To: Ms. Rienstra & Texas Lottery Commission ...
Please allow the following pdf's & links to serve
as "Attachments" to my July 28, 2020 letter
and my August 7, 2020 letter ...


See The Pick 3 Combinations Reports
- An electronic publication for Pick3 players -
1995 thru Date

Created By
Advertising by Dawn
The Lotto Report
Dawn Nettles, Publisher

Originally Posted: July 28, 2020
Revised: July 29, 2020 - 3:50 PM
Fixed broken link to the July 9th letter
August 8, 2020 - Inserted paragraph
to add an additional letter I'd sent to
the Texas Lottery. Can be found under
the headline "Before Reading This Page"


About This Page

This page is being used as an "attachment" to a letter
I sent to the Texas Lottery.

In a nutshell, the issue at hand here is the Texas Lottery has
declared that I am NOT a news outlet nor a reporter because
a new law states that to qualify as such, the reporting
must be for "profit" or one's "livelihood." Therefore, they
have limited my open records requests to 36 hour per year
and once that threshold has been met, then I must pay
them for the time spent producing documents.

They arrived at their decision, according to their letter,
that I have no income, based on "sworn testimony"
given by me in my Fun 5's deposition.

In my response, I've explained that the attorney
NEVER asked if I produced any other publications,
newsletters, reports since 1993 and they've arrived
at a conclusion based on incomplete data.

Here I'm showing that I do, in fact, sell the
Pick3 Combinations Report
and have since 1995 or 1996.
Further, I'm showing how they KNEW I produced this
report but never thought to simply ask before cutting me off.
(By the way, I think its important to note that they proposed
and adopted the amendment to change their open records
rule after I began the Perks of A Lottery Director story.
Also, the Commissioners asked NO questions either
when it was proposed or when they adopted the rule.
This is very sad.


Before Reading This Page ...
You really need to read my July 28, 2020
response to the TLC's July 9, 2020 letter.
Click here to read the letter, pdf


- Inserted/Added 08/08/20 -
I failed to address a very important issue
the TLC mentioned in their letter - specifically
the number of requests I'd made in FY21. I felt
they were insinuating I was taking advantage in
requesting public information. I think you will all find
this letter of great interest. In a nutshell, I explained
that the vast majority of the requests were for reports
they produced weekly. Click here to read the letter.
Then ....
Either scroll down to the bottom of this page
or click here to see copies of the reports I request
each week. If YOU wanted these reports weekly,
even you couldn't obtain them because of the
new time limit the Commissoners approved.


July 9, 2020 - TLC's letter denying my request, Click Here


One Last Thing - A Favor Please
If any of you find broken links or links that
don't match the date shown, please let me
know so I can fix it. I tried to proof them
but could have missed some.


Is There Really A Pick3 Combinations Report?

Please notice on the cover of these 1999 Lotto Reports is a
for Pick3 Report (see bottom). The Lotto Report
sold in
retail locations in Dallas, Houston and
San Antonio beginning in


Five sections on this page showing
the existence of the Pick3 Reports

1- pdf's - See Back Issues dating back to 2000
Scroll down or click here

"snapshots" date back to 1998

2) Snapshots - Home Page - Scroll down or click here

3) Snapshots - Branding the Lotto Report - click here

4) Snapshots - Subscription Page, click here

5) Summary - Just cold hard facts - click here


So Here's A Few Back & Current Editions
of the Pick3 Combinations Report

Important Note
The only reason I can produce these reports is because
I had posted them on my site for various reasons over
the years and copies were still on my sites server.

I edit my files 4 times daily but save them
using the same file name. (Explained in my
July 28th letter to the TLC and was also
explained when I was deposed

The Latest Pick 3 Combinations Reports
( Includes all pages)

Current Edition - July 19 - Aug 2, 2020 - #29

Last Edition - July 5 - 19, 2020 - #27

These files were renamed and saved
specifically for the Texas Lottery.
The July 5th report was saved on 7/16/20
which was after the report had been revised
since sending to subscribers. Under normal circumstances,
the pdf file name remains the same and never changes.

Two Back Issues of "The Pick3 Report"
Previously Posted at
Year 2000 - Includes all pages

June 18, 2000, click here, pdf

July 2, 2000, click here, pdf

The Pick3 Combinations Report
(The first 3 (maybe 4) pages of these
reports were deleted when posted)

Nov 13, 2003

Feb 9, 2004

May 22, 2005

July 9, 2005

Aug 18, 2005

Aug 2, 2007

July 23, 2009

Jan 26, 2011

Dec 11, 2012

Feb 3, 2013

July 9, 2014

Jan 5, 2016

Jan 20, 2019

Jan 15, 2020


A Walk Down Memory Lane

- See the Snapshots of Old Webpages -
Including The Coverage of
Pick3 and/or Pick 3 Combinations Reports

1998 - Internet Presence - -
Because I edit/write over all files and have no backups, to create this
timeline, I'm using Screen Shot Captures by
and my memory. - FYI - "Snapshots" are taken periodically.
There are three web addresses of significance ...

