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Don's 21st
Pick3 Prediction

New Play - To Begin 9-18-02
Play Ends - Tuesday, 9-24-02

PLAY CAME IN - 296 Drawn on 9-23-02 - Cease Play

Sept. 24, 2002 - From Don - 5:00 AM- To the lottoreport.com: Well, how about them cowboys!!! I'm reliving the immortal words of Jimmy Johnson, of course. As I said, it was fourth down, no time on the clock, time for one more stroke of genius that only the lottoreport can produce. And YES, I did it again!!!!!

Of course, I'll take my place in history behind the governor of Texas in the headlines but I don't care because you only get the impossible made possible at the lottoreport!!!!!!!!

Congratulations to those who have confidence in me, it PAYS. Don

You did good Don - we all thank you! Now I'm off to Austin - Today is the day for the Sunset Commission to report their findings to the legislators! The first of a series of meetings.

Sept. 22, 2002 - From Don - 10:40 AM - To the lottoreport.com: I posted this play for Wednesday, September 18th, 2002. Perhaps it was an omen that the day before the play 2 of the three digits arrived. That is because, again, the result or correct outcome was 6-7-9 and 2 of my selections were 1-7-9 and 6-2-9. I am somewhat inclined to play for a fifth day on Monday, 9/23 for the absolute last day as all of my indicators have arrived in various forms without the production of a winning outcome. So, I'm down to 4th down and 3 seconds on the clock. Let's see if we can score. Don

PS - Ya'll notice - Don's selection of 086 and 089 exact in the day draw exact did not win. The correct outcome was 0-8-7 on Saturday 9-21-02. But he was correct about the zero in the first position! This play was posted on the "Players Comment" page.

Sept. 21, 2002 - From Don - 3:35 PM - To the lottorperot.com: This play began on Wednesday and I expect that today Saturday, will be the final day of play as many of my indicators have arrived.

Last nights outcome of 2-9-1 was NOT one of my predicted outcomes such as 2-6-9 or 1-8-9. Of course, this is the second time in 3 days of play that 2 numbers arrived within the predicted outcomes. So, continue to play on Saturday, September 21, 2002 and keep reading lottoreport.com. Good Luck. Don

Sept. 19, 2002 - From Don - 8:35 AM - To the lottoreport.com: In the Night drawing on 9/18/2002 the correct winning number was 7-2-4. Of course, within my 11 selections were 8-2-4 and 6-2-4. Also, you all know that my one selection, my best pick so to speak was "any" 1-7-4. Now wagering is also supposed to be entertaining but why don't I feel so entertained? Surely, a loss is a loss anyway you calculate it, I suppose that is why. However, quite a bit of hard work just evaporated. The most difficult part of the project, attempting to forecast correct speculations, is whether to play AFTER most of the variables have arrived. In this case, since we have only played one pick 3 day, I am NOT going to recommend we stop play. But, the totality of the play will be shorter, from a maximum of nine days to 6. Keep reading lottoreport.com in case I have to change the numbers and for great lotto news!!!! In conclusion, WOW, wasn't that something!!!! Don

Sept. 18, 2002 - From Don - 8:25 AM: Whew! That was close, good thing the play hasn't started yet.

How close was it? Not really that close. An examination of my selections reveals that I selected 22 total pairs of different digits out of 100 possible. Thus, I had about a 20% chance for 2 digits to be contained in one of the selections which occurred yesterday (989). In most things, like education, if you get 20% of the answers correct you fail miserably. If you handicap football and you pick 20% it's a huge failure. However, in the pick 3 game, picking 20% is phenomenal.

But all that doesn't matter now as this play officially begins today.

I read Dawns comments and let me elaborate about the numbers chosen. All the numbers except 189 and 482 have either 17, 35, or 26 in them. I narrowed these numbers from the 08, 17, 26, 35, 44 category as I believe 2 of these digits will be within the number. I preferred 174 and 264 because they have more indicators present than the other 9 numbers chosen. The numbers 189 and 482 have other parameters which make them unique and last nights outcome of 989 had indicators representative of a good selection like 189.

So to sum up, my selections are 137, 135, 235, 269, 179, 359, 345, 174, 264, 482, 189.

However, although I have only selected one correct number on the correct day in eight years of interest in the game, this ones for you Dawn - 1-7-4. As to being correct on one of my 11 selections I have 11 chances in approximately 210 outcomes. As to being correct on 1-7-4, I have 1 chance in about 210. I wish you good luck! Don (Thanks Don. What would you say to it being 417 exact? That's how I think it will be but I realize, I'm usually wrong. So for those of you out there reading this, don't pay any attention to me!)

Original Play - Sept. 17, 2002 - From Don - 2:10 PM: A review of recommendations reveals that I have projected results for four days over New Year and 5 times during 2002. The plays and results are available here [on the web site].

For Wednesday, September 18th, 2002 I have projected good speculative potential involving 11 numbers on an ANY type wager.

