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Don's 18th
Pick3 Prediction

Play Began 4-19-02 - Play Ended 5-9-02
277 Was Drawn on 5-8-02

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5-8-02 - 11:00 PM - From Don - After the drawing - To the As I wrote about the change in the equilibrium of the stock market yesterday and how traditional trends are being broken we saw today that trends almost always seek a degree of moderation and normalcy.

Such an event, a return to normalcy, occurred in tonight's Pick3 drawing also with the emergence of 277, a number I wrote about on May 5th. And of course I have written about the 77, 59, 68 for quite awhile.

It is my hope that everyone ventured to play at least one of the 30 potential outcomes I have talked about, including 277. I think my writing about this play has been extensive and at times, overwhelming to the audience with minutia.

I never forget the goal of this column, to try and provide readers an OPPORTUNITY that they would not ordinarily have and I now believe that has been accomplished. So this play is concluded and but it has not been as successful as I wanted it to be and hope to be in the future. To all the readers, I wish you grand success. Don

5-7-02 - 11:00 AM - From Don - To the The Pick3 game has existed in various forms for many years. When you make a wager on the game both your potential winnings and losses are known. Your losses usually are equivalent to 100% of your wager and your winnings are in relationship to the aggressiveness of your wager. In the wide array of what is sometime considered speculative, the Pick3 game would be listed as having a high risk or reward ratio.

However, in reviewing current traditional investments that were once thought of as safe like stocks, bonds, and utilities, it seems that most of the risk concepts are developing new trends. For example, Treasury Bills are returning 1.73%. The NASDAQ composite is about 1600, once 5000. Utilities return an average of 3.25%. Dozens of high flying stocks, once over 100 per share, have lost 80 or 90% of their value. And finally, huge federal taxes and Medicare taxes are incumbent on the individual.

My point is that sometimes traditional risk versus reward theories are not all they are touted to be. Remember,in the Pick3 game you can purchase one number multiple times. My recommendations for the NIGHT pick 3 drawing for Tuesday, May 7 are 777, 195, 186, 395, 386, 059, 068. There are 203 other numbers that can arrive. Best Regards, Don

5-5-02 - 5:20 PM - From Don -To the On May 4, the correct Pick3 number in the night drawing was 799.

I spoke about the emergence of the 9 extensively on May 2. The positional arrangements of what I call the back pair, (the last 2 digits) was somewhat opportunistic in that the back pair of 99, 89, 98, 59, 95, 68, 86, 77 had quite a bit of potential. But decisions had to be made as to what the absolute best play can be and I still believe it is the 59,68,77 in any position. And that is why I have recommended numbers such as 779 over 799.

However, there were 4 numbers, 779, 778, 887 and 997 that I group in the same way and the emergence of 799 means I must take 2 of the 4 numbers I selected off the list as I picked what I believed were the best 2 of 4 numbers in the group. The occurrence of 799 has also changed the priority I now place the selected numbers in.

For the NIGHT drawn, the new priority is 068 and 195 listed 1 and 2 with all other combination numbers listed in the message about the same. (059, 186, 259, 286, 395, 386) In the double digit category, my favorite is 777 followed closely by 077, 177, 277 and 377. I wish you great success. Don

5-3-02 - 5:30 PM - From Don - To the On May 2, 2002, the correct winning number in the Pick3 NIGHT drawing was 292. I talked about the emergence of a triple digit and possibly a 9 being contained in the number. The good news is that this particular number had no relevance to my recommendation except enhance it. The 3 most recent outcomes in the Pick 3 NIGHT drawing were double digits. Since there are 720 combination type numbers I always have strong preference for combination type numbers after 3 double digits occur. Unfortunately, as we know there are 120 combination type numbers that can occur. This means I must eliminate at least 80 of them to double my return. That will only provide me with a 50% return even though I eliminated 67% of the numbers. (not including double digits)

However, I continue to only be interested in numbers with 59, or 68 or 77. Strange as it may seem, I still like 777 because I do not count it as a traditional number in my analysis. So, that still remains my favorite choice.

