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Don's 39th Prediction
(2003 - 14th Prediction)

Play Starts Thursday, Jan 15, 2004
CEASE PLAY - Jan 28, 2004

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Jan 26, 2004 - 10:00 PM - From Don - Update to Day Play - To the The last day of play is upon us tomorrow regarding the numbers I have recommended. I am down to 4th down and no time left on the clock yet you never know in this game.

As players, I know you must assess credibility based on success and that is why I sometimes hesitate to place these kinds of plays on the site as they detract from my accuracy. That's why I want to describe this play in a little more detail.

Anytime a double digit is played a player has 280 chances or 90 chances when 220 outcomes of "any" are considered.
Thus, a 28% chance of success. So it would seem that numbers having three different digits arrive 72% of the time but there are many more of them. (120 combo type)

When a double digit begins to head towards a statistical deviation, it is a very good play. This is true because it pays more and is in a smaller group of outcomes. That was true here when the double digit did arrive within a parameter of 4 days. (none of the ones I recommended) I do have evidence that the double digit will then arrive under the four day window again following the statistical deviation that occurred and that arrived. (again, none of the ones I selected)

Now, as of Monday we are on the curve of the same process occurring again. This is in combination with the 99 being what I conclude statistically, a fantastic play. However, it could go quite a bit longer. Statistics show me that chasing won't produce profits because this game doesn't pay at the true odds. Thus, although I must recommend you stop playing the game and the 99, I must also conclude it has been and continues to be an outstanding play as a number but not an outstanding play as one that could produce profits. If you played just some of the numbers I recommended and one did arrive tomorrow, you would still achieve a handsome return on capital as tomorrow will be the 11th day of play.

Thus, grudginly I must advise that we stop playing the DAY draw should none of the numbers arrive tomorrow. There will be other opportunities. I wish you all success. Don

Jan 23, 2004 - 7:20 PM - From Don - Update to Day Play - To the The double digit did occur in the Day pick 3 game today, however, out of the 280 doubles and triples the double digits I selected were not the correct ones. Due to the position of the 99, I am going to recommend we play a minimum of one more day and possibly three more. You can scroll down to view the numbers I have recommended. If a double digit does not occur in the next three days the play is over. Much success to all. Don

Jan 23, 2004 - No update from Don today. Message from yesterday still applicable.

Jan 22, 2004 - From Don - Update For DAY DRAW Play - To the Today is the last "anticipated" day I recommended play on the mentioned numbers. To the list, I want to add 399 and 355 and 335. Also, because my statistics are always fractional such as play for 3.75 days, I must continue the play for today and tomorrow. The play will only continue if a double digit arrives today or tomorrow. If that happens and it is not one of my recommendations, I will then try to decide what to do.

I would also like to add some additional comments about this play from a statistical standpoint. The 99 is a great play but it has not arrived in 27 weeks in the front pair, 50 weeks in the back pair, and 40 weeks in the split pair. As a cumulative process in both the night and day, this is a Texas record. Statistically records will always be broken and that's why I never chase. I have quite a bit of evidence that you can do quite poorly if you get hard headed because your pocketbook is not deep enough and that's what the game relies on, that you will continue to come back over and over and with as much capital as possible.

Selecting the actual day of the 99 occurrence would be a overwhelming statistical coup based on the odds alone (990 to 1) . However, during these last 7 days we are in a great statistical model which gives possibility for 1) a double digit to occur 2) a double digit with a 99 3) a double digit with a 5 and as of yesterday, a 3 in it.

Sometime ago, a reader mentioned chaos theory which is a theory that in chaos there lies predictability to random events. This is exactly what I am expecting, that the statistics will conform to what they have done before and continue to do. Don't overlook 999 and keep reading for great lottery news. Don

Jan 21, 2004 - No update from Don today. Message from yesterday still applicable.

Jan 20, 2004 - From Don - Update For DAY DRAW Play - To the The number one indicator of a double digit occurred Monday, 1/19/04, and did not have the necessary indicator of a 5 in it or the next closer indicator, a 99. When I forecast a play I try and wait until the absolute last possible day in that I want to provide players an opportunity to win immediately yet not go past the opportunity window. In this case, I expected the double digit to occur by Saturday and then have a full 6 days of play to hit one of the other indicators mentioned. We know now that the double digit occurred on Monday.

