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Don's 15th
Pick3 Prediction

Cease Play - Both temporary plays came in!

Friday, Jan 4, 2002 - 11:15 AM - From Don - To the Wow!!! Is that a way to bring in the New Year. A 94% chance to lose but we don't, we win. I'm really excited because I have a full understanding of how outrageously impossible it is to do.

Now, thanks to this great web-site, Dawn is giving her readers an unprecedented opportunity for the "little" guy. I have talked about the Pick 3 game many times and the outlandish odds and difficulty it presents yet leave it to Dawn to find a way to breakthrough and give her readers opportunity. Don't you think it's time to send her an e-mail and tell her how much you appreciate this web-site.

I just want to take a few more lines to tell you how great statistics are and how nice it is to turn statistics around on the big guy. By that I mean, corporations, government, retailers, media. They all are using statistics to gain advantage, to forecast what might happen, how advantages might be gained over people for profits.

The Texas Pick 3 game is certainly a big enterprise. There are 1000 outcomes and they pay "winners" $500. Isn't just the thought of that outrageous. But then, Dawn comes along and finds somebody to give readers a correctly selected number that pays $160 to 1 at the lowest end in only 3 lottery days. If you played all my recommendations on this play you received about 4 units back for every 1 wagered. And if you do what Lois in Odessa did and happen to pick one of my selections at about 48 to 1 you received 500 to 1 back. I could go on and on cause I'm really excited about what just happened and what I hope to continue doing. Happy New Year. Don (And we thank you too Don! FYI - While I don't know what the changes are, I do know that the TLC is proposing a rule change that they plan to put before the Commissions next week for the Pick3 game. And as for the Lotto Texas & Texas Two Step proposed rule change that's in effect right now, they have re-written the rule and are using language, in my opinion, that means they are still trying to pay the amount they advertise and not necessarily the amount in the prize pool. Players must comment again. I'm trying to get the story posted but between the holidays and the fact that I've been sick for the past two weeks and now my daughter is in the hospital, I've not completed the story ... but I will and we will be under pressure to get the comments in. So I really hope ya'll watch and respond quickly for me this time. Anyway, back to Don's prediction - my comment is simple .... ATTA BOY!)

Thursday, Jan 3, 2002 - 10:45 PM - From Dawn - Tonight's Pick3 was 488 - Another successful pick of Don's. Gawd, he's good!!!! Congratulations to those of you who won tonight. Until we hear from Don, I recommend you cease play on the posted Jan 1, 2002 play. Thank you Don for making our Pick3 game fun.

Thursday, Jan 3, 2002 - 10:50 AM - From Don - A recap of my recent selections shows I selected one number of 079 and 047 occurred. Then I selected 16 numbers with a preference of 99 in them such as 9-9-5 and the correct number on 1/3/2002 was 9-0-5. I had targeted the 95 as being one of my primary indicators and it arrived but not with the digit I expected.

Of the 16 numbers I selected out of 220 possible outcomes, 6 of them had the digits 59, 77 or 68. Normally, when such an important indicator as this occurs I would halt play however, I am going to recommend we continue play with the following numbers.

They are 995, 996, 997, 779, 887. These are my choices.
Then, they are followed by 557, 449, 499, 559, 669, 488, 886, 885. Those choices represent 13 choices out of 220 for about a 6% chance of being correct and a 94% chance of being incorrect.

This play is NOT one of the best opportunities you will see for 2002. Happy New Year. Don

Wednesday, Jan 2, 2002 - 11:30 AM - From Don - The number 762 drawn on Jan. 1 had no effect on the numbers listed for the temporary play shown on Jan 1. Continue to play the recommendations below. Happy New Year. Don

TEMPORARY PLAY - Tuesday, Jan. 1, 2002 - 10:25 AM - From Don - To the During last nights recommendation, I estimated I provided a 36 to 1 chance to win 80 to 1. For 1/1/2002, the odds will be much longer to be correct yet pay more if I am. All my choices are double digits, a number containing at least 2 of the same digits. I am somewhat certain I will be changing these numbers after tonight's drawing also. Remember, that a double digit only occurs about 25% of the time in Texas which makes its forecast very difficult.