For those of you who noticed that 687 was drawn in the DAY drawing, this has absolutely no relevance to my methods. In fact, after researching the entirety of the combination numbers this afternoon I noticed something very fascinating. I carry out a primary indicator I search for to 4 digits. The highest indicator is 39.9365 right now. The lowest indicator is 36.1702 for an incredible difference of 3.7663. That is about as perfect a probability curve as you'll ever see over 8.44 years. This means the numbers are where they should be over time as I discuss in my coin flip analogy. This process, which I call fairness is absolutely critical in the selection of numbers. Oh, and by the way, for those of you who noticed that one of my correct outcomes occurred in the pre-test, 068, that also had no relevance to this play.

In reviewing my current recommendations which I list on 4-29-02 at 0810 hours I must now change the order of preference of the numbers which is important to those of you who are only playing one of my selections.

The order is 195, 186, 395, 386, 059, 068, 259, 286 and in the double digit category 778, 779, 177, 277, 377, 477, 677, 077. I already mentioned 777.

So, until that 68, 59,or 77 arrives which it will, an absolutely fantastic time to play the NIGHT pick 3 game. Don

5-2-02 - 1:30 PM - From Don - To the In regards to my last message, no Dawn, I don't want anything. I am very good at recognizing effort that is incredible and worthy of comment.

As I read about the payouts and versatile base of lottery news I just find it astounding that someone would put forth this kind of effort day in and day out.

The loyal readers are aware of it and it should be recognized more often as many of us toil at our jobs each day without recognition worthy of our investment. The Texas Lottery probably has about ten people doing what your doing at ten times the price. The legislators should be aware that the reason you have conflicts with the lottery is because you are acting in the interest of the general public and at a significant financial cost. All these comments are my own, now on to the Pick 3 game.

Last nights outcome of 200 was not in my recommendations. Basically, all my recommendations have to do with the digits of 5,6,7,8,9.

That's because I am expecting a 5 with a 9, a 6 with an 8, or a 7 with a 7. Using the lottoreport on page 3 at drawing 2658, you may notice that in 2002, the digits 5,6,7,8,9, have arrived between 22 and 38 times each.

In 2001, the high digit was 0 at 119 and 1 at 82. This "lag" is a little bit abnormal in that it represents a 57% disparity in 2002 versus a 68% lag in 2001 ( I am comparing 22 to 38 occurrences versus 82 to 119) If you look at the digit count since inception in position 1 you with find the five occurring 251 times versus the zero at 285. That represents only an 88% differential (251 occurrences versus 285). So, it appears that the "lag" in the digit 9 in 2002 is a little to low.

Looking back to the year 2000, the difference between the high and low was from 81 to 103 within the norm for the year 2001. However, in 1999, we had a lag from 63 low to 118 high which is beyond the standard of probability and out of line statistically with the other years.

Will we get another aberration or will the statistics fall in line as they have for the last 2 years? If you think they will continue as they should, the number 959 should be added to the list.

However, when I see something happening in the game that should not be happening, I have often seen the occurrence of a triple digit. That's why I continue to recommend the 17 numbers chosen with a favorite of 777. I wish the readers good fortune. Don

5-1-02 - 9:10 AM - From Don -To the readers of When I read I am amazed at the amount of work and knowledge that goes into it. To keep track of all the games, changes, correct numbers, publishing enhancements, and computer expertise must be an incredibly difficult task. So, I am continually motivated by the incredible work ethic that goes into the lottoreport in selecting a great play for it's readers. (OK Don, what do you want?)

As to the Pick 3 game, all my previous statements and recommendations are valid for the NIGHT drawing on May 1st.
Of the 17 numbers selected, if I had to select just one, it would be 777. Thanks for reading and good luck! Don

4-30-02 - 12:45 PM - From Dawn - Don called and said to stay with the same play he posted yesterday. Good luck.

4-29-02 - 8:10 AM - From Don - To the In reviewing all 30 numbers with 77 and 59 and 68 in them, I have come up with seventeen (17) I prefer. I would recommend playing one of them.

If I am correct and I only have a 203 to 1 chance of doing so it would be very profitable for you should you play one of the 17.

In order of preference in the combination category are :
059, 068, 195, 186, 259, 286, 395, 386

In order of preference in the double digit category are:
778, 779, 677, 377, 177, 477, 077, 277, 777

This play is for April 29th, in the night drawing.

