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Don's 10th Prediction
(Began June 21, 2001 - End Play - 8-22-01)

Aug. 29, 2001 - 3:15 PM - From Don - (I actually received this message on Tues. Aug. 28 but I was not here to post it. Sorry. Dawn ) To the readers of The emergence of the correct number 389 on August 27th fulfilled many of the elements I have been searching for. As loyal readers know, I have been recommending x89, x98 for quite some time. Perhaps many of you are curious as to why, if I was so sure about x89, x98, that I did not recommend all89, and all98. That would be a hypothetical $20 wager (20 exact numbers) that would pay $500. Obviously, an incredible return. Although we know now that the projected elements have arrived, it still took too long to arrive. Playing the same amount everyday, the number must arrive in a minimum of 12 days to return a reasonable profit. Since there are 98 other potentials that can arrive having the correct outcome in 12 days would be an extraordinary prediction.

What I am attempting is to try and go one step past incredible and select the correct digit and the correct pairing and the correct day. In this case, I selected the 8 and the 9 to go with the 89, 98 which was, we know now inaccurate. This information is vitally important as to the present situation in the Pick 3 game for Tuesday, August 28th. Again, I have pairs of numbers in the middle and last digit position that are worthy of interest. I am still working on which digits should be placed in a priority order. Thus, I am not recommending you play the Pick 3 game now but in the interest of providing players with the absolute best information possible, the digits that I am researching intently are x03, x30, x12, x21, x77, x59, x95, x68, x86. This represents 90 total outcomes with "all" in the first position. So, I continue to work on the potential day and correct first digit position. Please continue to read for updates. Best Regards, Don

Aug. 22, 2001 - 3:15 PM - From Don - To the readers of On August 17th, I wrote the following. "The summation of this information is that a double digit must be played and my recommendation is that the double digit will occur with one of the positional digits I have recommended. They are x98, x89, x02, x20, x11, x03, x30, x12, x21. Although not nearly as excellent as these are the positional digits of x77, x59, x95, x68, x86 that have to be considered."

Last night, on August 21st the correct exact number was 002.
There were 26 potential outcomes of the first 9 positional outcomes and 44 potential outcomes with all the positional digits. Out of those 44, I selected 4 favorites. So, although my 966 to 1 chance of being correct was accurate my 996 to 1 chance was incorrect.

I am very disappointed in I always want to provide readers of the fewest amount of numbers in the shortest span of days possible. This was an extremely unusual statistical variation, one which caused me to actually go to the lotto machines and have them pull the actual number from the machine to test my data against the actual results. Although I use at least three sources for accuracy this play was so rare and went so long I felt it was necessary although I have done it only once in the last 7 years.

So, officially, I am concluding recommendation number 10 after 50 days of the most in-depth statistical review I have ever attempted. It must just be coincidence that every time I write about the lottery the projected result is almost immediately forthcoming.

In conclusion there are still a number of incredible statistical variations that are occurring in the Pick 3 game right now. I need time to review them so I can provide readers of the absolute best recommendation possible. Best Regards, Don

Friday, Aug. 17, 2001 - 10:30 AM - From Don - To the readers of

The Texas Lottery uses enormous measures to ensure fairness in the pick 3 games. They have pre-tests, change the balls periodically, install security measures and use experts in the field of statistical measurement to determine if deviations beyond probable norms are occurring. They want to make sure this game is absolutely fair. The game produces enormous profits by way of the payouts. Let me explain.

First, there are 720 possible combinations of a number having 3 different digits. So, if you play all 720 for one day, you are guaranteed to lose $220 because even if you have a “winning” ticket it will only pay $500. Should a number having 2 or three of same digits occurring you will lose $720. The chances of this happening are 28% because there are 280 out of 1000 potential double and triple digits. Let’s then examine what happens when you play all of the double and triple digits. You wager $280 and have a 72% chance of losing your entire investment. So, you may conclude that playing a number containing three different digits is bad, but playing a number with 2 or 3 of the same digits is worse.

