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Don's 20th
Pick3 Prediction

Original Play Started Monday, July 1, 2002
Play Came In July 6, 2002 With 869!


Wednesday, August 7, 2002 - From Don - To the lottoreport.com: On Tuesday, August 6th, the correct winning number in the pick 3 night draw was 1-7-2. If you read my column the last 2 days you realize I talked about the statistics involving the 44, 08, 17, 26, 35.

I wanted to be cautious and not begin playing until Saturday however all my indicators arrived four days early.

You might note that I had 91 chances out of 100 to be wrong on the numerals being contained in the number but I wasn't. You might also note that I had 96 chances out of 100 to be wrong on the 17 or 35 being in the number but I wasn't. You may also note that I expected the two positional arrangements of the numbers to be 17 or 35 and had only 2 chances out of 100 to be correct on that prediction but I was.

So, in conclusion, I waited a few days too long to give you the play. For that, I apologize yet I'm sure you are convinced (if you weren't before) that I have a very sound strategy and methodology. There WILL BE many more plays but until there are, avoid the pick 3 game. Best Regards, Don

Monday, August 5, 2002 - From Don - To the lottoreport.com: I want to talk about what I hope will be the forthcoming play in great detail today. As many of you know, I don't publish many plays and want to be correct as much as possible. First, I have calculated the first day I expect to post this play and it will be in 6 days should one of the indicators not arrive by then.

One reader provided me a thought about chaos theory, a theory that entails finding the order in what appears to be completely random data. Common to chaos theory, sensitive independence, a condition whereby just a small change in initial conditions can drastically change the long term behavior. This is certainly true using my methods.

For example, in the night pick 3 draw there have been 2748 outcomes. Even with all those outcomes, each number affects the totality of my conclusions about what might occur. In this case, the 44, 08, 17, 26, 35. I am leaning towards the outcome of 17 and 35 due to the position of the 1 and 3 in the first position. Thus, 1xy or 3xy. On an any play though, the position of the 1 and 3 are not as relevant. So, it could be 135 or 173 if I expect 3 digits to be different.

However, the double digit is gaining prominence and 44 is within reason. That however, is too narrow because it could be 177 or 355 to name a few. In conclusion, this is what is happening now in the game and it shows that each outcome (sensitive dependence) is absolutely relevant to a successful play.

Of course, those individuals who have been playing 999 for 2748 days would agree, I think, that the correct day is certainly the most important factor. Keep reading lottoreport.com for updates. Don

Sunday, August 4, 2002 - From Don - To the lottoreport.com: It's great to see the players have a passion for the games they play and want fairness and a reasonable amount returned should they "hit". After all, that's why people play games with long odds, and there are no longer odds than lotteries.

Of course the administrators don't believe you will stop playing the games regardless of what they do to you. Why, because they have statistics that tell them so!! They might conclude that if they take a hit in the amount of people that play but they pay out less they will have an administrative success. They may have made a serious miscalculation this time!!!

Since I have no social life and Dawn will not have lunch with me, I have been studying the pick 3 game for Monday, August 5th, 2002. I cannot select the day of occurrence right now but I am expecting a number with the following digits. 44, 08, 26, 35, 17. That, in itself is not much of a clue because to play them all in dollar units would cost 50 units and would only return 80, not a sufficient enough profit. So, I must try to select one of the five possible two digits combinations. I only have a 9% chance of being right on the 44, 08, 26, 35, 17 being contained in the number. (100 outcomes/9 selections). But, if I can select the correct outcome and approximate the day we will have a 10 to 1 chance to win 80 to 1, a very reasonable proposition. (10 to 1 to pick the third digit). Right now, I would have to favor the 35 or 17.

In conclusion, I wanted to sum up the potential as to what to WATCH in the near future. I applaud the players for their interest in promoting a wagering product that is equitable to everyone. Keep reading lottoreport.com for the latest news. Don

Thursday, August 1, 2002 - From Don - To the readers of lottoreport.com: Although I am on vacation, I too read lottoreport.com and understand your aggravation with the policies established by the TLC in the administration of how the games are operated. I enjoy reading the comments and agree with the intolerance you have for not paying an appropriate return on your discretionary dollars. I hope you will continue to be cautious of how and what you apply your wagers to.

