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- Don's 7th Prediction -
End Play

March 12, 2001- 10:50 PM - From Dawn - The 37 was drawn tonight (783) so this ends the 7th prediction. Don's conditions arrived but he missed the 3rd digit in his favorite picks. Congratulations to those of you who did put the 8 with the 37. I suppose you all know the number drawn tonight was one of my favorites and I played 738 until last Friday. What did I tell you about my rotten luck! Well, til we get another one - it's break time.

March 12, 2001- From Don Who Is in Hawaii - 12:20 AM -
As many of you know from my writings, I take this game very seriously. In an effort to give readers of the absolute best play, I have to discount some numbers and in this case 116 was one of them although it had several elements I look for. In this case, it is a very devastating loss on a personal level.

Having said that, Dawn has again given a very accurate assessment of my future recommendations. There will be a 55, 19, 28, 37, 46 contained in the number in the next six days. Unfortunately, that is too many potential outcomes to make profits from. So, I am going to select the 28 out of the
five potentials, with 55 a very close second. Should one of these two digits numbers occur, then the number prediction 7 will be over, win or lose and we must stop playing and wait for the absolute best play possible again. For Monday, March 12, I am recommending 428, 228, 288, 552, 337. Of those, I prefer 428 exact, 482 exact, 228 exact, 282 exact, 255 exact. Thank you for your patience during this very long and difficult period of Pick3 play. Best Regards, Don

(What rotten luck I have - I still like 288 and 991. But don't ya'll play my picks because they're guaranteed not to come in!)

March 11, 2001- From Dawn - 11:20 AM - I haven't heard from Don yet so I'm going to go on and suggest that you stop playing his picks now. The 116 drawn last night met more of Don's "conditions."

What you may not realize is that in Don's 7th prediction and in the 9 days we've played it, his conditions arrived but not together as he hoped they would. Go back and see that he originally recommended 669 and 996 - well, it was 679 instead but the "condition" in this case was the "69" and that's why he pulled it from his list the next day. Now for the 116 drawn last night. Well, the "11" fulfilled four of his "conditions" - but there is still a BIG play left that is major, but - it did not all come together like he was predicting. You know he was heavy on 911, 191, 119.

Since this is my press week-end and my time is limited for posting my web site, then I'm going to be bold and tell you to cease playing his picks EXCEPT the one where he suggests playing 55, 28, 19, 37, 46. Catch is, you pick 3rd digit. I can almost guarantee that you will see ONE and ONLY ONE of these two digits together in the VERY near future.

And one more thing, congratulations to those of you who wrote me last night thanking me because you hit 5 of 6 and 4 of 6 playing Lotto Texas. As I posted the drawing, I saw what you meant about using the Lotto Report and my suggestions for "targeting" a number. If you targeted 19 or 22 or 33 or 40, you had an excellent chance of winning and I figure that's why there were 72 five of six winners and 3657 four of six winners and such a low payout - they had tooo many winners but I'm happy for you. Shoot $1814 and $92 is still better than nothing! The "target a number" has been working on the Cash 5 numbers alot too. I just haven't had time to update my page and show it to you. I'll try to do that next week. So watch for it.

March 10, 2001- 10:45 AM - To the readers of If players read my March 1, 2001 entry, I discuss the tactics of Pick3 play. Tactics are a critical part of Pick3 play success and thus, I try to select the absolute best numbers, the nearest day they will occur and the best possible wagering strategy. On this particular prediction number 7, which began on March 1, I have recommended 363 possible outcomes over an 8 day period. The potential exists to win $500 for each $1 outcome. So, if you adopted the strategy of playing all my recommended numbers and you continue that process tonight the potential return is diminished to a 23% profit or return on investment IF the recommended outcome comes in tonight. After tonight, the potential for an actual loss might occur if you adopted this tactic even if a successful number is chosen.

At the other end of the spectrum are players who adopted the wait and see strategy. They have not wagered yet. Obviously, they are in excellent position because they are playing the absolute best outcomes at a very late stage. However, if they would have adopted that strategy on prediction number 6 which came in on the exact day they would have missed a 975 to 1 play which arrived.

The point of this information is that you MUST take account of all dollars wagered on each play and assess the tactic necessary to achieve profits. To do that, you may have to play fewer numbers, wait, play fewer numbers in greater multiples, or decide this game is not equivalent of the inherent risks entirely. Since the game pays at only one-half of the true odds it is absolutely imperative that losses be accounted for by each player as they continue to play.

Now, so far, on prediction seven the only criticism I have of my own recommendation is that I may have began the play too soon. I assure you that you are playing the absolute best numbers produced by my theory as prediction 1 through 6 would give credibility to.