Some very interesting occurrences are happening right now in the Texas Pick 3 Game right now. In the last 14 days, no double digit has occurred. During the last 146 days, 30 double digits have occurred. 39 should have occurred. During the last 2446 lottery days the double digit has about a 5% fewer deviation rate from how many should have occurred to actually how many have occurred. On a comparison basis, numbers containing the digit one and having three different digits have about the same deviation rate but have occurred more than is expected.

I explained my current recommendation of 711, 112, 121, 999 on August 9th. Although 210 occurred on August 15th the 2 and the 1 were not in the expected position. In the August 4th message, I explained what I expected to occur as the middle and last digit. This includes the 370 outcomes on August 10th because again, the 30 was not in the correct positional format.

The summation of this information is that a double digit must be played and my recommendation is that the double digit will occur with one of the positional digits I have recommended. They are x98, x89, x02, x20, x11, x03, x30, x12, x21. Although not nearly as excellent as these, are the positional digits of x77, x59, x95, x68, x86 that also have to be considered.

Did you know that in 2446 drawings there are 78 numbers that have never been drawn? Perhaps that doesn’t seem strange or unusual that I could have played for 7 years and never won. Well, how about the people who were recently invited to a Pick 3 drawing to observe the drawing. Did you know they purchased one exact ticket prior to the drawing? Would you believe they actually had the winning number exact!! Now, I have never had the “luck” of those individuals but I’m strongly recommending double digits be played immediately. Of course, best regards. Don

Thursday, Aug. 9, 2001 - 6:20 PM - From Don - To the readers of

Recently, I recommended 15 numbers (July 25th). Of those 15, seven had indicators I was looking for but not in the exact order. For example, I recommended 203 and 230 but 032 was drawn on Aug. 3. I recommended 089, 889, 998, and 989 but 982 and 983 and 029 were drawn instead. I also recommended 803 but 083 was drawn last night (8-8-01).

Of course, on August 4th I told you I was re-examining the entire project and only recommended 999 and 112. Although I have not completed my research, I believe the following information will assist the players in their quest for profits. The digits, x98, x89, x02, x20, x11, x03, x30, x12, x21 are as likely as the middle and last position as I have ever seen in any Pick3 game.

I have worked and worked to try and determine what the first digit might be it is completely unknown. My favorite number is probably 711 or 112 or 121. Also, I am not discounting 999 although it is not in this group. For Thursday, August 9, 2001 I am recommending those 4 numbers.

The odds of my success are 996 to 1 against success. I am giving this play a rating of 8. Thank you for your patience and I hope to have updates for you often until one of these final indicators arrives. Best regards, Don

Saturday, Aug. 4, 2001 - 5 PM - From Don -To the readers of The arrival of the number 032 had many of the indicators I search for in the proper order as I detail in paragraph 4 of my July 25th comments. As you know I recommended 203, 230, 012. The digits 2x0, 0x2, 1x1 were as prominent as I have ever observed and went far beyond my expected occurrences in pick 3 days.

As I mentioned I am still evaluating this phenomal statistical occurrence by going through my entire project which has taken me much longer than expected. Of the numbers 111, 999, 220, 112 that I have recommended only 999 and 112 are still viable or playable.

Until I can complete the incredible undertaking of going through 8 years of statistics in every possible format those numbers are all I am going to recommend. The odds of my success are 998 to 1. Best Regards, Don

Sunday, July 29, 2001 - 7PM - From Don -To the readers of Congratulations to Lance Armstrong winning what is arguably the toughest endurance event in the world. If you read his book, "its not about the bike" as I have, you know that Mr. Armstrong has incredible persistence among other attributes.

Sometimes, persistence can be misconstrued as misguided goal setting or the realization that the goal is too lofty, the task too difficult, the improbability of success too great. I'm confident Mr. Armstrong had those feelings during his numerous health problems.

As to the pick 3 game, I have certainly been persistent for what has been an incredible 33 days of pick 3 play. During that time, only 2 minor recommendations arrived and no profits have been derived.

So, what I am doing is going through the entire project, step by step, because I know that my unpublished successes have been greater than my published successes. Thus, something is wrong.

I am committed to giving readers the absolute best possible play and Dawns work effort motivates me to obtain better results. Unfortutely, we cannot take time out to stop playing the game after I recommended 989 and the correct number was 982. There is simply too much potential for hits right now.

