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Don's 42nd Prediction
(2004 - 4th Prediction)

New Play Starts: April 13, 2004
Cease Play: April 23, 2004
Dawn's Play Started: April 23, 2004
Dawn's Play Ends May 4, 2004 For Sure!

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May 10, 2004 - 1:30 PM - From Dawn - For those of you who were persistant and continued to play my numbers even though the play ended on 5/4/04, congratulations. 689 was drawn today and it was my favorite. But it came in the wrong order for me!

In answer to your questions, YES, we still need to see the 01 and IF I were playing, I'd play - "01-ALL-Any order." I realize it's come twice recently during the night draw, but that has no bearing on the day draw.

Thanks for the kind words regarding my picks and Don's picks. Maybe someday we'll master the timing so we can hit them faster!

This is not an official play - I'm only answering your questions online so you don't all have to write me to ask!!! Maybe Don has some input - how 'bout it Don? Got anything to say or a favorite? Dawn

May 1, 2004 - 2:50 PM - From Dawn - Today's results were 997 and one of my picks was 998. I was looking for the "99" as the front pair so since it came today, I suggest we not play 998 anymore. Therefore, my favorites are down to 698, 289, 589, 410 or 140, 018, 015. If the 99 were to repeat, it should come in the split position - 9x9. Like I said on April 30th, my play ends after Tuesday's draw (5/4/04)- win or lose. Good luck. Dawn

May 1, 2004 - 10:30 AM - From Don - To the In reviewing the actual drawings that took place in the day draw for the last 16 days, it is relevant that both 189 and 129 (921) arrived which were 2 of the 3 numbers provided 16 days earlier. I wanted to mention this because it always important to note that what most probability statisticians agree cannot be done is theoretically possible.

When you analyze a 220 number outcome potential down to 3 which in this case were 129, 189 and 130 (see my chart for all outcomes) they only represents 1% of the numbers. So, it is important to conclude that even with a 99% chance to lose, proven statistics are vital to making an informed wager in the pick 3 game.

Of course, what is also equally vital is the selection of the correct day within a proximity for value. On my last play then, you can re-evaluate it, in that it took too long OR I began too early based on the statistical representation of all the graphs, charts and formulas I review.

One of the detriments of this massive project I have undertaken is making the reader cognizant of how statistics can be used to make an informed evaluation. I am working on such a project and hope to make this available for readers before the conclusion of 2004. Best Regards to ALL. Don

FROM DAWN: 4/30/04 - 8:40 AM - My picks for the Day Draw - Picking plays now is really tough. But here's my best shot. There are two very good plays remaining. I suggest playing 89 or 98 as the last two digits for 4 days only. As Don says, if they repeat, it's usually within 4 days and he's right. My favorites with the 89/98 are 698, 289, 998 and 589. The 698 is my most favorite.

Next we have the 01. The 01 can come as the first two or the last two digits but because there are some other conditions that I'm looking for to accompany the 01, my favorites are shown in the order I'm playing them - they are 410 or 140, 018, and 015. Needless to say, I'm looking for the sum of 5 for the first two digits and/or the sums of 9 and 6 for all three digits. I am using the "01" to make these sums. As you know though, there are other ways to make the sums so if one comes, my number [favorite] is out! I will post the deletion though.

I know that many of you have made money this week on my continuance of Don's play and for that I'm happy. But we can't keep chasing these "overdue" outcomes so my play ends after next Tuesday's (5/4/04) draw. Win or lose! Good luck to all. Dawn

FROM DAWN: Updated after 4/29/04 Day Draw 1:35 PM - Well, the results today were 819 which was one of my and Don's picks. Because it came in this order, this changes my favorites but I haven't had time to figure what to play now.

My favorite of "019" was picked because I was looking for the last two digits to equal ten and I was looking for the "01" as the first two digits. Since the "19" has come now, that changes my original favorites.

To add insult to injury, the "89" came too but as a split 8x9. The "89" or "98" should definitely come as the last two digits. As soon as I've had time to re-evaluate, I'll post my favorites. Right now I'm thinking 698, 018 and 013. I'll post my "definite" favorites later.

FROM DAWN: Updated after 4/24/04 Day Draw 1:30 PM - Well, the sum of 5 (212 = five) came in today which was one condition that I was looking for. Now we are left with 2 more conditions that I expect to see real soon. One is "01 anything" but 013 (same as Don suggested) - plus 018 & 019 are my favorites now. The second condition is "89" or "98" as the last two digits with anything. My favorites are 189 & 289 BUT if I were ya'll, I'd play anything but that because I always loose!

Please realize that Don predicted the "12" - it just didn't come in before he ceased his play and he expected it to come in a combination type number (not double digits) and it probably will still come in the way he thought.

Congratulations to those of you who won today by playing the "sum of 5." I appreciate your comments and I'm glad you won.

