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They Heard Us ...
There Will Be NO Changes!

Originally Posted
Sunday, August 29, 1999
But Was Revised Daily!

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The Texas Lottery Finally Said ... There Will Be NO Changes!
The Proposed Changes
My Letter to the Texas Lottery
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E-Mails - The People Speak
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It's time for the People of Texas
to SPEAK up & GET involved!

If you oppose the changes to Lotto Texas that you've
heard about or can read about here, then you'd better speak up
or we will end up with these changes. I promise you, if enough
of us COMMENT, this change can be an idea of the past.

Please do not count on others to do the commenting ,writing,
or getting involved for you because this type of plan will
backfire for all of us!

I intend to find out EXACTLY what it will take to
convince the Texas Lottery that the players of
Texas do not want these changes.
OK. I found out. The idea is up for "public opinion." If they
don't here from the people in WRITING,
these changes will take effect.

To see exactly how we can prevent these changes, click here.

I'm posting the emails and letters that I've
received regarding the proposed changes.
I won't post your full name on my site, but, I do
need your full name and address because I will be
presenting your comments to the Lottery Commission.
To read the emails, just click here.
To read the letters, just click here.

I NEED volunteers. If you're willing to help me,
please let me know. You'll see what I need when
you read how we can prevent these changes.

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