That is why, at times, I get very frustrated with my unpublished success because I am committed to offering players a chance at profits and will not provide a play unless the play has a considerable amount of elements I am looking for present. I always want to err on the side of caution as I have a reasonable expectation of how difficult is to earn discretionary dollars.

While I have been on vacation, there have been some great plays arrive. One thing is certain however, in that, the great part of my methods is that there will certainly be others. Keep reading lottoreport.com for great lottery news. Don

Tuesday, July 23, 2002 - From Don - To the lottoreport.com: I am enclosing a small table of the outcomes on an any type wager in the pick 3 game. I think readers will be able to evaluate the extreme difficulty to correctly selecting a winning outcome by keeping the table on their personal desk at home. Remember, a correct selection on a combo number only pays 80 for 1 and a double digit only pays 160 for 1. (To see and print the "table" of all Pick3 combinations, click here. pdf.)

By circling some numbers on a hypothetical wager, the reader can determine how poorly they would have done. How do I know that? Because Dawn generously provides the money wagered and the money paid out in the pick 3 game. This ratio is appalling at best and is indicative of those individuals who insist on playing the game often. For example, in the day game on July 9, 2002 the lottery paid out 25% of what they took in. In the night game, they paid out a whopping 31%. On average then, they paid out 28% of what they took in that day. Thus, 72% of all dollars wagered lost!!!

As I have stated, the goal of this column is to provide readers opportunity at various times to give the readers a chance at profits. If no one played the pick 3 game for let's say 5 days no money would be taken in or paid out. Then a recommendation is offered and is successful. By everyone playing the same numbers, the lottery has a chance to take a big hit against them. The lottery is banking on the fact that individuals will continue to play on a daily basis as the amount wagered is very consistent almost each day. Let's give them something to worry about by discontinuing play on a daily basis. I think I can save you quite a bit of money by providing that advice. Don

Friday, July 19, 2002 - From Don 11 P.M. -Yes Kathy, it happened again. Kathy is a reader who noticed many of my selections arrive not only when I say but AFTER I recommend we stop playing. On my July 1 recommendation, I offered 2 favorites which have both arrived now, as of tonight's draw, In a period of 17 days, 3 of my originally recommended numbers have arrived and both favorites. If I had enough evidence, I would love to continue recommending selections but the sad part is I don't. The worst we could have done playing my favorites of July 1, is 34 units wagered (17 days times 1 unit per number) is winning 160, an incredible return.

However, I still conclude that readers will do much better playing my recommendations until my indicators arrive and then stop playing. BUT, numbers in my profiles arriving AFTER the play is over is very consistent with my theory about the game. I hope you enjoy this column and I am working hard trying to come up with a good future selection.

Another reader, Robin, sent me possibly the best info I have ever reviewed. I want her to know that I'm thrilled that she is aware brillance exists. It says quite a bit about her!!! Much success, Don

From Dawn: I want to share with all of you the the message Robin sent. However, I am deleting the personal info that she included. I don't feel right in releasing the information since he is a "public" person. Here's Robins message and thank you Robin for sharing this with us. Don responded to me but I'd like for him to respond in a message that I can post for everybody to read. His remarks were quite interesting.

HI! Don,
I see in today’s lottoreport you are asking for input. I know there are theories abound but I have come across a theory that I’ve heard and seen regarding the pick 3. It is called ordered chaos and the Lorenz effect. There are several places on the Internet to search and learn about it. (try www.imho.com/grae/chaos/chaos.html for a brief description or www.mathjmendl.org/chaos/ )

I knew a guy here in Lubbock that used to run a formula on his computer. It took 4-5 hours for the computer to predict the next number and he was about 72% accurate. I think he is a weather man now in (city deleted) at (name and station deleted)…he is absolutely the smartest person I have ever met.

