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"The Pick3 Combinations"
By popular demand ...
Due to the tremendous number of requests I've received for a
list of all the Pick3 combinations showing the times and when each
combination was drawn ... and the "never drawn list" ... I've finally
included it for purchase online. The list is updated daily and it can be
obtained via email in pdf format or printed and sent to you by US Mail.
After you get the initial list, you can then simply maintain it yourself ...
although I'm surprised at how many folks fail to do this and request frequently.
Therefore, I've added 6 and 12 months subscriptions. Just scroll down to order.

Click here to see sample of "Pick3 Combinations" (pdf - as of 9-14-03)
(Only 1st page of report is shown - it's easier to read if you magnify)

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6 Month Subscription (13 issues) The Pick3 Combinations - $67
12 Month Subscription (26 issues) The Pick3 Combinations - $129
Single Copy The Pick3 Combinations - $8.95 (US Mail) or $5.50 (Email)
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