I believe another double digit will occur on either Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday so it would be premature to forecast what we will do now for beyond Thursday. On one of those three days I expect at least one of the mentioned indicators to arrive. Since 5 as a double digit could be 55all OR 5 xx (00 through 99) I have tried to narrow the field with 599. Since the 99 all is grouping is also larger than most would like I have tried to narrow this pairing with the best digits to go with 99 such as 5, 8, and 2 and of course, 999.

These next three days are ones that you want to be playing the pick 3 day game, especially a double digit, and especially the numbers I have written about. In my previous column I offered one available tactic, that was to wait until the first double digit arrived. To you, I say wait no more. I wish you all great success. Make sure you are aware of the actual odds as previously mentioned. Don

Jan 19, 2004 - From Don - Update For DAY DRAW Play - To the As of 1/17/2004, the DAY draw has not had a double digit drawn. Having given the players different available tactics, I believe all the strategies are still very sound.

If you have already begun play you still have an excellent opportunity to achieve a substantial return on your investment and are certainly in great position playing the numbers selected.

If you are waiting until the first double digit is drawn or just waiting to see what will happen, all you can lose is opportunity. (We know that now)

If the odds are too long for you ( I always list the actual odds) there will be other plays less speculative.

In general though, although this is a very speculative play, it is the kind of pick 3 play that can be extremely profitable.

So, to review, we want one of the bold face numbers to occur (shown in Jan 15th message, scroll down). If a double digit occurs that is not one of the four numbers, we will play for four days after that and I will decide at that time which numbers to play. Best of Luck to all. Don

Original Play - Jan 15, 2004 - From Don - For DAY DRAW - To the This is my first play in 2004 and perhaps one of the most speculative I have ever offered. In reviewing my history, I am somewhat fresh as I have only posted plays in the pick 3 game from 10/17 to 10/20 and from 12/6 through 12/17 thus playing the game a total of 14 days of the last 90. This recommendation will begin today, 1/15/04, and is for the DAY game. In yesterdays column, I provided players some insight to the tactics to be used during this 9 day period.

The goal is to successfully select the correct double digit the first time it arrives in this period and then within four days after that again.

So, you as a player have options.You can begin play now with the recommended numbers.You can wait until the first double digit arrives and then expect to play a total of four days maximum.

You can begin play now and not play for the four days after the first double digit arrives. (by the way-when I say double digit, I mean a number having at least 2 of the same digits-that includes triples)

You can begin with a certain amount and increase the amount wagered as the days continue. My favorite method of play is always combo which in this case will cost .50 times 3 times or $1.50 per number. (less on the triple-exact play only)

As to the numbers, the primary indicator is a double digit.

My favorite pair group on the double digit is the 99. The best digit indicator I have that tells me what number might be in the double digit is a 5. Thus, my favorite is 599.

My next favorite is 899 because it is in a very rare grouping of numbers that stands out statistically. My third favorites are 299 and 999.

So, in conclusion there are 10 numbers recommended and 990 that are NOT. Thus, you have about 1/10th of 1% chance to hit this play. Again, you have 990 chances to LOSE based on the actual odds of the game. I wish you all success.

Jan 14, 2004 - From Don - Play Coming Tomorrow Unless .... To the In the last 20 weeks in the DAY pick 3 game (beginning on a Monday and ending on Saturday) there have been 11 weeks that contained a double digit including 222 and 9 that did not. There have been two weeks that did not contain any double digits in a consecutive manner and this week, beginning Monday 1/12/2004 would be the third week if no double digit occurs. Although I always prefer the very long perspective, this is a microcosm of what happens over time in the pick 3 game.

So, statistically, in the short term since August 25,2003 this is the longest event in the DAY pick 3 game without a double digit occurring. Just looking at the short term event, since none of the 20 weeks mentioned have not contained at least one double digit for three consecutive weeks one might extrapolate that you have a 100% chance of being correct in the selection of a double digit for the remaining part of this week because in the last 20 weeks there were zero occurrences of a double digit NOT appearing for three consecutive weeks. However, perhaps a better statistic is that in the consecutive weeks containing no double digit, each of the next weeks were followed by weeks containing at least 2 double digits of the six days in the week.

So, lets say we play a double digit in one of the remaining 4 days of the week. Using short term statistics based on the last 20 weeks we have an excellent chance based on what has happened previously. However, the longer we wait, moving towards Saturday as the end of the week, we then have another opportunity to "hit" a double digit, possibly twice during next week OR perhaps twice THIS week as it is Wednesday today.

