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Don's 37th Prediction (TX)
(2003 - 12th Prediction)
New Play starts 10-17-03
Update 10-18-03
Update 10-20-03

TX - Cease Play - Play Came in 10-20-03

Don's 1st Ohio Prediction
Starts 10-17-03 - Click here.
Updated 10-18-03 - 11 PM
Updated 10-20-03 - 5 PM
Updated 10-23-03 - 1 AM
Updated 10-25-03 - 5:30 PM - Cease Play

Oct 12 - 16, 2003 - ... Notice and updates of
Don's 37th Prediction ... click here

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Updates Below Original Play

Cease Play - Oct 21, 2003 - From Don - (Message edited by Dawn late on 10/21/03 ) To the On 10/17/2003 or 3 pick 3 draws ago, I selected a primary digit of 6 to target with a separate indicator. On Oct 20, I updated my message and said that "0 or 1 with the 6 are excellent choices". Unfortunately, I selected a 5 as my third digit as opposed to the correct digit of 2. I was INCORRECT on my four selections and I am always disappointed when I let the audience down even at actual odds of 216 to 1.

I was somewhat pleased with my approximation of the day AND that playing 061, 062, 063, 064, 065, 067, 068, 069, 162, 163, 164, 165, 167, 168, 169 or 16 total numbers (as indicated on Oct 20) for 3 days, in this case, for a hypothetical $1 or $48 dollars total yielded $80 or a 66% RETURN on the money ($32 profit on $48 invested)

Although this play is OVER, I may have another play for you in three days IF there is no three different digit number with a 0 contained in the number. Don

Oct. 17, 2003 - Original Play - From Don - We, at the Lotto Report value ethics, integrity and trust. To this writer, it is essential I provide information that is accurate as possible, sometimes at the expense of time or what I often refer to as opportunity. When I begin my analysis with a blank sheet of paper and draw conclusions using statistics I expect to be correct. This is a vast departure from what is typically expected of a player playing a lottery type game. I am sure it will take even the most supportive reader a while to make that distinction and avoid the game most of the time.

Soon, I will be making calculations for California and Ohio. They both have 2 pick 3 draws a day and present the same difficulties as the Texas Pick 3 Game. I am hoping that those new readers can use my analysis to their benefit and reviewing my historical analysis and provided record. Texas players can also review my record in other states to evaluate my accuracy. I hope in reviewing my credibility, new readers might begin with my analysis between 10/12/2003 and 10/16/2003. This is an excellent preview of the types of plays I will continue to provide.

For the Texas Pick 3 Night Game, beginning 10/17/2003, it is a great time to be playing this particular game and playing numbers that have three different digits. I have 2 problems though. There are so many great plays at this time, that it is extremely hard to name just a few. Any of the numbers provided will NOT be exact. However, the combo wager is always available to readers with more capital. The primary indicator I have is the "6" in a three different digit number. Yet, I am very worried about the correct DAY, a vital part of success in the pick 3 game. Thus, I have devised the following tactic. I will limit the numbers provided to as small a group as possible. If the days get longer before the numerous parameters I have arrive, I will provide a greater base or amount of numbers. Patience will be a critical part of success concerning this play goes longer than expected I will provide more number. One of my picks does not have the "6." It is great for other reasons.

In order of importance, my favorites are: 1) 130; 2) 569; 3) 651; 4) 650. I have 4 chances out of 220 to be correct or 216 chances to be WRONG. Thanks for reading Don

From Dawn - Many of you have reported winning and many reported losing by having to pick "that 3rd digit" to go along with "one number then all to win." I too have lost some and won some so I know your frustrations. What I want you to do though, is to stop and think about this for a minute.

If someone can give you one number that really is drawn SOON and is in a correct position, so you play it with 9 others for "an almost guaranteed pair," and ALL you have to do is pick "one measily number between 1-9" to win - Gee, that sounds like a pretty good deal - huh? An expense of $4.50 to $9 per day for a great chance at winning $40 to $80 and maybe, $250 to $500.

