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Don's 31st Prediction
2003 - 6th Prediction)
Play Starts 5-19-03
Play Ended 6-8-03

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Thursday, June 5, 2003 - From Don - My message to the audience for today is to continue playing the double digit, especially with the 77, 59 or 68 in them. Don

From Dawn - Yep, Don did it again because yesterday he said "I believe the 5 will be in the center position of the double digit" and last night's results were 3-5-3. So, for those of you who played all double digits with the "5" in the middle position - you did good! And my sincere thanks to Don for his plays - Like I said several years ago - his "conditions" come in 99% of the time - not necessarily his favorites - and sometime it may not be as quick as we'd like - BUT - they do come in. I find this remarkable because I've played ONE number for 3 years and it's NEVER come in. I don't play the day draw and fortunately for me, the number hasn't come in that draw either. If it does, I'll really get mad!! Anyway, stay with Don's suggestions til Saturday - then we'll cease this play.

Wednesday, June 4, 2003 - From Don - To the lottoreport. I am continuing to recommend the double digit even after last night's outcome of 533 and 383. Of course, it would have been better if the 338 was in my favorites as was 339 but just to select the exact day of the double digit is at least 90 to 1 against. Since a double digit pays 160 for 1 (you don't get your dollar back) you could do quite well predicting the exact day of the double digit.

Unfortunately, you won't be able to do that I suspect.

I estimate we have about a 65% chance to get another double digit by and including Saturday when this play will end. The 77, 59, 68 pairs look slightly better than the 22, 14, 04. Over four days, it is to close to call. I still prefer the double digit with the 5 in it such as 559, 599, 577, 522. I believe the 5 will be in the center position of the double digit. So, a number such as 757 exact is a great specualtion. I hope you will keep reading lottoreport.com. Don

Tuesday, June 3, 2003 - From Don - To the lottoreport.com: The correct outcome on Monday June 2, 2003 was 5-3-3. I am recommending you continue to play the game as this has been the most unusual formation of numbers that has ever occurred in the night pick 3 game. I suggest you play the game until at least Friday, June 6.

I think at least one more double or a triple digit will occur in the next 4 days. I've had to discount so many excellent double digits on this play that the good news is there are many that remain. I still prefer a double digit with a 5 in it (there are 20 of them). My two favorites are 559/955 and 995/599 because I am expecting a number with the 2 digits 77, 59 or 68.

Does this mean I still recommend 777? Yes it does. But I also like 999 too. 577 is also an excellent choice. So, in conclusion, we still have quite a bit of opportunity until Friday. I wish you success. Don

Monday, June 2, 2003 - 11:15 PM - From Dawn - Well ya'll - Don said in his original May 19, 2003 message - "Yet, the truest indicator present is that the double digit will have a 5 in it" and that's exactly what came tonight - 5-3-3. This was not one of his favorites but it was definately his prediction. Because there are other indicators still outstanding, I'm not sure that the play is over YET. So, I'll wait until I hear from Don before calling a cease play because I think it is possible he will carry the play out another 3 days though he may change the numbers. Congratulations to those of you who won - sorry it took 12 days to come in!

ORIGINAL PLAY - Monday, May 19, 2003 - From Don - To the lottoreport.com: Thus far, in the night pick 3 game, there have been 2994 draws. If you would have wagered exclusively on double digits you would have wagered $269,460. Your winnings would have totaled $121,760 for a total loss of $147,700. If you would have wagered on double digits at specific times you might have wagered $76,950 and won $121,760. The point is that wagering exclusively on double digits is a guaranteed loss. At times, wagering on double digits can provide handsome returns. This is one of those times beginning May 19, 2003.

Which of the 90 double digits should we specualte on? I have deliberated that now for 7 days. It is a very difficult choice. I expect the double digit to arrive within the next 6 days. If you haven't read my article on WAITING please do because before I provide some numbers I want to provide the tactics that I will use on this play. I recommend playing the double digit today however if you choose to wait it is a good strategy. You may want to wait up to four days depending on your tolerances. When the double digit occurs, whether or not it is one I have selected, I will continue to recommend you play more double digits (possibly not the same ones) for 3 days after a double digit occurs. So, if you don't hit the first one, the statistics tell me you will have about a 70% chance to hit the second one if I am correct. So, you have a number of tactics on this play. Wait a few days to begin play, play now, play progressively, or wait until the double digit arrives and then play for 3 days on the recommended numbers.