Home Page - Address

The Snapshots
Please notice on these OLD
pages the Pick3 Report at top
and bottom of the webpage.
Dec 12, 1998 - click here
Feb 18, 1999, click here
Oct 12, 2000, click here
Nov 29, 2001, click here
Nov 21, 2002, click here
June 1, 2003, click here
June 10, 2003, click here

Home Page Edited

See highly visible P3 paragraph
near top of page
Oct 12, 2003, click here

Home Page Edited

(See 1st sentence, left column)
April 20, 2004, click here
June 14, 2005, click here
June 13, 2006, click here

Home Page Edited

Stronger promotion of The Lotto Report
P3 still 1st sentence left column
August 14, 2007, click here
July 7, 2008, click here
Oct 26, 2009, click here
Sept 3, 2010, click here

Home Page Completely Changed

Detailed info on publications
moved to
This occurred due to the TLC
stealing my domain
But please note that a link
to subscribe is in the left column/
Nov 4, 2010, click here
June 8, 2012, click here

Home Page Edited
Subscriptions paragraph removed
due to ceasing publishing of
the Lotto Report (2013).
No longer in left column.
This is important because you will
see where I failed to edit other pages
that I forgot but they should have been edited.
By this I mean, should have removed information
pertaining to purchasing the Lotto Report.
August 2, 2014, click here

I could continue to show snapshots but
it's not necessary as the Home page has
basically remained the same since then.
It's edited every day since the 2010 change.
Feel free to look for yourself when you are
viewing the pages. Just select other dates.


- This address - -
was to brand & promote the Lotto Report


This web address shows how I used this page on my
site to promote and sell The Lotto Report.
And NOT competing publications - This
was explained in my July 28, 2020 letter.
However, please notice at the bottom of
these pages, I still show the Pick3 Report

Dec 1, 1998, click here
April 18, 2000, click here
Dec 4, 2000, click here

Edited Page on Jan 16, 2001
I kept receiving calls pertaining to the Pick3 Report
as a results of the Pick3 predictions being posted.
So I removed the P3 logo from this page that was
"intended" to show the the Lotto Report. However, as
you saw, the Home page still showed the P3 Report.
April 9, 2001, click here
August 16, 2001, click here
Oct 3, 2002, click here
April 4, 2003, click here

Major Edit
Content changed to "About Me"
rather than showing the contents of
the Lotto Report. Notice Pick3 Report
back on webpage again

April 1, 2004, click here
May 25, 2005, click here
Septl 14, 2008, click here
Sept 29, 2009, click here
Sept 18, 2011, click here

This webpage basically remained the same
so it is not necessary to post more links.
Having said this, it is important to note that
when I quit publishing The Lotto Report,
I failed to update this page showing it
was no longer published. On the
following links, notice that the
Lotto Report is still shown as
"alive," but it wasn't.

April 19, 2014, click here
July 2, 2015, click here
May 27, 2017, click here
July 26, 2018, click here
July 9, 2019, click here

I can tell you that recently, due to my
Open Records problem, I discovered this page
hadn't been edited or corrected. It should have
been changed and I should have changed what
was written about the Pick3 Combinations Report.


Subscriptions Page - Snapshots

Pick3 Subscriptions Offered
Nov 6, 1999, click here
July 9, 2000, click here

Edited page to offer ONLY the Lotto Report
(Sales had blossomed after the Pick3 Predictions
were posted. I needed to sell the Lotto Report
April 22, 2001, click here

Trying harder to sell Lotto Report!
August 11, 2002, click here

Put Pick3 Back On Subscribe Page
Dec 2, 2003, click here
June 6, 2004, click here
May 14, 2006, click here
Jan 9, 2009, click here
Sept 23, 2010, click here
March 17, 2013, click here

In 2013, I ceased publishing the Lotto Report
but I failed to update the subscribe and tour pages.
I did remove the "Order the Lotto Report" that
had appeared on many other pages, I just
forgot these two page. These pages should
have been changed to offer subscriptions
to the Pick3 Combinations Report.
April , 2014, click here
August 22, 2015, click here
Jan , 2016, click here

- Subscription Page Edited - Pick3 Report Highly Visible
Finally deleted Lotto Report but failed to read
and edit what was posted about the Pick3 report.
It should have been changed. But I still
forgot/failed to edit the "tour" page
March 23, 2016, click here
August 10, 2016, click here
August 13, 2017, click here
June 22, 2018, click here
June 27, 2019, click here

The June 27, 2019 is the last snapshot
of the Subscribe page. In fact, this site has
no snapshots for 2020. Must be the virus
slowing things down for them.

If you want to see how it reads today, here
is a link. It was finally changed to reflect
subscriptions are available again. Click here


Does the Texas Lottery really believe that, since 2003,
I've updated
this page 4 times per day for the HELL of it?

The Pick Strategy Page

In case you want to see earlier versions of this page, here
is the address - just use waybackmachine to check it out!
Copy and paste:


Many thanks to for
terrific collections of webpages!

