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Don's 28th Prediction
2003 - 3rd Prediction)
Play Starts 2-27-03
Play Ended 3-6-03 AM

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Updates Below Original Play
Cease 2-27-03 Play

Thursday, March 20, 2003 - From Don -To the lottoreport.com: Obviously, world events are of utmost importance as opposed to the pick 3 game right now but I just wanted to give the readers an update as to what is happening.

First, as you may remember from my last play, I targeted a 9 in the number having 3 different digits. The good news is that although I was incorrect on the other 2 digits in this case, there were only 36 outcomes to review and a number in that profile did meet the criteria outlined of occurring 99% of the time within a 5 to 10 day period.

Thus, a natural outgrowth of that statistic is to try and find a statistic that will do the same thing for the second digit thus giving us only 8 possible outcomes that will arrive in less than 10 days. I have not had much success in my tests as yet but we will see.

So, I continue to work hard to try and bring you profits in the game. Keep reading lottoreport.com. Don

From Dawn - Don knows that I've been swamped and have more on my plate than I can handle in fighting this rule change for Lotto Texas. This is one reason he's been quiet plus he's been on vacation and he works for American Airlines so you can all imagine what his work life has been like in the last several weeks.

The Commissioners will meet next Thursday and they COULD adopt this rule then. I have turned in a great many comments of opposition but as we saw when they added the 4 balls, the TLC didn't care what players said. Which leads me to what we ALL need to do NOW.

Please make TWO phone calls - call your state rep and your senator and tell them how you feel about the TLC trying to change Lotto Texas to make it harder to win the TOP PRIZE. You MUST ask them to CALL the commissioners BEFORE next Wednesday, March 26th. Here is a link so you can EASILY find out who they are. Our reps CAN and WILL stop the TLC if they feel their re-election could be in jeopardy over this issue. They WANT to hear from their voters regarding state related issues.

You do not have to talk directly to the rep - tell his or her assistant and they will record your call and relay the message to him. If they get enough calls, the rep will ACT immediately.

I PROMISE you, this will work - just make those calls NOW.

Original Play - - Thursday, Feb 27, 2003 - From Don - Posted 7:48 PM - To the lottoreport.com: For Thursday, 2/27/2003. I have calculated that a 9 will be contained in a number having three different digits.

So, the possibilities are 9 x y and x 9 y and x y 9. X and Y are unknown. The total possibilities of this outcome on an any ticket are 36 potential numbers.

I prefer players play my best selections on an EXACT play. To accompany the 9 I have selected a 7 and 0. So if y is 7 and x is 0 the possible outcomes are 970, 907, 097, 790, 709, 079. I also prefer the 09 and 90 in the back pair, thus 790, 709. This play is EXACT however you will have a 36 to 1 chance to win 80 to 1 if you use my primary indicator, 9.

If you play my best play on multiple tickets your odds of success are 994 to 1 against success. Yes, this is a very big long shot!! But, we will not have to wait very long for the 9 to occur, I am very confident about that. When the 9 occurs in a number having 3 different digits, the play is over.

I wish you success. Don

Updated 1 p m - Thursday, March 6, 2003 - From Dawn - Cease playing now per Don by phone. The 9 came in but Don's favorites did not. He will send us a message when he gets home tonight or in the morning.

I just spoke to Don (9:45 am) and he is NOT calling for a cease play YET. He is back at work and is reviewing his stats. He will either call or email me later today. We just have to give him time to figure since the "9" did come in but not in the way he anticipated. I'll post his message when I hear something.

Wednesday, March 5, 2003 - 2nd Message - 8:55 PM - From Dawn - I just spoke to Don and he's stuck at work. He said to tell ya'll to stay with the 479 & 709 conditioned out. He apologized profusely for not letting me know sooner but he kept thinking he would get away from work. Anyhow, that's the word.

Now, if anybody cares about what I think, I like 917! And if you play it, with my luck, we'll probably lose but that's what I'm playing besides the 479 and 709. And NO, I did NOT discuss my thought with Don. They are my own! Good luck.

Wednesday, March 5, 2003 - From Don - To the lottoreport.com: As I have mentioned in this article, I prefer unpublished plays but since this one is published let's move on.

The result in the night draw was 7-1-4. As you know, I am recommending 7-9-4 and 7-0-9. I have explained the indicators in the column to go with the 9. Two of the indicators arrived WITHOUT the 9. That's the bad news. The good news is this is still one of the best plays I have ever seen statistically. Some of you out there are going to win and win more than you typically would when that 9 arrives. I will try and evaluate what the 2 best digits to go with the 9 are but my selections of 709 and 794 are still excellent. Please watch the column during the evening hours tonight and look for updates.

Furthermore, I am not surprised by the desire to eliminate pick 3 in place of keno. I have studied the game of keno. There are 80 numbers and 20 are selected. To "hit" a solid 4 spot which means you selected all 4 numbers of the 20 drawn you have about, are you ready, a 1% chance to win.