In conclusion , I am suggesting the same numbers as previously listed with a favorite of 911 and a favorite of 191 within it. Best Regards, Don

March 8, 2001- 11:15 PM - To the readers of In 7 consecutive days of Pick3 play, none of my recommeded numbers have arrived. That is the extreme bad news. The good news is that this has created a historic opportunity. One of the tactics I described as this play began was the process of waiting for the rating to improve. Don't wait any longer. My indicators specify that there will be a 55, 28,19,37,or 46 contained within the pick 3 number. Upon examination of my recent recommedations you will find all the numbers meet that criteria. Thus, with resolve and confidence I recommend the following numbers for Friday, March 9, 2001. They are 550, 119, 228, 552, 446, 554, 664, 556, 882, 991, 337, 377, 553, 551. I am recommending 14 times 3 numbers for 42 total numbers which makes the odds 958 to 1 against me. Of these numbers, perhaps it is an irony in that, my favorite is 911. Best Regards, Don

March 8, 2001- 12:15 PM - Continue with the recommendations of yesterday. I am moving the rating up to an 8. Best Regards, Don

March 7, 2001- 8:35 AM - To the readers of This is the fifth day of consecutive Pick 3 play. As I explained yesterday, 554 is not 854, 365 is not 556, 348 is not 378, and of course, 669 is not 679. I must admit that I am drawn, fatigued, spent from reviewing numbers over and over. And to those in the athletic realm, you know you always want to be rested to do your best. However, this is the Olympics of Pick3 play, but in this case, it only comes every 7 years. For Wednesday, 3/7/2001, I am recommending the following numbers 550, 119, 991, 552, 337, 377, 553, 228, 288, 446, 466, 554. I have selected 12 numbers which is 36 exact numbers so my odds of being correct are 964 to 1 against being correct. I am rating this play a 7. Best Regards, Don

March 7, 2001 - Posted 8:55 a.m. - From Dawn - Well, my numbers have changed too so I better let ya'll know that. My favorites as of today are 998, 996, 991, 990, 288, 664, 119 - Now, do realize this probably means you'd better go for the 337, 377, 553, 552 because unlike Don, I always pick 'em wrong!)

March 6, 2001 - Posted 9:30 a.m. - From Don - To the readers of Do not extrapolate that I am very close when I recommend 378 and the actual number is 348. A close examination of the numbers reveal 20 different pairs of numbers within each number. Since there are 55 potential mixed pairs, I have a 36% chance of selecting 2 digits within the number as I have accomplished twice in the last 4 days. Do not develop tactics based on the Resemblance of correctness of the recommendation. Having said that, and having played the Pick3 game for 4 days now, I still have supreme confidence that we are playing the correct numbers to give us a chance for success. I said this before the correct selection of 000, which was, I believe a 975 to 1 chance AGAINST. (This prediction is on this site and you may want to read what I wrote before 000 occurred) I would estimate that the current recommendations to be of equal strength to that one. So, in conclusion, continue to play the recommendations of March 5, 2001. The rating is the same. Best Regards, Don

(OK - I'll translate! He's telling you that it doesn't matter OR effect his play that 348 came instead of 378. You must remember, Don bases his plays on "conditions" and that's where his numbers come from. And, to answer your questions about my favorites, they are 738, 996, 991, 639, 689, 288, 788)

March 5, 2001 - Posted 9:30 a.m. - From Don - To the readers of No play I will recommend for readers requires a more sound strategy than this one. We have played the Pick3 game for 3 days unless you've been waiting for the play to improve in rating. A very long time using my methods. I am expecting a maximum of six or seven more days. Should none of my indicators arrive for six more days, this play will become a ten. What constitutes a ten? An event that has never happened before in 2304 lottery days. However, statistically, exceptional events MUST happen on occasion to make the game fair and honest. We want to be there when these events occur.

So for Monday, March 5, 2001, I am recommending the exact same numbers of 550, 119, 991, 552, 337, 377, 228, 288, 446, 466, 553, 554, 669, 996, 778, 378. (3-6-01 - 11:45 am It has just been brought to my attention that 288 was missing from this list so I have added it because I know it is suppose to be there. Don just erred in re-typing the numbers.)

However, I have developed a few favorites of 991, 288, 669, 996. I am also elevating this play to a six. Best Regards, Don

March 2, 2001 - A Revision From Don - Posted 11:30 p.m. - After the drawing - A revision is necessary after the number 417 arrived tonight. I am adding 3 numbers and subtracting 2 numbers. The new numbers are 550, 119, 991, 552, 337, 377, 228, 288, 446, 466, 553, 554, 669, 996, 778, 378.

