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Friday, Aug 1, 2003 - From Don - To the When I wrote my column yesterday, I continued to study the game. One of the valuable tools I use is the online lottoreport along with the subscribed lottoreport. When I study the game, I review ALL aspects as they are happening.

The statistics presented are so appalling that I wanted to put them in context for readers. I took two huge payout days for the players which is highly unusual. Those days were June 13 and June 14 when numbers 444 and 000 arrived. On those days the pick 3 night game paid out $1.6 million and $2.3 million respectively. Isn't that something - $3.9 million payout in just two days! Further investigation found something that may surprise you. By July 1st, in the night game, the pick 3 game had ALL their money back AND more. That is over a period of just 16 days.

Since I was looking at the material, some other statistics jumped out at me in the day game which is adjacent to the information provided. On June 12th, the day game paid out a disgraceful 24% to the players. On June 11th, the day game paid out a whopping 26%!!!

The presence of these statistics seem absolute proof of what will happen to you if you play the game daily or even frequently. I am working on ways to try and improve the collective consistent payout to players. In the meantime, thanks for reading! Don

Thursday, July 31, 2003 - From Don - To the I have returned from vacation and one of the first things I evaluate upon my return is the pick 3 game. I try to look for what statisticians call abnormal distributions in a number of ways.

Sometimes these distributions take place in the formation of the digits, the pairs (front pair or back pair or split pair), the double digits, the total sum of the number, the total sum of the pair, the digit position in numbers having three different digits and the digit position of numbers having two of the same digits. I also review the composite of all of this as a whole to test the total distribution of all the numbers.
Right now, as of July 31st at 1100 hours, we have a very normal distribution of all this factors as one would expect from a "random" distribution of what is sometimes known as a collective or all potential outcomes of something like a lottery.

In my last message on 7/19 I did talk about the 99 as it is slightly (and I mean very slightly) out of sorts. It is always encouraging NOT to recommend these numbers to the audience and they do NOT occur as expected. If you have read my column before, you know that this is an excellent example of how the correct day is just as vital to profits as selecting the correct number.

In conclusion, the 99 is slightly out of sorts. The numbers 771,339,663,447 and 555 are numbers that I have mentioned before that cannot be predicted as to the day yet they are very out of sorts. (Out of sorts means beyond the norm) I am continuing to study the game and should we have an opportunity for profits I'll let you know. Keep reading for great lottery news! Don

Saturday, July 19, 2003 - From Don - Congratulations to Jeff and the players on the 958.

It's great to watch numbers come in that do not have the 99 in them. As I mentioned, the criteria is still not right. We have to wait a little longer on this one. Thanks for reading I'm going on vacation with my boys so, until next week - bye. Don

Tuesday, July 15, 2003 - From Don - To the When I don't have a play for you I am still putting quite a bit of effort into the game trying to decide what the next play might be and how players can take advantage of what is happening in the game. Right now, in the night game, a number with 99 in it has surpassed the statistical indicator I am looking for. Yet, I cannot give you this play as a number of other factors have not been met. Also, should I be able to provide such a play it will be immensely speculative as there are only 10 total outcomes possible or about 4% of the numbers on an any play. If you read this column, you know I always advise players to avoid the game most of the time. It is still one of those times to wait for opportunity. I hope you are enjoying the lottoreport for the most comprehensive lotto news anywhere. Don

Don's 33nd Prediction
2003 - 8th Prediction)
Play Starts 7-1-03
Cease Play - 7-3-03 - 11PM

CEASE PLAY - Friday, July 4, 2003 - From Don - To the The correct outcome on July 3, 2003 in the Night pick 3 draw was 5-7-4. If you review my message of 7/1 and 7/2, I think you will find my commentary a good representation of what occurred. Thanks for reading as this play is over. Have a good holiday! Don

ORIGINAL PLAY - Tuesday, July 1, 2003 - From Don - For July 1, 2003, in the night pick 3 game we have a great statistical opportunity I want to apprise the players of. I am expecting a three different digit number with the digit 5. That narrows the field of 220 possible numbers down to 36 on an any play. My favorite numbers within the 36 are 568, 569, 578, 256, 257, 258 and 259.

My first choice to go with the 5 is 9 and closely followed by 6.

Again, 569 is my first choice and coincidentally it was my favorite on the last play. Another coincidence was that it arrived in the day game the same day I recommended it.

Interestingly, it is a unique time in the pick 3 night game as the 99 has reached minimum potential for play. Should we see 599 or 999 it would not surprise me but I am NOT recommending those 2 numbers. The number MUST HAVE 3 DIFFERENT DIGITS AND A 5 IN IT. I have selected a few for you that I prefer but there are still 29 others. I expect the number to arrive no later than July 7. Here's hoping we have some early fireworks!!! Don

Thursday, July 3, 2003 - From Don - To the Since I recommended the indicated numbers (see original play 7-1-03) the results in the pick 3 night draw have been 9-0-4 and 8-7-6. Both outcomes have NOT had the critical digit 5 but have had three different digits. In the case of 8-7-6, my recommendation of 8-5-6 and 8-7-5 were proffered due to position of the 8-x-6 AND the position of x-7-5 in the number. Also, the group 86, 59, 77 returned after Mondays occurrence of -8-6-1 which many of you read about in my previous play.

The good news is that the occurrence of these 2 outcomes did not minimize the great play that this is compared to all the rest of the potential outcomes. If you recall, I took a group of 220 outcomes and reduced it to 36 and reduced it further with my favorites. In conclusion, thanks for reading this column and I am very confident you will enjoy success on this one. Don

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