So, while I am going through every possible statistic I am going to recommend that the following numbers be played EXACT. 111, 999, 220, 112. The odds of my having a correct selection are 996 to 1. I am rating this play a seven and one half.

Please note that all of the elements mentioned in my July 25th message are still true except for the numbers with 89 in them. Best Regards, Don

Saturday, July 28, 2001 - 11PM - From Dawn - Don will have a new message for us tomorrow. I'm proud to say that I finally won something with the 982 tonight. I just wish it had been 289 instead!

Wednesday, July 25, 2001 - 9:00 PM - To the readers of My apologies to Dawn and to the readership as my unavailability to a computer was inexcusable. However, the good news is that the numbers I have provided with one exception are outstanding, actually almost unbelievable that so few of my indicators have arrived.

Let me go over these numbers and explain exactly what is going on. To repeat, the numbers preferred are 711, 171, 121, 803, 530, 621, 802, 620, 089, 203, 230, 012, 889, 998, 989. This is 15 numbers on an exact play. I am adding one number, 111.

Six of the 15 numbers are double digits, a number having two of the same digits. 9 have three different digits. Of course, 111 is the 16th number and has all the same digits. The potential for the middle and last digit to be x03, x30, x12, x21 is the strongest I have ever seen in any pick 3 game I have ever analyzed in any state.

Seven of the numbers have that outcome. There are 40 numbers possible.

Four of the numbers have 0x2,2x0,or 1x1 which is also near the highest statistical indications I have ever witnessed. In fact, without checking and rechecking and checking the rechecking I would believe there might be a mistake. There are 30 outcomes possible, and again I have selected 4.

Four of the numbers have the digits 89 in them and I have tried to ascertain the correct position of the 89 but it is too difficult.
My best guess is the 8x9 or 9x8 will occur. 3 of the numbers have those characteristics.

In conclusion, I am always cognizant that new statistics will be developed and new outcomes will be possible as I have spoken of previously, using the never drawn list as an example. However, even to me these incredible events are incredibly abnormal.

Continue to play the recommended outcomes. The odds of my success are 984 to 1 against an accurate recommendation. Best Regards, Don

Wednesday, July 25, 2001 - 10:45 AM - From Dawn - First, let me apologize for not posting any messages for ya'll. Don's on vacation "again" and it was up to me to keep abreast but I've been so involved in figuring out who all the TLC overpaid and underpaid and the dollars amounts involved that I just didn't have time to track the Pick3. In fact, I still haven't posted this weeks draws. However, I have stopped and looked at the conditions that are "off the charts" and they still remain "off the charts." I think Don would tell us to play as the last two digits 01, 10, 11, 02, 20, 89, 98, 30, 03, 21, 12. Folks - these numbers are IT! We got close last night but they weren't in the right order that they should be. Since Don likes to mix his conditions, my "educated guess" is that he would say to play 121, 710, 711, 998, 089, 620, 530, 440. Good luck and don't hold me responsible for winning this time!!!! How's that for a positive attitude?

Noon - Ooops ..... I left off 230 - an excellent choice.

Friday, July 13, 2001 - 9:15 a.m. - To the readers of There are 55 pairs of numbers containing 2 digits within a three digit number. On June 21st, 19 days ago, I selected 5 of them. They were 02,11 and 89. I had a 9% chance of being correct each day. As we know now, the arrival of the number 028 indicated the play arrived too late to gain profits. During the play another indicator arrived which I denoted and it is my hope that someone profited on that information. Normally, the play would be concluded. However, statistically, there are a number of opportunities in the pick 3 game now that give potential for an EXACT outcome.

The numbers I am recommending now are: 711, 171, 121, 803, 530, 621, 802, 620, 089, 203, 230, 012, 889, 998, 989. I have selected 15 numbers so the odds of my success are 985 to 1 against success. My favorite numbers are 711, 121. Please note that although I prefer any number with 89 contained in it, I have tried to select the best of the 30 possible exact outcomes. Best Regards, Don

Friday, July 13, 2001 - 1 a.m. - Hum ...Friday the 13th ... Sure hope this is a good day! Seriously, since 028 was drawn, Don will be revising his play. As soon as I get his message, I'll post it. Hopefully I'll have it before noon.

