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Don's 11th
Pick3 Prediction

(Play Started Sept. 24, 2001)

Ceased Play Nov. 1, 2001

Thur. Nov. 1, 2001 - Readers of my comments before last nights drawing will note that 2 of my 10 selections were 503 and 803. The correct number was 603. I tried to be very fair and explain to readers the odds of a correct selection throughout the recommendations, especially regarding the EXACT type selection. I will need a few days to recover from this long and difficult endeavor and decide how to better provide readers of with better selections.

You see, in this game, although I eliminated 960 selections to 40 and then eliminated the 40 to 10 and selected within the 10 it wasn't good enough. My apologies to all those players who believed in me and I feel as though I have let everyone down, especially loyal readers and supporters of Best Regards, Don

(From Dawn - We're not really let down Don. You see, some of us bought all the numbers with 03 and 21 and won $250. And I was one of them because I, like you, knew one of those two last digits were due. But I will say, it was a long time in coming. Did you know the Pick3 game is the only game holding its own right now? I wonder why that is?)

2nd Message - Wednesday, Oct. 31, 2001 -In trying to review every possible stat I have, I have concluded that the best possible strategy is to provide players with as much information about the upcoming play as is possible.

There are four potential outcomes out of 100 that are relevant. They are x12, x21, x03, x30. The first digit is unknown. I only have a 96 to 1 chance of being correct in that observation. Now that other elements have arrived, such as 986 last night, I have calculated that these 4 outcomes may not occur for 25 more days (drawings). When you add a first digit, you now have 40 potential exact outcomes that can arrive. It is important to note that there are almost twice that many numbers have NEVER arrived, so selecting within the forty, and within the 25 days would be some excellent forecasting. Yet wagering on 40 numbers for 25 days would cost $1000 and return only $500 so an effort will be made in this column to narrow the 40 down to 10 which has only a 1 in 4 chance of success. Obviously, the odds are enormously steep to have a successful outcome in the 10 numbers BUT I only have one other statistic comparable to this play in over 20,000 cumulative pick 3 drawings so if there is ever a time to play the game it is now.

The ten numbers selected are 412, 421, 503, 530, 803, 830, 812, 821, 312, 321. Of those, I give the highest attention to 421, 530, 830, 312. Of those 4, 830 seems to stand out in most categories or elements I study. I wanted to provide readers as much information as possible prior to tonight's drawing as soon as possible, so keep reviewing this site for the latest information. Best Regards, Don

1st Message - Wednesday, Oct. 31, 2001 -As readers of this column will denote, I highlighted 15 selections for play. All had the last digits of either 12, 21, 03, 30 OR 77, 68, 86, 59, 95. So, I selected 15 numbers out of 90 potentials I believed had a good possibility to arrive. Of course, there remained 910 other numbers that could have arrived. On October 30, 2001 the correct number was 9-8-6. Two of my selections were 868 and 8-8-6. As you can discern, I selected the 8 incorrectly over the 9.

Thus, all the selections with the 77, 68, 86, 59, 95 are no longer viable. At this time, I do not have time to give readers the absolute best numbers for play other than to say the remaining numbers chosen with x12, x21, x03, x30 ARE still one of the best plays imaginable. For those of you who have adopted my strategy of waiting until one of the selections arrived and then begin to play the other the time is upon you.

I can tell you that some of my immediate choices will contain numbers with 05, 14, and 23 in them. So, 503, 530, 230, 203, 412, and 421 become immediate favorites. As I said, however, I need more time to evaluate it I can get it down to fewer selections. Please remember that this is an EXACT wagering scenario. Best Regards and more later. Don

Saturday, Oct. 27, 2001 -To the readers of Some of you will note that since my last message the correct number was 531 and one of my recommendations was 530. Last night the number was 033 and one of my selections was 330. Although these numbers seem similar, they are not indicative of indicators arriving to discount this play.

There is absolutely nothing like this play in Pick 3 terms that I have ever seen or expect to see again. I understand that it is possible to watch the tape of the actual Pick 3 drawing in Austin and I am considering doing that for the last 221 days because I have no measurable statistics to use as a barometer for what has occurred.

