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Don's 17th
Pick3 Prediction

Play Began 3-19-02 - Ends 3-28-02

On Wednesday, March 6, the TLC adopted the rule to start playing Pick3 twice daily. We will be moving our Pick3 plays to Louisiana in May. For those of you who are interested, stay tuned ...We may have an easy way for you to purchase tickets too.

E-mails - Pick3 players speak up about my saying that we were moving our Pick 3 plays to Louisiana. I'm sorry that I've upset ya'll but do rest assured ... I will continue my work here in Texas as usual. Click here.

Thursday, March 28, 2002 - From Don: To the This is not a play of such magnitude, such excellence, such a must wager that it cannot be halted at any time and after tonight's drawing which is unknown to me at this time of 2200 hours on 3/27/2002 that it should be continued. Obviously, I would like everyone to have success tonight but if they do not there will be other opportunities. I wish all the readers well as this play is concluded. And of course, get well soon Dawn. Regards, Don.

Wednesday, March 27, 2002 - From Don:
I continue to recommend the numbers listed in my 3-26-02 message that are shown in boldtype. Thanks for reading and much success. Don (From Dawn - I'm having surgery in the morning - a hysterectomy & bladder suspension - Actually I was suppose to go in on 2-28-02 but I was sick and could not pass my pre-admit test. So, they tell me I'll be in the hospital for 3 to 4 days. This means I will not be able to post or work for at least the next few days perhaps maybe even a week or longer - I'm not really sure how long before I can at least do my web site at a minimum - meaning posting just the drawing results and Don's messages. Hopefully Don will send you one last message telling you what to play and when to quit during the next week. I will be posting the Cash 5 rule changes today and I hope each and every one of you will read it and respond. It would be the most wonderful surprise in the world to get back on my computer and find at least 3000 Cash 5 comments waiting for me. More later - needless to say I have a lot to do and I'm running out of time. Good luck everyone!)

Tuesday, March 26, 2002 - From Don: To the readers of I continue to review what I have recommended and what has occurred for the last 6 days and sometimes I do get overwhelmed with statistics and numbers and days of occurrence. A recap reveals that during the last 6 outcomes in the pick 3 game which were 893, 093, 172, 363, 667 and 994 I have recommended 393, 772, 663, 668 and 599. Obviously, some real frustration even though I am aware of the 978 to 1 odds against correct selection.

Certainly, I expected a double digit as all but one of my recommendations are double digits. There is only a 28% chance of that happening each day yet we have had 3 consecutive double digits. That alone is somewhat rare because there are 720 other combination type numbers. Will we get a fourth? I'm very unsure.

In fact, so many of my indicators have arrived WITHOUT my primary indicator, the 59, 77, or 68 in the number I have to make some difficult decisions as to what we should do. I think we should continue play. The numbers I still have confidence in and will supercede any previous selections are: 795, 977, 886, 888, 790, 778, 779, 789, 794, 796. The odds of a correct selection being contained in these recommendations are 957 to 1 against accuracy.

If I had to recommend just a few of the numbers, I would prefer
790, 977, 789. For the exact players, I prefer one of the selections listed here with 79 or 97 or 88 in the first two positions, for example 7-9-0. Thank you for reading and I wish you good luck! Don

Saturday, March 23, 2002 - From Don: To the In my March 20th update I spoke about the emergence of 33, 66, and 63 and my odds of recommending those pairs. The correct number in last nights game was 363. I still conclude I have given you the absolute best recommendations in my most recent update.

Thus, I would continue to recommend their outcomes. Five days of Pick3 play always feels like an eternity to me so I am constantly vigilant of both the time of play and possibility of success. Best Regards, Don

Friday, March 22, 2002 - From Don: To the If you are holding 2 of my recommendations of 771 and 772, I can share your disappointment in last nights outcome of 172. I continue to search for outstanding plays. The numbers recommended below remain outstanding speculations. Best Regards, Don

Thursday, March 21, 2002 - From Don: To the readers of Last nights occurrence of 093 was not contained in my recommendations. This is a very opportune time to play the game and my same selections apply. I am also adding 668 and 772 and 555. I am strongly favoring numbers that contain 77 AND 79 in tonight's drawing. Thus, 779 is an outstanding number to speculate on. Keep reading for updates. Don

Wednesday, March 20, 2002 - From Don: To the First, let me apologize for listing 2 of the same any numbers on my recommendations. I detest any type of error.

The number on 3/19/2002 was 893. You may note that one of my recommendations was 393. Of course, 393 does not have a 77, 59 or 68 in it BUT had such outstanding characteristics I had to list it. If you review the totality of my any type numbers I had 8 pairs of numbers within the numbers. They are 77, 78, 79, 71, 39, 33, 66, 63. You may also know that there are 100 possible outcomes. Thus, I had 8 chances in 100 to be accurate on the pair. This means I must change the numbers because one of my primary indicators arrived, something in the pair, in the positional arrangement of the digits, in the approxmiate time period I search for.

