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Don's 26th Prediction
2003 - 1st Prediction)
Play Starts 1-11-03 - Ended 1-16-03

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Updates Below Original Play -
(1-11 & 1-13 Postings)

Cease Play After Jan 15, 2003 Draw

Thursday, Jan 16, 2003 - From Don - To the lottoreport.com: A recap of the material presented concludes that I presented 19 numbers for play out of 220 outcomes and predicted a day of play.

One of the numbers arrived 2 days before my expected first day of play which made the recommendation invalid. I had about a 9% chance to be correct and a 91% to be incorrect on that recommendation.

Since that play was no longer available, I suggested players play a double digit the next day and projected some favorites.

The percentages of correctly selecting the day of the double digit are about 72% against. A double digit did occur but not one of my selected outcomes. The odds of one of my selected outcomes arriving were about 960 to 1 against.

I recommended to readers that they continue playing my recommendations, one of which was 555 and the next day 535 occurred. The same formidable odds were presented on that day.

As of today, the play is concluded and it was NOT successful. BUT, I believe I gave readers excellent opportunity considering the odds presented. I continue to look for recommendations which are worthy of your hard earned dollars. Best Regards, Don

From Dawn: Since so many of you are inquiring about this play, Don's picks were based on "conditions." While the play is over because you cannot "profit" ... the conditions are still due. The VERY specific condition that is due would involve playing the numbers "ANY" are 447, 663, 771, 339, 555. HOWEVER, if any triple digit comes in, that would void this "condition." As we all know, these numbers could come in tonight and then they could come in 5 years from now. SO, play these numbers ONLY as your pocket book allows!

WHEN any one of the above mentioned numbers comes in, including any triple digit, the condition is met so definitely stop play.

And Don, you did good. Not many people can list 19 numbers and say that IF one does not come in within the week, then this is what we are going to play. Also, let's not forget that after one of those numbers did come in, that you went on to say play a double digit NOW and it came in the exact day you said to play the double digit. Many wrote to say that they bought all combinations ($90) and came out $90 richer! We THANK YOU for your hard work. Keep the plays coming - OK?

ORIGINAL PLAY Starts Saturday, Jan 11, 2003 - From Don - Predicted numbers updated 1-13-03 - To the lottoreport.com: In the Texas Night Pick 3 draw, on January 10, 2003, the correct number was 5-1-2. This is one of the 19 numbers I selected for play that was to begin January 12, 2003.

I had 201 chances to be wrong each day for the 9 days but I wasn't. I recalculated the numbers and expected distance but somehow the number arrived 2 days early. Fortunately, when the number arrives BEFORE the day I recommend play, we are only out opportunity.

I believe it is more important that the readers have validation that my methods work exceedingly well as the pick 3 game always presents opportunity at CERTAIN TIMES. I plan to write more columns on my method and other methods available to readers in the future.

Although the 19 recommended numbers are NOT available for play any longer, I am going to forecast some information which will provide readers great opportunity right now.

For January 1011, 2003 in the NIGHT draw, I want everyone who plays the pick 3 game to play a double or triple digit. A double digit has 2 of the SAME digits. One example would be 4-4-7. (This message was posted on 1-11-03 - the 512 was drawn on the 10th so obviously the date should have been the 11th - an obvious mistake. Thanks for pointing that out to me.)

Also, I know many of you play triple digits regularly although I do not recommend it. Right now is a unique time in that the triple digit represents a good play RIGHT NOW. Three of my favorite triples RIGHT NOW are 999, 666, 555.

Remember that you can purchase duplicate tickets on the same number by telling the retailer, play this ticket 3 times or the retailer can use the "repeat" key IF they know how which few do.

On the subject of filling out the ticket, it is imperative that if you play the NIGHT draw BEFORE the day draw is drawn, you must check the box marked NIGHT. This information, as to the double digit is ONLY FOR THE NIGHT DRAW.