If you find the correct formula please let me know. I don’t have much time to do a lot of research…I need 4 or 5 more hours everyday anyway to get everything done…

I hope this helps.


Thursday, July 18, 2002 - From Don - To the lottoreport.com: Not only do I try to study the pick 3 game but I am interested in ideas people have about the game. Someone was showing me a published book about the game and asked me to review it and give them my opinion. First, the book had six pages of winning tickets, perhaps 30 of them. Then the book went on to explain hot numbers, and results over a great deal of time. It didn't take very long to criticize the book for a number of reasons but it did give me a thought that I should advise readers about such publications.

First, if I want to sell you something, say a book for $10, I can buy up all the potential outcomes in the pick 3 game for $220 and have a winning ticket. I am guaranteed to lose from $140 to $60 but if I sell you 20 books for $10 showing you how well I do I am guaranteed a profit from the sale of the book. So, always beware of people who report their successes in this game.

The second thing in the book was a quantity of facts about how many times I would have hit using the system contained in the book. Only one problem, when you lost, you lost too much to cover your wins. So, beware of those who tout winning in this game because it is NOT the same as profits.

Finally, at this great web-site, you will find a history and post selection summary of all my picks. All my picks contain the actual odds present to the player and my approximate % chance of winning which is usually less than 5%. I often get discouraged when my unpublished evaluations are correct about the game and I did not give the information to the players but I am always very conservative because I hate to lose, especially in this game.

I urge you to keep reading lotto.com and hope to have a play for you soon. Don

Friday, July 12, 2002 - From Don -To the lottoreport.com: Success is great and hard to come by in the pick 3 game. For those who were successful on my most recent selections, congratulations. I must also offer a minimal apology in that I originally offered 20 numbers, and favored those with 7 or 59 or 68 in them which I said was tied statistically. However, after the 972 arrived on 7/4/2002, numbers with 59 or 68 were distinctly better plays. I did not have enough time to rework all the selections and publish the 6 numbers out of the 20 contained, of which 8-6-9 was one. That would have given, you the players, 6 chances out of 220 outcomes to win 80, a great opportunity!!!!!

However, I do not want to minimize the work it takes to put out a great play like that. Since each days outcome is important, I must re-evaluate each day. I have figured out a way to look at hundreds of statistics at a glance to find out if they have value but formatting the information for readers is laborious to say the least.

I hope to have some more information about the pick 3 game for you this week. In the meantime, keep reading lottoreport.com for the greatest pick 3 information available on the web. Don (From Dawn: Don's been on vacation so that is why we didn't hear from him sooner. He didn't tell you so I decided I would! Thanks Don, you did good!)

Saturday, July 6, 2002 - 11 PM - After the drawing - From Dawn - Well, he did it again! One of his numbers was drawn on the 6th day. Not bad, huh? Don left on vacation earlier this week and does not have access to a computer. He said he would call me with any messages and I could relay them to you. So, when I hear from him, I will tell you what he has to say.

I do need to apologize for not posting his last message which I received on the 4th of July but he actually sent it on July 3rd. Here is what he wrote on July 3rd: To the lottoreport.com and Kathy: I read your comments at the readers comments section and am very pleased!! You noticed that on June 14th, I selected the correct number on the correct day and one of my 3 selections also arrived on 6/21/2002. Since I only had three favorites and there are 217 other outcomes that could occur EACH DRAW, I picked the correct number twice in 7 pick 3 days at 217 to 1 EACH DAY.

However, I must advise players to stop playing after my elements arrive as they did on that play because unlike my other methods, I do not have enough EVIDENCE that players can obtain profits playing after the number predicted arrives. The fact that the numbers I select occur AFTER I stop recommending them is validation that my number selections MUST occur over time.

That's why I closely monitor every digit and every outcome and every pick 3 draw. If something goes amiss, if a draw doesn't fit the mathematical profile it should, I expect to find out why. In short, I watch every aspect of the pick 3 game for accuracy. All the administrators have to do is make sure the game is always of the highest integrity to make huge amounts of profits. Therein lies a huge irony, in that, thats what makes my recommendations successful.

