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- Part 8 -
The Tax Break Shenanigans of J. Winston Krause

In 2008, Commissioner J Winston Krause sued the IRS to get a
refund of interest and penalties he had paid for a disallowed
deduction and income. The disallowed deduction ... he
bought Canadian dollars for $20K; claimed he paid
$2.8 million; he showed a loss of <$2.7 million> yet
he had sold the Canadian dollars for $19.5K. A 2010
5th Circuit of Appeals quote ... "Krause's Tax
" A very interesting and telling story
about the man who Chairs our Lottery.
Part 8 Posted April 6, 2014
A Must Read For Texas Players.
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I Received Altered Documents
& No Documents From The TLC

How 'bout that! See to believe. Altering
public documents is a crime. This will be a
multi part story and this is the beginning.
It's all about MONEY. Click here to read
"A Story About A Story." Then at the bottom
of this page, you will find a link where you
can read "An Open Records Nightmare"
Two stories posted 8/11/19.


Texas' Fun 5's Scratch Ticket Lawsuits


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