Having said that I want all readers and their friends to play a double or triple digit. How great a chance of success do you have? Since 28% of the outcomes are double digits you have a 72% chance to be incorrect, not very good. I expect this play to last a maximum of 8 days until January 18th. If you want to wait until closer to the 18th, the only thing you lose is opportunity.

If no double or triple digit should occur by January 17th, this will become one of the greatest plays in pick 3 history, an opportunity that will be extremely rare.

Due to the fact that one of the 19 numbers arrived last night and it takes me time to formulate new numbers and recalculate the distance I expect them to arrive in, I can only give you a few favorites right now.

My favorites are 999, 666, 555, 447, 448, 449, 445, 446, 771, 339, 663. Of those, 447, 666. The odds of accuracy are 973 to 1 AGAINST an accurate prediction. In conclusion, remember that 447 "any" is also 447-744-474 exact! Keep reading lottoreport.com for updates. Don

Updated Numbers For Original Play - Monday, Jan 13, 2003 - From Don - To the lottoreport.com: One of the fascinations of the pick 3 game is that all the outcomes can be simplified into either 1000 exact numbers or 120 numbers having three different digits and 90 numbers having 2 different digits and 10 triple digits. When you consider that an "any" type wager on a number having three different digits will return $80, you realize that you must eliminate 2 thirds of the three digit numbers (80 of 120) AND all of the double digits AND select the day just to achieve a return of double your money. The problem is then, that you will not be successful enough times and therefore, you will lose over time.

The double digit is interesting because it pays $160 to 1. Thus, if you select the correct day of arrival you can receive a very handsome return on equity, $90 wagered for $160 paid out. The problem is that you will not be successful over time because to correctly select the double digit you have only about a 3 in 10 chance of success. That is if you play ALL the double digits. So, I conclude that although picking the double digit is an incredibly profitable task it has a HIGH degree of difficulty, perhaps impossibility!!!

For the pick 3 game beginning Monday, January 13th, 2003, I am recommending the following numbers for 3 days only.
999, 666, 555, 447, 448, 449, 445, 446, 771, 339, 663, 889, 998, 001. Thanks for reading lottoreport.com. Don

Wednesday, Jan 15, 2003 - From Don - To the lottoreport.com: Yesterdays message was a portent of last nights winning outcome of not 7-4-4 but 7-4-0. Tonight will be the final night of the recommendation, perhaps the most frustrating 3 days of pick 3 play I have ever encountered. I wish you great success in all your endeavors. Play the recommended numbers tonight THEN stop playing the game for now. Don

Tuesday, Jan 14, 2003 - From Don -To the lottoreport.com: I cannot describe to you my disappointment in that last night's pick 3 result of 5-3-5 was not one of my selections like 5-5-5. Only one other time in the last year have I had a bigger disappointment and it had nothing to do with the pick 3 game.

The only good news is that I suggested to all the readers that they play a double digit on Saturday and Monday and that information was correct. It is my hope that someone profited by that information although none of my favorites arrived. As I have explained in my recent columns you can still enjoy profits by correctly selecting the day of the double digit, an incredibly difficult thing to do!!!

Those of you who read my column often might realize that I spend an inordinate amount of time reviewing frequency distributions, population variances, mutually exclusive events, conditional probabilities and standard deviations. To have one of my 19 numbers arrive 2 days early AND to predict a double digit 2 days in a row and watch them arrive but not be my favorite is very disconcerting. No one realizes more than I the amount of profits that could have been won if I had just provided a few more possibilities.

Finally, although I have only recommended playing the pick 3 game for 2 days so far in 2003, I have never had a more bitter misfortune since I began writing this column. I assure you I will do better and it is my hope that you will enjoy success along with me. Continue to play the numbers recommended for Tuesday and Wednesday (The numbers in the 1-13-03 message). Don

Sunday, Jan 12, 2003 - From Don - To the lottoreport.com: The result for Saturday, January 11, 2003 in the pick 3 night game was 8-8-3. I forecasted the exact day for the double digit to occur although my favorites were not drawn. However, it is my hope that some of you used this information to play 883 which is a great windfall at either 500 to 1 or 160 to 1.

