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Originally Posted: December 5, 2015
Updated: December 10, 2015 - 6:00 PM -
(Posted below original story)

- This short story is all about deceptive advertising -
I feel I've been cheated and misled by the Texas Lottery & G-Tech once again.

Let me explain .... a picture is worth a thousand words ....


Please notice I bought a $5 Mega Millions ticket (below left) on Tuesday, Dec 1 at 20:12:07 (8:12 PM).
(Date and time printed under logo's)

I was pleasantly surprised when the self serve terminal printed a second "freebie" ticket at 20:12:10 (8:12 PM).
(Free ticket shown on right side) I was thinking to myself, "gee, why did I get this free Lotto ticket?"

So I read the explanation printed below the words "Promotional Ticket." It explains that I
received a "free" ticket because I purchased a $5 Mega Millions ticket. Further, it
explained that the promotion was "valid at NTBA locations thru 12/14/15."

So logically speaking and thinking ... based on the written language printed on my free ticket,
I concluded that I had apparently just purchased my Mega Millions ticket at a "NTBA" location. I did, after
all, just receive a free ticket after purchasing a $5 Mega Millions ticket as described on the promotional ticket.

Is there anyone out there who disagrees with my logic or my interpretation?????



So what's the the problem, you're wondering ...

Three (3) days later, on Friday, December 4th, I went back to the same machine
and bought another $5 Mega Millions ticket BUT I did NOT receive a
FREE $1 Lotto Texas ticket like I fully expected to receive.

"Wait a minute" ... I said to myself then to the store owner! I was suppose to
get a FREE ticket but I didn't and I'm entitled to it. Where is it?????

So I asked him to call the G-Tech Hotline to report that his lottery terminal
was NOT giving players their FREE tickets and he has a customer waiting
to get their free ticket as promised on Dec 1st.

Guess what G-Tech told the store owner? I'm going to paraphrase - OK ... here goes .....

G-Tech told the store owner, "Too bad. Your machine only printed FREE tickets on December 1st.
On Dec 2, we removed the feature from your terminals. There will be NO free tickets for your
customers. We're only allowing approx 600 stores to give a FREE ticket when players buy a
$5 Mega Millions ticket. Those stores are stores who don't sell very many tickets and
we're trying to help them

This IS deceptive advertising and I will be filing complaints.
They lied to me and it's in WRITING.

In conclusion ....
The TLC/G-Tech has proven once again their words are cheap and not trust worthy.
How very sad that a state run lottery can get away with doing things like this to
unsuspecting consumers.


Update - New Information Obtained
(Update Posted 12/17/15)

(12/10/15) TLC provides list of Promotion retailers -
Buy $5 Mega Millions ticket, get free $1 Lotto Ticket
Click here (Excel file)

Free Lotto Tickets Given For The Following Draws
(Promotion goes through midnight of Dec 14th)
Dec 16, 2015: $921
Dec 12, 2015: $3555
Dec 9, 2015: $3,288
Dec 5, 2015: $3,253
Dec 2, 2015: $60,144

Based on the number of FREE tickets given for the Dec 5th draw
compared to the number given for the Dec 2nd draw, I think we
can safely conclude that there were approx 57,000 other players
who were deceived in the same manner that I was. I think the figures
also substantiate the reported statement that retailers with low sales
are the ones giving away the FREE tickets too. Imagine, 60K freebies
on day one of a promotion then dropping to a mere $3253 three days later.

I also think it's important to tell you at this point that each year
I request the TLC's Event Calendar. This annual FY calendar shows
upcoming events or occasions where the TLC MAY be giving away
FREE tickets.

Until 2 years ago, I received the requested information without problems.

In Sept 2015, I requested the FY16 Calendar but my request was sent
to the AG for an opinion. The AG ruled this past week that the TLC
could keep this information from me because it may be tentative. As if
"tentative" wouldn't be "logical" to reasonable people due to the fact
that things can happen to change the best of plans.

Click here to read the AG's Opinion that I received Dec 3, 2015.
The TLC only tells players what they WANT you to know. It appears
their claim that they are "transparent" is not true either! And the printed
lies does little to their claim of having "integrity."

It is also important for you to know that one cannot obtain the names or
locations of the stores that are giving FREE tickets either. I've tried multiple times
over the years to no avail. Seems like they are discriminating in their distribution
and availability of FREE lottery tickets not to mention misrepresenting that
if I spend $5 that I'll receive a FREE Lotto Texas tickets - which
was given to me in WRITING.

Click here to see what is currently posted on the TLC website referencing
Promotions. The "buy $5 Mega Millions ticket and get a FREE lotto ticket"
that is currently in progress isn't even shown so all can participate.



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