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A Little Bit About

"The Texas Lotto Report"

It's published every other Monday so it's always current.
Its contents include Tx Lottery drawing results, statistical
lottery information about all Texas Lottery games, including the
scratch tickets remaining tickets and the latest news about the TLC.

For fellow players, it makes an excellent gift.

It's available by US mail OR by email.
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you must have Adobe Reader.

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Before purchasing The Lotto Report, take a look at it.
I've put the following editions on line for you to see. (They
are pdf files meaning you must have Adobe Reader to open.
I suggest you magnify Adobe to 200% for ease of reading.)
Also, go to the "Fun Page" to see how I recommend using
the Lotto Report to help reduce the odds of the games.
As you will clearly see, these are facts ... not fiction!

March 23, April 5, 2010 - Edition 1013
March 9 - March 22, 2010 - Edition 1011

Expanded Scratch Ticket, Pick3, Daily 4 Coverage
Oct 23 - Nov 5, 2007 - Edition 0743

July 3 - 16, 2003 - Edition 0327
May 8, 2003 - Edition 0319
Jan. 19, 2003 - Special Edition 0304 -
(Special Edition was published specifically
for the big jackpot - This report had an
added feature - it included times drawn
for every Pick3 number.)

June 20 - July 3, 2002 - Edition 0225

June 6 - 19, 2002 - Edition 0223
May 9 - 22, 2002 - Edition 0219
April 25 - May 8, 2002 - Edition 0217
Nov. 22 - Dec. 5, 2001 - Edition 0147
Nov. 8 - 21, 2001 Edition - Edition 0145
Oct. 25 - Nov. 7, 2001 Edition - Edition 0143
Oct. 11 - 24, 2001 Edition - Edition 0141
Sept. 27 - Oct. 24, 2001 Edition - Edition 0139
March 15 - 28, 2001 - Edition 0111

One year - (26 Editions)- $37.50
6 Months (13 Editions) - $19.75
Single Copy (1 Edition) - $2.00

"The Pick3 Combinations"
By popular demand ...
Due to the tremendous number of requests I've received for a
list of all the Pick3 combinations showing the times and when each
combination was drawn ... and the "never drawn list" ... I've finally
included it for purchase online. The list is updated daily and it can be
obtained via email in pdf format or printed and sent to you by US Mail.
After you get the initial list, you can then simply maintain it yourself ...
although I'm surprised at how many folks fail to do this and request it
again. Just scroll down to order. ($8.95)

Click here to see sample of "Pick3 Combinations" (pdf - as of 9-14-03)
(Only 1st page of report is shown - it's easier to read if you magnify)

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