The occurrence of the double digit as predicted will change the strategy of future play. Typically, I would recommend you stop playing however, I am going to suggest playing the pick 3 NIGHT game for 3 more days. I will have new numbers for you on Monday, January 13, 2003 which will represent outstanding speculations.

Keep reading lottoreport.com. Don

Wednesday, Jan 8, 2003 - From Don - To the lottoreport.com: While we are waiting for a play, hopefully on Monday, I wanted to discuss some of the objectives in forecasting a number.

Many of you have heard of Dr. Edward Thorpe, a math professor who developed a system in blackjack based on his theory that the odds of winning changed after certain cards have been played. Using his system, he won about $4000 in four hours and was soon barred from blackjack tables because his winnings were too consistent. Thorp used a computer to work out all the odd changes as certain cards were removed from the deck and got the computer to calculate the percentages. His discovery led immediately to the development of a system called "counting."

Casinos had to develop ways to counter Thorp. Lawrence Revere wrote a book called Playing Blackjack as a Business and it was after this book was published that casinos began playing blackjack with multiple decks and shuffling the deck when players increased their bets when the deck was "favorable."

However, there is really no comparison between the pick 3 game and a game of casino blackjack because of the low percentage take for the house in blackjack versus the incredibly long odds or house take of the pick 3 game. Yet, at times, like in the Thorp system, I believe there are advantages for the player even though, unlike blackjack, the player may have in excess of over 200 to 1 odds against them.

In the Thorp system, the amount wagered was critical to success because when the deck was "favorable" the odds were with the player. In the pick 3 game, the odds are never with the player yet some unique wagering strategies are possible.

One of these strategies would be "progressive." Let's say you play ONE of my 19 numbers on Monday for $1 (any) but it OR none of the 19 are drawn. On Tuesday, you'd wager $2 on the same number for a total investment of $3.

Should the number arrive, the winnings would be $160 minus $3 for an incredible return of $157. Using my method, when the numbers do not arrive, they become a BETTER wager thus progressive wagering is good under certain conditions.

The conditions are, you must have a plan as to the total number of days you will do it and then stop. Let's say you plan to play a number for six days. You would wager $1, then $2, then $3, then $4, then $5, then $6. Your investment for the week was $21. Your potential winnings on an "any" wager was 6 times $80 or $480. But then you quit if the number does not arrive.

Another strategy might be to take the entire $21 and wager it one day. The potential winnings would be $21 times 80 or $1680.

In the pick 3 game, your chances are just as good playing one day as six because each drawing is an independent event and not relative to any other drawing. You can also take that one number which is really six numbers (all of the 19 are 3 different digits) and play it "exact" which would cost $6. Then you play each ticket 4 times for an investment of $24. If your number came in, then it would pay $2000.

I suggest you always play "exact" OR "any," never anything else.

In conclusion, I intend to keep you informed and continue deliberating what is the absolute best play for readers of lottoreport.com. Don

Tuesday, Jan 7, 2003 - From Don - To the lottoreport.com: Its very interesting waiting for numbers hoping they won't come in! [Jan 1, 2003 entry] Also, we can place ourselves in the position of the Texas Lottery for a moment because making a prediction that 19 numbers WILL NOT arrive until Monday is not much of a prediction.

That's because on an any ticket, there are 220 outcomes possible and I have chosen 19. Thus, there are 201 other numbers that can arrive. I hope readers who insist on playing the game often will deliberate that for a moment because that's why the pick 3 game for the state is guaranteed success.

Who wouldn't take that bet? With only about a 9% chance to be correct on the number and a 91 % chance to be incorrect the odds are certainly stacked with the house.

