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Don's 35th Prediction
2003 - 10th Prediction)
Play Starts - Sept 12, 2003
Play came in Sept 13, 2003


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Saturday - 9-13-03 (7PM) - From Don - CEASE PLAY - To the I believe I kept my word in that I just gave you the absolute best wager at 36 to 1 that could pay 500 to 1 in gambling. The result of course, 3-8-1 was covered in my detailed explanation about this play 4 hours BEFORE the drawing. This is the first play I have offered in about six weeks and it was great to have it come in immediately although it was NOT in my favorites.

I hope many of you will read my detailed explanation of this play (found below) because I will have more plays like it from time to time because of the accuracy of the profiles that my computer provides. Therefore, when I have another play like it, you will be very prepared and understand the strategy.

As many of you may conclude, I spent a great deal of time evaluating statistics. In this particular case, I broke tradition, in the interest of the players, to provide an outstanding speculation in the DAY game. I hope this will confirm your belief that I am absolutely committed to providing readers an advantage that is incomparable on the web.

Unfortunately, this play is OVER. I do not have conclusive statistics that tell me to play AFTER my profile arrives although as many of you know, numbers in the profile often do. My advice now is, avoid the game, wait for opportunity, and of course, keep reading Don

One Update Found Under Original Play

Original Day Draw Play - Posted Thursday, Sept 11, 2003, 8 PM - Play to start Sept 12, 2003 - To the readers of Today, I am sure is a difficult day for almost everyone has been touched by the events of 9/11. I want to take a moment to tell all the readers who were affected, I hope you will take a moment to think of all the successes you are fortunate enough to have.

Speaking of success, there exists now, in THE DAY PICK 3 GAME, the absolute best play I have ever seen since I have been gathering statistics. The play involves the digit 8. I believe the correct winning number in the DAY PICK 3 GAME will have three different digits with the digit 8. By stating that, I have eliminated 90 double digits and 84 other numbers containing three different digits and ten triple digits. So, 220 total outcomes (any play-recommended combo wager) minus 184 other numbers or 84% of the potential outcomes are eliminated over a five day period.

There are a number of strategies available to the player. You can play 80, 81, 82, 83, 84, 85, 86, 87, 89 with ONE other digit. Let's say you select the digit at random as a 2. You then play 802, 812, no 822 (must have three different digits) 832, 842, 852, 862, 872, 892 for a total of eight numbers. You now have 8-all-2. If you select the 2 incorrectly and it is zero in the last position, you still have potential to win as 8-2-0.

Another strategy might be to play 8 with my favorite digit, the 9. You could play 890, 891, 892, 893, 894, 895, 896, 897, no 898.

Finally, you could play my 2 favorites in the group-4-2-8 AND 9-1-8. No matter what number you choose in the group of 36 potential numbers it is a great play for the PICK 3 DAY DRAW.

I expect the play to arrive by September 18, 2003. That is no more than 6 draws from the 12th. Thanks for reading Don

Update to Original Play - Posted 11 AM - To the Today is Saturday, 9/13/2003 at about 0730 hours and I want to make my analysis very clear for the DAY pick3 game.

I believe the correct outcome will have 3 different digits. That is true in about 72% of the cases so that will be no surprise to anyone that that outcome may happen. You will then place the digit 8 IN the number. The position, as to the first, middle, or third position is unknown. The game allows players to speculate in this manner by offering the combo wager. The combo wager automatically plays ALL positions of the three digit number that is placed on the ticket.

So, 8-9-1 marked combo on the ticket would be 891, 819, 918, 981, 189, 198. The problem with combo is that it takes more capital. A .50 combo wager per number costs, in this case $3.00 and returns $250. For people who have a little more to spend, they can buy multiple combo tickets. Combo is considerably better than exact/any in this formation because the position of the 8 is unknown. I only expect the 8 to be contained in the number and the number MUST have three different digits.

Moving on, you have marked DAY on the ticket. You have checked the box combo. You have wagered an amount equivalent to your risk. Now you have placed an 8 in the first column. In the second column, you may have placed all positions of the number that are possible except the 8. OR, you may not and have placed the digit 9 in the second column.
You may also do what I call rate your tickets. You may take one ticket and play 8-9-1 for $1 combo and take a second ticket and wager a .50 combo with the number 8-4-2. Performing this action would cost $6 plus $3 for a $9 wager. Your odds of success are 12 out of 1000 potential numbers. That is about a 1% chance of success and a 99% of failure. Over time, then, the six days in this case, you have an outstanding chance to LOSE. Remember that when wagering.