I enjoy hearing from the readers and much success to them in all your endeavors! Don

Wednesday - 7-3-02 - From Don - 8:50 AM - The outcome on July 2, 2002 was 2-5-1. For the second day, this was NOT one of my selections. You may have noticed that the DAY drawing result was 6-4-5 which was one of my recommendations for the NIGHT draw. This fact is merely a coincidence. For those of you who are not following my advice and reaped a reward, I am happy for you but I had absolutely nothing to do with it.

One of the most difficult things about my methods is relating how a recommendation occurs to readers. On this particular recommendation, I have an idea about how long it might go, what the numbers might be, what the risk level is, and what I will recommend if the selections do not arrive within a period I feel comfortable with. Before I make a recommendation, I have tactics with contingency plans for what I hope is every scenario.

If you are following my instructions, you are playing ONE of the numbers listed in one of 2 ways or you are WAITING, taking a chance that the play might go for a few days longer providing you with greater opportunity. When I give ideas about how to play, I provide these within the statistical possibilities that I am evaluating.

It is also important to note that we are NOT playing "due" numbers.

I have written about this many times. You will not do well waiting for numbers that have not occurred as I wrote about in the 999 message. Because the game does not pay enough when you win, you have very little time to play due numbers. Right now, we are attempting to win 80 to 1 with an estimated chance of 20 to 1 IF I AM correct in my selections. Our risk factor right now is very low based on the potential reward of multiple tickets. Keep reading lottoreport.com for great lottery news. Don

Tuesday - 7-2-02 - From Don - 3:50 PM - The correct outcome on July 1, 2002 was 5-8-3. You may have noticed that this was NOT one of my selections. None of my selections have the digit 0,1,2,or 3. Three of my selections had the 58 such as 568, 578, 589. The play remains to be a good speculation and the digit 7 or 59 or 68 did not occur which continue to make the play viable. Please read the tactics I talk about in my 6-30-02 column. There are 20 selections out of 220 outcomes. I am recommending ONE number be played for now or one of the other tactics I discuss be employed. Remember, the odds are 90% against me in selecting a correct outcome. To hit my favorites, the odds are 218 to 1 against me. It is important for readers to be fully cognizant of the task ahead even though that does not mean success cannot occur. On my last play, it arrived on the first day with almost identical odds against me. You must always take into account your previous days wager even if you are successful the next day. Keep reading lottoreport.com and Good Luck! Don

Original Play - Night Draw Only - Sunday - 6-30-02 - From Don - 10:50 PM - To the lottoreport.com: For Monday, July 1, 2002 the following numbers have potential on an ANY type wager. The best strategy is to play ONE of the numbers. There are 20 numbers listed. Using statistics, you will have a 20 to 1 chance to win 80 to 1 if one of the outcome is correct. Since there are 220 outcomes, I have about a 9% chance of being correct on one of the numbers and a 91% chance of being incorrect. If any one of the numbers occur, the play will be over. I have tried to evaluate which of the numbers might represent the best play but I cannot find any conclusive statistical indicators. That is because I favor numbers with a 7 contained within the number or a 59 or 68 within the number. These indicators, (the 7 and the 59 or 68 are almost tied statistically) Since 14 of the numbers presented have that variable, that's not much of a clue. However, 597 and 687 have both the criteria so I would have to favor those 2 selections.

All the numbers are: 456, 457, 458, 459, 467, 468, 469, 478, 479, 489, 567, 568, 569, 578, 579, 589, 678, 679, 689, 789. Tactics are important in the Pick 3 game. On this play, one number is recommended for play out of the 20 yet there are 2 favorites. ANY one of the numbers is an excellent play. Statistically, this group of numbers is at what I call a "Texas high" meaning the statistical representation of the numbers has not occurred in 2718 days or 8.71 years. Keep in mind that all "highs" are constantly broken as the Pick 3 game grows in days. Another tactic that can be used on plays or recommendations is waiting. Should no numbers in the group occur for say 6 days and then you begin play, the player has gained a statistical advantage. Another tactic might be playing progressively. For example, play 597 for $1 Monday, $2 on Tuesday and so on. A third tactic might be to play all of the numbers BUT I am not recommending that because I do not have good evidence as to the day a number in the group might occur. I won't have to update this play as I typically do. If any number in the group occurs, the play is OVER. I wish everyone great success!!!! Don

As we waited for a play, Don had comments ... read on ...

