Is This A State Sponsored Affair Or Is This All Just A Coincidence? An Investigation Needs To Be Conducted ...

Is It A Coincidence Or A Love Affair?
Is Taxpayer Money Being Abused?
You Decide And Let Me Know ...

Editorial by Dawn Nettles

Originally Posted: September 28, 2007

- Editorial -
Opinions Expressed Are Those of Dawn Nettles

Before I get to the heart of this story, I feel it is imperative to explain a few things to you about me and my personal beliefs. First and foremost, unless something directly effects me, I don't care what people do - with the exception of murders, thieves, liars & cheaters. I'm not biased ... I don't care what color a persons skin is, if he or she is gay or straight, if they are rich or poor. I pick my friends based on character.

I do believe in God, I'm a law abiding citizen and I have extremely high morals although I do fully understand how people fall out of love and end up divorced. I don't begrudge folks when they divorce.

I do firmly believe in "Thou shalt not commit adultery." If you want to cheat on your husband or wife, then get a divorce FIRST then have at it. If you cheat on your spouse, then you lie ... everyday. I personally prefer to stay away from people whose ability to lie comes so easily and clearly, cheaters lie.

I have ZERO tolerance for people who lie. They tell me I'm this way because my mother was an alcoholic who lied to me daily - I couldn't stand it as I was growing up and I can't stand it today. If anyone lies to me, they've automatically lost my respect and any trust I may have had in them. They're on my ugly list. I stay away from them. Life for me is far too short.

My reasons for posting this story ...
I AM a lottery player. Mostly, I play Pick3 when I play. I do play to win, but when I lose, at least I have the ability to justify my spending by saying, "Oh well, at least the state of Texas is getting my donation." I feel strongly that the state of Texas should use taxpayer money wisely. This story causes me to believe that "my contributions" are NOT being spent wisely. And this makes me MAD.

I also feel strongly that the people who are responsible for running the lottery should be top notch - in all ways - especially morally. I do firmly believe God comes first followed by family. If a man or woman does his family wrong, then they'll do anyone wrong.

Brief Summary
The story I am about to tell you is about two TLC employees who are allegedly having an affair - supposedly this affair has been going on for YEARS. IF true, this means they've been lying to their spouses and have, in fact, used taxpayer dollars to "have a little fun" at my expense and YOUR expense. I resent this very much - I do NOT want my tax money going to pay for a sordid affair.

He has a wife at home, she has a husband at home. Apparently neither one feels remorse for cheating on their spouses - to me - this means they lack qualities needed in an individual to run our state lottery.

TLC employees have reported this alleged affair to members of the Texas Legislature and to the State Auditors Office. To my knowledge, it's been totally ignored by state officials. This is VERY sad.

The Story:
I first heard this allegation back in 2002 - ironically the person who originally called to tell me about these two people claimed he worked for another state agency. I believe the purpose of his call was to tell me that the gentleman hired by the TLC would be bringing his "mistress" with him and for me to watch their travel habits, spending and time off while on state payroll.

I told him I didn't care what people did on their off time - it was clearly none of my business. I did, however, make note of the names so I'd know later if the caller was right.

I believe it was in 2003 when I started taking complaints from TLC employees who DID object to "an affair between two married, highly paid employees." The employees who communicated with me explained that their objection was not that these two people were having an affair, but that the state was paying for it with taxpayer dollars. They also objected to the special treatment afforded to the "mistress."

After a multitude of calls, I finally decided to check it out. I believe it was 2004 when I obtained various documents to see if I could support the things that I was hearing.

The first discovery was that the original caller - back in 2002 - was absolutely on target. The male was hired one month ... the very next month the alleged "mistress" submitted an application to go to work for the TLC. Hmmmm.

The mistresses "official" hire date was a few months later. Upon her arrival, employees were telling me that she was NOT qualified for the position. Employees were complaining that "outsiders" were given positions over and above those who had devoted years waiting for the opportunity to obtain the jobs these two ultimately got. By the way, its important to note - the alleged mistress has held a number of positions with the TLC since she was hired but she's always had the SAME boss - the alleged lover.

