After Seeing This, Who Could or Would Believe That Texas Quick Picks Are Generated Using A 'Random' Number Generator ...

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Originally Posted: Feb 5, 2024
Revised: Feb 6,2024 - Added C5 drawing results for 2/5/24


LOOK ... Can you believe this?

"09-10-21-29" on the 1st line of of both Quick Pick tickets!

The Quick Pick on the left was printed at 16:39 (4:39 pm) and the ticket
on the right was printed at 17:06 (5:06 PM). They were both bought
on Monday, Feb 5, 2024 at two different retail locations. It is my
opinion that the retailers would not be retailers that a same player
would frequent for the sole purpose of buying a lottery ticket. I say
this because one is a convenience store that sells groceries,
money orders, cashes checks, and wires money yet the
other "retailer" is a Check Cashing business ONLY. In
otherwords, they each have different cliential.

It is completely mind blogging that with 324,632 total
combinations in Cash5 and with sales in the approx
$150,000 to $175,000 range that a "random" number
generator would select 4 numbers for one ticket sold
then 30 minutes later print the same 4 numbers on
another lottery ticket.

I wonder ... what are the odds?

I have received many tickets that had 3 duplicate
numbers but I THINK this is the first time I had
4 like numbers on a $2 ticket. And what really
gets me ... that were bought 30 minutes
apart and at different retail locations.

Unbelievable ....


I purposely held off on posting this story until after the
2/5/24 draw. Since I now have doubts about the "integrity"
of the Texas Lottery, I did not want to risk them seeing
these tickets prior to the draw.

Interestingly, I told the clerk at the Check Cashing location,
that the 4 like numbers would NOT be drawn and I nailed it!
None were! So I spent $4 hoping to get a variety of numbers
on my tickets, but instead, it was quite the opposite.
(The numbers drawn on 2/5/24 were: 03-07-12-18-19)

(FYI - I showed the clerk my tickets because I thought the
numbers he gave me looked just like the numbers I got earlier.)

In closing, I think that something fishy is going on too.
Ya'll keep calling and commenting on the numbers being drawn
and I do agree. They are not typical - the consecutive numbers
and the same combinations repeating is a bit much.

I'm at a loss for words.


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