So, having explained the tactics, we must select a double digit from the 90 numbers possible (excluding triples). However, that is much better than the total outcomes of 220 numbers and also pays more.

Here is what I am going to recommend. We wait today and hold our breath that a double digit will not occur. We have a 72% chance for that to happen, that's pretty strong. Then I'll try and decide the absolute best numbers to play with the intention that the play will last from the day I recommend we begin through Saturday 1/24/2004. (assuming all our numbers don't arrive sooner). Right now, I'm leaning towards 995, 998, and 992.

Keep reading for updates. Don

Jan 13, 2004 - Ooops ... From Don - Play Coming - To the First, I want to apologize to the audience for any writing errors published within this column. I always try for 100% accuracy in my writing because my programs demand the same rate of correctness. Yet, when I reread the columns after numbers are drawn I sometimes cringe at what I said in relation to the totality of the prediction.

I also want to say that although this game and column and analysis is just a very consuming hobby the amount of information I have about the game is difficult to condense.
For example, I decided to place one of the best charts I have on the web in this column to provide readers a visual aide in accessing the games difficulty. Actually, though, I have about 11 charts like it which evaluate numbers in different ways. This is also among a myriad of other information I find vital in evaluating risk.

On December 30th, I wrote a column about expectations for 2004. I wrote that the pair groups so 06, 15, 24, 33 and 07, 16, 25, 34 and 69 and 78 all carried excellent possibilities however there were too many numbers present. I went on to talk about the cold numbers like the sum group 20 which are 578, 569, 479, 389 and I said 478. Obviously, 478 does not total sum 20 yet it was a number that had a high priority because the sums of 19 and 20 were positionally appropriate. (see chart). Also, 478 had the mentioned 78 or 69 in it and because of that I gave it a very high evaluation of arriving.

Looking at the pick 3 game now on 1/13/2003, as opposed to when I wrote the column on 12/30/2003 the numbers in the profiles mentioned were 253 which had pair sum 7; 706, (both pairs of 7 and 6); 851 (pair group 6); 342 (again sum pair 7 and 6); 543 (sum pair 7) and the mentioned number 748 (pair sum 78 and total sum 19).

So, six of the ten numbers drawn had statistical value that was noted. Although statistics do little for the pocketbook, they do present an excellent guide for the future. Right now, in the Day Pick 3 game a double digit is very prominent. When I play a double digit I have 2 strategies. I can play it when I think it will arrive, the very first day it will arrive OR I can play it immediately following a double digits arrival for 4 days because statistics tell me that is also an optimal time to play.

The double digit will involve the 99 when I do recommend the play. Right now, I am trying to decide the absolute best time to play with the fewest amount of numbers and start 2004 with a big hit. Keep reading lottoreport .com for updates. Don

Jan 12, 2004 - Editorial From Don - Play Coming - To the Thanks for reading concerning the pick 3 game. If you read my final comments for 2003, they were a somewhat good analysis (we know that now) of things to come. Of course, we had the number 706 which included the pair 07 and 06. That process continued with 342 4 days later. And finally, we had the very cold number I mentioned, 748.

In the DAY game, no 99 has occurred since my December writing yet it is an excellent time to play not only a 99 number but any double digit. I don't have any specific recommendations right now though as I am still concerned the play is too speculative. There may be an upcoming play here soon.

I wanted to talk a little about wagering methods before entering into the 2004 recommendations I expect to forecast. Reviewing a playslip, you have boxes play a through e. In each box are the wagering types, exact, any,exact/any, and combo. Interestingly, when you play a number like 748, if you want to play all aspects of the number which are 748, 784, 847, 874, 487, 478 there is not enough room with only 5 boxes unless you check combo.

A combo wager simply means all possible combinations of the number. Thus, if you play 748 combo for .50 that means .50 times 6 ways or a $3.00 wager. If you play 748 combo in this manner and are successful you win $250. If you make the same wager "any" for $3.00 you win $240. Thus, even when you "win" the state gets an unfair cut simply by your wagering method.

Generally, when I make a recommendation I tell the audience what parameters I am searching for as indicators.A combo wager on my methods is always the best method unless you are playing many of numbers. By the same token, an exact/any wager is always the worst type wager because you only have ONE of the potentials of in this case the six ways the number can arrive. The only disadvantage of the combo wager is that it takes a little more capital.