6-27-02 - From Don - To the lottoreport.com: On 6/21/2002 and 6/20/2002 I talked a little bit about the digit in the last position and provided examples of numbers that fit the profile. I could not advise to play yet based on risk factors. Unfortunately, the number 2-4-0 occurred in last nights drawing which met many of the indicators I look for. The good news is that I would have probably recommended 2-3-0 which of course pays nothing but gives the appearance of some accuracy.

Since I was trying to select the most rewarding play for readers, an exact play, it is always disappointing to see what I call an exact indicator occur and not have a chance at success. However, there ARE going to be excellent plays in the future, that's a certainty. Keep reading lottoreport.com for great lottery news. Don

6-24-02 - From Don - 10PM - To the lottoreport.com: I'm very glad the big lottery is over. I didn't play the six numbers I selected which would have cost $1. It's not the dollar so much but the fact that I hate to lose even at 15 million to 1 and now it's 26 million to 1. I carry that process over in the pick 3 game and that's why I always advise players to refrain from playing the game most of the time. I continue to search for a speculation that is worthy of your hard earned dollars. Keep reading lottoreport.com for great lottery news. Don

6-22-02 - From Don - To the lottoreport.com: Tonight, the lottery offers a huge jackpot. I admit I know little about the lottery and had to ask how Dawn how many total numbers there are. I have my hands full reviewing hundreds of statistics on the pick 3 game and trying to formulate successful outcomes at 220 and 1000 to 1. I am very proud of my record in those selections and with providing readers a great opportunity for success.

In today's column, I just want to brainstorm as to what some hypothetical correct numbers might be. I'm sure you are aware I have absolutely no idea what numbers would be good selections. Let me develop a theory I have had about the game just for fun.

We know that 6 numbers will occur. They will be between 1 and 54. Do you think they will be 1-2-3-4-5-6? I don't. So, with that thought, there must be some other relationship that will occur between the numbers. Could it be 54-53-52-51-50-49? I doubt it.

Let's theorize that I have played the lottery before and have a thought about one number I believe will occur. Let's say 31. Since I do not theorize that the numbers will be consecutive I'm going to pick a relationship to the number 31. However, I know that if 31 doesn't occur my relationship will be incorrect. However, if 31 occurs, (I have a 54 to 1 chance of that happening) I have a possibility of getting 2 numbers correct with a correct guess at the distance between the numbers. By distance, I mean the relationship of 31 to the other numbers.

Let's say I use 6 as the distance between the numbers. Now, I have 31, 37, 43, 49, 25, and 19. But, I don't believe the distance between the numbers will be exactly 6 digits. So, using the target number 31, I select 37 (plus 6) and 44 (7 plus =44). Since the majority of numbers are below 31, I'll select a distance of 9 for 22 and 11 for 11. The numbers I now have are 31, 37, 44, 9, 22. However, I believe one number might be adjacent to a number selected. So, I could play 31, 37, 44, 9, 22 with either 32 or 30, 36 or 38, 43 or 45, 8 or 10, or 21 and 23.

So, instead of trying to select what numbers will occur, I'm attempting to guess what the relationship is between the numbers since I do not believe they will be consecutive. Obviously, I can advance my theory in a number of ways.

So, for tonight, I MIGHT wager one dollar on 9,22,31,37,44 and 8. Who knows? I hope you will continue to read lottoreport.com for great lottery news! Don

Real cute Don! You must be in a good mood today. While I hate to pop your bubble, you can't calculate the Lotto numbers like you do the Pick3 numbers. May I suggest that you pick 31 and use the Lotto Report to pick numbers that have been drawn with it the most? That's the only pattern I've ever seen that's worth while and consistent. You really should take just a minute of your time to go to the Fun Page and read it to see how often the numbers appear from that group of numbers. Who knows, you might be impressed and if "31" is drawn, you might even be the lucky one! Of course, by the same token, the numbers you selected might be drawn too. Who knows ... Good luck everybody.

