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Don's 41st Prediction
(2004 - 3nd Prediction)

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April 2, 2004 - 9:15 AM - In Conclusion - From Don - RE: Don's play & another play may be on the horizon: To the On March 23rd, I provided readers a statistical analysis of the pick 3 games and gave indications that the Day game had a statistical advantage over the night game at this moment. I decided that the advantage would provide players a great value on March 29th and provided ideas about what outcomes should be played. All my indicators arrived on April 1st, 2004 with the number 2-5-3.

In the pick 3 game, you always have to calculate the worst possible outcome first. In this case, wagering on all 90 numbers for 4 days for $1 would have meant spending $360 to win $500. That equals a 72% return on a game that pays only half the true odds. The message that I am trying to convey is that by placing a wager within the 90 number profile and using the information provided such as "the 3 in the final position has merit" the reader then had an opportunity to narrow the field to 10 numbers or $40 over 4 days to win and incredible $500.

Of course, the actual odds are 990 to 1 to do that!! But, if you did, in this case, you won more than 12 times your original investment. My main point is, that statistics can provide readers with great values if the statistics are evaluated properly. By evaluating properly I mean, the selected day within a calculated proximity, the worst scenario wagering, the type of play to be used, and which game presents maximum value at a particular time.

I also want to add that I learned quite a bit on this play. At first glance it would seem as though when my "status" reports are high, this might give us potential on an any type wager.

Since my initial analysis on March 23rd, the selected components of this play arrived 5 times in the form of 345, 206, 449, 538, 253. On the surface, the process of selecting 5 numbers within 10 days would be incredible. Yet, it is NOT and here's why.

Let's suppose that I played the fifty numbers represented by the pairs on March 23rd. Those were 08, 17, 26, 35, 44. Playing for 10 days on a $1 any would cost $50 a day. "Hitting" the game 5 times in this case would yield $480 for a net loss of $20 on $500 wagered. So, as players, you have to be very careful about how you play and what is actually opportunity. In actuality, that is why I developed the particular program used on this play, to evaluate an EXACT play as it has far more profit impact potential for the player.

In conclusion then, this play is over yet I may have an excellent play in the NIGHT game very soon. I hope to continue to provide players with great opportunity and remember, avoid the game MOST of the time. I enjoy hearing your comments and thanks for reading DON

April 1, 2004 - 12:50 PM - After Day Draw - From Dawn - RE: Don's Play: As you know, the numbers drawn today were 2-5-3 and the "x53" was one of Don's suggested plays. I will post Don's message when I get it, but in the meantime, I feel safe in saying this is now a CEASE PLAY. I played 453 and 980 - story of my life! Anyway, many thanks to both Don and Jeff for giving us "pairs" that did come in and rather quickly this time. Congratulations to those of you who won.

April 1, 2004 - 10:40 AM - From Don - Update to original play (DAY draw): To the Although I try to provide information prior to the workday, especially in the DAY draw, it sometimes takes longer to evaluate all the aspects of the game. Having said that, I conclude it is an absolutely great time to be playing the pick 3 game.

In summation, I have recommended playing numbers with the following digits in the back pair. They are: 08, 80, 17, 71, 26, 62, 35, 53 and 44. During the 3 days since the initial recommendation, the correct outcomes have been 881- 538 -066. I made comments about these draws in previous messages.

However, looking forward and realizing that each draw has meaning to future draws, I must conclude that certain numbers have drawn my attention more than others out of the 90 possible outcomes. It is also important to note that when the pool has been reduced from 1000 numbers to 90 there are 910 OTHER outcomes that can arrive. I will now attempt to reduce the pool of 90 down further which will increase the odds even more. So, the actual or true odds will be in excess of 980 to 1 on my favorites and 910 to 1 within the pool of selected numbers.