But, since hopefully you are avoiding the game most of the time, you will have more capital to wager when good opportunity is presented. This is certainly the case when there is a good double digit play as will exist in the day game very soon. That is because there are only 3 ways a double digit can arrive lowering the capital needed by 50%.

In conclusion, keep reading for great lottery news and an upcoming play. Don

Dec 30, 2003 - Editorial From Don - NOT A PLAY - To the I wanted to take a moment to wish all the readers a great 2004 and success in all their endeavors.

As to the pick 3 game for 12/30/2003, in the Day pick 3 game the 99 all is a very speculative pair that should be considered. It is much to risky a play for me but those are the kinds many of the readers prefer. If I had to do a statistical guess, I would expect the 99 to be in the split position, thus, 9 something 9. The best indicator present to tell me what digit might be in a double digit is the 5. Thus, 599 if I had to predict one digit to go with the 99. Of course, 999 pays the most.

You might also notice that in the day game, the last digit 7 has occurred 75 times while no other digit has occurred that much - not only in the final position - but any position of any other number. You might conclude that over time the remaining digits will catch up but in the meantime, if you like "hot" digits put a 7 in the number (which I would not do based on that stat alone) Interestingly, 737 occurred twice the week before last and in yesterdays outcome of 7-2-8.

I am always curious about a digit that has occurred way more than the rest of the digits in only 522 data days. How much more, almost 40% from the lowest digit count of 43 in that position. Also, six days prior to the 737 occurring twice the numbers that occurred were 478 - 974 - 645 - 453 - 743 - 287 with 4 of the numbers having a seven in it for the week.

In the night pick 3 draw, the pairs that gave indications they might offer opportunity were, prior to last nights draw, sum of 6 (06, 15, 24, 33) AND sum of 07 (16, 25, 34) AND sum of 15 (69,78). Last nights draw in the night game was 942 which eliminated the pair sum 6 and left 2 pair sums noticeable. 780 and 169 are the only numbers that will bring both of the sums to normalcy. Also, did you know that 478 and 578 and 569 are three numbers that have a total sum of 20 and have not arrived in 252 draws or about 42 weeks. If you like "cold" numbers they might be for you. (See chart for last time sums were drawn)

In conclusion, those are my thoughts on the pick 3 games in Texas to conclude 2003. They are not recommendations because they are too broad and encompass too many variables. If they shape up to meet my criteria, I'll let you know. Again, I hope you have a great year and thanks for reading

Don's 38th Prediction
(2003 - 13th Prediction)

Play Starts Dec 6, 2003
CEASE Play - Dec 18, 2003

Dec 18, 2003 - CEASE PLAY - To the I cannot explain the amount of time it took for this play to arrive which culminated with the number 5-4-6.

In 3178 tests I performed this particular formation of numbers has only occurred 6 times. Thus, I based my play on the extensive testing. I selected the pair of 6-9 to be with the key digit 6 and was incorrect on that element of the play also. As it turns out, this was a great play statistically that did not eventuate in success and I apologize to the audience because I too, hate to lose.

In retrospect, if I had chosen the digit 2 in the first postition as I explained before the play occurred, we would have had a better opportunity for success. In 10 draws, there were four double digits and 2 numbers with the digit 2 in the first position. Thus, 3 of the four remaining draws during this play did not have the important elements I wrote about.
In summation then, this play was a horrible failure and I will try to better for both you and I in the future. It is now over. Don

Dec 17, 2003 - Update from Don regarding Dec 6 Play - To the Last nights outcome of 4-9-9 was again difficult as I am holding tickets for 4-9-6 among others. This is an example of why I recommend avoiding the game most of the time. I want to play when there are outstanding plays, so it appears I may have to play longer than I expected. Of course, this is much longer than expected and I have no statistical precedence as to what is happening. Thus, I continue to recommend the numbers mentioned in my most recent columns. Happy Holidays, Don

Dec 16, 2003 - Update from Don regarding Dec 6 Play -To the The correct outcome in the night draw on 12/15/2003 was 636. This does not meet the criteria outlined as that number does not have 3 different digits.

To sum of my recommendation, I am expecting the digit 6 in a three different digit number. I have selected the 9 as my second digit. Thus, you could have 691, 692, 693, 694, 695, 697, 698, 690.

Two other numbers without the 9 in it have merit. 568 and 160. Although it is very difficult to establish an absolute favorite because I carry my mathematical formulas to 4 decimals such as 40.9876 versus 40.8888, the number 1-6-0 has every potential imaginable.