6-21-02 - From Don - To the lottoreport.com: I reviewed the statistics after the latest result of 491. In my last message, I talked about indicators involving the last digit zero in a number containing 3 different digits such as 140 or 230 or 670. At this point the statistics DO NOT indicate what numbers might be an excellent speculation. I continue to work hard and try to provide readers with opportunity.

Also, I would like to make a comment about the Pick 3 game and the results. I think the lottery owes it to us to give us accurate results. When they post a number on their site that is incorrect that's their problem, not the players. In my opinion, I think they should pay off both the actual winner holding the correct number drawn AND the people holding the number they posted. Without any recriminations, they have no interest in absolutely making positively sure the players receive the correct number and that is true for all the games, not just pick 3.

In my short description listed here, that's how I met Dawn some years ago. The lottery published an incorrect number and fortunately the lottoreport had the correct information. We must hold the administrators accountable for any error. Thanks for reading lottoreport.com.

From Dawn: I would like to add a little something to Don's 6-21-02 message. This is also how we came to get Don's predictions too. You see, he wanted to pay me for my time in helping him find out what was wrong with his stats but I wouldn't accept his money. The reason ... he was so "sure" that what his indicators were showing him were "impossible" and it meant only one of two things. (1) He had to have a mistake somewhere or (2) the Tx Lottery was cheating. So, with that in mind, I was immediately convinced that he had to have a mistake. He also thought it had to be me who had the mistake because he only got his data from the Lotto Report and the TLC.

Since he wouldn't believe that the TLC "could" make a mistake, I took the time to help him find the error. I wish everybody in the world could have heard his reaction the day we found the mistake and it was, in fact, the Texas Lottery's error. The TxLottery had been passing out the wrong drawing results for one draw for over 2 years.

Anyway, since I wouldn't take his money he said he would pay me by way of "plays." So, I watched his predictions for 3 years and saw the accuracy and made money off of them. I wanted to post his plays much sooner than I did but he said "No." And he didn't change his mind until he saw how the Tx Lottery was treating me because I was reporting things they didn't want known. In fact, he was not the only person who came forward at that time and he and a few others have been loyal to me ever since with their help in certain areas. See, there are good people out there who do give of themselves. That keeps me going.

Enough said.

6-20-02 - From Don - To the lottoreport.com: The goal of this column is to provide readers the best opportunity for success in the pick 3 game possible. I have stated that before.

Actually, I should say, I want to provide readers great selections and great opportunity at no cost!!! For that ultimately, is the greatest barometer of success. If you believe in your hypothesis, it should not only work for others, but for you, the creator.

However, having said that, I certainly like numbers and trying to come up with a correct selection at long odds. I thrive on attempting the impossible!!!!. In my last recommendation, I was successful at 217 to 1. I also know many of you hit the 2 in the middle position with the 6 front position with my odds of only 10 to 1 to win 500 to 1. In horse race parlance, that's an overlay, reducing odds on a 980 to 1 shot down to 10 to 1!!!!!

Now one of the things that makes my system work is the lottoreport. It's a great publication because it has great accuracy and an array of valuable statistics. It is very inexpensive to subscribe to on an annual basis. To me, it is an essential part of making a profitable speculation. Since I derive absolutely no money for my efforts on this site or information provided to readers I have no interest in whether you choose to purchase the report. I will tell you this, it's a product I would NOT be without. I urge you to purchase the lottoreport. It's an unsurpassed publication and very easy to subscribe to. Why not do that right now!!!