Mistakes in lottery games are very rare but have occurred. I would like to believe that mistakes are impossible but that would also be a faulty supposition.

So, for 10/27/2001 I have given you the best 15 numbers to speculate on I can derive. Please read my previous comments as to strategy available too. As always, best regards. Don

Sunday, Oct. 14, 2001 - An analysis of recommendations beginning 10/5/2001 in this column shows a total recommendation of 15 numbers in the exact position. Four of the numbers in the exact position were: 977, 868, 330, 868. Some of the correct results for the week were: 967, 898, 340, 862. So, 15 numbers were selected, 985 numbers were not.

I want to recap what numbers are the best speculation for Monday, October 15, 2001 in combination with what potential strategies are. First, this is an exact play. It is not an any or exact/any. It is very easy to throw a number of numbers out there and say see, I told you so. If I provide 10 any or box selections for the readers I have 210 other possible numbers that can occur. Also, I must "win" in a minimum of four days if I am not playing progressively (increasing my wager daily) to obtain a reasonable profit.

So, since this play is an exact play, I have selected 15 numbers and there are 985 other numbers that can occur. Obviously, a much more difficult endeavor on a comparative basis. However, the goal of this column is to provide readers an opportunity to win much more than a typical any ticket returns. Assume for a moment that the fifteen numbers provide readers with a great chance of success. Selecting one of those numbers on 5 multiple tickets gives the reader an opportunity to win $2500. Your going to have to come up with much more capital than most people have to win that kind of money on box tickets. I have contemplated giving readers "any" selections for quite some time.

Interestingly, this month, I would have been very accurate as readers know, I have talked about the 03 and 86 and 79 all during play 11.

So, the goal is to cash $500 exact tickets and many of them very soon. As I have said, you can choose between the x03, x30, x12, x21 or the x77, x68, x86, x59, x95 and either wait until one arrives and play the other or hope you will be correct on both when they arrive. All the selected numbers have those digits in what I believe will be the exact position. They are 977, 868, 886, 203, 530, 312, 421, 230, 677, 121, 277, 330, 877, 777, 503.

Please note that 503 has replaced 759. The odds of success are 985 to 1 against correctness. Best Regards, Don

Saturday, Oct. 13, 2001 - Most of my selections contained the number 03 and 12. Thus, some of my selections like 330 are certainly not the correct outcome which was 340 on Friday 10/12/2001. I continue to work very hard to produce speculations that produce profits. The same numbers I have recommended are still viable. Best Regards, Don

Thursday, Oct. 11, 2001 - For Thursday October 11, I am recommending the same 13 numbers I identified on Wednesday October 10th. The correct number on that date was 898 and one of my 13 selections was 868. I am not changing the numbers because they still have the strongest elements I have ever seen in pick 3 play. My favorite numbers in the group are 230, 203, 777. Best Regards, Don

Wednesday, Oct. 10, 2001 - 11:50 PM - Readers of this column will note that of my previous nine exact numbers I selected, 4 of those had 88 or 79 in them, thus one of the selections was 977 and the correct number on Monday was 967. I had targeted those 3 selections to be contained in the number. I am very reluctant to change the selected numbers because the numbers chosen have other excellent characteristics. So, I must add more exact selections which have merit. The numbers are 677, 121, 377, 330, 877. Best Regards, Don
(From Dawn - Don sent this message this afternoon at 2 pm but I didn't get in until 11 pm so I'm just now posting it. Sorry.)

Friday, Oct. 5, 2001 - To the readers of As I review statistics over and over, I simply have no precedent for the statistical aberration that is occurring in the Pick3 game. Using comparative statistics and elements of the game that have proven successful I have no explanantions for what has occurred in the game. I cannot prove there is an error as the numbers drawn match the numbers I have entered into my programs from 3 sources. The only thing noticeable within the numbers I am watching is the digit 3 in the middle position has only occurred 3 times in the last 70 days. For example, the digit 7 has occurred 10 times during that span.