In about 8 years of reviewing pick 3 games in Florida, New York, Texas, Ohio and California, I have seldom witnessed a play as good as this one from a statistical standpoint. It's a great time to play the night pick 3 game. Remember though, you still have a 95% chance to lose. Thanks for reading Don

Dec 15, 2003 - Update from Don regarding Dec 6 Play -To the I continue to recommend the same numbers. Don

Dec 13, 2003 - Update from Don regarding Dec 6 Play -To the I began the listed recommendation on 12/6/2003. During that time the following numbers in the night pick 3 drawn have occurred. They are 484-797-327-208-895-179. I offered a time frame of 4 days in which I expected one of the recommendations to occur. Although I have not been correct on that four days, I want to provide the audience some insight into how I analyze the situation now.

In the last six days, the first 2 draws were double digits. When you are playing combo type numbers (numbers with three different digits) the double digits emergence, although expected is always detrimental. If one could anticipate the exact emergence of a double digit there is no need for recommendations or columns because a double digit pays more yet only arrives 28% of the time. So playing ALL the double digits on the exact day is a guaranteed profit.

I mention this because during 2 of the six days so far a double digit occurred which extends the anticipated 4 days.

So, discounting those 2 days on 12/10 the emergence of 2-0-8 occurred which I wrote extensively about on 12/9 in that I did not want the profiled number to arrive ahead of the digit 6 play. So, 2 days of double digits and 1 day of a profiled number means that there were three draws left in which one of "our" numbers did not arrive.

In conclusion then, tonight is an excellent time to play the pick 3 night game and the numbers listed in yesterdays column. However, based on the total outcomes, you will still have a 95% chance to lose. I believe it has been 13 years since the Mavericks beat the Lakers but with incredible odds against them, they won last night. I think you're going to win money on this play because it is one of the greatest statistical plays I have ever seen in any pick 3 game. In looking back at my history of recommendations, I seem to have good success at this time of year. I hope that continues in the conclusion of 2003. Best Regards, Don

Dec 12, 2003 - Update from Don regarding Dec 6 Play -To the Last nights result of 8-9-5 was both frustrating and hopeful. The reason for this is that I am holding several tickets of 8-9-6 among others. However, I am hopeful because all the primary parameters I described did not arrive even though their is a similarity in the numbers I played and the number that arrived. This play is shaping up as one of the best plays I have ever had.

How can I evaluate whether it is a great play? First, in 3172 days, the digit 6 is in the optimal position it has ever been. That doesn't mean because it has not arrived in a particular time frame it is due. It means that its relationship to all the other correct outcomes makes it significant. Since there are only 72 other possible outcomes (6 with ALL = 6 in the number, there are 9 possibilities times 8 possibilities) the maximum odds to you are 72 to 1 to win on a combo ticket 250 to 1.

Even if you only play my absolute favorite of 4-6-9, I estimate the actual odds to you at (36 to 1) to win on a combo ticket 250 to 1 for 50 cents. Also, that does not take into account all the other parameters I am looking for, some of which have been listed in yesterdays column. We have had 5 draws so far. When you look at the chart you can visualize how tough it is to select 10 numbers out of a possible 220 and be successful. Thus, we have a 95% chance to lose. I don't think we will though. Keep reading for updates. Much success to you. Don

Dec 11, 2003 - Update from Don regarding Dec 6 Play -To the The result on 12/10/2003 was 2-0-8 in the Night Draw. I spoke extensively about that previously and am very disappointed in that, the audience will not have an opportunity to take advantage of a great EXACT play with that 2 in the first position of a three different digit number. As I mentioned, by placing the 2 in the first position and playing all in the next position and choosing one of 8 choices for the final digit, the audience would have been provided an 8 to 1 chance to win $500 for a $8 wager. Since this strategy had the potential to go 27 days from 12/6/2003 I wanted to err on the side of caution for the players and was hoping we could use profits from the digit 6 play to play the much more speculative EXACT play.

Moving on, the digit 6 in a number having three different digits WILL NOT go 27 days without arriving. It has gone four days now since I made the recommendation. In conjunction with the previously mentioned 2, this play has now become one of the greatest COMBO or ANY plays imaginable.