I want to conclude this column today with some further remarks about the game. Each drawing is an independent event. No drawing has a relationship to past drawings. If you have a coin with a head and a tail and flip it should land on heads or tails. If you write down the results and continue to flip it one hundred times you might be able to conclude whether the coin has a head and a tail because it might come up heads 45 and tails 55. However, if you look at the results and see a head arrived all 100 times, you may conclude that there is no tail and the coin only contains 2 heads.

So although one coin flip was an independent event and had an outcome you can not make a conclusion until the results are measured over time.

In evaluating this recommendation, I find the numbers given to be outstanding numbers and this play is certainly becoming one of the more outstanding Pick3 plays you will find.

I wish everyone luck and good health! Don
(From Dawn: I posted a total of 4 messages yesterday. If you haven't read them, please do.)

2nd Set of Messages Posted on 4-28-02 - 10:20 PM - From Don - To the Tomorrow, April 29th, the pick 3 game will be played twice a day. All the old tickets have been removed and new play slips are at the stores.

The play slip looks just like the old slip except for one very important distinction. There is a box marked DAY or NIGHT. Since all my present statistics are for the NIGHT drawing, I am continuing my recommendations for the NIGHT drawing.

Since we are in the middle ground of an outstanding Pick3 play, it will have absolutely no relevance if one of my recommendations occur in the DAY drawing . If 295 were drawn as the very first number in the DAY drawing, DO NOT be adverse to playing that number in the NIGHT drawing. I have a number of methods in place to evaluate each drawing and place it in the proper probability distribution of occurrences.

The most important thing to understand about the Pick3 game whether they have 2 or 10 drawings per day is that the game pays at only half the true odds.

On the back of the play slip you will notice that selecting 1 exact number is 1000 to 1 yet returns $500. The odds listed for any order are 167 to 1 yet the return is 80 to 1. Thus, if all numbers are played exact by 1000 players the game will receive a guaranteed profit!!! Thus, by having 2 games per day , they will possibly gain more revenue and thus more profit. It is an absolute assurance that the more revenue the game takes in, the more profit they will receive.

In conclusion, when playing my recommendations, mark the box indicating NIGHT first. Then mark the box marked exact order OR any order as I do not recommend any other form of play. Never mark the multi draw box either. Lets say you wanted to play one of my current recommendations like 259.

You could mark, night, any order, 2-9-5 for $.50. If you won, you would win $40. But if you took 2 play slips and marked all combinations of 295 such as 295, 259, 592, 529, 952, 925 and marked exact it would cost $3 but you would win $250. You will note that you are wagering 6 times more so the payout should be $240 but you gain an extra $10 return by playing exact. I'm not sure if they had that in mind when they devised the play slip or not.

People tell me, Don, why can't I play exact any on your play. Mainly, because you are buying numbers I sometimes don't prefer. On this play, it's not as relevant because I like all numbers with 77, 68, or 59 in them. Some I prefer more than others as I have mentioned. I intend to list the numbers again in the morning in this generous space Dawn has provided.

I wish everyone great success! Don

From Dawn - Don and I disagree about covering the stats on the Pick3 game. So, we're going to sit back and see what happens over time to see what effect the day drawing has on the game. I still plan to move my plays to Lousiana as soon as I'm fully recovered from the surgery I had. In the meantime, I personally won't be playing the Texas Pick3 anymore but will continue posting this play for whoever wants to play. Good luck to those of you who play.

1st message posted on 4-28-02 - 12:10 PM - From Dawn - As most of you already know, tomorrow the TLC starts the two (2) Pick3 draws per day. It is my opinion, this is very bad news for those of us who love to play and especially when we're in the middle of one of Don's plays. A play that I feel very strongly about it being a winner. I know why Don has this play posted and my stats agree with his. Anyway, the problem as I see it is that the TLC is using the same balls and the same machines so I don't think it would be wise to count the noon drawing as a "separate" drawing - I know that's what many of ya'll wanted us to do with our plays. If the TLC had bought new machines and new balls for the noon drawing, we could have done this. But they didn't. So we have to deal with the facts as they are - This is the same situation as when they increased the Cash5 draws from 2 draws to 4 draws per week. How many of you kept separate stats on the Cash 5? And when they increase those draws to 6 times per week in July, are you going to keep separate stats on those new draws too? FYI - I'll keep the stats, but I quit playing Cash 5 Friday when I heard how the Commissioners voted.