I call that to your attention because the digits I am expecting are: x12, x21, x03, x30, x77, x59, x95, x68, x86. Notice x30 is in those selections. I have selected 9 outcomes out of 100 possible outcomes in the middle and last positions thus I only have 9 chances in 100 of being correct. Since there are 10 potential outcomes of the correct first digit I only have 90 chances in 1000 of being correct as to the number, having not even mentioned being correct as to the correct day.

One important thing to remember on this play is that these outcomes in the middle and last position are separate. I am rating the x12, x21, x03, x30 higher than the x77, x59, x95, x86, x68, but only slightly. That means that a player may wait until one of the groups arrive and then play the other group. Remember, this is an exact play and each day the correct odds of being successful are always 1000 to 1.

In conclusion, my favorite numbers will be listed below. I am rating this play a 10 on a scale of 10 with 10 being the best.

977, 868, 886, 203, 530, 312, 421, 759, 230.

Best Regards, Don

Monday, Oct. 1, 2001 - Updated- From Don & Dawn - Don says to play the same numbers posted below for today and his favorite number now is just 377. And, I've put the Lotto Report on my site to help you pick and "target" your numbers for the $40 million drawing. Click here to go to the daily page and the link is in the body of the Sept. 30th entry.

Friday, Sept. 28, 2001 - On Thursday, I targeted the digits 59, 68, and 77 to be contained within the number as I had previously with other digits. As you may see, 9 of the numbers selected had that criteria. The correct outcome on Thursday, 9-27-01 was 592. Normally, I would change the numbers, however, I am still recommending the numbers because the mentioned digits did not arrive in the expected order. So, for pick 3 day 5, the same numbers are applicable with my favorite being 377, 912, and 230. The odds of a successful selection are 987 to 1 against accuracy. Best Regards, Don

Thursday - 9-27-01 - After the drawing - From Dawn - Well, I'm sure Don will be changing the play again but the bad news is that I have to be in Austin in the morning by 10 am - I do plan to return tomorrow after the meeting but I don't know what time I'll make it back to Dallas. The 592 is a major condition Don was predicting - Soooo ... we'll see what he says next. Like I said last night - close only counts in horseshoes!

Thursday, Sept. 27, 2001 - On Wednesday, the correct number was 413. In my selections, an examination will reveal that 6 of them had the digits 05, 23, 14 contained within the number or 46% of my selections. I keyed in on these digits realizing I only had a 94 to 1 chance of being accurate.

I then selected a third digit and I placed the digits in a predicted order, hence the selection 421. So, in three pick 3 days of play, both 815 had elements of 812 and 413 had elements of my selection 421.

For Thursday, September 27th, I am recommending new numbers but some have been retained as most elements searched for still exist in these outcomes. The numbers are: 203, 230, 912, 930, 777, 659, 677, 668, 868, 377, 877, 268, 286. There are 13 numbers selected so the odds of a correct selection on the fourth day of pick 3 play are 987 to 1 against success. The rating on a scale of 10 with 10 being the strongest is 7, at best. Best Regards, Don

Wednesday 9-26-01 - After the draw - From Dawn - I'm pretty sure Don will have to revise his play. I'll post it when I get it. OK? My comments - Close only counts in horseshoes!

Wednesday, Sept. 26, 2001
- On Monday, 9/24, I recommended 9 numbers exact so the odds were 991 to 1 of success. One of my selections was 812 and the correct outcome was 815. My odds of selecting the first two digits in exact format was 91 to 1 because I selected 9 different outcomes. 815 possessed many of the elements I search for and trust me in that it is exceedingly difficult to eliminate 991 other choices when deciding what are the absolute best chances for success.

For Tuesday/Wednesday, September 25th & 26th, I am recommending the following 14 exact numbers. Some of the previous selections have been retained and some have not. They are 203, 230, 312, 212, 221, 421, 059, 095, 912, 777, 159, 659, 612, 621. My favorites are 203, 912 and 312. I am rating this play a 7. The odds of a correct recommendation are 986 to 1. Best Regards, Don

(Sorry ya'll - I didn't get in until very late last night and it was too late for me to post Don's new message. But Don's already confirmed that this play is still good for tonight - Wednesday - I will be playing all these numbers and my favorites are 203, 421, 312, 403 - for what ever that is worth!)

