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Don's 16th
Pick3 Prediction

Play Began 2-*18-02

Cease Play

Play came in 2-23-02 - 772 was drawn

Sunday, Feb. 24, 2002 - 9:00 AM - From Don - My message follows Dons - To the readers of The impossible is possible only at the lottoreport!!! As you know, this just can't be done. 962 to 1 against, no problem. It's got to be a fluke, right? Well, only problem is, in my 15th prediction I had less than a 5% chance too. Oh, and my 14th prediction, less than a 5% chance of success, no problem. Yes, courtesy of the lottoreport, the impossible is possible!

Sometimes you will notice a disclaimer on television, they say, "don't try this at home." I would certainly agree this applies to the pick 3 game, it's just too tough, the odds are too high, the chances too slim. Well, the good news is you don't have to because you read the lottoreport. Congratulations to those who profited on free information provided as a courtesy from Dawn Nettles, a great lady!

I'm feeling good right now cause I love doing what cannot be done! This play is concluded. Don

From Dawn - Well it's obvious by reading Don's message that he must have won last night - he's not always that happy! In fact - I'll be he hit it exact because he told me earlier this week to be sure and play 7 in the middle position and to play a 2 with it. That was his absolute favorite and sure enough, it came in.

And Don, for the record, I'm not the great one here, YOU are. This page wouldn't exist if it weren't for you! On behalf of all of us Pick3 players, we thank you for your hard work and most importantly, your accuracy. Not many people can give us what you do to make playing the game more fun and with a little profit on the side! Let's just hope the TLC doesn't ruin this for us by having twice daily drawings. We anxiously await your next play

Saturday, Feb. 23, 2002 - 1:10 PM - From Don -To the readers of This is always the most difficult decision, whether to continue playing or abandon the play. Using a stock market metaphor, no low is too low as many of the bottom fishers have found out in the stock market during the last year. On March 10th 2000, the NASDAQ composite was 5048. Recently, the NASDAQ composite was 1812.

As investors continued to buy at 20% lower, prices sank. At 30% prices sank. At 40% prices sank. At a level of 1812, the NASDAQ composite is 64% off it's high.

The Pick 3 game is much tougher than the stock market because you must consider the capital you used even when you win.

Thus, after 4 days of play, to win exact now would still be a windfall. However, the any type wager would only be marginally successful. An evaluation of the game for Saturday, February 23 indicates the recommendations are still solid. I just want to apprise all the readers that I am always cognizant as to when we must stop play and look for new opportunities. It is not that time yet. I wish readers success. Don

Thursday, Feb. 21, 2002 - 1:30 PM - From Don -Last nights pick number of 3-4-0 was not in my recommeded numbers. Interestingly, I selected 3-9-0 any by choosing the nine over the four when I did just the opposite in yesterdays drawing as I commented about in my previous writing. The good news is that this play is still active and I am recommending the same numbers and digits as I did on 2/20/2002. Also, the same odds are listed. I wish you much success. Don

Wednesday, Feb. 20, 2002 - 8:30 AM - From Don -To the The correct number on Tuesday 2/20/2002 was 956. As I explained in discussing the number 381 some of the elements I am looking for occurred. Denoting my selections, 8 of the 10 numbers selected had 2 digits that sum 11 as I explained. For readers who played 564 and 563, my apologies for not selecting the 9 as it was on my list but not as high in priority as the 4 and 3.

As a result of my parameters arriving, I must alter the numbers chosen. All the selections will still contain 09, 18, 27, 36, 45.

The exact numbers selected are 972, 792, 099, 909, 277, 727 and I am adding 888 and 881.

The any numbers now chosen are 472, 309, 297, 277, 099, 509.

I have 962 chances out of 1000 to be in error on this play. Please be very clear on that, there are 962 other numbers that can arrive! Best of luck. Don

*Important - From Dawn - 2-19-02 - I goofed. Last night I received Don's message but it was after 10 pm when I checked my email. Therefore, I decided to go on and post his message but change the start date to Tuesday, Feb 19th. I didn't think it would matter but I was WRONG and I apologize. It is unfortunate that I did this because last nights drawing contained some of the elements Don was shooting for and it's my fault it didn't get posted earlier. Anyway, he has an update for his 16th Prediction. I am changing his message back to his original writing so we can move forward from it - I've placed an * for what was changed.

Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2002 - 11:00 AM - From Don - To the readers of My apologies for getting last nights message too late. Fortunately, the numbers selected did not arrive yet some of the important parameters did, specifically, the 22.

Thus, for Tuesday, 2/19/2002, I am recommending some numbers that have merit. The numbers contain the digits 09, 18, 27, 36, 45.

They are 290, 475, 472, 564, 563, 386, 381, 297, 277 and 099.

These numbers are an any play yet there is some potential to hit exact on some of them for you risk takers out there. In the exact category I prefer 972, 792, 099, 909, 277, 727. Also, the number 381 has many elements I am looking for such as it has a 3 in the number. It has a 18 in the number. It has three different digits. It is in a group of other numbers that should arrive tonight. It has 2 digits that sum 11 in it. This information represents 54 total exact selections and there are 1000 potential outcomes. Thus, I only have 54 chances in 1000 to be correct. I have 10 chances in 220 outcomes of an "any" type wager to be correct or about 4%. Good luck! Don

Original Play - Monday, Feb. 18, 2002 - 10:30 PM - From Don - To the readers of I have reviewed the statistics in the Pick3 game and starting *Monday 2/*18/2002, I have some recommendations. First, I prefer numbers with the digits 09, 18, 27, 36 and 45 in them. That is 50 numbers on an any play which is far too many to obtain profits. However, I only have a 22% chance of being correct on that recommendation.

I selected some of the 2 digit pairs and put a third digit with them which I think give the reader the best chance for success.

To be attached to the 09, I prefer a 4 and a 9 to make 409 or 099. To be attached to the 27, I prefer a 2 and a 7 to make 227 or 277. To be attached to the 18, I prefer a 3 or 8 to make 138 or 188. To be attached to the 36, I prefer a 1 and a 2 to make 136 and 236.

Thus, I have a 974 to 1 chance of being correct on an exact wager and a 8 chances in 220 potential outcomes to be correct on an any wager. I wish you good luck! Don


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