Sunday, July 8, 2001 - 11:30 AM - From Don - Continue with the same play as described on July 7th.

Saturday, July 7, 2001 - 9:45 AM - From Don - To the readers of On July 6, 2001 I provided a recommendation of 75 as the middle and last position digits. The correct number was 875.

Since I provided readers 19 selections that is 190 potential outcomes out of 1000 possible outcomes. That is not good enough. Typically, I try to provide readers within the 5% range of total outcomes. Since the Pick 3 game pays at only half the true odds, an accurate recommendation within the 5% range will provide readers with profits in a six day span. Although the odds against me on this particular play were at a minimum, 810 to 1 against, I have picked correctly at better than 950 to 1 which I endeavor to do.

As to July 7, 2001 it is still an excellent time to play the Pick 3 game. Although I have to lower the rating to a 7 and one-half from 8 it is because I have a serious concern about selecting the correct day. The numbers I am providing are incredibly good speculations.

The new numbers for July 7, 2001 are: 002, 220, 101, 999, 012, 111, 121, 889, 998, 989, 445, 553, 884, 949, 103, 230, 003. My favorites in the group are 889, 998, 230, 012, 121. The odds of a correct selection are 980 to 1 against me.

Please note that although I am expecting the arrival of numbers containing 02, 11 or 89 in them there were some numbers with so great a potential I could not discount them such as 003. The rating of numbers with 02, 11, or 89 in them is 7. Best Regards, Don.

Friday, July 6, 2001 - 11:15 PM - From Dawn - there will be a change coming on Don's play and I will post it when Don sends it to me. I think it would be safe for me to say to cease playing 75, 57, 84, 48, 93, 39, 66. The other numbers - X89, X98, X11, X02, X20, X03, X30, X12, X21 are still excellent plays. I THINK!

Friday, July 6, 2001 - From Don - A message to the readers of An examination of payouts in the Pick 3 games for June 20th reveals that 384 winners on exact tickets at .50 per ticket resulted in $96,000 in payouts. “Any” winning tickets resulted in 1827 winners at .50 per ticket resulted in a payout of $73,080. On June 30th, there were 775 winners and the game paid out $193,750 on exact tickets and 3312 “any” winners for a $132,480 payout.

The point of this information is that too many people are playing exact/any. Using these examples, roughly 22% of the people won on exact tickets. 78% won on any tickets.

On June 30th the Pick 3 game winners resulted in total payouts of $169,080. I want to change that substantially. This is an excellent time to begin that process because this is an excellent time to play the Pick 3 games in the EXACT position. By producing a correct EXACT recommendation of 2211 winners the pick 3 game will payout $552,750 in those tickets alone.

I have written much about this game and why it should be avoided much of the time. Now is not the time for that avoidance. I have certainly agonized over my selections and which selections have to be discarded and which are the absolute best plays for the readers of Having said that, read on.

The information I have to provide is lengthy but necessary. With a very little good fortune, we might produce 4,000 exact winning tickets at $250 for a $1,000,000 payout exact alone!

For July 6, 2001 I am expecting 02, 20, 11, 03, 30, 12, 21, 66, 57, 75, 48, 84, 39, 93, 79, 97, 88, 89, 98 to be in the middle and last position. I have a 19% chance of being correct on this recommendation. I am rating this an eight. OK! The 75 was drawn as the last two digits tonight (7-6-01)!

I am expecting 20, 11, 89, 98 to be contained in the number. I am rating this a seven. I have a 4 in 55 chance to be correct on that prediction.

The numbers I prefer the most are 230, 121, 766, 866, 966, 012, 203, 998, 011, 989, 111, 988, 766, 002, 220, 711, 888. The odds of a correct recommendation are 983 to 1 against accuracy. Best Regards, Don

Monday, July 2, 2001 - From Dawn - Don is on vacation and I am instructed to tell you to stay with this play. The longer it goes, the stronger the play. He also wants to add 011 to his list of recommended plays. I will post when to quit.

