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Don's 13th
Pick3 Prediction

( Play Started Nov. 27, 2001 -
It came in Dec. 5, 2001
Cease Play

Yeah! The original play (Nov. 27) came in on Dec. 5, 2001 and we won on 255!!! Cease this play until we hear from Don.

Important: From Dawn - The TLC began using new balls on Dec. 1, 2001 for the Pick3. Just thought you should know.

Thursday, Dec. 6, 2001 - 10:10 AM - From Don - To the lottoreport: The Pick 3 game, at times, is like running a marathon, of which I have accomplished several times. You do quite a bit of training, develop a plan, and implement the plan. Sometimes the most important part is to recover and analyze what just happened and how it can be better. That's what I am going to do because this play is concluded.

As my loyal readers know, I actually picked 032 as 1 combination number possible and I recommended last nights outcome of 255 in one of my 32 potential selections. I was extremely close on the day of 255 and also just returned a winner for many of you on 11/24/2001 when 121 arrived. That is 3 marginally correct outcomes in 10 Pick 3 days.

When I say marginally, these numbers were NOT in my favorites with the possible exception of 032 which I had to stop recommending due to other factors. Even by my standards, what you have witnessed is some outstanding analysis of the game and hopefully many of you cashed winning tickets on some or all of these outcomes. The goal of this column is to provide readers of the absolute best chance to WIN that is humanly possible. I hope to keep doing that!!

Keep reading for outstanding lottery news and while your doing that I will be working hard to provide readers a smaller and more profitable group of winners. Best Regards, Don (Continue reading for yesterday's message that didn't get posted.)

(I received the following message from Don on Dec. 5, 2001 at 9:20 pm, but it was too late for me to post. He had sent it earlier in the day.) To the lottoreport: The correct number of 333 on 12/4/2001 did not effect my recommendations. Fortunately, the result was not 888 because I always have to eliminate many excellent possible outcomes such as that in favor of others.

By the way, did you hear about Joe Hornick, 67, from Pennsylvania. From 1989 to the present, Joe has won the lottery four times. He has won jackpots of 2.5 million, $68,000, $206,000, and $71,000. Joe is doing great things with the money like helping his grandkids and other family members.

Now, I know I probably won't have the good fortune Joe did so I'm doing allot of work trying to give the readers the best speculations imaginable so we can try to win something! Best Regards, Don

Tuesday, Dec. 4, 2001 - 8:30 PM - From Don - My apologies for posting information so late in the day. The arrival of 404 was, obviously, a double digit but not one of the correct double digits I recommended. A further conciliation is necessary because I actually overlooked a relevant statistic. I have literally hundreds of statistics regarding digits, pairs, total numbers, double digits, triple digits, combination numbers, frequency ratings, and approximation as to what a correct day might be. In this case, a double digit having a 4 as the last digit was certainly within margin of play. Thus, one of the other digits must have been 4. So, 44 all in this case would have been an excellent play.

Unfortunately we must move on in that the result 404 had impact on this play in that it shortened the time frame I will recommend the same group of numbers previously mentioned. Interestingly, the 77 and 88 are approximately near the position of the 4 as I just spoke of. So, of my recommended numbers I am only changing my favorites to 779, 886, 288, 588, 788 and still retaining 223. Best Regards, Don

Monday, Dec. 3, 2001 - 10:00 AM - From Don- To the In my writings, listed under "Original Play" below (scroll down) are 32 double digits that are outstanding plays. There are 9 numbers that I have selected out of the 32. There are 2 favorites. As a group of 32, any one of the numbers is an excellent play. I expect that this play will last a maximum of 12 days. Numbers with 23, 14, 05, 79, and 88 have marginal acceptability. I have a 15% chance of being correct on that assessment. I cannot overstate that the selection of the double digit is an extremely difficult task. I wish all the readers the same success that I had last year on this date, 12/3/2000. Perhaps it is a lucky day! Best Regards, Don

Sunday, Dec. 2, 2001 - 10:00 AM - From Don- During my writings this week I have talked about the duration of this play and my anxiety about selecting the correct day. Last nights number of 980 met none of the criteria I was searching for. (But it did mine!!!!!)

