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10-12-03 ... Notice of potential new play
10-14-03 ... Update about potential new play
10-15-03 ... Update about potential new play
Oct 15 & 16 ... One of the two predicted numbers arrived
"both ways" so we will now begin with Don's 37th Prediction
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Thursday, Oct. 16, 2003 - From Dawn & Don - Sorry that I'm late in posting Don's message today. I left this morning at 5 AM to attend the Commissioners meeting in Austin. I worried all day that he had sent us a new play since the "3" came in, but lucky for us, he's evaluating the next play. Here is Don's message that did come in this morning:

To the In the pick 3 game you will note that the odds on an EXACT play are simply ascertained by multiplying the potentials for digit position x times y times z. That totals 1000 outcomes.

We also know that the correct winning outcome on 10/15/03 was 3-2-4 and it met the criteria I spoke of on 10/14.

Let's examine this real world situation of the occurrence of 3-2-4 within the context of my theory. I said the digit 3 would arrive in either the first or last position - x or z. By selecting x, we have one chance in 2 to be correct. We continue with my theory and play all outcomes with 3 which is now 30, 31, 32, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39. We still have a 1 in 2 chance to be correct using my method on an EXACT ticket. We must select a third digit. Let's say we chose 4 but, more importantly, what were our chances to do this?

They were 1 in 10 because there are ten digits BUT really one in 9 because the number must have three different digits.

Multiplying 9 times 2 or 1 in 2 chances equals 18 chances to be correct. The lottery still feels comfortable with their payoff odds of 500 to 1 because the ACTUAL chances are 1000 to 1.

Carrying out the theory further, player A played 3-0-all which is eight numbers exact for .50 which is $4.00 per day for in this case 3 days for a total of $12.

Player A also got 9 of his friends to play the same way. We now know that the player with 3-2-4 won $250 on day 3 after wagering $12. That player kept 10 times his money or $120 and gave all 9 of his friends ALL their money back and bought coffee (starbucks?) for ALL his friends with the $22 left over courtesy of the lottery.

To me, that's a whole lot better than the lottery keeping in many cases, over 60% of all money wagered!!!!!

Now some of you may say, your facts are exactly correct yet the 3 could have arrived in position z. To you, I would say, that is exactly right except for the fact we don't know tomorrows outcome yet AND the money I just used to speculate on was one of the highest probability wagers you will find in wagering anywhere.

Finally, I need time to evaluate what we will do next as to the "6" so ... keep reading


Sunday, Oct. 12, 2003 - News & Potential New Play: To the You may conclude from my writings that I take the pick 3 game very seriously. It is a serious game because of the amount of money involved listed in the daily take versus pay out. Also, in reviewing the historical summary of this years selections, I think you will note I am really on target especially in my last 5 recommendations. As an outgrowth of that particular strategy, I am now examining the Ohio and California lottery and have used the same statistical analysis I used in the Texas Pick 3 game with great results.

For example, I used the current application to select the number "13 something" in the California night game on Wednesday, 10/8/2003 and the outcome the next day was 130.

I am going to provide picks when they become available in the Ohio and California and of course Texas when they become available or when there is a statistical representation that is excellent for us, the players. I decided to do this because the statistical representation I am looking for is very accurate but the disadvantage is, it just doesn't occur that much.

Currently, in the Texas Night pick 3 game, the digit 3 in a number having three different digits has been the one to watch and I was hoping to have a play for you before the occurrence of 732 on Friday. However, certain conditions are present which MIGHT still warrant this type of play. So, I urge you to continue reading for great lottery news and pick 3 updates for Texas, Ohio, and California. Don

Tuesday, Oct. 14, 2003 - About Our Potential Next Play: To the Please read the ALL the information regarding the next potential play.

Using a representation of a three different digit number as x-y-z, I expect the digit 3 to arrive in position x OR z (first or last position). Thus, the possibilities are 30z, 31z, 32z, 34z, 35z, 36z, 37z, 38z, 39z in EXACT form. If the digit 3 is x and using position y as all, you have x03, x13, x23, x43, x53, x63, x73, x83, x93. By inserting even one digit as z or x you have a total amount of 15 possible numbers on an EXACT wager. For example, by choosing 6 as z, you have 306, 316, 326, 346, 356, 376, 386, 396. By choosing 6 as x you have 603, 613, 623, 643, 653, 673, 683, 693, thus, the total amount of profiled numbers are 15 out of 1000 (EXACT) or a 985 to 1 chance to LOSE.