For Wednesday, 3/20/2002, the exact numbers are 795, 977, 886, 888. The numbers I am recommending on an any type wager are 778, 779, 771, 599, 447. Of course, any of the any numbers can be conditioned out to an exact wager. The odds of accuracy on this recommendation are 978 to 1. Yes, you read that right, NINE HUNDRED SEVENTY EIGHT TO 1. Having explained that, all the indicators are posied towards the day which bodes well for us! I wish you all much success. Don
(From Dawn - Just to make matters really clear for you, Don is predicting that will we see a 77, 59 or 68 in the Pick3 and the above numbers are his picks or his recommended plays. But the bottom line is, he's saying we should see 77, 59, or 68.)

Original Play - Tuesday, March 19, 2002 - From Don: To the readers of In the Texas Pick 3 game for Tuesday 3/19/2002, I am going to recommend some numbers. Tonight is the first night I expect some of these numbers to occur but statistically the day is only at minimum expectation. That means waiting a few more days would be a little bigger speculation BUT this game is a big risk game.

The numbers I am anticipating on an exact wager are 795, 977, 886 and 888. The numbers that I am recommending on an any wager are 778, 779, 771, 778, 393, 663. The odds of a successful selection in this writing are 979 to 1 against accuracy.

My expectation is that this play could last 10 days with tonight's drawing being day 1. As you can denote from my last 99 recommendation I worry about the day quite a bit. Thus, you must read for daily updates on this play. Basically, I am expecting a number with 77, 59 or 68 in it but as you can tell by my recommendations, I had to discount a number of excellent numbers. I also have some thoughts on the LA lottery but at this writing I do not know last nights number which is critical to my plan. Much Success Don

Monday, March 18, 2002 - From Don: To the readers of I will not have a play today as promised. It is absolutely vital that I provide readers the absolute best play rather than one that is not thought out because I said I would. I hope to have a play this week. Don

Friday, March 15, 2002 - From Don: To our loyal readers: One of my FUN selections in LA arrived last night 6 days after recommending it. The correct number was 206 and the method of play was any. It also arrived after I suggested we stop the FUN play so actually there was no play. I want to use this FUN play to point out some things that portend good things for the future to all out new LA readers.

First, I selected 10 numbers which arrived 6 days after the initial recommendation. Playing all of them with the same amount of a hypothetical dollar would have cost 60 to win 80. Thus, this is about a 30% return on your money by most standards, an excellent return. However, in this game it is not good enough.
Now, if a player would have played one of the 10 numbers at 10 to 1 for a hypothetical 6 days a return (assuming the correct one was chosen) $6 for $80. Now that is a return we can be proud of and the ones I want to provide to loyal readers of this site.

In the Texas Pick 3 game for March 14, 2002 the correct number was 387. That did have some of the secondary components I mentioned in the occurrence of the 87 or 96. The primary indicators did not occur however. Since I mentioned 10 2 digit indicators and there are 100 outcomes I had 10 chances in 100 to be correct in that analysis which proved accurate. The good news is that numbers with 67 and 58 and 49 in them for Monday are still viable in the Texas Pick 3 game. Thank you for your interest. Don

Thursday, March 14, 2002 - From Don: To the readers of An analysis of the Pick 3 game completed on March 13th after the occurrence of 674 reveals the following information. I am expecting a number containing the following digits of 77, 68 and 95. The first day to play will be on Monday March 18th. This is of course dependent on the 77 and 68 and 95 NOT arriving prior to that date. Since I have selected 5 potential outcomes and there are 100 possible I have a 5% chance of being correct. The totality of the numbers on an any play are 30 outcomes so selecting the correct day is essential to success.

I expect to have some favorites within the group which MAY be 797, 886, 995 and 977. Should a 79 or 97 or 88 NOT occur in the first position (exact play) selecting a third digit to be placed with 77, 68, 95 will be a formidable task with odds of 30 to 1.