For the record, I don't think employees thought "he" was right for the job he got either and based on what I know today, I have to agree. Since this man joined the TLC, there were lots of "overlooked" problems at the agency and more firings than you could ever imagine. Anyway, when they hired him, they passed over a very loyal lottery employee who SHOULD have gotten this job. But the executive director at the time was AFRAID to move the current employee from his position because he was so good, so she decided to hire from outside. Of course, as the old saying goes, you'd better treat your valuable employees right or you'll lose them which is precisely what happened. The loss of that one employee made her one sick mama! Anyway ...

Back in 2004 (I think), I obtained records for the alleged mistress and the alleged lover boss ... here's what I found ...

1) One two day trip to Houston. His report shows that he drove to Houston and submitted expenses - mileage. She must have traveled with him as she had no travel expenses. A savings to the state.

The most incriminating evidence I found was that they had ADJOINING rooms. (Rooms #1015 & #1016) Hmmm .... Could be a coincidence. For those of you who may not know this, one has to request adjoining rooms in order to get them when staying in a hotel.

2) One 4 day trip to Rhode Island. They were seated next to each other on the airplane on all legs of the flight. Going they had seats 22C & 22B and 26A and 26B. Folks, unless you have the same name - like Nettles and Nettles - airlines do NOT seat people next to each other UNLESS it is requested. Coming home, they had seats 27E & 27D and 16F and 16E - again they were seated together. What a coincidence ...

At the hotel - you guessed it. Again they had ADJOINING rooms. (Rooms #514 & #512) WOW! Another coincidence ... They went to Rhode Island to tour G-Tech facilities - there was no contract negotiations going on at the time that would justify adjoining rooms and I can assure you, these two people couldn't do a contract anyway. I've wondered why she went in the first place - her position did not warrant the trip - in my humble opinion.

Today, just for fun, I called Human Resources at a few very large corporations to ask what policies they have for employees who travel. I found that they had very strict guidelines. Example: Some airlines require flight attendants and pilots to stay in completely different hotels for spousal protection reasons. Some make it mandatory that crews are all on different floors of the hotels where they stay. One large computer corporation keeps blocks of rooms on different floors. Men stay on one floor, women on the other.

She submitted a $36 receipt for parking at Austin Bergstrom International airport. He has no parking receipt. Their flight departed Austin at 7 AM on a Sunday morning. Well, maybe his wife took him to the airport and he hitched a ride to the office when they returned on Wednesday afternoon at 1 p.m.

While in Rhode Island, he rents a car and submits a rent-a-car receipt for $152. For 3 days, she has no transportation costs. Guess they went everywhere together. Or maybe on her off time she took cabs - oh wait - she had no costs for transportation. Well, maybe she took the bus and didn't see a reason to ask for reimbursement for such a measly amount or maybe she spent all of her time with him ...

I wonder what one would find if all their trips were scrutinized? Are my findings just a fluke?

Now let's come forward to the present. I've still been hearing about this alleged affair from current employees. Last year, one un-named source reported that he had photo's but I requested he NOT send them to me. I'm sorry now that I did that. Maybe he'll read this story and go on and send them to me. I'm ready for them - send them on. OK?

Then just last week I received some very interesting documents - titled "Employee Leave Summary - as of 8/31/07." These documents are shown below ... What a coincidence it is that these two people took so much time off at the same time just last month. Not only that, but look at the similarities in "comp time earned" for both of them ...

The records speak for themselves ... conclusions can only be drawn on an individual basis ... but I firmly believe that an investigation by state officials is warranted because it IS taxpayer money funding suspicious activities. Clearly, policies need to be in place for employees who travel. After all, reporters can draw all kinds of conclusions based on circumstantial findings.

The Boss Man's Leave Summary For August 2007 ...

The Alleged Mistresses Leave Summary For August 2007...

Special Note To TLC Employees
I've told every one of you for years what three things I'd do if I were in your shoes. Obviously, my suggestion of telling members of the legislature did not pan out nor did telling the State Auditors pan out. That leaves my 3rd suggestion still open. I do firmly believe the alleged affair would come to a halt if ya'll simply told their spouses what you know. I honestly believe you'd be doing their spouses a favor. The lives of each spouse and their children's lives are all based on lies. The alleged affair would either end or they'd each get a divorce. Then they could get married. Look at it this way, they'd save the state money if they didn't have to have two hotel rooms!

If anybody has a comment - feel free to send it.


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