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Don's 4th Prediction
(12-23-00 thru 1-11-01)

The Original Play - 12-23-00 - 2:50 PM -A unique situation is present. I wanted to give your readers an opportunity to play before Christmas and I will re-evaluate afterwards. I have selected 2 digit numbers to focus on. They are 88, 79, 11, 02, 78, 69. Out of the 55 potential outcomes, thus, I have selected 6. I then selected thirty-three numbers with those combinations in them in the EXACT position. They are 024, 112, 120, 179, 187, 270, 280, 296, 379, 397, 411, 488, 578, 739, 787, 788, 789, 794, 795, 796, 883, 889, 898, 920, 957, 967, 971, 888, 111, 079, 097, 388. My favorites out of the thirty-three are 024, 888, 111, 079, 097, 788, 388. The odds of success in the first group on the correct day are 967 to 1. The odds of success in the second group on the correct day are 993 to 1. This play is not nearly as rare an occurrence as my previous plays 1, 2 and 3 on which were all successful but I wanted to give your readers a great opportunity to enhance their stockings for Christmas. Keep reading for my evaluation of tonight's outcome and my prediction because every number drawn affects my next recommendation. Best Regards, Don

This play consists of approximately 15 different conditions. That means when one comes in, there are remaining plays left. I hope we all win a little something but I want to remind you that this is a game and please, do NOT overspend. Good luck to you all.

Since Receiving the Prediction

Dec. 27, 2000 - 10:20 PM - One condition was met tonight with 196. The two digit "69" came in as Don expected. He was on target with the "69." My guess is that he will say for us to play 88, 79, 11, 02 and you pick 3rd digit. He will also probably advise you to play zero in the first position but not with a double digit. I will post his message when he sends us one - until then, this will do!

Dec. 28, 2000 - Don Revised the Play - Here are my selections for Thursday, 28th December in the Pick 3 game. I have selected 29 total numbers divided into 3 groups. The first group is 120, 280, 310, 920, 610, 079, 097, 270, 501, 210, 204, 402, 620, 879, 897. The second group is 111, 911, 411, 244, 551, 883, 889, 898, 388, 779, 997, 010, 002, 888. My favorite numbers within the groups are 079, 097, 111, 888, 388, 779, 997, 120, 610, 210. I might also add that picking any number within the group is an excellent play. All numbers selected are to be played EXACT. All the numbers selected previously in my Dec. 23 message are to be ignored now. Best Regards, Don

Dec. 28, 2000 - Posted after the drawing - Well, like last night, another condition that Don expected arrived - 79 - but not with the 3rd digit he had hoped for. I believe he is now going to tell us to play split 02 or 11. (Split means "0 blank 2" or "1 blank 1") Another excellent play for now is a split 51 or 33 or 60 or 42 and you pick the middle number. He expects to see a double digit and even suspects we'll see a triple digit which is rare. Also, I think he will still recommend playing zero in the first position. It is time to definitely cease playing 79 now. I'll post his message when it comes in tomorrow.

Dec. 29, 2000 - Don Revised the Play - 11:30 AM
- Ugh! Again I have selected 2 groups of numbers, disregard any previously selected numbers. They are 060, 002, 220, 511, 373, 788, 020, 669, 699, 966, 996, 000, 111, 010, 161, 383, 313, 161, 911. The second group contains 270, 280, 310, 920, 016, 911 and a very powerful 610. There are 25 total numbers in the group and I favor 7 of them. 000, 111, 511, 996, 610, 016. By the way, the 10 elements I search for - 610 has 9 of them. Best Regards, Don

Don's picks are based on conditions - he's certain of two digits and as you have seen, they do come in. For the 3rd digit he selects, he's fulfilling other condition(s). That's why you need to quit when he says to quit. And because I've been asked, I'm playing 788, 610, 210, 280, 988, 042. I know the conditions and I know that they will come in, but I won't buy all the numbers to meet the conditions. So I pick just a few of his and a few of mine and cross my fingers! So that you know it, the two digits that fulfill the different conditions for now are: 02, 01, 06, 42, 11, 51, 33, double digits and triple digits. When you see one of these pairs in a drawing, it's time to re-evaluate. If you want to know the order to play these pairs, look at how he has them positioned in his picks.)