There is momentum in the 69, 78 area to occur the week beginning March 18th and this will give the potential to hit a double digit which pays more. Remember, do not play before it's time as timing is critical to success. In short, we DO NOT want to see any of the outcomes mentioned here before Monday. Thanks for reading Don

Just For Fun - A Louisiana (LA) Play
Play Began 3-9-02 - Ended 3-13-02


The LA Pick3 Drawing Results
3-10-02: 351
3-11-02: 575
3-12-02: 382

From Dawn - To share with you how the Louisiana Lottery feels about our plays coming to LA, they have provided me with everything I need for ya'll and Don. They did this upon request and immediately. They have even added me to their media list and I will receive the drawing data each night. Ya'll remember, Texas took this status away from me and makes me make open records request just to slow me down. You see, the Open Records law allows them 10 days to provide the requested info. However, the NASPL, Louisiana Lottery and California Lottery acknowledge me as a member of the press and treat me as such. Which I really am anyway - Texas just won't co-operate because they want to prolong ya'll getting the info I provide. So, I'm getting more excited each day about our move to LA. At least they appreciate us.

Wednesday, March 13, 2002 - From Don: To our new audience and loyal readers: Well, the fun is over for LA readers as I selected 10 numbers for FUN and if this was a real play I would advise LA readers to stop play. I just don't go chasing numbers around till they arrive. Secondly, I admit I'm not good at having fun. This is a very serious project and certain methods must be absolutely adhered to. One thing that is absolutely imperative is that I cannot have any kind of mistakes in the data. I cannot even have one comma out of line, one digit reversed, a missing number, a number not in the correct order sequentially that arrived, or a number listed twice by mistake.

For new readers, each days outcome is absolutely vital to my future recommendations regardless of the amount of days the game has occurred. I never recommend multi-draw tickets for that reason and my method of play is always exact OR any, never both. Out of 365 draws per year, I would estimate we will have about 36 playing days, but it could be more or less. Using my recommendations on Texas Pick 3, I have made 16 recommendations in about one and a half years of varying duration. My record is available for all to see and evaluate at this page. Generally, I have picked correct outcomes between the odds of 950 to 1 and my most recent 99 all selection which I was one day too late on was 980 to 1 against, REGARDLESS OF THE THIRD DIGIT.

I use the lottoreport to verify data on the game, an excellent publication but it does not contain LA data. Until I find a way to verify data, make absolutely sure I have no errors, and place this information into my programs I cannot make a serious recommendation. I'm not surprised to hear that LA lottery officials were cooperative with Dawn as only idiots have cause to give her a hard time. This is because the pick 3 game is a very tough game with guaranteed success for the state having such a game. The more play that occurs, the more they will win over TIME. WE will only be playing the game when there is a statistical advantage for us. I look forward to working with both loyal readers and new readers for continued success. Best Regards, Don

Monday, March 11, 2002 - From Don: To the I'm glad this is just for FUN because I selected 10 numbers and have played for 2 days. Thus, 20 invested, hypothetically to win 80 is not possible now as we must continue another day for FUN. The correct number in LA was 351 and my selections of 341, 350, 125 and 134 had many of the elements I was looking for BUT was incorrect. Since I only spent about 30 minutes putting this together, I'm somewhat pleased and when we get serious about this I think we can have excellent success.

Since this is just for FUN, I would recommend the same numbers. Also, I hope everyone out there will take a moment and forget about lotteries and give a moments thought to what happened on 9/11. I wish you well. Don

Sunday, March 10, 2002 - From Don - Of course, I am looking at LA just for FUN as there is no play in Texas Pick 3 game right now and my selections are below (3-9-02 post) for all to see. The LA winning number was 196 last night and my first listed selection was 679 which was a loser but had some peripheral elements I prefer. Since I am examining the game just for FUN I would stick with the same numbers.

Actually, I have the ability to provide excellent recommendations on any state game because all Pick3 games have the same amount of outcomes and statistics present. However, it takes a very long time to analyze the absolute best play in the game. Perhaps I need a NEW organizational system! Continue to read for great news about lottery happenings. Don

Saturday, March 9, 2002 - From Don
- To the readers of Just for fun I looked at 356 numbers of the Louisiana Pick 3 game. I did not verify data as I typically do nor did I use the wealth of info I have on the Texas Pick 3 game. I just manually reviewed and drew some parameters based on logical thinking. So since I missed the 99 I am going to try and select a number that will arrive in the LA pick 3 game just for fun.

The numbers are 679, 314, 120, 170, 260, 350, 125, 134, 789 and Dawn, yes 589. Since there are 210 outcomes on an any play and 10 triples I have a 5% chance of being correct and a 95% chance of being incorrect. This is just for fun. Don

Since I posted my message about us moving our Pick3 plays to Louisiana, I have received a ton of e-mail. The most surprising mail has come from Louisiana players who have told me how pleased they were that we would be predicting their game as they have been crossing the borders to play Don's numbers in Texas. They are very pleased to know that soon they can stay at home and play. So, Louisiana players, here's a surprise for you - a set of numbers for you to consider!

And Texas players, in Louisiana, they play on Sunday's. I will be posting the Pick3 drawing results since inception for the Louisiana Pick3. Many of you have requested this so I wanted you to know that I will have the data up next week. I will also start posting each nights Louisiana Pick3 drawing results for you too.