However, if I am correct on the 3 AND that the number has three different digits, I have characterized the odds in a different way. We know that either position x or z is correct. We have played all the outcomes in position y. Since z cannot be x or y, 2 digits are eliminated out of 10 choices. Thus, there are only 8 other candidates for correctness. With only 8 possibilities, the odds are 8 to 1 to win, on an exact wager 242 to 1.

(15 numbers times .50 exact = $7.50 with potential $250 -$7.50 cost = $242.50 to 1. Even if only ONE of the numbers is played with odds of 999 to 1 the odds to the player using my theory is 15 to 1 to win 250 to 1 for .50 per wager. By the way, I do have two favorites, 301 and 103.

However, we must have the correct day or as near the correct day as is possible to maximize the return. Looking at ALL the statistics I have I determined that the digit 6 in a number having three different digits will become an excellent play in 9 days. Therefore, as is my usual plan, we will WAIT to see which occurs first and play the other. I will update this potential play for the next nine days.

By waiting, we will only lose opportunity.

Thanks for reading Don

Wednesday, Oct. 15, 2003 - About Our Potential Next Play: To the The correct outcome in the Night draw for 10/14/2003 was 4-6-4. This number does not meet any of the criteria I outlined because it is not three different digits with a 6 AND/OR it does not contain 3 different digits with a 3 in the first or last position. That is the main aspect I am looking for.

As I have told the audience before, it is great to be WAITING with the intent to play the game WHEN the conditions present themselves favorable. Thanks for reading

Editiorial - Repeat Numbers

Saturday, Oct 4, 2003 - From Don - To the Occasionally, in the pick 3 game certain events catch the readers eye more than others. The occurrence of the same number in the exact way 2 days in a row (179) in the day pick 3 game sometimes causes that reaction. So, you may be thinking, play repeaters, I can make money.

I think you will find you will not because you will lose too much over time. As you may conclude from my extensive writing about the game, I have studied frequent numbers, infrequent numbers, digits that occur too frequently and digits that do not occur frequently enough. One of the more interesting evaluations I have performed is the repeater or a number that might occur more than is expected.

Looking at the Night draw beginning 8/25 you begin playing a number that just arrived. If you begin with that days number which was 138 you would play 138 the next day. The correct outcome the next day was 232. So then you play 138 and 232. You continue to do this playing $1 per day and then 2 numbers so it costs $2 per day the next day. You would have finally "hit" on 9/22 but you would have lost far more than the amount of your wagers.

In almost every number scenario I have reviewed, the day is of vital importance. I often review all my selections for 2003 periodically to determine a published success rate. Here are the results of my 2003 review.

I began the year with a very successful experiment. My analysis of the experiment is provided for you in the history.

Recommendation #2- Three draws
Recommendation #3- Six draws
Recommendation #4- Five draws
Recommendation #5- Favorite Arrived
Recommendation #6 Seventeen Draws
Recommendation #7 Seventeen Draws
Recommendation #8 Two Draws
Recommendation #9 One draw
Recommendation #10 Two Draws
Recommendation #11 Two Draws

In conducting my own evaluation of my selections I have found what seems to work and what doesn't. As you may notice, my computer analysis of the correct day is very accurate. My selections as to my favorites have not been as accurate. So, I continue to work hard and try and arrive at computer models that will improve YOUR chances to win. Keep reading for great lottery news. Don

Don's 36th Prediction
2003 - 11th Prediction)
9-29-03 ... New play starts
9-30-03 ... Play came in!

Updates Below Original Message

Cease Play - Oct 1, 2003 - From Don - To the I will leave it up to Dawn to highlight my exact words which came true in tonights draw in the form of 1-7-6. I picked the 7 to arrive in a number containing three different digits in under 4 draws and it did.