FROM DAWN: Updated after 4/23/04 Day Draw - I won't be posting updates like Don does with my first, and probably last, published play until its time to stop. I felt that I needed to post this message because "047" was drawn today and I suggested "014."

I will still be playing "014" even though the "04" was drawn. When you see an "01 anything" - cease playing my numbers and if you see where the sum of all 3 digits equals five, cease playing.

For today, I played the sum of five and the sum of eleven but I didn't post my picks for the sum of eleven which were 812 and 074. Both 812 and 074 have never been drawn and still haven't. I lost even though my "condition" came in - 074 when added, equals eleven. Good luck. Dawn

FROM DAWN 4/23/04 - Prior to Day draw - For whatever it is worth to ya'll, even though Don's play (4/23/04 posting below) is a cease play, I will continue to play 013, 014, 012, 289, 230, 005. This is coming from me and not Don. The pair "01" is an excellent play for the day draw - Don had it pegged right - you'll see! Dawn

April 23, 2004 - 8:25 PM - From Don - CEASE PLAY: To the If you read this column often you probably surmise that the emergence of the number 3-4-1 met all the criteria I explained in the daily columns about this play. My favorite selections of 129 and 189 and 130 were then INCORRECT.
I suppose as a coincidence that again, on the exact day I told the audience what number or numbers were still magnificient plays even though all my statistics had been surpassed, a number meeting the criteria arrived.

In conclusion then, thanks for reading and I wish I had done better for both you and me.Don

April 21, 2004 - 10:00 PM - From Don - Update to Day Play: To the I read an article in the Wall Street Journal today about a money manager who managed billions of dollars and he talked about his successes and failures based on his fundamental stock picking techniques.

Fortunately for him, he gets paid whether he is successful or not. For me , the only potential pay is that I am in this with you when I am correct and when I am incorrect.

So, like the money manager, the fundamentals are absolutely correct and although the play has gone too long as compared to what I want to provide readers, the number or numbers provided are still exceptional examples of statistical advantages for the player.

I want to also add that I find it fascinating that in over 3000 tests I performed PRIOR TO publishing the information I have in this column, never once has this statistical variation occurred. By the way, I have said this in the past and as I recall, the number arriving almost immediately. We will see if history repeats because I am still recommending the same number or numbers. Don

April 20, 2004 - 10:00 PM - From Don - Update to Day Play: To the Although indicators have gone beyond my expectations in days played I believe the number or numbers mentioned represent great opportunity. Don

April 20, 2004 - 9:00 AM - From Don - Update to Day Play: To the I recommend the players proceed with the tactics mentioned in the April 18th column. The numbers mentioned are excellent speculations. Don

April 18, 2004 - 10:30 PM - From Don - Update to Day Play: To the The play on the day game began on Tuesday, April 13th. So, five numbers have been drawn so far and they are 987-094-003-799 and 932. The main indicator, the digit 1 in a number having three digit number did not arrive as many of the other indicators did such as the 98 pair, the 0 in the first position, the pair group 03 but not the 12, and finally the digit 2 without the 1 but with deficient digit 3 in the form of 932.

After studying statistics most of the weekend it is important to give the player most of the information at my disposal. This will give the player an optimal evaluation of what they can do based on their aversion to risk or their lack of it. Remember though, that the fundamental play is a number having three different digits with a 1 in it.

Since the criteria specified above indicates a total of 36 numbers let me display what they are. They are 120, 130, 140, 150, 160, 170, 180, 190, 123, 124, 125, 126, 127, 128, 129, 134, 135, 136, 137, 138, 139, 145, 146, 147, 148, 149, 156, 157, 158, 159, 167, 168, 169, 178, 179, 189.

The next important information is that when you exclude the first 8 numbers listed the next 28 numbers are at a statistical excellence. So, taking 220 possible outcomes and reducing the amount of numbers first to 36 and then to 28 excludes 184 numbers and 192 respectively. This means that if my theory is correct and one of these numbers MUST arrive what would normally be a 220 to 1 chance is being reduced to either 36 to 1 OR 28 to 1.

However, if you have already played for 5 days those losses must be attributed to the potential payout. For example, let says you played 4 of my selections per day and they were 129, 103, 320, 189. You had 2 of the digits 3 of the five days but playing for .50 combo you played $12 per day for 4 days or $48. Thus, even if you "win" Monday you will only win $250 minus a total of $60 wagered for what is still a great profit on an actual 220 to 1 shot. The reason I point this out is because since only you know what types of wagers you have made take those into account before deciding how to continue on this play.