My preferred numbers for an ANY play are 557, 665, 449, 988, 488, 588, 688, 788, 559, 668, 779, 995, 996, 997, 499, 477. Of those I prefer numbers with 99 in them, closely followed by those with 77 in them. On a scale of 10 this play is 5 at best. Some of you may want to wait for better opportunities which occasionally present themselves. Happy New Year. Don

Monday, Dec. 31, 2001 - 10:35 PM - From Don - To the readers of Well, I gave it my best with 220 potential any type possible outcomes with 079 any and the correct number was 047. Some of you may have looked back to prediction number one on this great web-site Dawn has and viewed the 36 numbers I spoke of. 047 was in that group but 079 had better properties for only a one number selection. I did have the correct day but that is little consolation, in that, a loss is a loss. (Don is referring to how he groups his numbers and he predicted we would see a number from what he calls his "zero" group tonight, which we did - just not the one he had hoped we would see! )

I'll be providing new selections for 1/1/2002, hopefully with the same results as last year. Of course, Happy New Year. Don

TEMPORARY PLAY - Monday, Dec. 31, 2001 - 8:40 AM - From Don - To the There are times in this game when I really agonize over my recommendations. This is one of those times. We have a very similar situation to prediction number one on November 2, 2000 when one of the numbers in that group arrived the next day.

The problem is the group is large with 36 numbers so you might win 80 to 1 with a 36 to 1 possible outcome IF I AM RIGHT ON THE DAY. Unfortunately, that is not outstanding enough for the loyal readers of

In conjunction with the difficult decision process that goes into my number selections is WHEN to provide a recommendation. I have developed a number of statistics to give relationships of WHEN might be an optimal time. Statistically, the minimum borderline of play would be Wednesday as opposed to today 12/31/2001.

However, I am going to do something very unusual in that I am going to recommend one number on an any wager. The number is 790. You must continue to read because I am sure this recommendation will change almost daily on this particular play. Also, I prefer 790 and 970 as opposed to the other 4 potentials of that number.

There is always some irony for people who like to wager on numbers and my prediction of 000 exact last New Years Day certainly has added some pressure to this particular selection.

Remember, you must continue to read for updates. Happy New Year, Don

Saturday, Dec. 29, 2001 - From Don - One of the readers of my column requested some updates as to what is happening in the game so here goes.

First, you may notice that one of my numbers predicted on 12/12 arrived on 12/14. What you may not have noticed is that 2 more numbers arrived in those 11 numbers on 12/20 and one of my 2 favorites out of the eleven 489 arrived on the 26th. This happens quite a bit on my recommendations but I DO NOT recommend you continue play after my indicators arrive. With only a 5% chance of being correct, in this case, having 3 numbers arrive within 14 pick three days, wow!!

However, the goal of this column is to reduce the incredibly poor odds presented to the player to a lower standard than are the actual odds. For example, right now there are 64 numbers that I expect to arrive within 4 pick 3 days. If you select one of those 64 numbers and I am correct you will win 80. That's really not good enough for me. There are also 18 double digits that have excellent potential. That would be 18 to 1 to win 160 to 1. That's more to my liking except that picking the day of these 18 is going to be extremely difficult.

What's the good news? They both can't come in. If one indicator arrives the other will be viable. I have had some very good success around this time of year and want it to continue. So keep reading as I hope to have a good speculation soon. Happy New Year. Don

Don's 14th
Pick3 Prediction

Dec. 12, 2001 - New play started and
it came in on Dec. 14th with 694.
Cease play

Friday, Dec. 21, 2001 - 10:00 AM - A special note from Don - To Loyal readers of this column will denote that the correct number of 754 "any" was one of my selections on 8 pick 3 days ago. Of course we are not playing the lottery right now but you will see that quite a bit on my recommendations. I DO NOT RECOMMEND you play when the indicator arrives as it did after only 2 days of play. I know some of you are and you may have limited success in this area because many of my initial plays do what I call "comeback", Of course, the gentlemen who "hit" 421 would testify to that.

Right now, I am studying the game and looking for a play. Sometimes certain plays are more obvious than others and I just keep searching my programs until I find a marginal outcome. Sometimes the play I am intending to post comes in the same day, before I can evaluate how to provide it to readers, exact, any etc. Sometimes the play I was intending to post was incorrect and I feel good I have not provided it to readers. I continue to review and deliberate. Keep reading Merry Christmas. Don

Monday, Dec. 17, 2001 - 10:30 PM - A special note from Don - To the Bravo, Lois in Odessa. (Lois is a player who sent us an email that I posted. She won on Don's picks. Link to "Emails" on left side bar) Whether you know it or not, you used my system to maximum advantage. Here's how. When I provide selections as I recently did, a total of 69 numbers exact or 11 combination type numbers and one double digit I have attempted to lower the odds from 1000 to 1 to 69 to 1, a very formdiable task. When you purchased a ticket in multiples exact you had, when I am correct, a 69 to 1 chance to win 250 or 500 per wager per day. And believe me that DAY is so important.

