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Don's 40th Prediction
(2004 - 2nd Prediction)

New Play Starts: Feb 17, 2004
Cease Play: Feb 26, 2004

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Feb 28, 2004 - 10:30 AM - ABOUT OUR LAST PLAY - From Don - To the When discussing the pick 3 game seldom can I abbreviate my comments. However, after the occurrence of 3-6-7, I felt it in the interest of the readership to provide a little further explanation of events.

In my reporting, I placed a time frame, a digit, and the day of occurrence was noted. I also placed a second digit possibility which offered in my opinion, the best opportunity. I left out however, one very important strategy which can be applied in the pick 3 game and that is a tactic. In this case, a tactic is a way to use the information provided so that a wagerer is making the absolute best use of his or her money with the knowledge of the exact odds of the game and the chances for success.

In my attempt to provide the reader with as much information as possible, it has occurred to me that in leaving out the tactic, I left the reader with a decided disadvantage I want to describe.

First, on this play, the digits had to be different, so x-y-z represents the 3 digit number. x-y-OR-z MUST be 7.
In this case, lets say z is 7 with a one-third chance to be correct on the exact position of the 7. We now have to place a digit other than 7 as x or y. After 201 occurred, I chose a 6.

Let's say that "y" now becomes 6. Let's say for my final unknown digit I choose 3, 4 and 5. I now have 3 numbers exact because I guessed at the POSITION of the 7 knowing that the 7 MUST be in the number and a best digit to accompany 7 was a 6.

In this case then, placing .50 exact on three numbers totals $1.50 and would give a return a $250, an incredible return. Even if it didn't arrive for 8 days ... 8 times $1.50 equals $12 for $250. My point is that using the information provided could lower the odds considerably for you using the material provided.

Even though I work with numbers all the time, it is easy to miss concepts which become apparent using the myriad of statistics I have.

So, I am writing this column today so that readers on future similar plays will think about the time frame, the fact that waiting only loses opportunity, and sometimes most importantly, that the information can be used in a way to provide exceptional speculations. Thanks for reading Don

Feb 26, 2004 - 11:00 AM - CEASE PLAY - From Don - To the The result for Wednesday, 2/25/2004 in the Night pick 3 game was 3-6-7. The play is now concluded. Don

From Dawn: Congratulations to those of you who had the 367 last night. I know that many of you lost on this one because you were looking for the total sum of 17 - as was Don with one of his favorite being 467. I haven't had time to post any players comments here lately so I want to take a minute to say "Your Welcome" for all your kind words about the Sum Page and for posting Don's picks. I love hearing how you won because you played numbers based on the sum that "finally" arrived or on Don's "pairs" that he picks.

In Don's picks, he uses "sums" too but he has much more information on "when" they really should come rather than just the date they were last drawn. Therefore, while he didn't say so - I think for the night draw you should play combinations where all 3 numbers equal 17. If you'll go to the Sum Page, you'll see why I recommend this.

Obviously, by Don's short message and the fact that his favorite didn't come in and understandably, he is not a happy camper today. But Don, YOU did good. You changed your play the last day to "67" and it came in. Not only that, I and many others actually won - not exact - but won because the "67" was at the top of the list on the Sum Page - as front pairs - and they hadn't been drawn since 2002 - and still haven't!

Anyway, in Don's "favorites" you'll see that he kept 720 and 709 for reasons that he didn't go into. So, if you'll go to the Sum Page, you'll probably see why. While Don's play is OVER, the plays are still out there and WILL come in. Don just doesn't believe in "chasing" plays and he ONLY plays when he thinks the time is NOW to play. So folks, this is a big hint -

Thanks Don for givng us the "67." A number of us won on it even though you may not have!

Feb 25, 2004 - UPDATE To The Numbers Originally Recommended - From Don - To the Since the inception of this play the following numbers have occurred. 848 - 334 - 224 - 913 -049 - 404 - 201.

Reviewing the numbers indicates that only 913, 049 and 201 have three different digits. In my last update, I spoke about the digits that I expect to accompany the digit 7 in a three digit number having three different digits. Of those three numbers, three elements of the criteria occurred in last nights outcome of 2-0-1. I mentioned that the 02 pair had prominence, the 0 had a good expectation in the center position and the 0 had some elements of credibility not only with the 2 but in that center position.

Having said that, it is important to understand that we are not chasing outcomes or playing favorite numbers or the expectation is not rooted in proven logic based on statistical avenues that have occurred historically. We must remember exactly what we are playing and why. The 7 is the number one objective in a number with three different digits. It has now become even a more outstanding play due to the fact that it has gone 7 days past my earliest expectation and is 4 days short of my latest expectation.