Friday, March 8, 2002 - From Don: (From Dawn 1st: This message was sent to me last night but I did not check my mail until this morning.) To the readers of I use fractional information to discern what day and number I expect. We missed an incredible opportunity in the Pick3 game due to the subjective analysis of that fraction. I was correct on my 100 to 1 potential AND my position of the 99 that being, 9x9. So, realistically, I was one drawing off on a 980 to 1 shot because there are 20 exact positions of the x99 and 9x9.

I think that there will be no doubt in anyone's mind after the last 2 days of information and my previous writings that I have an excellent system. The goal of this column is to provide readers an opportunity that they never would have playing the pick 3 game on their own and I think I have been successful in that endeavor.

One thing is very true about the Pick3 game. No matter how many times a day it is played, you will not win over time without a PROVEN methodology which has been TESTED. Yes, I was off by one day and I certainly apologize to readers as this was GREAT opportunity BUT there will be other opportunities. It hurts to be correct on a 980 to 1 outcome and not profit accordingly. I hope you will continue to read and I wish you great success in all your activities. In the meantime, I will be studying hard and trying to decide what to do. Don

3-7-02 - 10:20 PM - After the Pick3 drawing of 929 - From Dawn - Oooppps ... Don waited one day too long! And the worst news is that he emailed me this morning and said he was sweating tonights drawing - he was really afraid the 99 would come before tomorrow and that's when he was planning to post the play. At least this time we told ya'll in advance what the play was going to entail so you can see his ability at tracking the numbers to play. Congratulations to those of you who played and won in spite of the advise to hold off. Maybe he will still have a play for us.

Wednesday, March 6, 2002 - From Don: To the Typically, people who play the Pick 3 game select numbers. My strategy is somewhat different in that I try to ascertain WHEN selected numbers might arrive first. I call this to your attention because the first possible day a number with 99 in it should occur is Friday, March 8th. This is the minimum day I expect such a development to take place. I usually try to plot how long we may have to play the game but in this case it won't be possible. It could be a very long time or the very first day. Since I have to wait 2 more days to post such a play I wanted to talk about this play in detail because of the potential to win multiple times on such a small group of outcomes.

First, I only have one chance in 100 to be correct on the prediction that a 99 will be in the number. Also, of the 3 potential positions of the 99, x99, 9x9, 99x, I favor x99 and 9x9. I have a 67% chance of being correct on that outcome IF the 99 occurs.

Second, I have 4 numbers that I prefer to play with the 99. They are 899, 799, 979, and 999. To be correct on that recommendation I have a 4 chances in 1000 or 996 to 1 against.

Thirdly, one of the indicators I am looking for is 79, 97 or 88 in the front position. Those digits do not have to occur with the 99 in it.

I only have a 3 chance in 100 to be correct on that prediction. Should the 79 or 97 or 88 arrive in the first position and not have the 99 in it (88 cannot) then other digits with the 99 become viable and the position of 99 within the number may change.

Depending on what the Pick 3 numbers are on Wednesday and Thursday, March 6th and March 7th, I will post the 99 play with my favorite digit and position of the 99 listed. As I said, the DAY will be in serious question BUT the rareness of the position of the 99 in the Texas Pick 3 game is at a historic pinnacle, a great speculation. Also, because all outcomes of 99 results in a double or triple digit, these numbers typically appear about 2 times a week. Thus, realistically, again, this play could be a real drain on the pocketbook. So keep reading for good news and updates. Don

Tuesday, March 5, 2002 - From Don: To the On December 12, 2001, I recommended a play which lasted three Pick3 days. On December 31, 2001, I recommended a play which arrived January 3. On February 18, I recommended a play which arrived on the 23rd, a double digit.

If you followed my advice, you played the Pick3 game about 12 to 14 days since December 12th. My strategy is to try and go into the game with a plan and get out quickly and successfully. There are also different kinds of plays I can provide. These plays are difficult to access as to when they will arrive BUT they can provide big profits because they involve very small groups to analyze.

I am specifically talking about the potential for a number to occur with 99 in it. First, a speculation has to me made as to the position of the 99. Will it be 9x9, x99, 99x? If I can even come close to the day the 99 occurs players will have as little as a 10 to 1 opportunity to return $500. Realistically, that is for a $3 wager, all positions of the 99. Right now, I am NOT recommending you play the game. I am waiting for certain indicators to arrive that tell me numbers with 99 in them have potential. We are very close to those indicators. So right now, WATCH the game closely as we do not want a number with 99 to arrive yet. However, opportunity is right around the corner so put a few dollars aside now. Thanks for reading Don

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