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Don's 29th Prediction
2003 - 4th Prediction)
Play Starts 4-8-03
Cease Play 4-13-03
(The "59" came in but Don's favorites didn't)

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Updates Below Original Play

Cease Play 4-13-03 - Monday, April 14, 2003 - From Don - To the lottoreport.com: I believe I kept my word in that I gave the players a very good speculation with 9 and then 5 and then x. No it was a 3 instead of a 4 as my best recommendation provided. In reviewing now, perhaps I should have provided players the 59 with the eight other choices as I described in my writings. Obviously, it is much harder to know that in advance. So, in conclusion, this play did not win but I look forward to trying to provide players the absolute best specualtion possible for their hard earned dollars. This play is over. Keep reading lottoreport.com for updates. Don

From Dawn - Don sent this message late Saturday night but I've been extremely busy and was not able to post it. Congratulations to those of you who played "59" with the "3." I played it with 5 different numbers but not "3." Story of my life! Oh well, maybe next time I'll win.

Original Play - Tuesday, April 8, 2003 - From Don - To the readers of lottoreport.com: A current assessment of the pick 3 night game reveals the following information. First, there are 5 numbers that intrigue me greatly. They are so far beyond the statistical norm that I have never seen anything like it.

Interestingly, they DO NOT provide opportunity because there is absolutely no way to discern when they might arrive. For those of you who enjoy the numbers are "due" theory, these numbers are certainly for you as they have been overdue for at least one year. Of course, I am NOT recommending these numbers but thought some of you might find the information entertaining. The numbers are 771, 339, 663, 447 and 555.

Currently, in the NIGHT pick 3 game there is some opportunity presented. There is a group of 12 numbers that I believe may arrive within a narrow window. The numbers are 189, 468, 369, 378, 459, 567, 279, 289, 379, 478, 568, 469.

However, the most overwhelmingly statistic I have is that a number having three different digits with first, the digit 9 in it and then the digit 5 in it. This does NOT mean they will arrive together but it is an excellent speculation. So, within the group, 459 certainly is my number one selection. I prefer the nine slightly over the five thus, my next selection (favorite) would be 189, 369, 279, 289, 379, 469.

Finally, my apologies to those of you who look forward to my insight into the game and have been awaiting my column. I have had a number of disappointments recently and have directed some attention towards those activities. I will keep you apprised on a daily basis what is happening as to the status of the numbers presented here.

As many of you know who read my column, each days number has a huge weight upon my decision whether to continue or stop and what numbers make the best speculations. Much success. Don

Friday, April 11, 2003 - From Don - To the lottoreport.com: My comments of April 10 are very appropriate to the night drawing result of 446. Typically, on Sunday, I do a complete assessment of the week's activities and evaluate what has transpired in the pick 3 game for the week, looking for opportunity. I continue to have resolve that today and tomorrow will provide good opportunity based on the numbers provided. Thanks for reading lottoreport.com and I wish you success. Don

Thursday, April 10, 2003 - From Don - To the lottoreport.com: In yesterdays column I spoke of a 4 to 6 day time period, specifically because of the double digit. When you are playing numbers with three different digits you have a much higher percentage to win (72%) but that is only on a daily basis as opposed to playing for a week or two. For example, in the most recent 11 days in the night draw, the following numbers have occurred. Beginning March 28 - 831, 602, 147, 618, 217, 318, 481, 337, 283, 637 and 661. Of those 11 numbers, 2 are double digits. Two divided by 11 days is 18.18% of the time. This is slightly below the 28% of the time double digits occur. (270/1000)

One may conclude that in the short term, 11 days, the numbers forecast here might go a little longer because we should expect at least one more double digit soon to bring the probability up to 27%. However, we only require one draw to be successful. So, I continue to recommend the same numbers. Don

Wednesday, April 9, 2003 - From Don - To the lottoreport.com: The result of 637 was not one of my correct outcomes. The fact that one of my recommendations 487, occurred in the day game had NO significance to the recommendation occurring in the NIGHT game. Of course, if some of you profited though, I am quite pleased when players "win".

Today, I want to discuss the term I use indicator. My definition of an indicator is a statistic that has a reasonable expectation to occur based on certain fundamentals. These fundamentals relate to how the formation of all the numbers occur and what number is drawn each day. In the night game, although 2960 draws have occurred, my theory is that each number is related to the totality of all the draws.

In the recommendation provided yesterday, day 1, the primary indicator is that a nine will be contained in the number and the number must have three different digits. If you played all numbers such as that you would be wagering on 36 numbers. My expectation is that a number such as this will occur in less than 4 days. This is based on an exhaustive study I performed. But, on an any ticket, that is simply not good enough because wagering on all such numbers for 4 days would provide a loss. Also, this type of number could go 6 days which would provide a greater loss. Using another example, however, wagering on one such number such as 459 will provide a reader a 36 to 1 potential to receive a payout of 80 to 1 for the four days, a very acceptable wager.

Moving on, my second primary indicator is a number having three different digits with a 5 in it. Although I cannot conclude statistically whether the 5 will accompany the 9 in the number, it is the best indicator with potential. Also, if I am correct about either the 5 or the 9, it is a 10 to 1 potential that I will be correct. Since the number MUST have three different digits, a number such as 59x with x being unknown the final digit cannot be 5 or 9. Thus, I have eight chances to be correct. Since 10 times 8 is 80, I have an 80 to 1 chance which are the exact odds the game pays. Since the game presents actual odds of 220 to 1 against winning an any ticket this becomes an outstanding wager.

Finally, I have compiled a number of statistical highs in other areas based on the digit 5 and 9 and thus, that is how I achieve the numbers predicted. These statistical highs also represent situations that have never occurred in about 9 years. So, when you play one of the predicted outcomes, you are getting one of the most outstanding wagers in gambling. Thanks for reading lottoreport.com and much success. Don


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