Reviewing the mentioned exact outcomes the digits 0 and 1 have distinguished themselves significantly followed closely by the 7. Yet, the 3 in the final position has welcome potential. So, the number 153 stands out. With the digit 1 and having the back pair X17 or X71, the first digit 0 is prominent because I prefer a number having 3 different digits and this pair already has the mentioned digits 1 and 7.

So, 017 and 071 are good plays.

In the double digit category, with the mentioned pairs, the 335 and 353 and 344 are superior plays.

I also want to mention a few more things about this play. It is true that the mentioned pairs are at a historical statistical high. As I have mentioned though, new highs are always being broken. I have calculated that to reach an all time high of any pair in any group in any lottery it could go on for 29 more days. The player must be cognizant of this information to make a proper evaluation in wagering.

On the upside, as compared to other times, playing the pick 3 DAY draw right now is a great value for the player. Although all the previously recommended numbers are also great plays, today's column provides the latest and BEST information. Best Regards. Don

March 30, 2004 - 8:50 PM - From Don - Update after today's draw. (DAY draw): To the Again, for the second day, a great deal of disappointment. The play began on Monday, March 29th. The correct numbers were 881 on Monday and 538 on Tuesday. As you know, 2 of my selections were 853 and 835 in the exact position.

Also, I forecast double digit numbers of 353 and 335. I selected these outcomes because 1) they have two of the mentioned favorable digits in the rear position 2) the [sum] 8 is prominent in a number having three different digits 3) the digit count in relation to the number 3 as a historical representation of the game was favorable in both the dd and the combo number 4) the positional status of the mentioned digits in relation to the positional status of all the other digits was opportunistic 5) I expected the outcome to arrive in a short enough time frame to obtain profits.

At this moment, the mentioned numbers in the original column [3/28/04 message] are outstanding speculations. I will try to further the audience on any other information I can derive in the time permitted before tomorrows draw. Thanks for reading Don

March 29, 2004 - 9:00 PM - From Don - Update to play (DAY draw): Whew! 8-7-1 was one of the numbers I was playing and I sure had a close call with the correct outcome being 8-8-1.

However, from a statistical standpoint, the number 8-8-1 had NO elements that diminshes the opportunity this play presents. So ... stay with the same numbers recommended. Much Success to All. Don

ORIGINAL PLAY STARTS 3/29 - Play Posted March 28, 2004 - 10:15 PM - From Don: To the The focus in the pick 3 DAY game should now be on the digits x08, x80, x17, x71, x26, x62, x35, x53, x44. The symbol x represents an unknown digit.

Every statistic available to me points to this back pair sequence as an outstanding play. Looking within the first criteria mentioned the digit 8 stands out which gives prominence to the x08 and the x80. However, the correct outcome could be 817, 871, 826, 862, 835, 853.

In the double digit category, the digit 3 in the first position is extremely distended which gives merit to 344. The 4 in the double digit has potential in the final position and could be 444.

In a discussion of this play, options are available to the player. You could select one of the 9 pairs and select a first digit OR select one of the pairs or more and place digits with it in the first position. Either way, you will be choosing from 90 exact numbers out of a pool of 1000 numbers or have about a 9% chance to win and a 91% chance to lose.

Although the total pool of numbers is large this play is outstanding because of the distance to expectation. Although calculating the distance to expectation of a particular statistic is always very difficult, these pairs have already exceeded every expectation in every lottery in every pair I have previously performed calculations on. Having said that, new records are always being broken and that is no assurance of an early arrival of the indicator presented. Yet, I would much rather be playing now having an opportunity to select an EXACT outcome as they seldom reach this extreme in positional distension.

One of the great things about the pick 3 game as opposed to other games is that multiple tickets can be purchased. For example, 871 can be purchased $1 EXACT 4 times for a total wager of $4.00. If my assessment is correct, as to the pairs and perhaps the unknown digit, you are wagering in a pool of 90 outcomes to win 500 times your initial purchase. If you have read this column before, you know another option is to WAIT. Although when you wait you may lose opportunity, sometimes waiting is easier on your money management capabilities.