It is extremely hard to evaluate what is the absolute best to go with the 7 now that many of my critical elements have emerged. The sum pair 11 is barely over expectation which means 56, 47, 38, 29 are very slightly what I call out. As a digit, the 6 now stands out as the best single digit to play besides the 7. So, 567, 467, 387, 297 come into focus. I am keeping 720 and 709 for reasons to extensive to go into. Since I must conclude my remarks now due to my other responsibilities, remember this is a great time to be playing the pick 3 night game and you only have about a 2% actual odds chance of hitting my selections and a 98% chance to lose. That is the absolute best I can do in the time available. Keep reading for updates. Don

Feb 24, 2004 - No update from Don today.

Feb 22, 2004 - 11:45 PM - UPDATE - From Don - To the I try to evaluate the distance expected to play the pick 3 game in days and the absolute best numbers to play. In this case, the best number I found was a 7, it needed to contain three different digits and the days of play was 11 days in the NIGHT draw.

Five days into the 11 days of play, no number has occurred that has changed my position that favors the 7. To narrow the numbers, a decision had to be made as to what the absolute best digits to go with the 7 are. The 5 is the best as far as total outcomes. The 2 is the best based on present position of the numbers in relation to all other numbers. The 0 is the best based on the distance of the center position and the occurrences in the overall middle position in a combination number.

As a pair, the 02 has some credibility due to the prominence of that pair of numbers. Since a 7 must be added to meet the criteria, 720 is a great play. Overall, as a digit, the 5 is the best digit to occur. Thus, 275 has prominence.

Finally, the position of the 0 is noticeable and when placed with 7 you have 70 and a digit to be determined. In that pair, I prefer 709.

So, 705, 720 and 709 are absolutely outstanding speculations and 275 has prominence until the 7 arrives, I suspect no later than this Friday, 2/27/2004.

There are 217 other combinations that can arrive and thus I have about a 1% chance to be successful and a 99% chance to fail. Best of Luck to All. Don

Feb 21, 2004 - UPDATE - From Don - To the The emergence of a combination number having none of the elements I am looking for continues to bode well for us on this play which has now lasted 4 days. Read the original play to determine what are the best numbers and time frame to play.

I must admit that I am always startled when I talk about the triple digit and it occurs, albeit in the DAY game. This event (555) has absolutely nothing to do with the current play. Just a unique coincidence I suppose and perhaps a good omen that we will have success on this play. Best Regards to all. Don

Feb 20, 2004 - Commentary about the last 3 draws since the play started - From Don - To the I mentioned an eleven day window of opportunity on this play (Feb 17th) and now that we have had three consecutive double digits, there is much more opportunity for us in that we are playing numbers with three different digits (all containing a "7"). "Why is that?" ... you may ask if each event is an independent event and not controlled by historical events?

Simply because there are 720 numbers having three different digits and 280 other numbers containing at least two of the same digits. If you took an 11 day cycle, 3 double digits should occur and 8 combination numbers. Does anyone believe we will have 11 double digits in a row? I do not. You can make a lot of money if you put your money up on that wager because if you play all 90 double digits it will return 160 for one dollar. Although I believe this is now a great time to play OUR numbers this does not mean it will be OUR number that arrives but it does portend better events (combo type numbers) in the next 8 days for us.

Interestingly, I spent a few years trying to study WHEN the triple digit might occur as unusual events unfolded like three double digits occurring in a row. If I could recognize such an event, it is unnecessary to play the game at any other time.

I know that many of you play triple digits each day and on occassion have success. However, that is not the purpose of this column. It is much different to try and forecast a number because by hitting a forecasted number a player can avoid the detriments of playing the pick 3 game often which is the number one problem of the game. I mention this because I noticed that when unusual events occurred from a statistical standpoint, so did the triple digit.

I had very little success with that venture in the testing phase and concluded that the combo type numbers with 720 chances out 1000 outcomes might be a more profitable venture. Although our present profitably has been diminished due to three days of dd type numbers, I believe opportunity exists right now in the play that we began Feb 17th. Much success to all. Don

Feb 18, 2004 - UPDATE - From Don - To the All the elements I discussed on 2/17/2004 arrived in the DAY game yesterday. This coincidence had nothing to do with the great speculation that now exists in the NIGHT pick 3 game. Much success to all the readers. Don

Feb 17, 2004 - ORIGINAL PLAY - From Don - To the In the NIGHT pick 3 game for 2/17/2004, a great speculation has developed. The play involves the digit 7 and the number must have 3 different digits.

My favorite digit to go with the 7 is 2 OR 0. Thus, the number can be 72X or 70X. I am selecting 709 and 725 and 702. My favorite type of wager on this play is combo.

My expectation as to maximum amount of days to be played are 11. Do I think it will go 11 days without the key indicator of 7? No, I do not.

Remember that 3 numbers are selected yet I have gone into the potentials of 72X and 70X to try and determine the absolute best. Keep reading for updates.