Tuesday, June 26, 2001 - From Don - As to Tuesday, June 26th, I am recommending numbers with the digits 89, 11, and 02 in them. My favorite choices are exact numbers of 203, 230, 012, 121, 112, 211, 021, 389, 589. 166 does not have the expected criteria but it is also a recommendation. If you want to play a number on an any wager the numbers I would recommend are 120 and 240.. The odds of my success are 982 to 1 against a correct selection. The rating on this play is a six. However, I would rate the numbers 121, 012 and 230 a seven. Good Luck Don

Monday, June 25, 2001 - From Dawn - Stay with the same play as Don describes below. I didn't post anything because I assumed ya'll would know to stay with the play until it came in. The conditions described below can only be met when these digits come out.

Friday, June 22, 2001 - 7:05 PM -On Thursday, June 21st I recommended 389 exact as one of 9 exact numbers. The correct number was 399.

For Friday, I am focusing on the digits 89, 11 and 02 and giving quite a bit of weight to the digits 03, 30, 12, 21 in the middle and last digit position. The numbers I am recommending for Friday are 203, 230, 012, 121, 112, 211, 021, 389 and yes, 589. The best numbers in the group are 230 and 121. 120 and 240 can be played as an any type wager. I am going to move the rating up on 230 and 121 up to a six. 166 exact is also an excellent speculation.

Thursday, June 21, 2001 - 5:25 PM - To the readers of Beginning Thursday, June 21, 2001, it is an excellent time to play the Pick 3 game. Although I am only beginning this rating with a 5 it has excellent potential to arrive.

As some of you know, the pick 3 game is about 2397 days old now. Some of the numerical indicators are at all time highs in those 2397 days. Of course, these "highs" will always be broken as the number of days increase but I am hoping they will not go very much higher statistically.

First, let me say that "conditioning out" a number means playing number 112 in all forms. So, 112 can be played exact as 112, 211, 121. A $1 exact wager on each number will return $500 for a $3 wager. The exact same $3 wager as "any" will return $480.

Having said that, I am recommending 203, 230, 012, 121, 112, 211, 021 as an exact wager. I am recommending 120 and 240 as "any" type wagers. Dawn will be glad to know I am also recommending 389 exact and yes, 589 exact. (So now everyone knows 589's my favorite number - Ya'll beware - this number has ate my lunch!) Some validation also has to be given 166 exact. A closer examination will reveal that all the numbers except 166 have an 89, 20, or 11 in them as this is my primary indicator. Since there are 55 pairs of 2 digit combinations that could occur within the number and I have selected 5 I have about a 9% chance of being correct. I am trying to explain to the readers that I am unsure of the third digit but have tried to give readers the absolute best theoretical outcome of the third digit based on my available statistics. Thank you for your patience and rather than wish you best regards, I'm going to be superstitious and wish you good luck this time.

Wednesday, June 20, 2001 - 9:05 AM - From Dawn - Don is working different hours and I'm trying to get the new Lotto Report out to the stores which means ... Don will send an email or leave me a message this afternoon but I won't be here to post it. Sorry, but my work has to come first and so does his. Let me say that he called yesterday and said that the numbers shown below - 11, 02, 20, 89, 98 - well, I was suppose to tell you to play them as the last two digits. Ooops ... And, for now, he suggests you play X89 or X98. And I can't tell you how much I agree with those two digits! His favoite after X89/X98 is the 112 unless something changes that by the time he gives us his official play. Anyway, good luck!

Monday, June 18, 2001 - 10:15 AM - From Dawn - Don and I spoke this morning and he told me that he really wanted to wait until Wednesday to make his play official. So I suggested that he at least tell you what he'll recommend then, this way, if it comes out and there is no play on Wednesday, then you will know what he was going to suggest. He said I could tell you - in fact, this is his exact words. "I might tell the players to play what I told you, 11, 02, 20, 89, 98 - you pick 3rd digit for now. Since you're busy and I have a new work schedule, it may be good to wait, it's very borderline right now." His favorite for WEDNESDAY is 112. The new Lotto Report comes out today so I will be gone more than here at my computer which means that I won't be as punctual posting for the next 3 days as I usually am. Good luck everybody.

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