As to the present status of the pick 3 game. Obviously, we have just seen 2 great plays eventuate. While your waiting for more opportunity, I am again reviewing positional data concerning numbers with a zero in it, this time in the third position or final digit position. Right now, all I know is that the number could be x-y-0 and I do not believe x or y will contain a 0. I continue to study the game and look for timely speculations. Until then, I wish you great success in everything you do. Don

6-19-02 - From Don - To the lottoreport.com: In my message of 6/14/02, I picked the correct number on the correct day. I also wrote about a future strategy we might embark on with the number 42x and 62x. Unfortunately, a number meeting all my criteria arrived last night before I could recommend a day of play to readers. The odds of my assessment was a minimum of 980 to 1 against because I offered 20 numbers (42x exact and 62x exact) (Scroll down to read Don's June 14 message)

Although I erred on the side of caution, the information provided readers a confidence that my methods are very accurate. Thanks for reading lottoreport.com! Don

Don's 19th
Pick3 Prediction

Play Started June 14, 2002 And Came In!

Cease Play

All of Don's Plays Are For The Night Draw Only

6-15-02 - From Don - To the lottoreport.com: In the pick 3 night draw for Friday June 14, 2002, I selected the correct outcome on the correct day. The actual odds of selecting a correct outcome are 220 to 1 on an any play to win 80 to 1. By providing 3 of my preferred selections, I provided readers a 3 to 1 chance (using my statistics) to win 80 to 1 which is a wager you will not find anywhere.

The message is then, incredibly hard work can be mentally challenging and rewarding. Some would say the impossible can be possible!! For those of you who are constantly seeking excellence but have had little success keep trying and have hope.

As to the pick 3 game, night version only, last nights correct outcome had MANY of the elements I search for. Although a 2 happened to be in the number which I anticipated, there were OTHER elements that had important significance. DO NOT try to develop your own philosophy about the "2" that I have talked about.

Right now, it is time to STOP playing the pick 3 game. While you are NOT playing the game I will be searching for the absolute best strategy as to how to play the "2". This will take quite a bit of study because although I picked a correct selection at 217 to 1, picking the correct positional arrangement of the digits is 10 times 10 times 10 or 1000 to 1 and of course only pays 500 to 1. However, 500 to 1 doesn't come along very often. This is certainly an opportunity I want to provide readers with.

In conclusion, STOP playing the game immediately. WAIT for opportunity. IF the "2" arrives there will be other opportunities, perhaps better ones. Thanks for reading lottoreport.com. Don

P.S. And while your NOT playing the game I urge you to read the section entitled Don's viewpoints of this web-site if you have not already read my previous comments. A link can be found at the bottom of this page.

6-14-02 - After the night drawing - From Dawn - Well, 852 was drawn tonight. Don's pick was 528 but I know many of you played this as "any & exact/any" which means ya'll won and Don did good again! I realize Don is looking for the "2" in the middle position so wait til he writes us before playing the numbers shown below. OK. He did make it very clear that it could take up to 20 days for the "2" to come in the middle position so wait to see what he says before playing again. Congratulations to those of you who won tonight.

Original Play - 6-14-02 - From Don - To the lottoreport.com: An evaluation of the Pick 3 game for Friday, June 14, 2002 reveals the following. The numbers 429, 528, 627, 620, 670, 580, 490, 129, and 428 are very good speculations. Since I have selected 9 numbers having three different digits I have 9 chances out of 120 to be correct on that. Since there are 220 total outcomes I have 9 chances in 220 to be completely accurate or a 4% chance to be correct and a 96% chance to be incorrect. Out of the nine numbers listed which can be played any I prefer 429, 528, 627.

In recent columns, I have talked about the 2 in the middle position of the three digit outcome. For the exact players, I am recommending the x-2-x. Statistically, I believe the best first digit would be 4 or 6. In the third digit position, I do not have any statistics that indicate what it might be. So, by playing 42x or 62x you have a 10 to 1 chance of success if I am correct on the 42 and 62. I have 2 chances in 100 to be correct as to the positional digits mentioned. The 2 in the middle position, I estimate, could easily not arrive for another 20 days so it is the most speculative and obviously, most rewarding play at 500 to 1. Keep reading lottoreport.com for great lottery news and updates to this play. Good Luck!! Don

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