The numbers are 137, 135, 235, 269, 179, 359, 345, 174, 264, 482, 189.

Of the 11 numbers I prefer, 174 and 264. I expect that the maximum days this play would last would be 9 days. Coincidentally, tomorrow is 9/18 however the date plays no significance in my selections. Best regards. Don

From Dawn - A little humor for you. In a conversation with Don yesterday, he asked me what would make me happy - just what kind of message would make me happy? He started this .... after all, he asked. So, I said, "Well, how 'bout one short message that just says, 'play XXX' and then have it come in that same day." (I am a woman you know so no one should be surprised at my desires! I didn't think that was asking for too much ... do you? :)) )

At any rate, Don replied, "Well, I sent you one like that not to long ago and it came in." Then I said, "Yeah, I know but I didn't play it so it doesn't count :)) <big, big grin on my face>" I know what you are thinking, "What nerve she has!" Anyway, I would venture to say that this is why this message is sooo short.

But Don, there's not just one number to play!!!!!!!! Oh well, I'll put .50 on each and see if I can make $40. Good luck everybody.

Sept. 16, 2002 - From Don - 2:30 PM: To the lottoreport.com: A friend approached me with a winning pick 3 ticket to ask if I knew how much the successful wager paid. After a short discussion about the ticket, I discovered he knew little about the game, how much he had wagered or what type of wager he had made. That sparked my interest in a subject I have not discussed in this column, the 3 methods of selecting numbers.

First, the three methods are, choosing your own numbers, selecting a quick pick and having the computer select your number for you, and finally using information to select a number, sometimes referred to as a recommendation. Let me say that if you select your own numbers, it would seem difficult for me to prove beyond equivocation that I can do better than you. We would have to keep detailed records of what you play and when and what it pays compared to my selections. However, if you choose your own numbers you are still faced with the daunting task of deciding WHEN to play. I have written enough columns on that subject for the reader to be aware that playing the game often must generate losses to the player through the odds paid to the player. Realistically though, if you only played the game once and were successful you have the same potential to outperform my selections on a percentage basis.

The second method is the computer selection. Two players who buy tickets at the same time are assigned numbers in sequential order. When all the playing is completed, all the numbers are wagered on and the pick 3 game is absolutely guaranteed to take in half of what it took in on the computerized selections.

This is my least favorite method for players to choose. That is because many players play the same numbers like birthdays, etc when they choose their own numbers and the pick 3 game could take a big enough hit to create a big loss to them for one day or perhaps even two. However, over time the game will produce enormous profits.

The third method is a selection, a recommendation, a statistical guess based on a theory that has worked before. This is my favorite method because a good recommendation tells the reader the method of play, the number or numbers to play, and the approximate day of play. Another factor to consider is that a player can purchase multiple tickets on selections. This creates a windfall for the player as a lottery ticket is the same as cash. For example, on 9/10/2002 it is noted on this web-site that the pick 3 game paid out $285,200 and took in $763,765. What we don't know is how many people held winning $500 tickets. Actually, it is possible for a person to wager $100 exact on a number and be the recipient of a $50,000 prize which represents 17% of all the money paid out. The lottery doesn't care because they made $478,565!!!!!! The point is that if you think information you have is credible based on past performance, credibility of the author, or some other intangible, get in and get out, look for OPPORTUNITY, not to play the game often. By the way, all of my past performances are provided by Dawn at this page. I continue to review possibilities that merit speculation. Thanks for reading lottoreport.com. Don

Sept. 13, 2002 - From Don - 3:30 PM: To the lottoreport.com: I thank the readers for their concern in that many have noticed I have not had a selection for some time. To make a very long story short, if there is not a play, I cannot manufacture one. I could put something out there that is marginally possible but that is not the purpose of this column. The purpose of this column is to provide readers an absolutely OUTSTANDING potential to earn profits.

Dawn has published some comments I made to her concerning the DAY pick 3 game. Those selections are very crude because readers have absolutely no idea what verbiage I use to discuss plays with Dawn. She understands most of my terminology and I never use the same terminology with the readers as I do with Dawn. Also, in the day draw pick 3 game a number of deviations are occurring so I ADVISE AGAINST playing any selection mentioned on the players comment page. I will tell you that one of my favorite selections in the day draw for today, Friday the 13th was 079 and I had a number of reasons why. However, many of my indicators did arrive in the number that ultimately was drawn. But, having said that a loser is just that, because the correct number was NOT 079.

As to the New York pick 3 number that has received an incredible amount of notoriety, I have little to say other than any one of the 210 any possible numbers and the 1000 exact numbers must occur. We, as the public can draw many inferences about what number was drawn anywhere on a typical day. There is quite a bit of attention given to the pick 3 game when the same number occurs 2 days in a row or a date like 9/11 with historic importance arrives on that date. And I can assure you, that 9/11 has great significance and importance to me!! But when I think of 9/11 the last thing I will remember is that the number 911 occurred on that date. I think the first thing I will think of is all the fathers who lost sons who went into occupations as their father had. I have quite a bit of empathy for those fathers, 9/11 fathers. I wish them well as I do all of the victims families.

