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Nov 11, 2002 - From Don - To the lottoreport.com: For those of you are reading my column generously supplied free of charge by the lottoreport there is a very good follow up to the Breeders Cup Race in the Sunday New York Times of 11/10/2002.

The article is very lengthy and talks about all the people and computer systems involved in the scandal involving Americas richest horse race. As many of you know, the horse racing industry is a 14.5 BILLION dollar business. That's huge but nowhere near the scratch off lottery ticket business at 27.5 BILLION worldwide.

Obviously, these are 2 big industries. That doesn't consider the lotteries and the pick 3 games and many other games of chance.

Why is this industry so big? I conclude that if people would become more aware of the odds in some of these endeavors they would be less inclined to make such foolish wagers.

Horse Racing used to be a simple game as to betting. You could bet win, place or show and a daily double. However, in the 1970's fans wanted ways to win bigger jackpots. Along came exacta and trifecta but that wasn't enough. Finally, along came the pick 6. (sound familiar to lottery players) The bettor has to correctly select the winner in six consecutive races.

The bet originated in 1980 at Hollywood Park. There are many days when no bettor correctly selects the outcome and the pool is carried over. Big pools of money can then result.

Did you know for example, that the winning ticket in the Breeders Cup controversy cost $192. However, there were SIX winning tickets held by the same individual. I guess that's like the same person having 6 winning tickets with the same numbers in the lottery. To my knowledge, its just not done but alas, it is possible.

What do I conclude from this information, whether it be scratch offs - horse racing - or the pick 3 game. Everybody is trying to get our money any way they can.

The purpose of this column is to try and advise readers how to keep more for themselves and get more from games like the pick 3 than would be expected. At this site, the payouts in the pick 3 game are offered each day. YOU must review this and see for yourself how much the pick 3 game takes in and pays out every day. It will absolutely shock you into making better wagers.

I intend to write a column on this again and again until we are able to make a big impact on readers. You absolutely MUST avoid this game most of the time. Thanks for reading lottoreport.com. Don

Nov 7, 2002 - From Don - In my last message I talked about opportunity. As I read the news today (11-6-02) , there were a number of interesting articles having to do with opportunity and people looking to capitalize on their intelligence or seemed intelligence.

First, in the Wall Street Journal. Gtech has warned governments worldwide about a possible compromising of its computerized system for paying scratch-ticket winners in Taiwan.

As a result, the government of Taiwan has issued a complete recall of scratch tickets in distribution there - after discovering information that led it to believe the bar code used on the ticket had been cracked to outsiders. The Taiwan government suspects that someone has decoded the algorithm on some scratch ticket barcodes. That could make it possible to tell which tickets are winners without scratching them.

Gtech, the dominant leader in computerized management systems said the recall of the tickets represents an abundance of caution. For those of you who didn't know, the scratch off lottery ticket business is a 27.5 billion dollar industry. In theory, a crooked distributor who knew the code numbers that authorized payouts could scan a sheet of tickets, pick out the winners, buy and cash them himself - according to the article. (My comments below)

In another story, the Breeders Cup has not paid out a 3 million dollar purse due to the investigation of three men according to today's USA Today. There is a suspicion that a bettor hacked into the computer and changed the bets after the start of the Breeders Cup. One of the men, an employee of Autotote, was fired last week. Right now, no one knows what actually occurred to produce this one successful bet worth 3 million dollars.

Basically, these stories have one thing in common. Computers have changed the way everyone does things and although seem vulnerable at times, the computer is capable of doing very complicated things like picking a successful pick 3 number in advance as you have witnessed on this site. However, the player can't do foolish things like play the pick 3 game often. Wait for opportunity and then make the most of it. Until then, much success. Don

From Dawn: In reading between the lines, this must mean that someone hacked into G-Tech's computer system because they are "supposedly" the only ones who have the encrypted files that shows which scratch tickets are winners. Hmmm ....

While we're on the subject of scratch tickets, I've received a number of comments lately concerning how strange it is that the top prizes seem to remain unclaimed on the newer tickets. And yes, I've noticed that too.

I think that because of the lawsuit in California last year, the lotteries may have ask their printers to change the method of prize distribution in his shipments. By that I mean - the last time I heard, the printer use to guarantee that 1/6 of the prizes and 1/6 of the losers reside in each of 6 groups of tickets.

G-Tech ships to retailers from one group first, then moves on to the next group and so on. I think they may have moved the top prizes to the last groups that will be shipped to retailers. Now understand, I don't know this for sure, but based on the fact that the top prizes appear to be unclaimed, this is what I think. This would be the solution to the problem that arose in California.

Examples (As of 11-2-02):
#309, Weekly Grand. Started 5-31-02, 3 top prizes, 3 remain unclaimed - sold 60%.
#711, Royal Riches. Started 8-14-02, 4 top prizes, 3 remain unclaimed - sold 78%
#325, Instant Cash. Started 10-2-02, 4 top prizes, 4 remain unclaimed - sold 21.7%
#714, Spin & Win. Started 10-9-02, 3 top prizes, 3 remain unclaimed - sold 36%

Nov 5, 2002 - From Don - Posted 8:40 PM - To the lottoreport.com: That's what I like about lottoreport.com, the free press is alive and well. In today's column, my intention is to write about OPPORTUNITY.

We hear alot of talk about opportunity as to career advancement, a stock tip, a strategy for improving your 401k, a trip to Las Vegas, perhaps even political ambition. Opportunity to me, is an infrequent event that allows one to profit in some way.

So, in the pick 3 game, we know the game pays at half the true odds. Thus, there is no opportunity on a daily basis because playing this game every day as many of you do will be a consistent loser. However, at times, the game presents statistical variations that present a good speculative nature for the player.

If you review my last recommendation, I provided 64 numbers with only a 23% chance of success. The opportunity was so slanted for the player in this particular situation it presented great opportunity. Interestingly, the lottery uses incredible measures to insure the fairness of the games. How then, with only a 23% chance of success, can a correct number be forecast on the correct day?

I imagine they are wondering the same thing!!! The answer is opportunity, look for it, try to develop methods to put yourself in a position to find it. Obviously, reading lottoreport.com is a great start. Until the next play, I wish everyone out there great success, including Colleen. Don


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