Right now, in the pick 3 game, the lottery collects about 50 to 60% of all the money wagered and often more. At keno, I would not be surprised to see them take 70 to 80% of YOUR money.

Interestingly, there are strategies I am aware of to make keno a great game. I am very familiar with what is known as a way ticket, like a 3 way 4, 3 way 8 and 1 way 12. In fact, I designed programs to "look at the game." In Las Vegas, keno is one of the most profitable games for the house ever to be devised. So, remember keep reading lottoreport.com. Don

Tuesday, March 4, 2003 - From Don - To the lottoreport.com: Typically, I have more numbers for the players than the two I am recommending. I have elaborated on the parameters and what to look for. Everything is going very well and this is an outstanding play, as good as a play can be at 988 to 1. So, have patience and cautious optimism.

I often hear from people, I won on this and I won on that, especially when a triple digit occurs. Because it is relative to this play, the current play, here are some statistics that may interest you. In the night game after 2928 days, 33 triple digits have occurred. If you played all 10 every draw for a dollar, you would have invested $29,280 and won $16,500 for a net loss of $12,780.

If you played only doubled digits every day for 2928 days, you would have wagered $263,520 and won $119,360 for a net loss of $144,160. If you would have played only numbers with three different digits, you would have invested $351,360 and won $171,920 for a net loss of $179,440. This is important because I always try to evaluate the situation BEFORE recommending to continue playing or stop playing. In this case, continue. I wish you much success. Don

Monday, March 3, 2003 - 2 Messages Posted - One from Don and one from Jeff -

From Don 8:20 PM
- To the lottoreport.com: I hope you will read the description of this play in detail. It is shaping up as one of the greatest plays in pick 3 history. YOU have a chance to win quite a bit and you know I love hearing from you when you do.

Again, the number must have three different digits. It WILL contain a nine. I picked the seven to go with the nine and added a 0 and a 4 to make 709 and 974. I would like to more definite but I cannot be. This is a time to play the pick 3 game and loyal readers will know I seldom say that. Each nights outcome will be important. Keep reading lottoreport.com. Don

From Jeff - As you know my numbers - 59, 27, 77 - didn't come within the 4 days I allocated, even though each day had 1 correct number. As of right now, I advise everyone who is playing my numbers to STOP. When I select numbers, they are favorable at that time only. Even though I still like the numbers, the odds of making a profit are against us. We work too hard for our money so we need to wait for a better play.

When Don posted his pick on 2/27/03 - which was to play the number 9 with two other numbers - I really liked it - as you know, I had it with one of my numbers (59). I think it's a very good play and agree with what he is saying, I will be playing the 59 come Monday myself. Again, I wish my numbers had come in for you, but, we'll just have to get them the next time. Good Luck! Jeff

Saturday, March 1, 2003 - From Don - To the lottoreport.com: The outcome of 5-0-6 did minimize my favorite number of 709 marginally as the 0 appeared in a combination number. Since I am very firm on the 9, I had to select 2 digits to accompany the nine. I am still sticking with the 7, however, both the 4 and 0 are now very close statistically. Thus, 974 and 970.

This play remains a huge longshot. I have made correct selections within one or two numbers in an unpublished venue.

Here's what I am confident about. The nine will occur. Picking a number to go with 9 has 9 digit possibilities. (no 9) Then there remains 8 other possible choices. (no 9 or 7 or 4) So, 9 times 8 equals 72 to 1 using my methods to win 500 for a dollar. As a reminder, this is an EXACT play. Condition out your number, play combo, or select one of the 12 outcomes shown with odds of 988 to 1 against. I wish you success. Don

Friday, Feb 28, 2003 - From Don - To the lottoreport.com: The correct outcome of 6 9 6 did not effect the play I recommended last night and I am somewhat glad as readers may not have been provided a good opportunity to review the material. Although the 9 was in the anticipated position the number did not have three different digits, the number one criteria I have chosen.

Although the odds of success are incredible at 994 to 1 this is a very good play to just play one of the exact outcomes I have deliberated at 999 to 1. I say that because, using my methodolgy, I have attempted to reduce the odds to you to about 80 to 1 and although that is very high it presents an opportunity seldom found in wagering. I believe I will be playing 709. Thanks for reading lottoreport.com. Don

Original Play - Wednesday, Feb 26, 2003 - From Jeff - Hello Dawn, I would like to give your readers all 3 numbers for the pick 3 tonight but only 2 numbers are strong right now. So, my 4th prediction starting tonight is an outcome with these two digits in them 59, 27, and 77. This is for the night draw only and good for 4 days starting tonight. Again, I wish I could give you and your readers all 3 numbers but this is a good starting point. Good Luck and as always "Lets Win Some Money" Jeff


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