Posted: 6/10/21 - 7 PM
Updated: 6/11/21 - 11 AM
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I Wonder ... Have Cyber Hackers
Attacked The Lotteries Too?

If the lotteries were actually attacked,
wouldn't it be interesting to know how
much the hackers would be demanding
to release the data?

Seriously ....

I'm going to tell this story using pictures so
you can understand why I might
such a horrible thing. Besides
the obvious fact that Powerball has been
unable to produce draw data after nearly
20 hours, I've received conflicting
information giving merit to my suspicions.

Keep in mind too, that I just happen to
know that, due to the expenses
the TLC does NOT have dedicated

phone lines - except to the Claim Centers -
which seriously compromises their data.
Just one breach in one of the point
of sale location, could be destructive.
It is believed, that due to the extreme costs,
this would be true for the other state lotteries
as well. Though, I do not know this for sure.

Anyway .... read on to see conflicting info ...


If you call the Texas Lottery ....

To ask about
how many TX Powerball
winners there were last night (6/9/21),
they'll tell you that information is NOT known

at this time and will be released later ...

I replied, "NO, that's not true. I know how
many winners Texas had, I got the data

from the lottery terminals last night.

They didn't believe me. Imagine that.

See .... (Of course, I really couldn't
show them this slip by phone) <grin>

But they still tell callers that they don't know???
I realize they are just doing what they are told
to do and are saying what they are instructed
to say ... But ....


Conflicting Information Is Disseminated
Through the Lottery Terminals ...

The printout below - printed this afternoon (6/10/21) -
shows the NEXT jackpot amounts for each game ....
(This is actually todays "news" sent to retailers.)

Notice Powerball says ... $20 Million ...
Guess that means there was a winner
on June 9th if it's still $20 million.

But wait a minute ... the next printout was
printed at the same time as the printout
above but it says the "Powerball
jackpot has not been updated"

Hmmm ....

I wonder, which is true???????????

Then I bought a Powerball ticket and it
doesn't show the next jackpot amount.

WOW ... I wonder what the truth is?

Powerball drawing results are known but ...

If you try to cash in a winning TX Powerball ticket
today .... oooops .... you can't! Below is a photo
of the Lottery terminal should you try to cash in a
Powerball ticket ... If by chance you can't read it,

it says ...

System Information - Function NOT Available"

Do you realize that you can't collect
your winning TX Powerball ticket today
nor can
you go to a TX Claim Center
without waiting at least two to four
weeks to collect any other prizes.

But , the Governor posted on Twitter
"Texas is open 100%."
Looks like he's
stretching the truth a bit ... Huh ....
One could
easily conclude that the state wants to keep 100%
of all
lottery money - sales and prize monies!

I wonder, why didn't the TLC alert retailers about
not being able to cash in PB tickets for lottery
players when they sent their "news" this morning?
Retailers have no idea what's going on and
I "hear" players are calling the TLC like crazy!


No Sales Information For Texas Games???

Here it is, 20 hours after the 6/9/21Powerball drawing
and players can't cash in winning Powerball tickets,
the Texas Lottery won't release draw sales for
any of yesterdays (6/9/21) TX games .... Pick3,
All or nothing, Cash5 or Lotto Texas.

About The Excerpts Below
I'm only showing you that no sales reports
are posted for Lotto & Cash5. You'll just
to trust me that sales reports
are NOT posted
for Pick3, Daily4
& All or Nothing .... either.
Or you could go see for yourself!

Assumptions and/or Conclusions Drawn ...

Because Texas games and Powerball are not related,
so to speak, one has to wonder why the TLC
can't or hasn't released sales for their Texas games.

Like the politicians, one can't get straight answers -
just a
run around. Therefore, in an attempt to
arrive at
just what the hell is going on, logically,
I think
cyber hackers must have identified the weakest
in the lotteries and/or G-Tech, IGT, Sci Games
computer systems. Maybe they successfully
compromised the lotteries data and this is WHY
pubic information is not being disseminated as it should.

This is JUST a theory of mine!


One Last Thing .... Powerball (MUSL) Posted

This afternoon, Powerball did post an "explanation"
which basically says nothing to me. The short release
- agreed upon for release by all party lotteries - says, ....

Below is Copy and Pasted From Powerball Website


Delayed Processing - June 9, 2021 Powerball Drawing Results

The Powerball drawing from last night is complete
and winning numbers have been posted to the Powerball
website. There has been a delay in finalizing the draw
results that will allow the jackpot for the next drawing to
be calculated and winning tickets to be paid. While the
majority of jurisdictions were able to verify the number
of winners in each prize tier quickly, additional processing
time was required for one jurisdiction. While we apologize
for the delay in delivering the information to the public,
the additional time enables us to ensure that we are
reporting the official and verified number of prize winners.
Please hold on to your tickets, and we will let you know
when retailers are able to make claims on winning tickets
from the June 9, 2021 drawing.


- Update - 06/11/21 -

At 11 pm on Thursday, 6/10/21, Powerball released
details for their 6/9/21 drawing. This was an
unprecedented 25 hours after the drawing.

I can only assume that players are now able
to collect their low tier winnings from that draw.

My greatest fear is that players threw their winning tickets
away because they were so angry when they couldn't
collect their prizes. No one was able to explain
to them why they couldn't collect their money.

My phone was ringing off the wall and I'm certain
the Texas Lottery and IGT's phones were ringing
Retailers were reporting to me that they called
IGT only to be put on hold for long
periods of
time and for those who could wait that long
was only told there was "an issue." Which is
a bunch of baloney.

For those of you who are asking how Multi State
Gaming works ... here's a brief explanation so you
will understand. After each PB drawing, each
state tallies their "winners count" and it
is uploaded into the lottery terminals. It is also
uploaded into MUSL's computer system.
(This might be automated by now)

Anyway, after all states have reported their
winners count, the Ohio Lottery sends out a
Winners Count Report.xlsx to all MM states.
Usually it takes about two to three hours
after a draw.

Then MUSL creates an extensive Draw/Financial Report
which is placed on their site for ALL lotteries to
download. They do not send it out to the states.
All states MUST obtain this report so if you
request it from your state lottery for any
given draw, don't let them tell you they
don't have it. If they do, call the Governor
and report the lottery for lack of oversight
of their monies! If you review this report,
you will understand why I say this.

(FYI - I found some states who deny having
this report because they do not like disclosing
its contents to the public

So, bottom line, in my 30 years, I have
never seen a time where players couldn't
collect prizes immediately following a drawing.
We may never know what happened but
it is rather obvious that something was
compromised. And it appears, it
has been repaired!



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