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Don's 3rd Prediction

Dec. 3, 2000- Another Prediction From Don - Beginning Monday, December 4, I believe players should begin playing the following numbers in EXACT order. 488, 551, 787, 788, 797, 779, 344, 633, 773, 883, 988, 353, 669, 996, 088, 688, 323. Since there are 17 numbers selected the odds of my correctly selecting the number is 983 to 1 each day. And of course your readers are aware that each drawing is an independent event and not dependent on previous outcomes. If I only had to play a few numbers in the group, I would play: 353, 988, 688, 323. I would advise anyone that if any double digit should arrive ... stop playing immediately. Best Regards, Don

Dec. 5, 2000 - 10 AM - Obviously, I did not hit my 983 to 1 selection on the first day recommended. Since double digits represent only 27% of the totality of outcomes, this selection is always the most difficult. Monday's number did not affect my calculations. I expect this play to occur this week. Due to the enormity of profits that can be obtained on this play (EXACT) advise your readers that any double digit should be played however, I assure you I have given you the BEST selections based on my statistical profiling methods. Best Regards, Don

Dec. 5, 2000 - Drawing Results - The numbers drawn were 344. How 'bout that Don!

Dec. 6 - Don's Conclusion- Cease Play - My comments about last night would be as follows. Congratulations to those who invested $34 for two days to return on a straight play, $500 and on a progressive play $1000. The computer age is great in that everything can be validated by time and you know there is absolutely no way I could have selected a 983 to 1 pick. But if you read the lotto report web site you'll find I did. And if you read the information put out by the TLC and review their extensive pre-tests and measures they use they'll be absolutely certain it was a fluke, it couldn't happen. Now, for those of you who like sports wagering with about a 50% chance of winning, or horses who can pay at long odds, (16 to 1) is excellent if you can do it, or casino games with about a 42% chance of winning not counting the expenses to get there, you might want to forget those ridiculous enterprises and consider the new game in town. And the reason I say it's new is because I just started giving Dawn my selections. I liked the way she works hard and challenges the "authority" for the good of the players. Her publication is outstanding for those of us who like numbers and statistics and she standing up for what is a valid proposition, and spending her own money to do it! Now remember, stop playing the pick 3 game right now, do not play with all that extra money you just got for reading the lotto report web site. I know the whole state is going to be jumping on my next pick so it's going to have to be real good, and it will, because thats the only kind of play I suggest. Best Regards, Don.

From my many readers and myself, again we Thank You Very Much!

Don's 2nd Prediction

Nov. 18, 2000 - 10 AM - The Original Play - "Rudimentary observations of Pick3 game show abnormal formations of digit alignment. Middle digit 8 nearing all-time occurrence distance simultaneously with last digit 2and first digit 0. Formations most distended in combination number, having three different digits. Thus, middle digit 8 must begin to be played soon. Expectation is begin play week of Monday, Nov 20th if no arrival tonight or Saturday. Great potential for speculators toplay "any" ticket with 2 and 8 in them. Unknown what third digit might be in "any" type wager. For speculators of exact tickets, big return potential in blank 8 blank. My favorite selection is blank 8 and 7 for rear sum total 15 and 8 in middle position.Cannot be blank 8 8 to eliminate one choice. For multiple speculators, any combination of 08, 28, 20 and picking your third digit at random excellent play. Remember, each play is an independent event, yet part of the collective of all numbers drawn. In summation, however, no three digit numbers "overdue" or distended at this time. Rare formation estimated to happen about every 4 years. Best Regards. Don"

OK - I'll try to sum up what he has said here. He predicts: (1) You will see '8' as the middle digit; (2) When you see '8' as the middle digit, he predicts it will not come as a double digit. (3) You will see '2' as the last digit. (4) You will see the numbers '02' in a drawing, you pick 3rd digit; (5) You will see a drawing where the last two digits equal 15 - his pick is "87" because 8 is the middle digit - but I'll tell you that it could also come as '96' or '69' too; (6) You will see 08, 28, 20 in a drawing with you picking the 3rd digit. Hope my explanation helps you understand his message a little bit better!

Nov. 18, 2000 - Posted after the drawing - Well, 122 was drawn tonight. Don said we'd see a last digit of 2. He's right on. One play down, several more to come!