Jan. 1, 2001 - From Don- I just won't accept the type of losses we are incurring now. I understand your readers are aware of the inherent risks but that is simply not sufficient for me. The statistics present in the Texas Pick 3 Game are nearing 2248 day highs. Some two digit indicators have surpassed 2248 day highs. Others have not. Those are what we are playing. This does not mean we are guaranteed success but it means we will be making an excellent wager that can pay high returns. For Monday, January 1, play my predicted outcomes. (12-29-00 entry) My personal wishes for an excellent New Year. Best Regards, Don

Jan. 1, 2001 - 11:15 PM - Can you believe it .... Don did it again! 000 came and it was one of only two triple digits picks Don made! I just received the following message from Don, but before you read his message, let me say, Thank you Don, you making playing the game fun and profitable. Let's just hope they don't try to add more numbers to Pick3 now! From Don - Thank you for your confidence to place my writing on your site. Here is what I would say to your readers. Of course, what I just did is impossible. You just can't pick two (344 EXACT) and (000 EXACT) in less than 30 lottery days. On this play, if you played all the numbers I recommended I somewhat apologize that you spent $240 to win $500 per $1 unit. However, if you played just my favorites on this play you spent $52 to win $500 per $1 unit. And if you just played a few of my best and were fortunate to hit the 1 out of 7 I called, I applaud you. Now, everyone knows what I did just can't be done. But as I said, computers are great because they validate everything. And too, since each event is totally independent of each other the same 975 plus to one odds are present, so you know and the TLC knows its another fluke. But you saw it with your own eyes. So, in conclusion, I only have better news. All my indicators are still good for reasons I won't go into. I'm going to work right away to give you another excellent wager and when I complete the numbers, Dawn will post it. This will take me some time but I know your going to be reading cause that's where the money's at. And to Darlene, I hope you did well, people like you motivate me. Best Regards, Don

Jan. 2, 2001 - 10:45 AM - Don Revised the Play - For January 2, 2001, I have attempted to lower the 1000 to 1 odds on an exact play to 8 to 1. I am recommending the player place a zero in the first position of a three digit number and a 2 or 6 in the last position. Thus, you have 0 blank 2 or 0 blank 6. My favorite is 012 closely followed by 016 of the 16 possible exact numbers. In the double digit category, I prefer 511, 373, 788, 669, 699, 966, 996, 161, 383, 313, 161, 911. Now, here are the tactics. DO NOT PLAY BOTH THE ZERO AND THE DOUBLE DIGIT. Either select the tactic using the zero in the first position with the 2 and 6 in the last OR play a double digit. This will be a progressive play. A progressive play is one where the player can wait for one of the outcomes to arrive and play the other or begin one of the plays in small amounts now. So, read my instructions carefully and of course bookmark for daily analysis. Best Regards, Don

Jan. 3, 2001- 12:15 AM - Don says to continue the play as described on Jan 2.

Jan. 3, 2001 - 11:45 PM -A double digit (773) came tonight so Don says to cease playing the double digits. Again, he was right on for playing a double digit but he missed the 3rd number. However, he was on target with not playing a zero with the double digit. His 373 was close but that only counts in horseshoes! Now, concentrate on the first play with 0 blank 2 and 0 blank 6. Don't overspend, he feels like this play could be a few days away.

Jan . 4, 2001- 8:15 AM - Don Revised the Play - I apologize for not doing as well as I should have for reasons I won't mention on last nights drawing of 773. So, stop playing double digits immediately. The play now is the zero in the first position. So, after you check the box marked exact, you put a zero in digit position one. You then go to the last position or digit 3 and place either a 6, 2 or 3. I have listed them in order of importance. If I am correct about the first position and the last position (97 to 1 against me doing that) you have a 10 to 1 chance to win $500 per ticket played. Some of my favorite selections would be 012, 016, 053. Remember, it cannot be a double digit so do not place a digit in the center that with make the number have 2 of the same digits. Continue to read for updates. Best Regards, Don

Jan . 5, 2001- 8:45 AM - From Don - Continue to play instuctions of 1/4/2001. This is perhaps the longest consecutive run of days I have ever recommended playing the Pick 3 game, now at ten days. All I can say about that is that's how good this play is, it's very good. I would recommend players read my comments the afternoon before 000 arrived. I'm just as sure now that I have given the players the BEST possible wager that the game offers. Best Regards, Don

Jan . 6, 2001- Revised Play - 10:30 AM - From Don - This is the fifth day of lottery play since I correctly selected 000. It seems like an eternity. I continue to recommend 012, 016, 053 and am adding 310, 052, 038, 204, 501 and 610. The method of play is exact. The odds of being successful are 991 to 1 each day. Read for the latest news. Best Regards, Don

Jan. 6, 2001 - 11 PM - Cease all plays on the current play until we hear from Don. The 06 which Don said was coming was drawn tonight. This affects all of his other picks. So, you just have to wait patiently now. I told ya'll he was good!