BUT, a history of my selections will show that I have picked great selections at better than 950 to 1 on several occasions. So today, the message is be patient, wait for opportunity, and then seize the opportunity to the best of your ability. Keep reading lottoreport.com for great lottery news. Don

Saturday, Jan 4, 2003 - From Don - Notice of play to come Monday, 1-13-03 - To the lottoreport.com: I have estimated that one of the 19 numbers listed in this column [Jan 1, 2003 entry] will be available for play beginning Monday, January 13, 2003. At that time, one of the numbers will represent a great opportunity. If any of the numbers arrive tonight or next week, the numbers will NOT be available for play. This is the only play I can find in searching 64 computer programs I have developed. This analysis is only for the NIGHT draw. I hope to find some favorites within the 19 should none of the numbers arrive. Don

Friday, Jan 3, 2003 - From Don - 2nd Messsage - Posted 9:25 PM - To the lottoreport.com: On January 1, 2003, I mentioned 19 numbers that I was watching. I surmise they will provide a great opportunity for players in the near future.

As is evident throughout my writing, my selections are for the NIGHT draw only. So the number 1-8-7, which was one of the 19 numbers I spoke of and was drawn in yesterday's "day" draw, has absolutely NO significance to my belief that the 19 numbers are still excellent WHEN I am able to select the day they might occur.

So, for those of you who played my numbers but didn't check the box "night" and you won as a result ... well ... I had absolutely nothing to do with it but I do want to go to the horse races with you as I believe you are very lucky! Keep reading lottoreport.com. Don

Friday, Jan 3, 2003 - From Don - To the lottoreport.com: I hope I am providing you some entertainment by providing numbers for you to WATCH as I do before I make a recommendation. I am proceeding with quite a bit of testing on a new theory I have about the game in the meantime.

Testing is the greatest thing about the game because it allows you to test your theory if you have one. The way I test is I look at raw data, try and formulate some numbers, try and select a day, and then provide readers with an opportunity based on my testing.

In 2002, I began with play 15 and ended with play 25 so I recommended 10 plays last year. Since the NIGHT pick 3 draw is about 6 days a week - times 52 weeks or 312 times a year, my recommendations consisted of about 10% (31 total days of play) during 2002. I believe this is about the most anyone could play the game, even with extensive testing, and have an opportunity for success.

I am going to ask Dawn to begin my plays, if I have any, during 2003 with 2003 PLAY ONE to give readers an idea of how rare or common my recommendations are. Of course, Dawn generously provides a history of my published predictions on this site.

Unfortunately, my unpublished predictions have actually been better than my published predictions and that is why I am working diligently on a new idea I have about the game. However, that is not to diminish the recommendations on my published predictions as they have been outstanding.

In closing, I am proud to be associated with such an incredible lady as Dawn is and the outstanding work ethic that is evident in every aspect of the lottoreport. Based on my initial testing, I think we are going to do very well in 2003!! Keep reading lottoreport.com. Don

Wednesday, Jan 1, 2003 - From Don - To the lottoreport.com: First, a Happy New Year to all the readers. I continue to research the potential for profits and have spent a great deal of time looking for opportunity for the upcoming year. In studying the statistics of the pick 3 game, certain trends are evident. I want to list some of these statistics for you.

Did you know that after 2875 drawings in the Night pick 3 game, the first digit number 1 has arrived 264 times and the first digit 6 has arrived 312 times. The first digit 8 and 9 after 2874 days has arrived an identical 295 times. This is an example of what I describe as flatline. There are no statistical deviations to report thus, no plays for the readers.

However, I have a variety of different ways to look for symmetry in digits, numbers, pairs, total numbers, groups, combination numbers, double digits, triple digits, and almost anything relevant to a three-digit number.

I had to really dig deep in all my programs to find some numbers to begin to watch due to the “flatline” that is occurring but I found a few that had merit. I still have to try and decide what the best day to play ONE of these numbers will be. So until I do, you can watch along with me as these numbers will become great speculations once I can determine what the day will be. Remember that this assessment is only for the NIGHT draws. [From Dawn - A warning of what we may be playing in the near future if they don't come in.]