I will write more about the pick 3 game this week and hopefully have a great opportunity soon. Best Regards, Don

Sept. 13, 2002 - From Dawn - 8AM: The "911" that was drawn in the New York lottery has prompted me to post a message from a player on the "Players Comments" page. Because of the inquiries about Don, I have posted - on that page - a message I received from Don on 9-8-02. It describes a play for the Day draw which I do not support. Click here to read it - scroll down to the Sept 13th entry.

Message posted August 29, 2002 - From Don - To the lottoreport.com: I certainly apologize for not keeping the readers up to speed on the pick 3 game. It takes me a great deal of time to go through all my programs, look for a statistical abnormality, and perform the necessary calculations to give readers an opportunity for success. Sometimes, by the time I find a statistical abnormality during the day and get ready to post it for readers that next morning the number has arrived and I have to begin all over again starting from scratch. So, it is a very time consuming, laborious task. Certainly, the strongest part of the project is that I hate to lose and simply refuse to play the game unless I believe, in my opinion, I have successfully lowered the odds enough to make a great speculation. The readers out there work very hard for their discretionary dollars and unlike the lottery administrators, I believe they should be amply rewarded.

Certainly, there is a variety of speculations such as sports handicapping, horse racing, web-casinos, regular casinos, and of course lotteries. I continue to believe, that at times, the pick 3 game presents the most optimal wager there is. Keep reading lottoreport.com for great news. Don

Message posted August 17, 2002 - From Don - To the lottoreport.com: Many of the readers of this web-site are very informed about the lottery. Of course, my column only deals with the Pick 3. Today, I want to discuss how to make an educated guess about what might come out. This is because it takes allot of work to put out a play and sometimes I go quite a while without having a play. For those of you who do not follow my advice and avoid the game, I want to discuss some statistics that might help you do better.

Rather than talk about the whole game, I'm going to break the game down a little. First lets say you want to guess about a number having three different digit like 1-2-3. A number will have 3 different digits 72% of the time. Out of the last 20 outcomes in the night draw, 17 have met that criteria, three different digits. On an any play, we have narrowed the field now to 120 outcomes.

I want you to use the lowest digit in the number as the primary indicator. Let's say you pick a 1. Now, the number must contain a 1, has no digit lower (no zero). So, I'm going to play 1 something and something. There are now 28 choices out of the 120. Lets say I pick 69 to go with the 1. So, I'm going to play 169 but when?

The answer is I'm going to play within 6 days of when I see a number having a 1 in it (no zero) as the lowest digit and the number has 3 different digits.

For example, on 7/25 in the night draw, the number was 513. I would have begun playing 169 with the intention of playing for 6 days. On 7/27, the correct number was 251. I did not hit my 169 and playing in hypothetical $1 wagers I lost 2$. After 251 hit, I would begin again playing 6 days stopping then. During this period I would have lost another $6. Total loss is now $8. On 8/6 when the number 172 came in that would have been my indicator to begin a 6 day play again. I would not have had to play 6 days however because the next day 961 arrived. My total expenditure would have been $10 and I would have won $80, a very good return.

I can't go into everything as to why this might work statistically but it is great for people who can't stop playing the game.

So, as usual, I hope you will avoid the game most of the time but if you don't here is something to give you an educated guess. I wish everyone great success.

Message posted August 16, 2002 - From Don - To the lottoreport.com: Well, Dawn has mentioned that I do review the day pick 3 draw. And yes, I have had absolutely incredible accuracies even for me.

I attribute these positive results to the fact that I have put many pick 3 games together in other states. Simply put, that means, analyzed them from data day one. That experience has gained me a significant advantage in what to look for from a statistical viewpoint.

Today, I was called for jury duty. There was about 325 people in a room. They needed about 100. Many of the people sat there anxiously contemplating the possibility of being called and the disruptions that may occur should they be called. Before the actual selection began a number of citizens began lining up for exemptions. Perhaps they had legitimate exemptions but perhaps they were also worried about being called. Finally, the room had about 300 people of which they required 100.

Obviously, I had a 33% chance of being called but I had a 67% of NOT being called, a real good chance. A better than average chance. A chance that I would like to have in an gambling game in the world, 67%. But guess what. the pick 3 game does better than that every day!!! If you play a number having three different digits, you can "win" 72% of the time. Only problem is you can't make any money. If you play a number having 2 of the same digits, you will lose 72% of the time when you "win".

The message I want to impart today is, know what your chances are BEFORE you go into something. Evaluate whether you are making a sound wager based on some statistical basis. This process can both enhance your love of number games and give you a better chance at success. Oh, by the way, I didn't get called. Best Regards, Don

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