Jan. 7, 2001- 12:30 PM - From Don - I feel I owe it to the loyal readers of to fully explain prediction number 4 and today is a good time becasuse there is no game today. I began my selections on 12/23/2000 in an attempt to achieve profits before Christmas. There were some excellent plays but the day was in question. On the 27th, one of my recommendations was 296 and 796 but the actual number drawn was 196. I gave you new numbers for the 28th and two of my selections were 079 and 779 but the actual number drawn was 279. On the 29th I gave you my best six selections and wrote you a memoranda the day of my correct prediction of 000. I gave you new numbers for 1/2/2001 including 373, but the actual number drawn was 773, but still a double digit. I advised you to stop playing double digits and selected new combination type numbers (having 3 different digits) for you. Last night, 1/6/2001, the number was 406, and yes, Dawn was correct in that 06 and 02 were 2 of the indicators I expected. But, they are not in the correct position. The zero must be in the first position and I have a strong expectation that the last digit will be 2, 6, or 3. Now a few of my selections do not have the zero in the first position but they are very strong numbers to play based on other criteria I use. So, I must recommend, even after 13 days of continuos Pick 3 play that you continue to play my selections posted on Jan. 4 and Jan 6, 2001. Thank you for permitting me to share my view with your readers. Best Regards, Don

Jan. 9, 2001- 11:30 AM - From Don - The Pick3 number drawn last night, 945, has no effect on my selections other than I'm dropping 038 as one of my selections. Continue with the play posted on Jan. 4 and Jan 6. Best Regards, Don

Jan . 10, 2001- Revised Play - 10:45 AM - From Don - One of my 8 selections for last night was 501 and the number drawn was 507. Now, it may appear that 501 is very close to 507 but using my methods, they are not related at all. However, when we began play, I mentioned that prediction 4 was not as good as prediction 1,2 or 3 which all occurred. Prediction 4 is now shaping up to be a historic play of which might not have any equal for another 6 lottery years. So, in conclusion my recommended numbers for 1/10/2001 are 224, 012, 016, 053, 310, 052, 204, 501, 610. Best Regards, Don

Jan . 11, 2001- 11:15 AM - From Dawn - I did get a message from Don this morning telling you to stop all plays for now. The reason is that one of his main two conditions were met with 333 last night. Because of what I have witnessed, I'm going to explain this one to you. Of the 9 numbers Don said to play, five of them were 224, 016, 204, 501, 610. Can you see a common denominator in these numbers? Look hard. OK, I'll tell you. The first and last digits equals 6 and in 224 the second and third digit equals 6 too. The 333 drawn last night fulfilled the anticipated condition and while I really don't like saying this after the fact, I'm going to anyway even if ya'll don't believe me. Don told me last Sunday to play 333 or 111. I have the message on my computer but it was in a message that I did not post. The reason it was not posted is because I suggested that he cut back the number of plays. In my wildest dream, I never figured it would be drawn so you can all blame me for this one. So, after having said all this, while Don is regrouping, I will boldly suggest that you play one of the following until you see it come in: (1) 02 or 11 - you pick middle digit; (2) 87 or 96 - you pick 3rd (middle) digit; (3) zero in the first position; (4) 012, 280, 042, 111, 030, 986 are my picks. And for the record, my picks are based on some of Don's conditions that I believe are anticipated at this time.

Since I'm telling all today, I'm gonna share one more wild story with you. I have another player from Oklahoma who called me at 11:30 am yesterday with a hot tip - he said it was his way of saying thank you. He told me to go bet the 1st horse in the 6th race. I asked my husband to stop and bet that horse but he refused. Guess what, it came in. I had a bad day yesterday!

Jan . 11, 2001- Revised Play - 10:30 PM - 096 Drawn tonight - From Dawn - Well, zero finally came in the first position and it even came with 69. But, 69 did not come in the expected positions so I will stick with it. While Don is still regrouping, I will suggest that you play one of the following until you see it come in: (1) split 02 or 20 or 11 - you pick 3rd digit; (2) split 87 or 78 or 96 or 69 - you pick 3rd digit; (3) 210, 280, 042, 111, 030, 986 are my picks. And for the record, my picks are based on some of Don's conditions that I believe are anticipated at this time. By the way, congratulations to those of you who put the zero with the two digits I suggested and won tonight.