There are 51 total numbers for March 3, 2001. Of course, double digits type numbers pay more and are much harder to forecast. Notice that there is one combination number. I am still continuing with a rating of five for a myriad of reasons. This play has the potential to improve substainally if a double digit does NOT arrive on Saturday. Best Regards, Don

March 1, 2001 - Posted 11:00 p.m. - After the drawing - From Don - Obviously, tonights number of 854 is not one of my recommended numbers like 554. None of the indicators I am looking for were positioned in the number 854. What that means to you is that although I cannot move the rating up yet, I am still recommending the numbers listed for March 1, 2001. Best Regards, Don

March 1, 2001 - Posted 11:30 AM - In the Pick3 game, each drawing is an independent event. No historical outcomes have relevance. Thus, in that same way, it is important for readers of to have a different expectation for each recommended play. Do not theorize that because someone selected the number on the exact day previously at 955 to 1 against that each recommendation will have the same result.

In the Pick 3 game and method I am using, there are 3 elements. The rating from 1 to 10 with 10 being the best. The actual numbers selected and how to play them. I have discussed that previously. And perhaps the most importantl element to profits, the tactics. The possible tactics are, waiting till the play improves in rating. Play some of the numbers. Play all of the numbers. Play one number much more than any other number. Play the same amount each day until a stop play arrives. Play increased amounts each day until a stop play arrives. Thus, using my methods, each player has a unique risk reward element based on capital and aversion to risk. Keep all these elements in mind when playing the Pick 3 game. They are all good solid strategies and dependent on the players aversion to risk or lack of it.

For Thursday, March 1, 2001 I am giving this recommendation a 5 rating. The numbers selected are 556, 119, 991, 446, 554, 550, 552, 669, 996, 778, 229, 228, 378, 466, 288. I have selected 48 total numbers so my odds of correct selection are 952 to 1 against being correct. Best Regards, Don

- Don's 6th Prediction -
And It Came In Too!!

Feb. 26, 2001 - Posted 10:15 AM - From Don - Congratulations to all of you who wrote. I enjoy hearing from you! Since there is no Pick 3 game today (Sunday), I want to take a moment to issue some advice to readers who use my recommendations. When I tell you play exact, play that way. The only other method I recommend is boxed or "any." Be very careful about filling out your tickets correctly. Read the rating I provide. You won't find many tens. Be apprised this is a very difficult game to have and retain profits. Notice I said profits, not winners. You can have winners at this game and not profits. Understand that this venture pays at only half the true odds. Thus, you will lose more than you win, BUT if you win more money when you play than when you wager, you will have profits. In conclusion, support Dawn in her efforts to create fairness for the players who intend these other lottery games. Oppose administrators who can't manage with congeniality and respect for the hard working people of Texas. It seems to me with the odds presented in these lotto type games, they could be easily replaced with others who value a higher degree of fairness and congeniality. I expect to have a play for you on March 1, 2001. Best Regards, Don

Feb. 23, 2001 - Posted 11:30 PM - From Don - To the readers of Now you see, Dawn is really responsible for what you just witnessed. You see, this is her web-site and you are reading it because you know how credible she is. So, she decided to place my selections, after due deliberations on her web-site. So, please, any of your profits, thank her and her work effort!!! My observations about tonight are that what you have just witnessed cannot be done, but I did it again. Did you read my note about 955 to 1 AGAINST my success. In Vegas, that would be the equivalent of selecting a number on 26 roulette wheels. I have read the works of some of the great statisticians and I assure you they conclude this cannot be done. When you cash your winners tomorrow, think about, for a moment, how an impossible event could be possible. And of course, for right now, STOP playing the pick 3 game. Do not wager even one dollar of your new found money. Although there is a play, it takes me a great while to decide what it is and give everyone the best opportunity for success. Until then, best regards. Don

Feb. 23, 2001 - Posted 10:40 PM after the drawing - WOW ... can you believe this? He did it again ... 697 came in and on the exact day he expected one of the eleven numbers. I told ya'll, he's never missed a play in all the years I've known him. They don't come daily, but when they do, pay attention! We need to wait til we hear from him before playing now. I really think the play is over but I'm not sure. I'll post what ever he sends me so just check back. FYI - I AM giving him your messages too. Dawn

P.S. - Gosh I sure hope the TLC doesn't add more numbers to the Pick3 or take the game away from us now. That would be just my luck!

P.P.S. Oh, I forgot to say, please DON'T spend your winnings playing Lotto Texas. Hold on to your money so you can spend it when Don comes with another play. It's not likely that you could win the Lotto ... especially since they added the balls which only made winning harder - please ... If you must buy, just buy one Lotto ticket and if God wants you to win, you will! OK?