I want to go through exactly what I believe will happen based on statistics. Play the 6 IN the number. I am eliminating 54 of the 55 pairs by choosing the 9 to go with the 6 but I have to recommend 2 numbers besides the ones with 69 because their total sums of 7 and 19 (see chart) are important statistically.

Within the scope of recommendation then are 69 all with NO 696 or 699. The 2 other numbers are 568 and 160. My absolute favorites are 5-6-9 AND 4-6-9. My number one favorite is -4-6-9 because it has three different digits with a 6, has a total sum of 19 (see chart), has what I call a span break, has the pair 69 in it and is within the 69 all category. ALL PREVIOUS numbers are to be disregarded. I think we are going to have something in our stockings before XMAS.
Happy Holidays. Don

Dec 10. 2003 - Update from Don regarding Dec 6 Play - To the The last three outcomes in the pick 3 night game have been 484 and 797 and on 12/9/2003, 327. By reviewing the chart of all possible outcomes a player can readily evaluate that 3 different outcomes in those 3 days is only about 2% of all the outcomes. That means there are 217 other outcomes that did not arrive.

You might imagine how many statistics can be associated with 217 outcomes. Some of those statistics might be the digit count, the pair count, the sum count of the pair, the sum count of the number, the grouping of the number as to a number having all the same digits, two of the same digits, or none of the same digits. From a computer standpoint, there is an incredible array of available statistics on just 220 outcomes alone.

In yesterdays outcome of 3-2-7, the grouping of 05,14,23,69 and 78 had statistical relevance. Yet, those pairs represent 50 numbers 22.7% of the total outcomes or about a 1 in 5 chance of success. In looking at the challenges of the game, I do comparative analysis comparing in this case, the pairs against other parameters which might arrive. I still conclude that the digit "6" within a three digit number and the numbers profiled are absolutely outstanding plays based on the amount of numbers AND the proximity I expect them to arrive in.

Although I anticipated 4 days and tonight would be the 4th day, the play becomes stronger should one of the indicators not arrive. I think tonight will be a critical component in evaluating how this play evolves. For 12/10/2003, my selections are 568, 160, 263 and my singular favorite of 5-6-9. Thanks for reading Don

Dec 9. 2003 - Update from Don regarding Dec 6 Play - To the Since providing my picks for 12/6 the correct outcomes in the Texas Pick 3 Night Draw have been 484 and 797. Since I always attempt to select a correct day first, that is somewhat disappointing. However, I provided a 4 day window of opportunity so today and tommorrow will be important dates.

I recommend you continue to play the previously provided numbers. Also, it is imperative to note that the DAY pick 3 draw had the exact scenario I described in the outcome of 2-6-5. The number had three different digits.

The number had a 2 in the first position. A 6 was in the number. Playing exact 2-6-all or 2-all 6 would have provided handsome profits. Only one problem, my play was only for the NIGHT draw. So I conclude it was merely a coincidence that all these parameteres arrived and does not detract from the great play now available to readers in the NIGHT pick 3 game.

In closing, today is a very special day for me and perhaps it will be very lucky for me and you so I want to conclude my remarks by saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY LYDIA. Don

Saturday, Dec 6, 2003 - From Don - To the In conducting a statistical review of the Pick 3 NIGHT game there is a great opportunity to obtain profits. I specified the things to look for in my previous column. I conclude that I simply cannot wait on the 6 being in the number any longer although I expect the number will arrive in under 4 days maximum. The six can be any of the positions in the three digit number.

However, The 6 with the 2 is the best statistical choice. I have no other numbers that stand out with the 26 all. You have to remember though I do not want the 2 to arrive with the six, especially in the first position (#2) because we will have a great EXACT play 2 all x. A great exact play is usually very hard to find and this will be a great play. In making a statistical comparison, this particular situation has only arrived 7 times in 3167 days, as to the particular set of circumstances I am looking for.

So, in summary, we want to hit the 6. There are 36 numbers available to do that. I have chosen 4. They are 569, 568, 160, 263. After the 6 arrives in a three different digit number I will turn my attention to the digit 2 in the first position because it is much harder to predict the day even if we play 2 all x. That's how the pick 3 NIGHT game shapes up for 12/6/2003 at 1015 in the morning. I want to see you all put dollars in your pocket and this time of year is a great time for that! Best Regards,

Oh, I have chosen a profile of 36 numbers which represent 16.3 % of the total outcomes. Within the 36, I have chosen 4 which represents 1.8% of the total outcomes.Thus, I have a 98% chance of being incorrect on my favorites. Keep reading for updates. Don

From Dawn - Jeff ceased his play as of last night, however he advised ya'll to still play the "6." It seems as though Don and Jeff both agree on the "6" - the only differences was the timing. Personally, I think I'll go with the 6 because both of my "predictors" like the 6! For a little added humor, to me, this probably means the 2 will come first because I always pick wrong!