Wayback Machine Home Page, Click here

Internet Archive - WaybackMachine, Click here


- In Summary -

Should anyone be wondering WHY the Pick3 Combinations Report
became so popular, just compare Lotto Texas sales to Pick3 sales.
This is a game players like to play for fun and a challenge. But
they need data if they want to use the Sum Theory - and I have it!
By comparing sales, it should be evident why it was so popular.

Compare Lotto TX vs Pick3 Sales
Lotto TX
Sum It Up Sales
in 2007)
FY93 $767,755,147 N/A 10/25/93 - 1st Pick3 draw
FY94 $1,173,785,320 $133,242,909
FY95 $1,178,828,428 $141,077,588 1st Request for additional P3 data
FY96 $869,258,961 $145,217,209 Requests for Pick3 data is coming in regularly
Began charging $2.95 to send it out
FY97 $906,325,524 $158,549,126 Subscriptions offered
for Pick3 Combinations Report
FY98 $801,244,058 $180,259,546 March 29, 1998 debuts on the internet
FY99 $714,715,890 $183,658,933 Offer subscription to the
Pick3 Report on my webpage
FY00 $583,467,709 $195,192,187 12/03/00 - Pick3 Predictions Began
FY01 $695,170,106 $206,756,648 Pick3 Predictions Posted
FY02 $593,990,028 $236,420,363 Pick3 Predictions Posted
4/29/02 - Day draws begins
FY03 $526,324,482 $261,154,370 - Pick3 Predictions - Begin posting
Pick3 Strategy for players.
Updated 4 times daily
FY04 $477,820,034 $277,253,684 Pick3 Predictions Posted
FY05 $306,657,770 $284,950,898 Pick3 Predictions Posted
FY06 $241,708,005 $295,385,095 Pick3 Predictions Posted
FY07 $232,508,254 $312,676,112 Nov 2006 - Pick3 Predictions ended
11/12/07 TLC adds Sum it Up to
Pick3 game. But players couldn't
select the sum they to purchase.
FY08 $204,616,691 $292,896,065 These sales figures includes Sum it Up sales
FY09 $200,516,500 $290,794,051 These sales figures includes Sum it Up sales
FY10 $255,893,248 $274,895,696 These sales figures includes Sum it Up sales
FY11 $172,499,264 $279,769,125 These sales figures includes Sum it Up sales
FY12 $169,690,599 $279,635,470 These sales figures includes Sum it Up sales
FY13 $146,550,658 $274,032,386 Began 4 draws per day - Players said NO
FY14 $135,608,856 $259,436,835 These sales figures includes Sum it Up sales
FY15 $123,373,545 $256,839,365 These sales figures includes Sum it Up sales
FY16 $120,296,888 $260,161,247 These sales figures includes Sum it Up sales
FY17 $112,735,346 $255,451,625 These sales figures includes Sum it Up sales
FY18 $115,119,050 $261,738,770 These sales figures includes Sum it Up sales
FY19 $108,301,965 Pick3
Out with Sum it Up, In with Fireball
Attempting to make more money
FY20 $99,760,378 Pick3
Sales as of July 25, 2020
Source - TLC Weekly Sales Summary


The Letters

July 28, 2020 - My response requesting they reconsider their
decision as it was made using incomplete information
(This webpage is the "attachments" to my letter)
Click Here

July 9, 2020 - TLC response denying my request
Click Here

June 15, 2020 - My letter to TLC regarding
Open Records time limits, Click here


- See What I Request Each Week For You -
But BEWARE - you can't obtain these reports
without having to pay for them either because
the newly amended TLC rule doesn't allow
enough time. You are limited to 36 hours
which is not enough time to simply obtain
the following game and financial reports
for all 52 weeks.

Sad but true.

1) Instant ticket summary, click here
(On this report, notice game #1804.
It shows no tickets sold yet I
bought these tickets last year. I
keep asking, where's the money?

2) Drawing Incident Report, click here
(When something happens during a drawing)

3) Lotto TX draw stats, click here
(Data used to see if they are cheating
or something is wrong with the balls

4) Powerball draw report, click here
(Sales, number of winners, allocations
& reserve funds. Are players receiving
their share of sales?

5) Mega Millions draw report, click here
(Sales, number of winners, allocations
& reserve funds. Are players receiving
their share of sales?

6) Prize structures ... click here
(What they ordered from the scratch ticket printer)

7) End of production prize structure, click here
(What they received from the scratch ticket printer)

8) Upcoming Scratch Ticket artwork, click here
(New games to be printed)

9) Weekly sales report (I no longer request
this report as it's posted on TLC site), click here


If you open an excel file but see a blank page, click on
"Window" then "new window" and you'll see the file.

Also, if any of you do request any of these reports,
please share with me because so far, I haven't receivd
anything since April.


Advertising by Dawn
The Pick3 Combinations Report
Dawn Nettles, Publisher

P. O. Box 495033
Garland, Texas 75043-5033
(972) 686-0660
(972) 681-1048 Fax