My favorites in the group of numbers discussed are 344, 444, 334, 335, 353 in the double digit category and 571, 571, 780, 708. Rememer that combo numbers arrive much more than double digits. Thats the info for Monday March 29th. Great Success to ALL. Don

March 26, 2004 - 10:00 AM - Update to analysis (3/24) of the games - From Don: To the I often ask my specially designed computer programs to provide a status report based on my theories about the game. In this case, in the day game, the status of the mentioned pairs on Monday (44, 08, 17, 26, 35) had a very high indication based on the positional arrangement of the back pair. However, since I wrote about that on Monday, the numbers that have arrived are 345, 206 and 449. Thus, there is always something new to study in this game and it gives me pause to reflect on whether I should study the fact that when the status is high it presents opportunity to predict a number other than in the anticipated way. Having said that, the back pair status of the mentioned pairs might be available soon. Keep reading for updates. Don

March 25, 2004 - 11:45 AM - Update to analysis of the games - From Don: To the If you read my remarks about the DAY game on March 23rd, I highlighted the 08, 17, 26, 35 and 44 in both forward and reverse position in the BACK PAIR. Since I wrote that, the emergences of 345 and 206 both had the indicated pairs but not in the correct position and that's why we are WATCHING what is happening. I believe the correct thing to do here is try and formulate the correct day and then decide a best number to play. When one of those mentioned pairs do not arrive the numbers that do often have statistical significance as to what might happen and when. By placing our wager in a window of opportunity we stand a much better chance of success in my opinion.The time is not right YET.

In the night game, the emergence of the number 0-3-6 and changed the digit to watch from the 0 to the 4. My best digits to accompany the 4 are a 7 or a 5. Still, a long way from an opportunity in this game yet things can change in 6 to 10 days. So I urge you to keep reading for great lottery news. There are NO plays right now. Don

March 23, 2004 - 9:45 AM - Current analysis of the games - From Don: To the I generally take some time off and stay away from the Pick 3 game during March. When I return, I spend quite a bit of time verifying data and re-evaluate both the day and night pick 3 game hoping for an opportunity.

In the Night Pick 3, 3258 drawings have occurred prior to Monday which represents about 10 years of drawings. In the day game, 594 drawings have taken place which is about 1/5 the size of the night game. This data disparity is great for the players as it allows one to perform a comparative analysis not only within each game but how the game is evolving compared to the other game.

In the day game, before yesterdays draw of 9-0-4, the 0 was a very prominent digit. From a statistical standpoint, had 9-0-4 not arrived, my first choice would have been an 8 to go with the 0.

Since the 0 is no longer in focus as an independent digit the digit to pay attention to is the digit 8 in a number having three different digits. The most prominent statistic present in the day game is the two digit numbers x08, x80, x17, x71, x26, x62, x35, x53, x44. These eight - two digit pairs - are in EXACT form. Thus, placing one digit in front of all the numbers would be 9 numbers exact.

The odds using this would be 9 pairs times selecting one digit so that is 9 times 10 or 90 to 1. 90 to 1 with a payout of 500 to 1 isn't bad but not that great!!

Also, the day is in serious question other than to note that in both the day and night game these particular pairs in this position have never gone this long without coming in. This fact has absolutely nothing to do with their eventuality. We simply cannot afford from a financial standpoint to chase something that may not occur for 10 to 20 days although I do not think it will.

Also, because the digit 8 is mildly prominent, this makes the occurrence of x80 and x08 more prominent than the rest. The only digit I can find that may go along with this is 4. So, 480 and 408 remain interesting but NOT interesting enough to speculate on.

In the night game the digit 0 is the most noticeable. Optimally, the digit 4 is prominent with the 0. Other than that, the night game is very what I call flat. There are few statistics that are worthy of your hard earned dollars. This is a short assessment of the game as it exists going into Tuesday March 31, 2004. No plays are present but keep reading for updates. We may have a play soon. Don


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