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Originally Posted: May 31, 2015
Revised: June 4, 2015

The Lawyers Blog
Updated June 23, 2020 - Mark Lanier, the lead
appellate attorney for the lottery players in the
Fun 5's case, won a $2.1 BILLION dollar
appeal in the Johnson & Johnson case. WOW!
No Sovereign Immunity for G-Tech/IGT.
Texas Supreme Court says, they can't lie
to us and get away with it. Our cases will be
heard in the courts. Click here




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A Message From Dawn Nettles (lottoreport.com) About This Page
As the legal process of the Fun 5's lawsuit moves forward, things happen - it's
newsworthy - so to speak. So as I post updates and tell ya'll what actions
I and the attorneys have taken, ya'll call and write. Sometimes, ya'll say things
that I'd like to share with everyone. Often times, you confirm my thoughts, you
make me laugh and more often than not, your messages keeps me motivated.

The latest news generated lots of comments and inspired me to start
this Comment page. It was my writing to the entire Legislative body
asking for anyone to tell me who players can call for help when they
can't settle a dispute with the Texas Lottery. Most Texans have consumers
protection - a distinct function of the AG's Office. People contact the
AG for help when they feel they've been wronged by a business. Then, if
the consumer is still not satisfied, he can then take his matter to a court of law.

In the case of the Texas Lottery, our Elected Officials gave the lottery
- a $3 billion gambling business - Sovereign Immunity. Supposedly this
means you can't use the courts to settle your dispute no matter
what they do to you or how many consumer laws they break.

In otherwords, our elected officials gave the TLC a freehand
to lie, cheat and steal for STATE profits without consequences
as the TLC is not bound by consumer laws.

To me, this really means that by giving a state run gambling business
Sovereign Immunity, our elected officials have blatantly discriminated
against lottery players as we are the ONLY group of consumers
without consumer protection.

Personally, I believe this is a violation of my/our Civil Rights.

This is the page where I will share with you some the comments I receive.
For the most part, they will be a copy and paste and I will use first names
only as signatures. New messages will be posted on top with a date
of posting. The date of posting does not reflect the date I actually
received the message. I will try to post every 4 or 5 days IF
new messages come in.


June 4, 2015

1) Fruit Basket Turnover Is An Understatement, The Rotten
To The Core Bad Apple Needs To Be Thrown Out.

2) Dawn,
Technically speaking, sovereign immunity is a creature of the courts under the
common law. The legislature has passed statutory exceptions or waivers of this
court-created sovereign immunity in limited cases like when a state employee runs
a red light and hits you with a government vehicle. Those exceptions don't extend to
the lottery. Technically your comment is correct. Our judges are elected officials
therefore sovereign immunity does come from our elected officials but the legislature
can pass a waiver or exception if it wants. On the face of it, in the Fun 5's case,
it seems that the Texas legislature did not want to do that.
No name

3) Love it. It's interesting to read other people's comments on the fun 5s lawsuit.
I did try to lookup results from previous lawsuits against the lottery commission
( not just Texas) to see if anyone won. I know you can't sue the lottery but I know
Texas isn't the only state that has sold messed up scratch off tickets. Thanks again

4) Thanks to our lawyers, they are doing a great job! Thank you
Ms.Nettles for all information and the new comment page.

5) I have a different attorney for this, than everyone else.
But I wanted to know if you know a couple things.
After the July court thing, what should happen next ?
And what will they be doing in court in July, as in discussing?
Thank you

6) Good Day, Dawn Nettles
I read your letter address to Governor Abbott and AG, so I decided
to let Governor Abbott and AG know that I needed answers WHY? the Texas
Legislative body would disregard consumers protective rights under the consumer
protection act giving TLC, a business unprecedented privilege and power to neglect it
responsibility by overreach denying consumers rights at will when so chooses
to deny wrong. Click here to read his letter (a Word File)

7) That letter [Griefs] sounds like he was being a little cranky.
Like you know all the answers why are you bothering me.
Guess Mr Grief got up on the wrong side of the bed...lol. Thanks

8) Isn't it something the AG warned flood victims to be
careful on who they hire for repairs and to be leery of anyone
who pressures to sign contracts when the TLC did this to me
when I won the 2nd Chance drawing on Monopoly in Dec.
No name please

9) Griefs recommendation to call the State Auditors office is a farce. All
they do is forward the complaint to the lottery and let them handle it.
Then the lottery clears itself of any wrongdoing. I love your site.
An Anonymous State Employee

10) Do you plan to address Griefs letter?

11) I contacted the State Auditors office last October about my Fun 5's ticket and
they told me they couldn't help me. Said they had no authority. Why would
Mr. Grief tell you to call them when they turned us away last year? It was the
AG's office who suggested I call the State Auditors Office in the first place.
I am disappointed and disgusted, our elected officials are evading us.
Plain and simple. Thanks for the work you do.