This has been an exciting week in that the one number I recommended in the combination category arrived 5 days after I stopped recommending it and 2 of the numbers this week, 732 and 420 provided players with some near excitement.

Since I recommended double digits we had had 6 days of combination type numbers which is not at all unusual. In reviewing the numbers selected, I still remain confident. Interestingly, in my readings one year ago, December 3, 2000 I wrote almost the same thing before the correct selection of 344 EXACT. I hope to provide readers more information Monday evening if possible but the same numbers I have recommended continue to be speculative. Best Regards, Don

Saturday, Dec. 1, 2001 - 11:25 AM - From Don- The result of 032 on 11/30/2001 was an extremely difficult loss in that I selected this number on 11/24/2001 as my writing on the subject will indicate.Just in the combination ANY category that is a 120 to 1 accomplishment.

The nature of this game is that revision and analysis gives constant thought to second guessing and what if scenarios. Yet, as I review the current recommendations I find them to be excellent choices for Saturday, December 1, 2001.

Although I am slightly leaning towards choices with the 88 in them all the selections provided are excellent speculations. Best Regards, Don

Friday, Nov. 30, 2001 - 10:25 AM - From Don: To the lottoreport: The number 710 which occurred on Thursday, 11/30/2001 had no effect on the recommendation offered. I surmise that the next 2 days will be a good time to play the denoted numbers.

A total reevaluation of the play will commence on Sunday should none of the indicators or expected numbers occur in the next 2 days.

In reviewing my selections over time, I went back to December 3, 2000 which was near the time I began writing this column in the space so generously supplied by the lottoreport. Interestingly, December 3, 2000 was my correct exact prediction of 344. I certainly would like to provide readers the same success one year later!!! Best Regards, Don

Thursday, Nov. 29, 2001 - 9:45 AM - From Don: To the lottoreport: For those of you who played my favorite of 232 last nights result of 732 was to say the least, difficult. Some of the reasons I selected 232 were contained in the result of 732. However, in this case, there are not enough reasons to discontinue the numbers previously selected. As I have mentioned, the next 2 draws will be the optimal time to speculate on the mentioned numbers as a double digit is within the time parameters of play.

As I said yesterday, I had an approxmiate 1 in 5 chance of selecting 2 digits correctly as I did last night on my favorites and the same was true the night before when that same process eventuated.

So to recap, there are 120 combination numbers I have discounted on an ANY play and 58 double digits I have eliminated on an ANY play. Out of the 32 I am recommending, I prefer 9 of those and have narrowed those 9 down to 2. Thus, I have only, at best, a 15% chance of success and a 85% chance of being incorrect. Best Regards, Don

Wednesday, Nov. 28, 2001 - 10:30 AM - From Don: To the lottoreport: It may appear to some readers that the correct winning number of 420 on 11/27/2001 has great similarity to some of my preferred selections such as 442 and 224 but that is NOT the case. A study of my 9 preferred selections alone indicates that I had a 23% chance of being correct on 2 of the digits.

To summarize, the mentioned numbers on 11/27/2001 are still viable and please keep it foremost in your mind that the double digit occurs, typically, as a general statement, once every four days. So, recommendations that contain double digits as this one does are infrequent at best. The upside is they pay twice as much or more depending on your wagering style. Keep reading for great lottery news. Best Regards, Don

The Original Play - Posted: Tuesday, Nov. 27, 2001 - 10 AM - From Don: For Tuesday November 27, 2001 the situation in the Pick 3 game is as follows. There are 32 numbers, all of which are double digits that have potential. The numbers are 223, 224, 225, 226, 227, 228, 229, 332, 442, 552, 662, 772, 882, 992, 556, 557, 558, 559, 665, 775, 885, 995, 667, 668, 669, 776, 886, 996, 778, 779, 887, 997.

There are 220 possible outcomes of an ANY play. Since I have selected 32 I have a 14% chance of being correct and a 86% chance of being incorrect on that recommendation. Of the 32, I prefer 223, 226, 996, 887, 224, 442, 886, 882, 885 which are 9 selections on an ANY selection. I have a 4% of being successful and 96% of being incorrect. If I had to select a few of the nine I would select 223 or 886.