I selected my favorite digit to accompany the 7, a 6, and it did. I did not hit my favorite of 9 as the third digit but I am confident you will conclude that selecting 760, 761, 762, 763, 764, 765, 768, 769 or eight total numbers out of 220 numbers with a total statistical probability of 212 to 1 was absolutely fabulous and unbelievable. This play is now concluded. Thanks for reading Don

Sept 30, 2003 - From Dawn - Congratulations to those of you who have already reported winning tonight. I wish I had been one of the winners but I played the "7" with 68 and 39. Story of my life!!! I'm sure we'll hear from Don tomorrow and I'll post his message when I can. I have an outside appointment in the morning at 10 AM so it may be early afternoon before I can post. He's good huh?

Original Play - Posted Sunday - 9-28-03 (11:25 AM) - Starts 9-29-03 - From Don - To the A summary of the material presented this week indicates the number 8-3-2 occurred. I suggested to you that may happen and if it did, I would align a profile of numbers for you focusing away from the 3 and highlighting the digit 7. This was posted on Sept 23.

Fortunately, I chose to wait before starting the new play. As you know, the winning outcomes since 8-3-2 were 091, 125, 190 & 439. As so very often, the 3 did come back. However, I do not have statistical evidence that this type of event happens often enough so that we might profit.

So, what number of the 220 total combinations will occur next. It's always interesting to me to start out with a blank page and try to evaluate everything, the number, the day and how to play. I believe the correct outcome beginning Monday in the pick 3 night game will be 7-x-y. When I arrived at that conclusion, that it will have a 7 in any of the positions AND the next 2 digits will be DIFFERENT - that means I now have 36 combinations to choose from.

As I have explained previously - 70, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76, 78, 79 cover all the possible outcomes of "x." I have listed 16 pairs of numbers by counting the digits 70 as 2 pairs. That means 18 pairs out of 100 total is less than a 1 in 5 chance to be correct.

If I am correct on the "7," I must be correct on the pair.

The final digit is quite a bit more complicated. The digits 3 and 6 are tied statistically. So, selecting from the 9 core pairs listed above, if I select the "6," I would then have 7-6-and another digit that could not be 7 or 6 because it must be 3 different numbers. Selecting a digit to go with the 7 and 6, I am choosing 9.

So ... my number one selection is 769 for this play that begins 9-29-03 - NIGHT draw. Other numbers that stand out for me statistically are 790, 479, 378 and 379. I have a 21% chance to be correct each day on the digit "7" scenario. I have 30 chances in 1000 to be correct on my favorites and I have 970 chances to be WRONG. Thanks for reading Wishing you great success in your choice. Don

PS - I wanted to note for the audience that the most of the greatest probability theorists agree that past outcomes have NO effect on future draws as each draw is an independent event and has no relationship to what the correct outcome will be. Interestingly enough, that fact is the foremost foundation of my theory about the game.

Having said that, I believe we will have a winner in the profile and hopefully the favorites by Thursday, October 2, 2003. I enjoy hearing your comments and I wish you success on this selection.

Original Notice of Play To Come- Tuesday - 9-23-03 (8:25AM) - From Don - To the at 2038 on 9/22: I don't play any other lottery games but I would strongly concur with the scrolling banner denoting NOT to play quick pick numbers. After studying the term "random" for some time, I have very strong opinions about that process.

On to the pick 3 game. In the NIGHT game some interesting things have happened lately. In the last ten days, 6 double digits have arrived. Typically, about 2 double digits arrive in a 6 day period. When double digits are arriving, that means numbers having three different digits are NOT. Thus, in looking for opportunity, I am looking for numbers to play containing three different digits.

So, as of today, I want to tell readers what to WATCH FOR. The primary digit to WATCH for is a 3. The next digit is a 7. They are so close as to which one to select it is mathematically to close to call. So, whichever digit arrives in the format of having three different digits, I will recommend numbers having the other. What do I think will happen?