Now, for me, the very tough part. I have agonized over these numbers for several days. I am expecting a number with 04, 13, or 22 in it. Yet, the truest indicator present is that the double digit will have a 5 in it. These statistics are very conflicting. The only number that meets all those criteria is 225.

For Monday, I am recommending 225, 004, 044, 133, 555, 999, 339, 663. Not all the numbers meet the criteria I have outlined but I like some of them for other reasons. My favorite is 2-2-5. Thanks for reading lottoreport.com. Don

Monday, June 2, 2003 - From Don - To the lottoreport.com: As you know, I just added 5-7-7 and 7-7-5 and in time for Saturday's outcome of 7-5-3. I only recall one other play I had some years back that went this long BUT this play is still better than anything I have ever seen before. We've been losing, but I believe we'll be making it back soon. Best of Luck. Don

Saturday, May 31, 2003 - From Don - To the lottoreport.com: I have very few words about 5-30-03 outcome of no, not 2-2-5. The correct outcome was 0-2-5. All my comments regarding this play are still applicable. Much success to all! Don

Friday, May 30, 2003 - From Don
To the lottoreport.com: This might be why I like the pick 3 game so much, it can keep you on the edge of your seat. Last night's outcome of 426, fortunately was NOT 422 or 226. So, we are still in the game which is much better than not being in the game as all the players know who have stopped playing the lottery for obvious reasons.

I am very reluctant to change the numbers I have provided although the 77, 59 and 68 have emerged to be on par with the 04,13, 22. I explained that in my previous column about the 04. Again the predominant statistic is a double digit with the digit 5 in it. So, I must add a few more numbers such as 775 and 995. I also still conclude this is an absolutely outstanding time to play the pick 3 game. Don

Was suppose to be posted on Thursday, May 29 but I was in Austin and could not do it: To the lottoreport.com: I have recommended playing 21 numbers for the last 9 days. Since there are 1000 outcomes there are 979 other numbers that can occur. The correct number in the night draw last night was 3-4-0. You may notice that this number had the mentioned primary indicator of either 04,13, or 22. Because that represents 5 total pairs of numbers I had only 5 chances in 100 to be correct on that. I mention this for 2 reasons.

First, of the 21 numbers selected, 6 of them have the important indicator, 004, 040, 400, 044, 404, 440. This means I must review the numbers to find out if they are the absolute best numbers to continue to play. I do think they are excellent plays however I must evaluate whether they are BETTER than other numbers. In the meantime, I still recommend playing them. Secondly, if I recommended to the audience that you play numbers with 04,13, or 22 in them there are 30 possible outcomes.

That proposition would have been only 30 to 1 to win, as we know now, 80 to 1. The reason I did not go that way is that we will certainly have more plays like that whereby my statistics reduce the odds from 220 to 1 to 30 to 1 or lower. However, I may never see, at least for another 3000 days, the chance to win multiples of 160 to 1 or 500 to 1. Also, remember the tactics. We will be playing the double digits (or triple digits) twice. Now, and immediately following the occurrence of the first double digit to arrive.

Finally, I have had to discount some incredibly good double digits to minimize the amount of numbers for the audience. In a previous column, I spoke about the conflicting statistics between the 04, 13, 22 and the double digit having a 5 in it. Since there are 20 double digits with a 5 in it (like 557 and 775) and the primary indicator has arrived I hope to get back to you soon with a BETTER assessment. For now, again, my favorite is still 2-2-5. Best Regards, Don

Wednesday, May 28, 2003 - From Don - To the lottoreport.com: Each draw, I am certainly on the edge of my seat. Obviously, last nights draw was close to one of my selections and had some elements I was looking for. I am NOT changing the numbers and just to reiterate, I added one number not highlighted in my original selections 666.

One thing that is absolutely certain, is that a double or triple digit WILL occur and I apologize I have not been closer to the correct day as I always shoot for the exact day. However, I have seen these trends before and occasionally they go longer than I anticipate. How often do they go longer than I expect? In this case, this trend is at a 3000 day high. That is NOT extremely unusual as ALL trends will get larger or go longer as the number of outcomes increase. Mathematically, for the pick 3 game to be honest and fair, certain events MUST occur. I continue to recommend the numbers presented with a note that this is one of the best plays I have ever seen using statistics as a guide. Don

Tuesday, May 27, 2003 - From Don
To the lottoreport.comA glaring statistic available on the lottoreport.com web-site is right below the daily result of the pick 3 game. For a specified time period, the game has taken in $275,458,797 and paid out $128,865,280 or about 46%. Obviously, this game is an extremely tough game to win at.

