Special Message!

Below is the first e-mail received where one is "for"
the proposed changes to Lotto Texas.

This gentleman is entitled to his opinion and in all fairness to the
entire situation, I wanted to give him his very own page on my web site.

Readers, how shall we answer his message?


Dawn Nettles,

The last time the Lotto Commission attempted to change the rules of the lotto we had no idea an organization like yours existed. Well guess what, your cover is blown now and all of us who looked forward to a new bigger Lotta drawing will push like crazy to offset any negative response you may have to the current proposal.

We actually prefer a Powerball type drawing with 54 number, 5 picked from the 1-54 and then a 6th number which could be the same as any of the other 54.

The Lotto is for one reason to generate revenue, and your right, if those jackpots get bigger people from all over the country will play and add to those revenue's.

Now your previous threat of how the "Loyal Lotto" players will no longer buy tickets is completely unfounded. It is players like myself who do not seriously buy until the lotto is at least $8-10 million that will buy more tickets. The bigger the better I say and hey bring in your out of State Friends to join in the game.

No, I am afraid your constituents will pass maybe one drawing and then their "gambling fever" will force them into the new bigger better jackpots. See in the new Jackpot's we are all winners with the increased State revenue's. Why worry about the odds as your more likely to be struck 2 times today by lightening than win any jackpot even under the current calculated odds.

Don O.



Dawn Nettles

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