Well, as you've seen, it's not REALLY that easy. So, what I want you to do now is imagine how hard it is to pick JUST one number out of 35 or 44 or 52 or 53 numbers to win a whole bunch of money playing Lotto Texas, Texas Two Step, Mega Millions and Powerball. Then, let's not forget that to win, you also have to pick 5 from another group of 35, 44, 52 or 53 numbers.

Now playing Pick3 seems simple and worthwhile, but it's not - now is it?

Oct. 18, 2003 - Update - From Don - To the The occurrence of 3-7-4 in the night pick 3 draw was an example of how numbers reoccur, in this case the 3, in the exact first position. This emergence of reoccurring numbers is a subject I have spent literally hundreds of hours of study on yet have had virtually no success with in testing which is my number one criteria of selection.

For us though, 3-7-4 is a good sign because that number was not in any groups of numbers I evaluate as important. Since test results have such a high priority for me I still feel confident about the 4 numbers recommended. I wish everyone great success. Don

Oct 20, 2003 - Update - From Don - To the
I have really agonized over whether to change the four selected outcomes. To review, they are 130, 569, 651, 650. The reason for this is because I targeted the pair 29,38,47, and 56 in my selections. Obviously, I prefer the 6 so I placed the 65 pair as a priority and matched numbers fitting other profiles to the pairing.

Since the posting, the numbers 374 and 447 have occurred which discount my selections and bring these 4 numbers on equal footing with other numbers. However, I am NOT changing these numbers yet. Except for 130, I am targeting the 6. The 0 and 1 are excellent digits to accompany the 6. The 5 is the next best digit to play secondary only to the 6. And of course the number MUST have three different digits. Keep reading for updates. Don

Don's 1st Ohio Prediction
New Play Starts 10-17-03

10-17-03 - In the Ohio Midday Game, play numbers with three different digits having a 1 in it. My best selections are 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 and pick a third digit. Thus, if you just want to play one number you could play 123. Or you take the 13 alone and play 134, 135, 136, 137, 138, 139. By playing even ONE number I estimate the odds of success to you using my theory at 36 to 1 with actual odds of 220 to 1. I expect this play to arrive within 6 days. Thus, by waiting you only lose opportunity. I will update this play as necessary.Don

10-18-03 - Update - From Don - To the
The correct outcome in the Ohio Midday draw is 0-2-6 and did not have the primary indicator of "1" . I recommend you continue to play as discussed earlier. Don

10-20-03 - Update - From Don - To the
In the Ohio Midday Lottery on 10/20/2003 the correct outcome was 1-3-3. You may have noticed the 1-3- something arrived today. This does not change the potential for opportunity on this play. If you are playing as outlined in my instructions you have one of two methods available. You can continue playing a minimum of one number in the group or wait until Friday, 10/24 at the absolute latest to begin play. New readers to my wiritng for Ohio might conclude that a predicted 1-3-3 looks so close to my prediction but it is really not. The correct outcome MUST have three different digits. Keep reading because I feel very confident you are going to have success on this one. Don

10-23-03 - Ohio Update - From Don - The outcome for the Ohio Day Pick 3 game on 10/22/03 was 1-1-2. So far, since my initial recommendation, the correct outcomes have been 7-9-2, 0-2-6, 1-3-3, 4-3-3, and today 1-1-2. The numbers 133 and 112 do not meet the criteria because they have 2 of the same digits. Tomorrow will be day 6 day. If you have been waiting until today to begin play, you will present yourself with an outstanding play by playing at least ONE number in the group listed. Thanks for reading Don

10-25-03 - Ohio - Cease Play - From Don - To the The number on 10/24/2003 in the Ohio Day Draw met the criteria outlined on 10/17. I expected an outcome of 6 days or 6 draws but it did not occur until the 7th draw. The numbers drawn were 0-3-1. Thanks for reading Since the primary indictor arrived, the play is now over. Don

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