Friday, Dec 5, 2003 - From Don - To the The digit "9" appeared in the Califonia Day draw in a number having three different digits yesterday. The winning number was 9-4-6. This number was not one of the four selections I placed for readers. Since, the indicator arrived, the play is now over. Keep reading lottoreport for news about the Texas Pick 3 games. Don

Posted Thursday, Dec 4, 2003 - From Don: To the I hope you have printed the chart provided by the lottoreport. Seldom will you find a list of ALL possible outcomes in a lottery type game.

Generally, the lottery is always talking about how much can be won. In fact, in yesterday's Dallas Morning News, there was an article about one of the new games set to debut in Texas. I won't be playing the game but what struck me about the article is that the word education and lottery seems to have developed some type of relationship. This seems a bit odd to me as I have been attending meetings at my local public school for the quite some time and not once have I heard, the lottery provided a particular enhancement of any kind. I have heard about bond elections, tax increases to pay for schools and Robin Hood quite a bit.

To move on ... In the Texas Pick 3 games, the best speculation will occur in 3 days. I always try to give great picks around important holidays and this is shaping up as a great potential play.

Here is what I expect to happen. In the night pick 3 game,
the first digit 2 is the one to watch in a number having three different digits. By stating that the digit 2 will occur in the first position AND the number will have three different digits, I have eliminated more than 900 possible outcomes. Since this will be an exact play, it must be 20, 21, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29 and a third digit. If I am right on the 2, I must have the second digit correct because I have chosen them all. By choosing a third digit you will have a 10 to 1 (less than that because no duplicate digits) to win 250 to 1 or 500 to 1.

Conversely, the digit 6 being in the number having three different digits will occur within 9 pick 3 draws. Thus, the absolute BEST DAY has to be determined to play. That BEST DAY is not there yet but we are very close, perhaps 3 to four days. As of today, the best number to pay close attention to would be 261 and 260 but we can't play yet. In summary, we are looking for two indicators. The digit 2 as the first digit in a number containing three different digits or a number with three different digits containing a six. Whichever happens, hopefully not both, then I will recommend the other.

Aside from the Texas play to come, there IS a great play in the California DAY draw right now. I expect the number to have a 9 in it and contain three different digits and arrive in less than 6 days beginning today and thus ending next Wednesday. The California pick 3 draw occurs 7 days a week as opposed to Texas which is 6 days a week. The digit I favor to arrive with the 9 is the 5, 8 and 0. So, this means you have 95, 98, 90.
This means my favorite numbers in the California day draw would be 958, 950, 980. I would also include 981. Since four numbers are selected out of 220, I have 216 chances to be incorrect and 4 chances to be correct.

Keep reading this week for great news. Don

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Don's Imaginary Play, About His Chart
Don's 37th Prediction (12th in 2003)
Don's 36th Prediction, (11th in 2003), notice
of 37th play to come and editorial "Repeat Numbers"

Don's 34th & 35th Prediciton
(9th & 10th in 2003)

Don's 33rd Prediction (8th in 2003)
Dons's 32nd Prediction (7th in 2003)
Don's 31st Prediction (6th in 2003)
Don's 30th Prediction (5th in 2003)
Don's 29th Prediction (4th in 2003)
Don's 28th Prediction (3rd in 2003)
Don's 27th Prediction (2nd in 2003)
The experiment - Players predictions
Don's 26th Prediction (1st in 2003)

Don's 25th Prediction
Don's 24th Prediction

Just Don's Comments & Thoughts
Don's 22nd & 23rd Prediction
Don's 21st Prediction
Don's 19th & 20th Predictions & Comments

Just Don's Pick3 Viewpoints

Don's 18th Prediction

Don's 17th Prediction
Don's 16th Prediction

Don's 14th & 15th Predictions
Don's 12th & 13th Predictions
Don's 11th Prediction

Don's 10th Prediction

Don's 8th & 9th Prediction
Don's 5th, 6th, & 7th Predictions
Don's 4th Prediction

Dons's 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Predictions

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