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About the Nov 19, 2020 Pick3 Evening Draw


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Originally Posted: Nov 21, 2020
Revised Nov 24, 2020 - Just fixed a typo


I made a mistake posting the Nov 19, 2020 Pick3 Evening draw.
it was only up for about 5 minutes before I corrected it.
Let me show you so you will understand how I made this mistake ....


I WATCHED & TYPED these numbers in as they were drawn.
Important to say - the caller also said verbally ... 9-5-3.

Then, as ALWAYS, I proofed what I typed when this screen appeared.

WHOA ... I said ... Oh my gosh, where did I get the "5" - I must
have not HEARD it right ... I better go with what the TLC posted here ...
So I changed the numbers from "953" to "923" thinking that my ears
were failing me or misleading me. <grin>

But this bothered me so I WAITED for what seemed like an eternity
for the TLC to post the
numbers so I could confirm the draw results.

As it turned out, the caller called the numbers correctly and
I had it right the first time.
So I immediately changed - within 5
minutes - what I posted based on the above screen.

For Pick3 Players, this is a MAJOR error and could be COSTLY.
I'm just grateful that I cuaght the discrepancy in real time and
fixed it somewhat quickly. In the past, I've always trusted
my ears but next time, I will refrain from posting
anything just to be safe.


Here is further confimation on what was really drawn!

The TLC has shown a correction on their Webcast for
this particular drawing but if you watch the drawing live,
you can still see what I've shown you here.

Moral to this story - ALWAYS double check the numbers.
And like I've always said, the TLC makes mistakes too.
We're all human.



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