Tuesday, Sept. 25, 2001 - From Dawn - 815 is NOT 812 - Don is specifically looking for several conditions with this play and while 815 was close, I don't think it counts - this is just my opinion and I could be wrong. Don is working weird hours and I'm in the middle of getting my new Lotto Report out so I won't be here til much later to post any other messages. My educated guess, stay with this play. Do like me - put .50 cents on each - $4.50 could bring in $250! Yeah!!!! And OK - ya'll want to know what I'm playing - My favorites are 921, 403, 312, 803, 130 plus I'm playing all of Don's picks. Warning - I'd come closer to believing Don's number than mine - I always pick the wrong 3rd digit! Don't say I didn't warn you - OK?

Sunday, Sept. 23, 2001 - 9:35 PM - To the readers of Although failure and success are usually thought of as mutually exclusive, failure is sometimes the precursor for success. In prediction 10, I discuss the incorrect selection of 998 and why. Obviously, I was correct in the selection of 998 which occurred 15 days later but was incorrect as to the correct day. The same type of problem occurred on August 17th when I selected 711 and that number occurred 19 days later.

Thus, in play number eleven I have tried to evaluate my failures and act upon them. For Monday, September 24th, I am recommending the following numbers be played exact. They are 221, 212, 812, 912, 703, 159, 659, 612, 621. Of those, my favorite is 912. Best Regards, Don

Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2001 - Just a note to let you know that I have not heard from Don and I'm not certain that I will.

Don, like my husband, works for American Airlines and right now, all AA employees are grieving in a way that I can not find the words to describe. If I do get a message from him, I will post it. But I wouldn't count on it if I were you.

From Don: To the readers of Events of such immensity have caused me to completely ignore lottery play for some duration. As always, Best Regards, Don

Sunday, Sept. 9, 2001 - To the readers of - Dawn has generously allowed me space on her web-site to inform her readers about the pick 3 game and about recommendations I have that may be viable based on a players aversion to risk. Frequent readers of this site will certainly lament over my recent writings on August 17th and August 9th regarding last nights outcome of 711 exact. So today's subject will not be rantings about my perceived accuracy or inaccuracy, the subject will be receiving 500 dollars for one dollar wagered.

Since it is the onset of the football season and web readers are certainly aware of the proliferation of different gambling mechanisms on the web, I think it is important to write a few lines about receiving 500 dollars for one dollar wagered. Now, hopefully, players have read why the pick 3 game can pay 500 for 1 dollar wagered and 80 for 1 dollar wagered on an "any" wager. I have explained that in previous writings. But having said that, that's quite a bit of money for a dollar wager and that's why it's so difficult to achieve. How many 80 to 1 shots or 500 to 1 shots can you wager on so easily? Now, realistically, when I make a recommendation, I very seldom just have one number so this diminishes the payout accordingly. Of course, on August 17, 711 exact was one of four numbers recommended exact so a correct wager would only receive 496 dollars for the four numbers per day. Also, this number did not arrive for 19 days so 19 times 4 = 76 has to be subtracted from the 500 payout. In this case, a profit of $424 would have been obtained IF readers would have disobeyed my instructions and continued play. The point of this information is that with a $500 payout, there is some latitude on an exact play as to the correct day.

This information will be very relevant to my next recommendation beginning Wednesday, Sept. 12th. I expect to be recommending an exact play that will contain x03, x30, x12, and x21. I will make first digit selections based on Monday and Tuesdays outcome. Also, this will be one of my very few "any" wagers with 03 or 12 contained in the number. Since there are 51 other potential outcomes of a two digit number and there are 10 outcomes as the third digit I again have a very small chance of being correct on an "any" recommendation. I hope you will continue to read for updates and support efforts for fairness in lottery play. Best Regards, Don

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