In conclusion, my recommendation is 8-9 followed by an unknown number, I have selected the 1 as my best pick. I also like 8-2-4 but in selecting these I have to discount some incredibly great numbers like 8-9-0 and 8-9-3. Remember, that any of the 36 numbers in the group is an outstanding speculation. Coincidentally, if you recall, 1-8-9 was a number I predicted on this web site, I believe this year. The DAY draw is at about 12:30 today so thanks for reading Don

Editorial From Don

Monday, August 25, 2003 - From Don - To the I'm so glad that many of you continue to read my column and look for what is happening in the pick 3 game. You must remember that I am committed to providing readers the absolute best play possible. Occasionally, a play will arrive before I can give it to readers. Thus, sometimes it takes longer than what is typically expected for a play to occur. (From Dawn - Don won't tell you this but I will - in the past two weeks, he planned to tell us to play "43" and "89" but they both came before he made it official. Yeah, I know, we lost an opportunity because he waited too long but he's stubborn like me. What can I say? We'll just have to wait on another play which will come.)

There is quite a bit of evidence to support this view. I have talked about the evidence in the payouts which is the most credible evidence of all.

Also, a cursory examination of the Lotto Report indicates the following. In the night draw, the digit count in the first position is, [times drawn in the first position as of 8-24-03]

# 0 - 330 times
# 1 - 289 times
# 2 - 291 times
# 3 - 297 times
# 4 - 291 times
# 5 - 294 times
# 6 - 338 times
# 7 - 326 times
# 8 - 310 times
# 9 - 312 times

That count covers 3078 days or with 6 draws a week about 513 weeks or about 9.86 years.

Notice that the 2 and 4 are identical over that period, an amazing but true fact. Also, the 8 and 9 are only 2 occurrences apart. Another amazing consequence. But, actually, that is what my method relies on, that this "randomness" will occur.

In the day draw, in the first position digit count, the first digit 0 has occurred 29 times and the first digit 1 has occurred 53 times. Does this mean a zero should be played in the first position?

Absolutely not!! Over time, like in the night game, the 0 will catch up to the 1 just like all the digits are almost equal in the night game. The problem is your wallet doesn't have that kind of time or money. You will lose too much over time so that when you "win" you won't actually profit.

The payouts to players versus the take to the game for the state confirms that viewpoint. So, I urge you to avoid the game until it is time, I have lowered the actual odds for you to make this the best speculation anywhere in gambling venues. Thanks for reading Don

Don's 34th Prediction
2003 - 9th Prediction)
Play Starts - August 9, 2003
Play Ended After Draw on 8/9/03
The "7" came in!

Saturday, Aug 9, 2003 After the night Pick3 draw - From Don - Congratulations to anyone who played 7-0-4 which arrived on day 1 of pick 3 play. This play is now complete. Keep reading for great selections. Don

Saturday, Aug 9, 2003 - From Don - To the As many of you know the pick 3 game consists of 220 potential outcomes. I put all the numbers in a bell shaped curve and try to measure the frequency distribution of each of the particular outcomes. Typically, all the outcomes are displaying perfect symmetry. Occasionally, a particular number or numbers become skewed either negatively or positively. (to the left or right) Since I have many bell curves to test symmetry as to digits and many more factors I also have potentials for the readers. However, the most important aspect I try to access is something not in the probability curve. That aspect is the correct day. I do not expect this play to go 7 days.

So, in reviewing the play for August 9th, the key indicator is the digit 7. I have determined that the digit 7 will be in a number containing three different digits within 5 days. That narrows the prospective field of outcomes from 220 to 36. If we play a hypothetical $36 for 5 days that is $180 and we will only win $80 on an any play. Thus, the player has an opportunity to wait for say 4 days to begin play OR play fewer numbers with the 36. Actually there are many other methods but these are 2 that come to mind right away.

When I have narrowed the field down from 220 to 36, I have eliminated 84% of the potentials. Thus, even the 36 numbers have only a 16% chance of success. However, I think readers might be surprised to know that this is far better than going on you're own. Here is proof why.

In the day pick 3 game, ( a random selection) between 7/17 and 8/1, a total of 14 draws, the highest the pick 3 game paid out was 91% and the lowest was 19%. (money won by players divided by money taken in by the lottery) Thus, the average was 45%. Let's hypothetically say, I and a friend play 9 numbers each. We then have a 67% chance to win if I am correct and will have wagered $18 for 5 days. Our total expense will be $90. Assume for a moment that one of us won $80. $80 divided by $90 is 88% of the money wagered returned to the player over 5 days. Of course, this is inferring that the all my assumptions were correct but theoretically, because I reduced the field 84%, YOU have a much better chance to win and that is why I write this column.

So, in conclusion, play a number having three different digits with a seven (7) in the night draw. Some of my favorites are first, 587 and 207. Next are 307,137 and 789. I wish you great success. Don

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