Now, I have just sent Don a message and will consider his input on the subject and I will post his thoughts on the matter too. I intended to discuss this with him before now, but the truth is, I've not been feeling well this week and kept putting it off. I did receive a message from Don this morning and I will post it below my message, but don't buy your Pick3 tickets until you've thought this though and hear what he has to say. I'll post more when I hear from Don. None of us want to be enticed to play more than what our pocket books allow. I certainly won't be a party to that. Don & I both feel bad enough when the plays don't come in as it is. Now here's Don's message:

4-28-02 - From Don - To the readers of Last nights number was 5-0-2. And although 0-5-9 resembles 502 (and 2-9-5 too Don), my writing yesterday was not much of a prediction. I had a 72% chance of being correct on the combination number and a 29% chance of being correct on the group of 64 numbers that 502 was in. I continue to be incorrect because the 59, 68, 77 is not contained in the number as all of my outcomes do.

I intend to spend more time evaluating if the numbers presented are the absolute best numbers yet as of this writing I feel confident they are. My 5% chance of being correct, as of right now, seems to be statistically relevant as we continue play for what seems like an eternity because 2 of the three key digits have occurred so much. I continue to recommend the same numbers as of this writing. Don

2nd Message Posted on 4-27-02 - 4:00 PM - From Don - To the readers of For Saturday, April 27th, the following statistics are available about the pick 3 game. 778 and 779 are excellent double digits to play.

I am expecting a strong string of combination numbers. These are numbers that contain 3 different digits. There are 21 numbers having three different digits with the lowest digit being 2. Out of those 21, I prefer 286 and 295. There is a 62% chance that one of the 21 numbers will occur in under 6 days. (hopefully 286 and 295)

There is a group of combination numbers, 64 to be exact, that should arrive in under six days. All these numbers have the lowest digit 0 and 1 in them. Of these, I prefer 168 and 159 slightly ahead of 059 and 068 because the position of the 1 across the three positions indicates a better probability. The 2 digits of 77, 59, and 68 are statistically, extremely probable. Historically, I have seen this same statistic in other states over the years and when I see this statistic, I have seen numbers like 777, 668,and 559 in the double digit category although 778 and 779 are listed slightly ahead of these for other reasons. In conclusion, this is a great time to play the pick 3 game even if you select just one of my selections at approximate odds of 30 to 1 and actual odds of 220 to 1. I wish you great success!

P.S. To the exact players: I mentioned in my earlier writing that I preferred the position of the digits to be 5x9 or x59 due to the last position digit of the 9. However, the occurrence of 8-7-9 altered that statistic. Now, I prefer the position of 59, 68, or 77 to be contained in the second and third digits, for example, 268, 286, 159, 195, 877, 977 etc. I wish all the players great success. Don

4-27-02 - 12:45 AM - From Don -To the readers of As the readers know, I have recommended 6 base numbers out of 220 during play 18. The most 2 recent outcomes were 7-4-9 and one of my recommendations is 7-7-9. Another of my recommendations is 2-8-6 and last nights number was 2-7-6. The correct outcome 2-7-6 had many of the elements I am looking for EXCEPT for the 77 or 59 or 68 being contained in the number. I am going to review the entirety of the recommendations and may have to derive new numbers HOWEVER all the numbers preferred WILL contain 77 or 59 or 68. Although recent forecasting has not been as accurate as is optimal, I see the lack of the primary indicator arriving as a great opportunity to win on multiple tickets in the near future. I hope to have the absolute best recommendations for you soon but still conclude that any number with those digits are an outstanding play, one of the more outstanding plays you will ever find in the pick 3 game. Don

4-25-02 - 11:30 AM - From Don - To the readers of I believe anything relative to numbers and forecasting numbers is both fascinating and frustrating at times. This is one of those times as last nights result of 8-7-9 was NOT 7-7-9 OR 8-7-7. I continue to recommend the same numbers. Best Regards, Don

4-24-02 - 8:00 AM - From Don -To the readers of When I'm not looking at statistics, I enjoy reading. Right now, there are many experts writing about the stock market and investments because a number of trends have been broken and new trends developed. However, the goal of most financial advisors is to provide real good advice to as many people as possible with a low cost. The question then becomes, to what extent can the recipient of the advice tell whether it's good? Does the giver of the advice have a conflict of interest or get paid more based on how people react to their recommendation? Will the economics of the recommendation provide the investor a good chance for success just once or over and over again?