After spending countless hours looking at numbers recently I conclude that playing a double and triple digit are outstanding plays right now. No number drawn since my recommendation has altered my stance on that thought. Here is why.

We have the following possibilities.
1) A double or triple digit will be drawn and not listed in my selections. In this case, we will play for 3 more days.
2) A double or triple digit will not be drawn
3) A double or triple digit will be drawn and be one of the selected numbers.
4) My absoulte favorite of 2-2-5 will be drawn.

As to number 1, we have a 28% chance of accuracy but might earn 160 or 500 to 1.
As to number 2, we will continue to play the game.
As to number 3, we will collect at out local retailer.
As to number 4, we will cash multiple played tickets for some months to come.

The odds of number 4 happening are about 997 to 1 but if you recall 189 was 994 to 1 against. So, be very careful about filling out your ticket or tickets. Check the box marked night if you play in the morning. If you have time, read all the information provided about this recommendation. Good Luck.

Saturday, May 24, 2003 - From Don - To the lottoreport.com: I hope you will engage in playing the pick 3 game now and play your favorite double digit, triple digit, or mine. It is one of the greatest times to play the pick 3 game in it's history. For those of you who have adopted the wait strategy, that must be discontinued as seldom is there a chance to win 500 to 1 as there is now.

Now I'm sure you know I am very conservative when giving you plays by now, especially plays like this one at 979 to 1, but opportunties like this seldom if ever have arrived in the game. Please read the totality of my comments before wagering on the NIGHT pick 3 game tonight. Thanks for reading lottoreport.com. Don

Friday, May 23, 2003 - From Don - To the lottoreport.com: I never approach the pick 3 game with the thought, these numbers are due. The reason for this is that I have conclusive evidence that numbers can go way beyond what you might typically expect.

I provided you some strategies on this play and as we know now, the wait strategy was the optimal one but in this game it is very easy to use hindsight. The numbers provided are excellent speculations and very rare when reviewing a historical representation of what has happened in the game previously.

I am adding one number to the list of numbers provided, 666. Thanks for reading lottoreport.com. Don

Wednesday, May 21, 2003 - From Don - To the lottoreport.com: Although we are only 2 days into this play it seems like an eternity. I have looked at numbers too intensively for too long, perhaps that's why. When I evaluate a play, I attempt to access how RARE the formation of the numbers are over 2995 days or 499 weeks or about 9.59 years. In the double digit category, right now it is. My recommendations are the same. Don

Tuesday, May 20, 2003 - From Don - To the lottoreport.com: All the previous recommendations are still valid for Tuesday.

In the Sunday New York Times there is an article about how states are raising 20 billion dollars annually from lotteries and casinos. Perhaps the most interesting facet of the article was that, according to Christiansen Capital Advisors, an investment bank specializing in gambling and entertainment, LOSSES in gambling related enterprises since 1991 have gone from 27 billion to 68 billion dollars. Americans spend more on gambling than movies, DVD's, music, and books and gambling has an annual growth rate of 9%.

The article points out that states are continually attempting to find ways to get more from gamblers and we certainly know that is true in Texas as the revisions to the lottery game have shown. They could care less about the fairness to the player. They are simply relying on one thing, you will play when the jackpot is big. Also, did you know that there is a movement in many states to create the most addictive kind of gambling and the kind that creates the fewest jobs, video lottery terminals. In West Virginia, a poor state, video terminals produce 12% of the state governments revenue.

Want to get in on the winning side of gambling? International Game Technology which produces the machines has risen fivefold since 1997 and by 2012, the company expects 10 more states to legalize video terminal machines. Sounds like a very good investment to me. What does this mean to you and the Pick 3 game?

Use caution when wagering. The statistics tell me this is a very good play and I have provided some tactics for you to employ. We will try to win over the next 6 to 8 days and stop. Use good money management by wagering within your means based on the odds of this play (over 950 to 1). In the meantime, good luck! Don

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