The numbers to watch are 170, 260, 350, 125, 134, 349, 358, 367, 457, 268, 790, 169, 178, 259, 289, 379, 478, 568, 469. (5-1-2 was drawn on Jan 10, 2003 - play will not start.)

There are 19 numbers out of 220 outcomes presented here so I have a 90% chance (19/220) of being incorrect. If you played one of these numbers, using my methods, you would then have a 19 to 1 chance to win 80 to 1 on an "any" ticket, a very good proposition. What will determine profits for you is the accuracy I have in selecting the day. I am working on doing just that.

Earlier, I spoke about the incredible equality of each digit and each pair and every statistic I can find. Aside from this, there are some numbers that I will never be able to predict the day that we should play them, but, they represent great speculations for those who have NO AVERSION TO RISK. They are 447, 448, 449, 446, 445, 774, 884, 994, 774, 664, 554.

I am not recommending these numbers because I cannot select the correct day. Playing all of these numbers or just a few of these numbers is too big a risk for me and I hope, to big for you too. By the way, I do have a strong favorite of 447 from this group.

Finally, I am not recommending the first group of numbers yet, but I am trying to give players the best assessment of the NIGHT PICK 3 game as it stands of 12/31/2002. Thank you for reading this column and I hope to give you more great plays during 2003. Don

Friday, Dec. 20, 2002 - From Don - To the lottoreport.com: I continue to research avenues for profits in the pick 3 game. This is a very different kind of Christmas for me in a number of ways and I am making a concerted effort to advance my thinking in my quest to give readers success in the pick 3 game. The most important message I can give you is RESIST the temptation to buy lottery tickets for now.

Most people who enjoy a wager from time to time will continue to go back to the game that provided success. This is certainly true of the pick 3 game. I have had some incredible success lately, both published and unpublished, BUT, I'm not interested in pouring any winnings I might have had back into the game. The lottery is absolutely guaranteed success over TIME. So the less we play until the time is right, then they, the TLC, will be the ones taking the risk.

Isn't that an incredible thought in itself - the lottery taking RISK. I bet that scares the ... out of lottery administrators.

Let's make that a reality in 2003!!!!! In the meantime, have a great XMAS and keep your money where it belongs-in your pocket.

Keep reading lottoreport.com for great lottery news. Don

Thursday, Dec. 19, 2002 - From Don - To the lottoreport.com: The Texas Lottery might conclude that it is impossible to forecast a correct pick 3 number in advance as that is what their statisticians tell them! So although I'm a little slow with my analysis, what you have seen is impossible so it couldn't have happened, right?

It's impossible to take 9 numbers out of 220 outcomes and be correct - right? Only at the lottoreport do you find the impossible possible!!!

My apologies for not posting these numbers last night for your XMAS money but the good news is that this is undeniable proof, if you haven't determined that already, that I have an excellent method for the pick 3 game. Hopefully, we will have another great play before XMAS. Don

From Dawn - Don's earned the right to boast on this one - he does this all the time - the plays just aren't made public. To see what he originally said, read the Dec 17th entry and know that 083 was drawn on 12-18-02. Thank you Don - we appreciate you.)

Wednesday, Dec. 18, 2002 - After the drawing 11:25 PM - From Dawn - Well, my apologies. Don called this afternoon and said we would go on and post the below message to start playing because we determined there was no mistake. But, he worked late and by the time I got the message, it was too late for me to post. As you can see, the play came in (083 was drawn tonight) and I know many of you were playing it even though Don said not to play YET. So, CONGRATULATIONS to those of you who won and my apologies to those of you who were waiting to play the numbers listed on Dec 17, 2002. As it turned out, one was the winner.