The actual odds for you playing 3 numbers are 217 to 1 because 217 OTHER numbers have the potential to arrive.

Feb 6, 2004 - From Dawn - On the "Sum Page," I have added "overdue" pairs and how many times each was drawn since inception. For those of you who like to play "exact," this information can be helpful.

I received the following message on Jan 28th. Then you'll see Don's response and finally the players reply to Don's message ...

Message from Roy 1/28/04
Dawn, Just a few words for Don ...
DON, Thanks for the pick ... [referring to the 99 day play] even though I would have prefered to win ... remember if you were perfect in every aspect on all your picks the TLC would stop the P3 and go up to the P4. Actually one of my charts shows the 9 in the A pos as possible for today BUT my charts are not YOUR charts ... so betting from them is dicey :-) :-). Now a request ... would you provide some insight into hitting the Night All Odd that is starting to push some of the limits ... don't know if there is a deviation that could be exploited but if you can't see it in the statistical possiblities perhaps some words on why they are hard to predict and not worth the gamble. Thanks again to you and to Dawn!!!

In turn, I forwarded the messsage to Don as I often do so he can see what players are saying. Anyway, here is Don's response that I sent to the player on Jan 29th.....

Don's Reply to Roy - 1/29/04
To the
A reader wrote in with some support for the effort on the recent double digit play which was not successful and also asked about deviations that might be occurring in the night pick 3 game. I think it would help everyone to answer his question to the best of my ability and offer some conclusions I have arrived at.

Although the pick 3 game is a very speculative game it has advantages in that it is easy to play, offers immediate cash to a winner, allows a player to cash multiple tickets on the same number, and to me, the most important thing is that the lottery uses measures to ensure the game is 100% honest. If the game is honest you might envision each digit, each pair, each sum of the number, each group of numbers arrive in a mathematical approximaiation. What I attempt to do is place a calculation on each variable as to the likelihood based on history and based on what should be happening in the game. There is a very subjective analysis that also occurs because when so many statistics are available, a decision has to be arrived at as to which statistic gives the player the best tactic to obtain profits.

Putting this information in a real world situation, in the night pick 3 game, the numbers 578,569,479,389,130 are slightly distant as opposed to any position they have been in previously. Is this a better play than the 999 which has never arrived as of 3211 days? In 3211 days there have been 823 double digits which is only 25.63% of the total outcomes. Since we know double digits should arrive 28% of the time should we begin playing only double digits? Another important question might be, which game should one play, DAY or NIGHT. Are there better opportunities in the Day game or night game at this particular moment?

Although many of these factors can be addressed with a fast computer and a lot of hard hours spent studying numbers an individual evaluation can never be conclusive because new records are always continuing and that is how new highs and new lows ebb and flow with each drawn number. A good example of this would be occurring right now in the Texas Night Game. The first digit 6 in a combination number has not occurred in 83 days. The record is 116 days or 33 days away.
If you play 6 all pick a digit. that is 8 numbers exact. Since 33 times 8 is 264 you might have to wager $264 to win $500. But, the record could be broken as was the previous record which created the 116 day record. Let's say though, you play 6 0 3 exact. Your wager is really that the 6 in position one is guaranteed.

You have a 72 to 1 chance (9 choices times 8 choices) to win. The actual odds of course are 1000 to 1. To me, this is a real world situation that is going to occur and the actual odds have been lowered to you by gaining information.

But, an evaluation has to be made whether playing the 99 in the DAY game was better than playing 6 0 3. By trying to evaluate the proximity to occurrence first and then selecting a number, it creates opportunity for a player. So, to Roy, that was a long answer to a short question but I think this assessment will help you in making future plays. Don

Again I was extremely busy so I just sent Don's reply to the player (Roy) knowing that I would eventually post for all to read. Much to my surprise, Roy sent a reply that I sincerely appreciated as did Don. Here is Roy's last message ...

Roy's last message 1/30/04
Dawn, Don, Thanks so much ... great information. The pairing information y'all posted late last year has been great .... I've seen a couple of instances where it would have 'trapped' the winning number exact ... I'm thinking that it may ... or may not 'catch' the all odd or another win. Thanks again to both of you for all your hard work ... it is appreciated and Dawn ... if you decide to post this ... consider annotating it with a comment to make everyone realize that Don's last play was a Great opportunity to play in the Best possible statistical time frame for Success and that what Don provides is really special ...Incredible ... even when we don't win!!!

Having said that ... a humorous note ... I mentioned Don's 99 prediction to my cousin and being the character he is said he thought 819 would play ... well since he doesn't play P3 or study the statistics, it's coincidentally laughable that it played in the night game 1/28/4. Or is there an untapped ethereal source of winning numbers?? :-) :-) :-) Roy


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