Jan . 12, 2001 - End 4th Prediction - 10:00 AM - From Don - Please report to your readers these exact comments. Occasionally, in life, one gets the air knocked out. Something happens that is so egregious and flagrantly disturbing that it is hard to collect one's thoughts properly. Prediction 4 is one of those events for me. By adding 2 numbers, 111 and 333 to my recommendations the loyal readers of could have made an incredible amount of money. And yes, I do have e-mail evidence that I did report to Dawn that I was very concerned about those 2 numbers, but that is of little solace or refuge. Of course, by recommending and correctly selecting 2 triple digits in 10 pick 3 days I would have gained the credibility necessary to make your readers even more money. I would not blame them to be somewhat reluctant to play my recommendations on a temporary basis. To further disturb and revile me, last night, the zero in the first digit appeared along with the 6 in the last position as I have been recommending for it seems like, an eternity. These 2 singular events have caused me to take a brief time-out and reflect on what just happened. The events certainly solidify that my theory about the Pick 3 game is very accurate. However, there is an element of subjective selection that I intend to improve on. Until prediction number 5 begins, I wish you best regards. Don

Jan . 12, 2001- Revised Play - 10:50 PM - 220 Drawn Tonight - From Dawn - Well, tonight we saw the split 20 and I've already had emails from those lucky ones who won - which was not me - Can you believe it? I didn't even win. And I've played split 02 like clockwork since Dec. 23. What rotten luck I have. Oh well, I've got a couple more plays up my sleeve before I give up and wait on Don's 5th prediction. I suggest playing one of the following until you see it come in: (1) split 87/78 or split 96/69 - you pick 3rd digit; (2) 97/79 blank OR 8 8 blank. The numbers I am going to play for Saturday, Jan 13 are 210, 024, 111, 030, 986, 997, 979 - but I don't know that I would recommend playing my picks if I were you. You are better off picking your own 3rd number. For the record, my picks are still based on some of Don's conditions that I believe are anticipated at this time. By the way, congratulations to those of you who won tonight on the split 02/20.

Jan. 13, 2001 - 11:30 PM - 296 Drawn Tonight - From Dawn - Gee, what can I say other than congratulations to all of you who put a 2 with the 96 and won again. Three nights in a row for winning is probably more than the TLC can handle - I'm aftraid they will be changing the game soon over this! <grin> I will be changing my personal numbers but I still stand by the plays shown on Jan 12 (underlined) as they have not come in the right order for the conditions I am shooting for. And, I suggest we play 8 now too. My numbers will come before Monday night - shoot, Don might even come back with a 5th prediction later next week.

Jan. 15, 2001 - 6:00 PM - From Dawn - I know I'm late but this was press week-end so I've been swamped. My personal picks for tonight are 810, 210, 024, 300, 887, 976, 111. I really don't know that I recommend my choice of the 3rd digits - but ya'll keep asking so this is whatI'm playing. Good luck.

Jan 16, 2001 - 2:45 PM - From Dawn - I'm going to stop playing now and save my money while I wait for Don's 5th prediction. The number 8 came last night - (On Saturday night after the drawing I suggested you play 8 now). For those of you who are die hard players, I still believe we we will see: (1) split 87/78 or split 96/69 - you pick 3rd digit; (2) 97/79 blank OR 8 8 blank - you pick 3rd digit (3) 01 OR 10 as the last two digits (4) and finally I believe we will see one of these combinations - 111 OR 210 OR 300.

Jan. 17, 2001 - 379 drawn last night - From Dawn - Congratulations again to those of you who had the 3 with the 79 last night. That's four out of five nights in a row the numbers posted have come in! Amazing, huh? Lets just hope it continues as we still have a few plays left (see above entry). Don is working on a prediction. Hopefully we'll have it within a week.

Jan. 20, 2001 - 130 & 759 drawn - Cease All Plays -From Dawn - Well, the numbers I recommended (see Jan. 16 entry) have arrived now, not necessarily in the order I had hoped for, but have all the same been drawn. So I suggest we all wait for Don to make another prediction. Congratulations to all of you who won - I sure hope you aren't taking your winnings and buying lotto tickets. That would be a very bad investment!

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