- May 31, 2015 -

1) Looks like someone is jumping ship! I'm shooting in the dark but for
4 @ TLC to be leaving makes me think they don't want to be involved
in any upcoming events.With the Fun 5s and the Monopoly game I sure
they don't want to be held responsible.Well, where there is smoke there's fire!
- H -

2) Too too many voters that play the lottery in some way , he was not going
to drop that many voters in the greese!!
- Steve -

3) I think they were all fired. Something's going on. My senator told me
changes were imminent. Guess he knew what he was talking about. How
could they leave Krause in? He should have been the first to go. Thanks for
all that you do. You do a great job and I appreciate your hard work.
- Crystal -

4) letter embarrasses me have they sent corrected letter.
- No Name -

5) I think the attorneys are doing a great job for the players. I
feel we will win. Only wish I could understand why the legislature
didn't come forward last year to help us. They know we right. If they
write laws, how can they sit back and watch the lottery do us this way?
- Peggy -

6) Dawn,
We are proud of you and your support on behalf of all of us fighting this unscrupulousness
battle against g-tech and TLC. They are a state sponsored activity and it appears they
are for their own mob and not the people of the state. Is there nothing sacred anymore??

Congrats on your efforts to kill HB108. I firmly believe someone in the state
house is finally starting to see something is not right with our lotto.

G-tech has already involved the TLC in this mess. To me by this action G-tech has already
admitted guilt. I wonder if IGT knew G-tech hand dirty hands and business.??? That merger
was not planned overnight duh......?

Don't they know the numbers of people that are getting larger and larger
as they learn of this scandal in Texas??

I know in my heart that this activity will be the death of the lotto in Texas. How stupid and ignorant
can these huge operations be> Do they really think "WE THE PEOPLE ARE THAT DUMB".


- Jim -

7) They need to clean house. Get rid of all of them and get us some
honest people to run our lottery.
- David -

8) That letter is not real, is it?
- Bobby -

9) Tell people to stop buying lottery tickets. No money,
no lottery, no stealing. It is a simple solution. I already quit.
No pay, no play.
- Barb -

10) its all corrupt. if i were a commissioner i would quit to. i wouldn't
want my name associated with what the lottery has done
to innocent people.
- Nina -

11) The below letter was signed by the Deputy Director,Constituent Communication Division
in the Office of the Governor. The letter looks like it was cut and pasted. I pointed
out the repeated phrases in the letter. It's hard to believe that something like that which
directly reflects the Office of the Governor of Texas was actually mailed. It's not only sad
but alarming. You should send it back to the Deputy Director and also furnish a copy
directly to the Office of the Governor. Maybe it will give them cause to review your initial
inquiry again. If the letter below is in response to your inquiry, my guess is they really didn't read it.
- Daisy - (Corrected minor typo 6-5-15 per request from Daisy)

12) I have to laugh and shake my head in disbelieve. After reading Kelly Crips resume and application
to the TLC, guess they will hire anybody! She had some pull on the inside ( that is obvious).

I had a bad feeling the court date would be cancelled due to all the flooding. I have faith in our attorneys,
they know what they are doing.

I got to thinking about something. If I was to sell raffle tickets to win a new bbq grill worth $3500.00 .
but ran up to Wally-World and gave one for $25.00 bucks what do you think would happen to me?
My happy rear end would be in jail with charges of fraud.

Yet, our state officials can't understand what the TLC and GTech has done.
My thoughts and Thanks for your posts.
- H -

13) couldn't believe the TV advertising, but yeah they are in the machines, 500 million
dollar scratchoffs. Bet they will be all break even winners, as 99 percent of these tickets
are played back in for usually a loss. Can't believe our hearing was called off.

- Larry -

14) Governors letter is another example of how politicians do. They
never answer direct questions. They think we're too stupid to notice.
- Donnie -

15) that letter from abbott may be worth something in the future.
could become a collectors item for the republican party or second
thought, for the democratic party. somebody messed up.
your letter was never read.
- James -

16) what a letter. how disppointed i am that he my governor
- Pat -

17) Received by US mail on 5/30/15
Edited and re-typed by Lotto Report.com

Tell Mr. Grief to call me. I can tell him what it is like to have a new
board. Not fun. It's a nightmare especially in the situation Grief is in.
Exec's go first. I think Grief's time has finally come. Few, if any,
exec's survive allowing fraud & theft under their watch. Maybe
they'll let Grief resign so it won't look bad on his resume although
rumor has it IGT has his next national job lined up.

Aren't you glad you made that trip to Austin this week? I don't
give you bad advise. Scare tactics and intimidation by the
AG's office will not deter me.
- As Always, No Name Please - Please destroy my letter -
(This letter WAS destroyed/shredded
and will have been put in a dumpster
by the time you read this posting



I Asked Governor Abbott ... When Lottery Players (Consumers)
Feel Wronged by The TLC, Who Can They Call For Help?

My letter to the Governor (5/21/15), Click here (pdf)
Governor's letter to me (5/26/15), Click here (pdf)
(NO, I did NOT alter Abbott's letter)
NEW - Gary Grief replies to my letter as requested
by Governor Abbott (5/29/15) Click here pdf

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