These questions are very relevant to what people speculate on and their chance for success. We know that the pick 3 game is a very tough game to have success at because of the lack of payment at the true odds. We know or should know what the actual odds of our success are each time we wager.

Having said that, I continue to recommend the four numbers 295, 286, 778, 779 although any number with 77, 59, or 68 can be successful. In the exact category, I favor the 9 in the last position in a combination type number. (one having 3 different digits) which would make the outcome 5x9 or x59. Also, the 1 in a combination type number has come into focus adding 2 selections to my list, thus 195, 186. The odds of a correct outcome being forecast here are 970 to 1. I hope you will continue to read for great lottery news. Best Regards, Don

4-23-02 - 11:15 AM - From Don - To the readers of The emergence of 007 leads me slightly back towards the combination type number I have recommended, 259 and 268 but any number with 77,59, or 68 is an excellent play. Although that seems like many numbers (30 any type numbers) those outcomes only represent 5 of 100 pair outcomes. Thus, I have a 95% chance of being incorrect on that recommendation. I continue to assess the absolute best play for readers and still believe the 4 recommendations are excellent plays. Good Luck. Don

4-22-02 - 9:50 AM - From Don -To the Yes, 6-6-4 was the correct result on Saturday April 20th. That was not one of my recommendations so 2 days of Pick 3 play have not been successful.

I continue to recommend the same numbers. Oh, and by the way, I am not as worried about 6-6-8 now. Best of Luck! Don

4-20-02 - 5 PM - From Don - If you played day number 1 of recommendation 18 you lost as the correct winning number was 504. The only relevance that 504 has to my previous 4 recommendations is that I favor the numbers with 77 in them slightly more than the 59 and 68 outcomes. I do worry about the emergence of 995 and 668 and 886 too as they are not listed directly in my four recommendations.

On the subject of outcomes, as many of you know, there are 220 potential outcomes of an ANY type wager. (note triples cannot be played any) Ever think about what it means to be correct in selecting 4 outcomes out of 220.

If you tell me your birthday is between January and July I have about 212 chances to select the correct day. Thus, if I guessed 4 times, do you think I would be correct? Always remember that when wagering. This is a very tough game! Having explain that, this is a very good opportunity. I wish all the readers much success. Don

Original Play - April 19, 2002 - To the readers of Many people perform an assessment of their finances around April 15th and income tax day. They make resolutions and assess their investments and economic strategies for the next tax year.

I often study a historical account of my recommendations and try to develop strategies to improve. I look at trends relative to profits. Playing prediction #17 was a LOSING proposition. There is no sense equivocating about it. In the Pick 3 game you must have the correct NUMBER and the correct DAY. In this case, my writing of March 26th is very relevant to future predictions in that an assessment must be made whether to continue using the same system.

A summary of that writing or system follows. In the last six outcomes in the Pick 3 game I have recommended 393, 772, 663, 668 and 599. The correct outcomes during that time were 893, 093, 172, 363, 667 and 994. I also went on to recommend 10 any numbers out of 220 possible outcomes, one being 796 which occurred, as we know now, on April 6th and April 15th. Also, on March 26th, I recommended the exact play of 7-9-0. We know now that 6-9-0 occurred on March 29th and the number 7-9-6 occurred exact with the 79, 97, 88 in the first 2 digits as I discussed during prediction #17. So, of the 2 elements necessary to obtain profits, the NUMBER and the DAY, many of the correct elements of the correct number occurred but NOT the correct DAY.

Beginning April 19th, 2002, I have selected a profile of 30 outcomes on an any wager. They all have the digits 77 or 59 or 68 in them. Since there are 220 outcomes I have about a 7% chance of accuracy of that prediction. The numbers I prefer with 77 or 59 or 68 in them are 259, 268 and 778 and 779. There are 982 other numbers that can arrive. I wish you great success and good health! Don

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