I think the correct outcome will contain a 3. If the 3 is with the 7 both plays will evaporate. Numbers to WATCH are 378 and 369 and 578. What do I want to happen? I want the 7 to arrive in a number having three different digits and thus the 3 will become an outstanding play in the NIGHT PICK 3. I will provide some outstanding speculations IF the previous conditions are NOT met shortly. Thanks for reading Don

Update - Saturday - Sept 27, 2003 - To the
I love being in the position of waiting on numbers. I do hold my breath hoping that numbers do not occur. This is a very different feeling for most lottery players in that they are always hoping for numbers to arrive.

Actually, there is an 84% chance that one of my profiled numbers beginning Monday will NOT arrive tonight. That a really strong chance, 84%. So, if we get past tonight, and begin wagering on Monday, 9/29 we will then only have a 16% of being correct on the profiled numbers. Since I will then provide numbers within the profile, we will only have an ACTUAL potential to win of about 5% at that time and a 95% chance to lose on an ACTUAL basis.

However, using my system or method, I calculate the odds to you at about 18 to 1 to win, approximately, depending on how you wager, anywhere from 80 to 250 times your money, an incredible return. Hopefully, we will NOT see a three digit number containing three different digits with a 7 in it tonight. Thanks for reading Don

Update - Friday - Sept 26, 2003 - To the I urge to read the totality of my comments regarding this play beginning with 9-23-2003 and following down the page. I am going to take some risk by waiting for 2 more days to make a solid recommendation for the audience. If the profiled digit (7) and surrounding numbers do not arrive on Friday or Saturday, we will then have one of the more outstanding plays you will find in the pick 3 game.

If you read my comments about "this future play" - RE: "What do I think will happen," you will notice that events did occur as I projected. So, I am hoping that my analysis will be true to form again when the money is on the line. I think a number with three different digits having the digit 7 will occur, probably today or tomorrow in the NIGHT game. Yet, if it does not, WE will have a much shorter time frame for victory and a much greater chance to make more times OUR money.

This will also give me more time to analyze which of the 36 numbers profiled are the best for you to speculate on. The pick 3 game is a very tough game. We wanted to make absolutely sure we have a great chance to win and win several times our money. So, I'll basically be sweating out the next 2 days with you. Thanks for reading

Update - Thursday - Sept 25, 2003 - To the It's great to see last nights outcome of 0-9-1 have three different digits and NOT contain a 7.

That is because we will be playing numbers meeting the criteria I mentioned yesterday soon. By the way, this is NOT like watching the roulette wheel as red continues to come up waiting for black.

Waiting for the TIME to play is a little like watching the roulette wheel and calculating the speed the ball is revolving around the wheel in conjunction with the speed the wheel is turning opposite the ball. If both speeds are calculable, the ball should land in the same PART of the wheel in a predictable manner. Since we know computers are excellent at measuring things or calculating things, it becomes possible, theoretically to perform such valuations.

Hope to have some great speculations for you tomorrow.

Update - Wednesday - Sept 24, 2003 - To the In the Pick 3 Night Game, the correct outcome was 8-3-2. If you read my analysis yesterday this is an expected number. It is a good example of taking the total amount of outcomes which total 220 and thereby reducing them to 36. In this case, the 36 expected outcomes were 301, 302, 304, 305, 306, 307, 308, 309, 312, 314, 315, 316, 317, 318, 319, 324, 325, 326, 327, 328 , 329, 345, 346, 347, 348, 349, 356, 357, 358, 359, 367, 368, 369, 378, 379, 389. When I reduce the pool of numbers from 220 to 36 YOU have a much more solid expectation of victory.

I want the readers to have a complete understanding of this process of lowering the outcomes from 220 to 36. This is because I have a very accurate computer estimate of when to do this which is an important part of providing profits for you.

I am also working on a method to get the total outcomes in the smaller 36 group down to 10 but have NOT have the great accuracy as I have lowering it to 36 YET. In yesterdays column I also provided a strategy IF the "3" arrived as I anticipated by turning to the digit "7" in a number having three different digits.

I expect to place a recommendation for you on the web in the next few days involving the number "7" in a number having three different digits. Time, an important part of the lotteries tactics to obtain ALL your money is now on our side. By waiting and doing a little further evaluation I conclude we will have a better chance to profit. Keep reading for an expected play, probably Friday the 26th of September. Don

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