Let me explain further by using the lottoreport, an excellent publication which I urge you to subscribe to. In the lottoreport, you will find 72 never drawn numbers as of day 2514. At day 2550, 36 days later 3 numbers on the list have been the correct number. If I played all 72 numbers for 36 days I would have spent $2592 playing for $1 a number. I would have cashed $1500 in winning tickets for a loss of $1092. However, if I would have selected all 72 numbers on the correct DAY I would have won $428, a $1528 difference. You can infer then, how difficult it is from this example to give you 69 numbers and have one arrive in just 2 days!

Right now, we aren't playing the game, we are sitting on the sidelines and waiting for opportunity. I would love to provide more Christmas cash for Lois and people like her. In the meantime, I hope readers of this column will respect the diligence and effort and information that is available at this site and purchase the lottoreport, a great publication. Keep reading for the latest news. Don

Saturday, Dec. 15, 2001 - From Don - 10 AM - Wow! I still get a real thrill when I am correct because in this game being correct is impossible and I like the impossible. I'm tired of looking at numbers and calculating all the incredible odds of success but that will only last a moment.

Right now, I'm going to enjoy my "well done" from Dawn and yes Dawn, I would eat my steak that way if I ate steak. But I can't eat any steak right now because I have to stay very lean and mean to look for one more great play before Christmas for your loyal readers. I'm not promising, just hoping I can find one in the next 11 days. If not, perhaps I can give your readers a New Year Bonus as I did last year when I picked 000. Remember that, that was some real excitement too. (From Dawn - Don, one piece of advise from me - pick something with a "1" in it.)

So, right now, my recommedation is to keep reading for the best lottery news available. Merry Christmas. Don

From Dawn - I sent Don a message last night that said "Job Well Done! But I don't like my steak that way!!!!!" So that's what he's referring to above. It's apparent he can pick those Pick3 numbers but he doesn't know how to get the best flavor out of a good steak! Thank you Don - you did good again!

Friday, Dec. 14, 2001 - Midnight - From Dawn - Oh My ... Don did it again! He gave us 11 numbers to play in an "Any" bet and one of his picks came in on the 3rd day of play. Fantastic ... I've highlighted the number in blue - just scroll down to "Original Play - Wed. Dec. 12th." to see what he said should you need a refresher. Congratulations to those of you who won.

Friday, Dec. 14, 2001 - From Don - 10 AM - To the A very important subject that I have discussed many times in playing my predictions are, that they profit us. Now many of you will say, Don, you have told us about all the inherent risks of this game and the fact that the Pick 3 game plays at only half the true odds over and over. Yes, but I must tell you again because as you know, I have only a 5% chance of being correct on these selections BUT even that is a high margin.The reason I say that is because I have recommended 11 numbers.

If one comes in tonight and if you played the last 2 nights, assuming you played just "ANY" you may have wagered 22 units to return 80. After tonight, you may have wagered 33 units to return 80.

If you are just playing my favorites, the time element is not as critical. If you are conditioning out just a few of the numbers exact the time element is not as critical.

It is absolutely critical to understand that you will have losing wagers allot more on a percentage basis than when you win.
However, the goal of this column is to minimize the days you must play the game and to correct selection of the correct number within an appropriate time frame. In this game, it is important to note that being right is not always synonymous with profits!!! I am recommending the same numbers. Merry Christmas. Don

Thursday, Dec. 13, 2001 - From Don - To the Last nights result of 355 created an opportunity for players in that the next 3 days will be an opportune time to play the Pick 3 game.

I am still recommending 11 combination type numbers (numbers having three different digits) and 1 double digit that are shown below on the "Original Play" dated 12-12-01. However, my favorites are now 479 and 789 and 979. There are 220 potential outcomes and I have selected 11 total numbers. I have a 5% chance of being correct and a 95% chance of being incorrect. I have only 3 chances out of 220 outcomes to be correct on my favorite selections on an ANY play. Best Regards, Don

Original Play - Wednesday, Dec. 12, 2001 - From Don - To the During an analysis of the Pick 3 game for Wednesday, 12/12/2001, I derived 11 numbers in an any form of wager. The numbers are 456, 457, 458, 459, 467, 468, 469, 478, 479, 489, 789. Since there are 220 potentials of an any type play and I have selected 11 I have a 5% chance of being correct and a 95% chance of being incorrect. Within the group are my favorites - 479 and 489. Although not in the group there is one number that also seems outstanding, 979. Best Regards, Don

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