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About Pick3

To win Pick3, players have to have all 3 numbers drawn.

There are 1000 total combinations in Pick3. They are 000 thru 999.

Out of the 1000 total combinations, there are 100 "pairs of numbers" [2 digits]. They are 00 thru 99.

The numbers drawn fall into 3 categories. They are either a "combination type number," "double digit" or "triple digit."

What and if you win depends on how you bet and if your numbers are drawn.

There are basically 3 ways to bet.

ANY - You pick 3 numbers, between 0 thru 9 and if they are drawn in "any" order, you win.

Example: Let's say you bet "Any" and marked your ticket "258" but "528" was drawn. You still won because you bet that those numbers would be drawn in "any" order.

Notice the numbers shown are three different numbers. This is called a "combination number."

If you bet .50, you won $40.

If you be $1, you won $80.

EXACT - You pick 3 numbers, between 0 through 9, BUT unlike the "any" play, they must be drawn in the exact order you played them.

Example: Let's say you bet "exact" and marked your ticket 258. If 258 is drawn, you win.

However, if 528 is drawn, you lose because you bet that the numbers would come in in the "exact" order that you played them.

If you bet .50, you win $250.

If you bet $1, you win $500.

EXACT/ANY - Technically, this is two bets in one. The cheapest "exact/any" ticket is $1. What you are doing is betting "any" with .50 and you are betting "exact" with .50. You can win one of the two bets or both bets. You can also lose!

Out of the 1000 combinations, you have ten numbers that are called "triple digits." They are 000, 111, 222, 333, up to 999.

You can only bet "triple digits" "exact" because there is no other way for them to be drawn.

Out of the 1000 Pick3 combinations, there are 270 "double digit combinations."

An example of a "double digit combination" is 001, 002, 003, 112, 223, 445, 667, 889 etc.

If you played a "double digit," let's say 100 on an "any" bet, and 010 was drawn, you'd still win.

But if you played it "exact," you would have lost.

An "exact double digit" bet pays more than a "combo (combination) number."

Notice that "100" can be three different combinations. They are 010, 001, 100.

Out of the 1000 Pick3 combinations, there are 720 "combo type numbers."

On an "any" bet though, the 720 combinations are reduced to 120 combinations because there are 6 ways to mix and match three different numbers. Example: 456, 465, 546, 564, 645, 654.

In Don's Nov 14, 2002 prediction, he predicted that we would see a 13, 22, or 04 contained in a drawing. This is 5 out of the 100 pairs [2 digits - 00-99] and left only one number for us to pick ourselves.

The three predicted "two digits" (13, 04, 22) equates to 30 different combinations on an "any" play if you wanted to cover every possibility.

They are:
130, 131, 132, 133, 134, 135, 136, 137, 138, 139, 220, 221, 222, 223, 224, 225, 226, 227, 228, 229, 040, 041, 042, 043, 044, 045, 046, 047, 048, 049.

In the case of the Nov 14th play, since it came in the first day, we could have afforded to play all 30 numbers on an "ANY" bet and we would have definitely profitted. Of course, who knows for sure that it will come in on the 1st day!

When Don said "5 possible combinations," he was reversing the two digits - 13, 31, 40, 04, 22 and counted that as 5. He was correct in that those three sets of digits did represent five pairs of numbers between 00 -99. They were 04, 13, 22, 31, 40.

I view it as "3 possible combinations" because it was an "any" play so it didn't matter what order the numbers were in. But, technically, Don was right.

I hope this helps you better understand the Pick3 game and the terminology.

Don's 24th
Pick3 Prediction

Notice of new play to come 11-13-02
Play starts 11-14-02
Play came in 11-14-02 - 381 was drawn

Cease Play

Nov 15, 2002 - From Don - Cease Play - To the When I attempt to give a player a great opportunity, I have to pick the correct day first before I choose what numbers to play. Then, I tell the readers what are the best numbers to play on that day.

I then try to determine the absolute smallest group of numbers available. In this case, the worst possible scenario means that you wagered 30 units to win 80 units which is an incredible return over one day of wagering.

Obviously, I have your attention because although you've seen me do it over and over again, you don't believe it. When you have a game like the pick 3 that's pays at only HALF the true odds, it means that there were 190 OTHER outcomes that could have arrived. Although I'm glad to provide readers with an OPPORTUNITY for success I am hoping that more and more of you will follow my instructions and play only when there is OPPORTUNITY.

Let's take money from the TLC in big chunks and get out, wait for more OPPORTUNITY and keep doing it over and over again!!! In reviewing all the payouts (I have written a number of columns about that), I'm not satisfied. I want to provide readers an OPPORTUNITY to collect $20 MILLION DOLLARS in a one time daily payout.

I also want to see the amounts of daily wagering go way DOWN. That is my goal. It's possible with the demographics the web presents. This play is OVER. Keep reading because it PAYS. Don

Nov 14, 2002 - From Dawn - 10:50 PM After the draw - WOW! Can you believe it? Don said we'd see either 22, 13, or 04 in a number and sure enough - here it is - 381. Sure wish it had been one of his favorites but gosh, what can I say? I'm happy because I had it - I thought we'd see a total sum of 12 like we did last night (11-13-02). Good for me!!!!

I think I should say that this will probably be a "cease play" now but we'll wait until we hear from Don. Congratualtions to those of you who won tonight - and to Don, THANK-YOU.

Nov 14, 2002 - From Don - Original Play Begins - To the A strange coincidence is in this play in that this play is strikingly familiar to prediction 22 and one of the main indicators is 22. That is a 100 to 1 shot by itself.

The digits I am expecting to be contained in the number for Nov. 14, 2002 in the Night Pick 3 game have the digits 22, 13, and 04 in them. I have selected 5 possible combinations on an any ticket out of 100 so I have a 5% chance of being correct and a 95% chance of being incorrect.

In prediction 22, it took 10 days before the main indicator arrived in the number 4-2-2. My favorite number in that span was 222 and 999. I have waited approximately 23 days now to play the game. During those 23 days, the indicator 04, 13, 22 has developed again but I believe it will NOT last 10 days to arrive again. Since there are 30 numbers out of 220 outcomes, I have a 13.6% chance of being correct and a 86.4% chance of being incorrect.

I reviewed the 30 numbers and prioritized some of the numbers in the 30 that I believe present the best opportunity for success in the shortest duration of time which is critical to success. They are in weighted order, meaning I like the first the best and so on. 222, 004, 999, 407, 137, 130, 104, 227. The odds against my accuracy are 968 to 1. This means I only have 32 chances in 1000 to be right on the number and a 13% chance to be right on the prediction.

Always understand this is a very high risk proposition AND that the reward is somewhat compensatory.

For, today, Thursday, I would rate this play a 6 on a scale of 10 with 10 being the best. Also, remember, if you play before the day game goes off you MUST check the box NIGHT. Don

Nov 13, 2002 - From Don - Notice of play to come 11-14-02 - To the I anticipate coming out with a play tomorrow. The play will be very similar to a play I had a short time ago. I expect the correct winning number in the night pick 3 game to have a 04, 13, or 22 in it. That represents 30 possibilities out of 220. Thus, I have an 87% chance to be INCORRECT. After tonight's draw, I will try to select some favorites for you out of the 30. Right now, my favorites are 130, 140, 740, 137. ALL of my selections will be contingent on tonight's draw. Have some fun and see what occurs tonight. More tomorrow. Don

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