Feb. 22, 2001 - Posted 11:30 PM - If you condition out 587 to 857 it might look similar to tonights number of 257 but that's about all they have in common. I suggest you play my recommended plays beginning Friday, 23rd of February. I can move the play up to a 6 on my rating system with 10 being the best. For those looking for a challenge waiting for the play to increase in strength can be a valuable option. Keep reading for the most up to date information. Best Regards, Don

Feb. 21, 2001 - Posted 11:30 AM - Greetings to readers of My recommendation for plays in the Pick3 game for Wednesday, February 21st at 1030 hours is to play ONE of 11 numbers I am going to mention. They are 667, 776, 778, 887, 669, 996, 119, 679, 678, 496, 587. If you want to wait until Friday the 23rd that is fine because that is the exact day I am expecting one of these numbers. If you select one of the numbers and I am correct that ONE of the numbers will occur you will have a 45 to 1 chance to win $500 because you are going to condition the number out. For example, 667 box is really 676, 667, 766 exact. If you play $3 on 667 you win 160 times 3 or $480. If you play 676 in the three positions exact, the same $3 wins $500. The odds of my picking the correct number is 955 to 1 against. My favorite selections are 587,and 996 although it was very hard to select favorites from the group. Read for daily updates. Best Regards, Don

Feb. 21, 2001 - 4:30 PM - My apologies to the audience as I neglected to rate this play as I have discussed previously. For Wednesday and Thursday, the play is a 5 with 10 being the best. Should certain events happen though, this play will be a definite 7 and perhaps 8 by Friday, the 23rd of February. Keep reading Don

- Don's 5th Prediction -
& It Came In Too!

Feb. 14, 2001 - 7:30 PM - To the readers of Lotto Report: Everyone knows that I play the Pick 3 game hypothetically each day. Due to the recent accuracies of my hypothetical outcomes, a recommendation has been difficult. However, for 2/14/2001, I am recommending numbers with 69, 77, and 78 in them. Of the 55 potential outcomes of 2 digit numbers in an any fashion I am recommending 3 so the odds are 3 in 55 of my accuracy. My favorite choices are 778 and 689 so the odds of my overall are 991 to 1. Of course, the number 778 is really 787, 778, 877. I just cannot watch another of my indicators go unpublished and arrive. Dawn might verify that my unpublished success is even better than my published success. On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the best, I would rate this play a 6 right now. Best Regards, Don

Feb. 15, 2001 - 8:40 AM - You know that I play the Pick3 game hypothetically each day. I compose a list with actual numbers I would play and plot a success rate. So, no I have not gone anywhere or gone on vacation. Every time I plot a play, it arrives before I can access if it's good enough to give the readers of Lotto Now, Dawn can verify that my unpublished success is even better than my previous 4 out of 4 selections on her web-site. You might ask, how do you better than 4 out of 4? Well, you select only one number and it comes in, that's how. In the Pick3 game, the amount of numbers selected or wagered upon in correlation with the distance from the recommended arrival is critical to one's pocketbook. For Thursday, 2/15/2001 I am recommending numbers with 59, 68 and 77 in them. The total potential outcomes are 55, thus I have selected 3. The 3rd digit is unknown. My favorite selections are 177, 277, 787, 788, 668, 669, 996. There is one number having three different digits I favor and it is 689. I have provided 27 numbers to the readers of Lotto so the odds of my accuracy are 973 to 1 against.

Something new I am going to try for the readers is a play rating from 1 to 10 with 10 being the absolute best. The purpose of the play rating is to give people an opportunity to wait until the play moves towards a 10. Play number one was a ten. Unfortunately, there are very few 10's in the Pick3 game. I would guess at about 15 to 20 per 360 drawings. The disadvantage of the rating system is that if you decide to wait to play the play may be over and from that perspective you can only hope I'll be wrong for the first time. As a reminder, each Pick3 day is a totally independent event and always condition your number out because it pays more. For example, 277 is really 277, 727, 772 on an exact ticket. Best Regards, Don

Feb. 15, 2001 - From Dawn - 10:30 PM - Well ya'll, Don's recommendation to play 59, 68, or 77 came in tonight! How 'bout them apples? We need to wait and see what he says to do next. For right now, I suggest you cease plays. I'll post his message when I get it. Congratulations to those of you who put a 4 with the 68!

Feb. 16, 2001 - From Don - 12:30 AM - Obviously, 668 and 689 is not 486. I had only a 5.4% chance of selecting two digits in the number which arrived on the exact day. To any of you out there who had the 4 with the 68, 59, or 77 - three units for 80 is an excellent return. By the way, I neglected to mention that this play was only a six on the rating system. I am going to use it to help evaluate the play. Unfortunately, we have to stop playing the game again until I can re-evaluate an incredible complexity of events. I'll try and get back to you right away so continue to read Best Regards, Don


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