Nov. 21, 2000 - Posted after the drawing. Can you believe it, 823 was drawn tonight just like Don predicted.

Nov. 22, 2000 - Don's response to the Nov 21 drawing - here is a portion of his message:"For those of you who had the 3 with the 82 and played progressively my congratulations as I could not have done it any better myself! Now, I have better news. The digits did not come in the correct position that they MUST. So, players can sit back and take a deep breath or they can continue playing "any" tickets with 28, 08, 02 in them. Again, for larger returns and much larger odds, players can play blank 8 and 2 or 0 8 2 or 0 8 blank. Remember, too, that NOT playing the lottery is a very good deal. We are only in this game for money, not to play the game. Don"

11-23-00 - 11:30 PM - YEP, he did it again! Tonight's numbers were 584. The '8' came in as the middle digit just like Don said it would. And I'm madder than the dickens because I had 589 and not 584! Story of my life. Oh well, we still have some plays left and I'm sure Don will send us a message and bring us up to date with his thoughts about tonights drawing. I'll post whatever he has to say when I get his next message. He's good - huh?

11-24-00 - Cease all plays: "My apologies to everyone. Although there are residual plays right now, none are or were as strong as blank 8 blank in a number having three different digits. Some components of my previous outcomes are still possible but not good enough to put those hard earned dollars into. For those of you who had the 100 to 1 (rather than 1000 to 1) possibility of selecting 5 8 4 exact my congratulations. For those of you who played all the possibilities in a progressive play three times your money back isn't bad, but I will do quite a bit better for you. What's my advice now. Read and buy LottoReport. No one in the United States puts as much effort into a number publication as this one. Best Regards and waiting for the next opportunity. Don"

For the record - you owe us no apologies. As usual, you did good - the thrust of your original message was dead on!

Don's 1st Prediction

(Note - I wrote his first prediction and explained how we met.
I did not do a copy and paste of his email to me like I've done on all the others.)

Nov. 2, 2000- Posted 11 AM -I have a reader, Don, who studies the Pick3 game extensively. He looks for what he calls "deviations" - these are occurrences that are so rare that there must either be a mistake or the numbers must arrive within a window of time. In fact, that's how I met him - we collaborated on a "mistake" the TLC had made on reporting Pick3 drawing results. (The TLC mails out drawing results and he received their report where one drawing was incorrectly typed. This error threw his calculations off which he could not understand. So, he compared his numbers to The Lotto Report and this is how and why he came to call me. This goes back several years ago and many correct predictions ago too - but this is the first time I've posted his prediction on my site because he never gave me permission to post them.)

Don notified me by email on Monday Oct. 30 that a "deviation" that is very, very rare is occurring right now. He firmly believes one of the following 36 numbers will arrive very very soon - You will notice that "0" is in all of them and there are no double digits - ie 11, 22, 33, 44 etc.

For an ANY play, Don recommends: 120, 130, 140, 150, 160, 170, 180, 190, 230, 240, 250, 260, 270, 280, 290, 340, 350, 360, 370, 380, 390, 450, 460, 470, 480, 490, 560, 570, 580, 590, 670, 680, 690, 780, 790, 890.

From the above group of numbers, there would be 216 EXACT combinations. Within this group, Don prefers to play 280 ANY, 310 EXACT, 420 ANY, 490 ANY, 230 ANY. If he had to play only a few numbers he would play 310 and condition it out to six numbers and do the same for 230. That is because $1 EXACT on six numbers pays $500 and a $6 ANY on the same number pays $480. He has advised me that any number within the group is an excellent number to play at this time in any way a player might decide.

Thursday, Nov. 2, 2000 - From Don - I believe it is vital to tell people that each drawing is independent of each other and although that fact is recognized, I believe the drawings are part of the collective, and thus must have a degree of predictability from time to time. The 277 had no effect on the play, in fact, I think I mentioned triple digits come out when groups go long."

Nov. 3, 2000 - 703 drawn - A cease play was called.

Nov. 10, 2000 - 409 drawn. His pick based on the conditions he was originally looking for.

Hot Tip

When you play one set of numbers in EXACT order multiple times, remember, buy separate tickets so you don't have to collect your winnings at the Lottery Claim center.


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