Tuesday, Dec. 17, 2002 - From Don - To the lottoreport.com: The numbers 290, 380, 470, 128, 137, 146, 236, 245 in the Night pick 3 draw have become a statistical aberration. What I mean by that is they have broken every support barrier I can find. I have no precedent for one of these numbers NOT arriving as of yet. This always makes me very nervous as I could have a mistake or the lottery could have a mistake. I cannot find any errors but, that does not mean one has occurred.

Normally, I would be advising we play at least one of these numbers immediately but something seems amiss here. The statistics I have just don't seem valid based on the fact one of these mentioned numbers should have arrived. I am going to go over everything again and see if I can find a mistake and if I can't one of these numbers will become an unprecedented opportunity for profits, but not YET! Don

From Dawn: This is how Don and I originally met - over a mistake. And it did turn out that the TLC had made the mistake which is where Don orginally got his information. The TLC had circulated the wrong Pick 3 numbers for the 3-11-96 drawing. They corrected it when I contacted them a year or two later. So, the point is, there could be another mistake "somewhere." So wait to play these until Don says the time is right. OK?

Monday, Dec. 16, 2002 - From Don - To the lottoreport.com: I am still trying to determine the viability of playing the mentioned numbers in my last message. (12-13-02)

Interestingly, I have advised readers NOT to play these numbers YET and they have not arrived. The interesting part about that is I have a 95% chance of being correct that they will NOT arrive, not a very difficult prediction.

On my most recent prediction however, I had a 95% chance AGAINST ME that 080 would arrive but it did. I think that's a good example of how difficult this game is. Keep reading lottoreport.com for great lottery news. Don

Friday, Dec. 13, 2002 - From Don - To the lottoreport.com: Certain events have happened that will provide me a greater opportunity when looking at numbers.

Although these events have been bad for me, I believe they will be great for the readers. A number of important events are happening in the pick 3 game and I want to keep players apprised of them.

First, I do have a new theory about the game. Initial testing has been very exciting. Yet it takes me a long time to formulate the absolute best strategy to provide readers a chance at profits.

In reviewing my last six plays - all available on this site, the duration of them has been, in days, 8, 1, 1, 11, 5, 5. Although that is quite phenomenal in this game where you have numbers that have not occurred in 8 YEARS, I want to do better. I also want readers to understand that if a number is provided it is an outstanding speculation.

In the most recent prediction, 13 numbers out of 220 possible numbers were provided. If you would have played one of the thirteen you had a 13 to 1 chance (using my theory) to win either $160 for each $1 spent or $80 for each $1 spent.

You had an opportunity to play progressively, (that means $1 day one, $2 day two and so on.) If you had picked my winning outcome, 080 and played progressively, you would have wagered $36 and won $1280. This is a very important aspect of the game to understand, the odds of the game and how my methods attempt to reduce the odds for you.

(To read the last play that came in 12-11-02 and started on 12-3-02, click here or below on "Don's 25th Prediction.")

This information is vital now because the numbers 290, 380, 470, 560, 128, 137, 146, 236, 245 in the pick 3 NIGHT drawing are numbers that require careful observation at this time. I am NOT recommending these numbers YET.

These numbers represent 9 of 220 outcomes on an any wager. Five percent of 220 is 11 so I have about a 94% chance of being incorrect. I'm trying to decide which of the numbers, if any, might be the best and how many days it may take before any one of the numbers arrive.

If I began playing them all today, which I am not, playing the same amount on each number, say $1 "any," I must win in no less than 7 days to achieve a 20% return. ($1 per number times 9 numbers = $9 per day times 7 days =$63 to win $80)

Normally, a 20% return when banks are paying 2% is incredible. Yet, if I'm wrong and we begin to go longer than 8 days, we will lose even if we win. However, playing ONE of the numbers will not subject us to as great a financial hardship BUT the wager will now be reduced to 1 in 220 chances to win, rather than 9 chances out of 220.

In conclusion, how many days you play, how many numbers you play, the method you choose to play (exact or any) and how much you choose to wager are vital components to profits. Keep reading lottoreport.com for great lottery news! Don

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