine the needs of a multi millionaire receiving an additional $200,000 to $1,000,000 instead of it going to the school foundation fund where it was intended to go in the first place. Contact the Appropriations committee - I beleive they will be surprised to learn the excessive dollar amounts involved in honoring advertised amounts rather than paying the allocated amounts. Regarding underpaying previous Lotto winners, this is a serious matter. When will you be posting details on this issue?

Please forward my opposition to the Commission. This plan is costly. GK, Austin

NO to the 're-proposed' changes to Lotto Texas
YES to starting over with fresh Management at the TLC

Constantly watching them try to implement ideas that can only be plausible if the population is stupid and the entire goal is to entice people to 'contribute' money beyond their means, in the hope of getting a return; is becoming very tiresome.

Repeatedly seeing the TLC infer "we know what you said, but this is really what you want --- and what we'll give you" is insulting. Out with Linda and Kim, and the brooms they road in on! GE - Ft. Worth

These people want to implement their own agenda, and if told no; keep coming back - until they either 'wear down' the public, or catch them not looking. What really irritates me about their 'agenda' is that it says "the public is very stupid", when the public {led by you} refutes them by saying "NO to your proposal - we aren't stupid", they come back again; as if to say "of course you're stupid - just too dumb to know it". The only reasonable choice is to fire everyone in top management, and start over. This is the really infuriating thing to me, and I think to others also.

Of course, this is the rational approach. The instinctive thing to do, would be to go to Austin and 'slap Ms. Cloud upside the head'. I think this is the real reason they have armed guards at the TLC, so this won't happen several times a day. :)) An Arlington Player

I would like to comment AGAIN about the proposed rule change. As a Texas lottery player I feel that the Texas Lottery Commission should "do the right thing"and pay winners the percent promised by law. Not some imaginary figure projected for advertisement. Every winner should be treated fairly, we are all adults. DO THE RIGHT THING.... Joy A. Houston , Texas

I believe commenting is a waste of time but because you work so hard to help players understand and because I believe you ARE right, then I will take my time to comment again. Tell the lottery I said NO. Do not pay the advertised amounts - pay us only what we have coming. Thank you for all you do for us. C.M. Austin, Texas

If everything you say is correct, then I want you to know I'll be knocking at your door when this rule passes just to help you find a way to abolish the lottery in Texas. Things are getting out of hand. This is by far the most devious plan I have ever seen. If it passes, it signifies nothing more than desperation on the part of the Texas lottery. Harry H. Allen, Texas

Thank you for posting the rules. I think the lottery is definitely trying to pull a fast one. The use of the word may instead of shall gives them complete freedom. I agree with everything you've said on your web site. I say NO too. Pay the winners what they have coming and start advertising accurate figures, even if they are lower. Sales are down because players tired of losing. It's as simple as that. Jackie R. Tyler

I said NO in May and I still say NO to proposed rule TAC 401.305, 401.312 and 401.302. Making us tell you twice is ludicrous. There's something seriously wrong with our system when state agencies are allowed to pull this kind of legal manuever. Throwing out our previous comments is WRONG. What, do think that we'll change our minds because you edited the changes? Bill T. Dallas

NO - I said NO - Can you get that through your head. NO. I won't say it again. I will NEVER play any Texas lottery game again if this rule is approved and if I have to repeat myself again. For the last time, NO. Just sign me Frustrated from Dallas.

Please tell the lottery I said no too. I do not agree with their reasons and I feel this is unfair to those who do win the lottery. Thank you for all that you do for the people of Texas. We appreciate you. Barbara S. Houston.

The comments from this point down came in during
the May/June comment period.

In your letter, that needed to be in by June 30th, you neglected to state or overlooked, "Should the TLC ever set a highest lotto payout maximum, consider my playing the lotto of Texas of any kind "over, done, no more, fini, finished, bye-bye, goodbye, adios, ahola, over and out, and finally beam me up Scotty."

I may have misunderstood what the TLC are thinking about doing, but the TLC had a winning program and they are bound and determined to make sure Lotto fails in TEXAS.

In my opinion every change should have to face a vote by the people of Texas. I am not a conspiracy nut, but there is large number of organizations in Texas that would love to see the Lotto fail. It would prove what those highly organized groups stated and preached before lottery existed in Texas.

The original lotto was not "broke," but the TLC had to fix it. I have learned through my years when there is change in policies or procedures in Texas, always look for the money trail and you will really find out whom the policies and changes benefit and why!

Thank you for "Being Here", because I would never have found out any information about the TLC. I will assure you the Dallas Morning News, would not report news that you provide. Keep up the excellent journalism and reporting.

Thanks again, and sincerely
C. J. D.

Thank you for a very nice letter.

The reason I did not say I would quit if this change was made is because I already quit playing Lotto Texas when they added the 4 balls. However, if they make this change, then I may quit playing Cash 5 and Pick3 too and perhaps I should have said that.

Regarding your comment about what the newspapers publish - you must remember that unfortunately they are torn between those advertising dollars and what they feel obligated or necessary to tell the people. Money is power and most businesses (except the TLC) don't purposely set out to irritate their customers. Fortunately, I don't wear those shoes any longer as a publisher - I have no advertisers to answer to. My loyalities lie with my subscribers and my subscribers are the players. I feel the players have a right to know all the facts, therefore, I tell you all there is to know.

The proposed rule issue is in a pending stage right now as Ms. Kiplin is currently re-writing the rule and will probably put it before the Commissioners this month (July). They are in a position to where they have to do something and FAST - The way I see it they have several choices - (1) Either propose the same plan to "officially" pay the advertised amount which could easily allow them to lie, cheat and steal, (2) increase the percentage of sales that belongs to the 6 of 6 winner or (3) lower the jackpot amounts. It is my opinion that they should simply lower the jackpots and learn to accept the things they cannot change and the wisdom to know it - especially in light of all that has been exposed.

The TLC needs to back up, re-group and address the real problems at hand before attempting to make these kinds of changes. Til they do this, the TLC will continue a slow, painful but guaranteed decline in sales until there is nothing left but empty chairs.

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