Remember that a double digit can be played exact such as 223, 322 and 232. I also want to remind readers that since there are 270 double digits (a number containing at least 2 of the same digits) they occur much less frequently than numbers having three different digits and obviously they payoff in greater amounts. The greatest risk in this play is the distance to when one of the numbers will arrive as the numbers selected are very very good selections. As always, best regards, Don

Monday, Nov. 26, 2001 - From Don: To the lottoreport - For Monday, November 26, 2001 there are no outstanding recommendations. Something interesting happened though as a friend cashed a winning ticket using the 11 all exact/any selection.

He asked, how is it possible to handicap a number? When you recommend certain digits or pairs or complete numbers doesn't each number have an equal chance of being drawn?

The answer is a resounding and unequivocal yes, each number has the exact same chance of being drawn so it would seem unlikely to choose a digit, a pair, or a complete 3 digit number over one another. Yet, that is what a recommendation is, it is a preference of one number over another.

To explain, the most recent number drawn was 121. Thus, 121 could arrive tonight and tomorrow and again Wednesday night and even Thursday night. Could it arrive exact 4 or five days in a row? It might, if you believe each nights drawing is an independent event.

However, does the independent statisticians who review the Pick 3 game believe the exact same number might arrive exact 4 or 5 or 6 days in a row? How many days consecutively would the number have to arrive before someone says, that can't happen it's impossible. At some point, the other 999 numbers have to have a priority over 121 if the game has a normal distribution. And at that point, you are handicapping the other 999 numbers over another.
So, I told my friend, see how handicapping a number has potential.

Continue to read for the latest and best lottery news available. Best Regards, Don

Dons 12th Prediction
Play Started Nov. 24, 2001& Came In Same Day

Sunday, Nov. 25, 2001 - From Don - To the lottoreport: Yesterday, the correct winning number for 11/24/01 was 121. Readers of my column will denote that an ANY play for one dollar on all my selections would have cost $40 to return $160. By just playing the double digits as mentioned, an expenditure of $24 would have yielded $160. Playing just my favorites would have yielded zero dollars.

I had a 13% chance of being successful as to the selection of the correct 2 digits and an 87% of being unsuccessful. (4 out of 55) Of course, an exact/any yielded much more, probably around 10 times your investment.

Using my methods, I attempt to lower the odds for the reader. Although I have to discount hundreds of potential outcomes, my theory is that each lottery day is relevant to the totality of all events. So, after a successful selection I must begin the process entirely anew.

I will get back to you on Monday, which will be day 2,533. I still have a fascination for the game, which has a great deal to do with winning!! Best Regards, Don

Nov. 24, 2001 - 10:15 PM - After the drawing where 121 was drawn - From Dawn - The play posted below will be affected by tonights outcome as the 11 came in. Don will send us a new message before Monday's drawing. Congratulations to those of you who hit tonight.

The Original Play - Nov. 24, 2001 - 8 PM - From Don: To the lottoreport: Typically, in wagering, past performance has relevance as to the credibility to the author. Yet, few people care if a successful recommendation has occurred the last 10 times consecutively if the one time they wagered the outcome was a loser. So, I would conclude successful wagers are only as good as the present. Having said that, I want to attempt to improve my writing to give readers a much more detailed prospectus of what is occurring in the pick 3 game as often is possible.

Thus, beginning November 24, 2001 the current assessment of the game is as follows:

There are 210 potential outcomes of a three digit ANY wager. They consist of 120 numbers having three different digits and 90 double digits. There are 10 triple digits, which must be played exact. You may conclude that 57% have 3 different digits and 42% have 2 of the same digits. I am going to recommend that double digits be played beginning Saturday, November 24, 2001. The expectation as to duration of this play is expected to last a maximum of 11 days. Within the double-digit category I am focusing on digits that contain 02, 11, 88, 79.

My recommendations are 115, 118, 119, 881, 779, 888, 999. Out of the 220 possible outcomes I have selected 7. In the combination category, I am recommending 203. So, these total outcomes represent 8 outcomes out of a possible 220. I have an approximate 3% chance of being correct and it is important to note that I have a 97% chance of being incorrect. Please continue to read for the outstanding lottery information. Best Regards, Don


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