Now, continuing on with the numbers, I have really struggled with what is the best digit to play with the 1. The digit 0 is optimal BUT that is the only digit that does not coincide with the 28 numbers which are very sound mathematically. It would be fabulous if the 10x arrived and we were on it and then immediately turned our attention to the 28 numbers listed. That would give us 2 excellent chances to hit the game twice in a matter of, I expect 6 days. So, without going into the whys as I am sure I have already written too much the numbers I favor the most of the group ARE 129-103-189. Keep reading for updates. Don

April 17, 2004 - 10:00 AM - From Don - Update To Original DAY Play - To the The same number or numbers mentioned are still excellent plays on day 5 of a 7 day play. Don

April 16, 2004 - 10:20 AM - From Don - Update To Original DAY Play - To the Play the same number or numbers as outlined for yesterday. Don

April 15, 2004 - 8:15 PM - From Don - Update To Original DAY Play - What to do next is pending - To the First, I cannot relate to you how disappointed I am. As many of you know, today's result was 0-0-3. I do quite of bit of study and thinking about these picks before I present them and after the picks I spend even more time doing a critical assessment. That is one of the reasons I prefer to give the reasons for my selections and statistical validations of some kind because I know there are very hard earned dollars are at work.

This was the third day of recommended play and the numbers that arrived were 987 - 049 and 003. I talked about the 89 pair, the number having three different digits with a 0, and the pairs 03 and 12.

It would seem then, that I did not evaluate the statistics properly. You might ask, why not play the 89all and the 03all and the 12all. In retrospect, a $30 investment for 3 days would have yielded $80 the first day and $160 the third day for $240 on an investment of $90.

However, in this case, I didn't suggest that for one simple reason. The 1 is the play and it is a excellent one. Statistically it is better and even though, if you're like me and holding several 1-3-0 combo tickets, it hurts. Remember that this is only our third day of a 7 day expectation. So, I want to think about what to do now and what is the absolute best play for us now. I'll get back to you with that. Don

From Dawn - I will post Don's next message whenever I get it - whether it be later tonight or tomorrow morning. I will try to have it posted by 10 am.

April 14, 2004 - 8:20 PM - From Don - Update To Original DAY Play That Started Tuesday - The correct outcome today was 0-9-4. That number was in my 64 number profile as I explained yesterday. So, I only see value in the numbers 120 and 130 as of now. A number with the digit "1" and containing three different digits has now become an outstanding speculation on what will become the third day of play. I do like 189, 129, 123, 128 as well.

Let me go through all the numbers selected and tell you why.
As I said I am focusing on the digit 1. They all have that.
Four of the numbers have the pair "12." One of the numbers has the pair " 03" with a 1. One of the numbers has the pair "89" with a 1. Although the digit 0 arrived today and in the position I expected being the first position, it could return quickly in combination with the other digit positions of 0 being positive for the player statistically.

Finally, don't forget about the tactics column in which I have described ways to play the digit 1 in a three different digit number. I favor the 1 in the middle position. Keep reading for great lottery news. Don

April 13, 2004 - 8:20 PM - From Don - Update To Original DAY Play That Started Today - To the If you read yesterdays column, you know I selected 4 numbers. The result of today's draw was 9-8- no not 1 - but 7 - for 9-8-7. The good news is we still have a play because only TWO of my important indicators hit, that being the 89 and the number having three different digits.

It is now important to focus on what remains, how solid it is, and an expectation of occurrence. First, there are 64 numbers at an outstanding moment statistically. Those are numbers having three different digits with the lowest digit 0 and 1. For example, 237 would NOT be one of them as it has no low digit of 1 or 0. There are 36 numbers with the 0 and 28 with the 1 for a total of 64. Reducing a pool of 220 outcomes down to 64 is great but in this game we can't win with that many.

So, I will be selecting within the 64 as the primary pool but they will also have other factors that make the numbers I select absolutely fabulous. My expectation for the 64 number pool is 5 days. My expectation for the key indicator of 1 in the number is 7 days. If the 1 arrives WITH THE ZERO all potential plays will be gone. If either arrives (a number with a zero but no 1 OR a number with a 1 and no 0 we will be alive on the other)

So, my number selections are still, 189 (it could repeat) 129, 103, 320, 120. I am also adding 123 due to the position of the 3. (By the way did you notice how many times the last digit 3 arrived in the third position after I talked about it on my last play?) Anyway, I am very excited about the opportunity to do well on this one. We had very big odds against us but I think we have a great chance for success. Don

Original Play Starts April 13, 2004 - Message Posted April 12, 2004 - 9:40 PM - From Don - To the I think that everything is already going our way on this one. I chose to wait and that turned out great as 5 double digits arrived which is somewhat of a rare event in itself. But now it is time to play the DAY pick 3 game and that is one thing I am very sure about.

I hope by now, you have printed the chart I provided some time ago. It shows all the outcomes that are possible in the pick 3 game. By reviewing it, I am sure you will conclude this is a very tough game!

Having said that,on this play, I reduced the 220 possible outcomes down to 74 numbers and I eliminated 146 numbers. All of those 74 numbers are outstanding plays but we can't make any money wagering on 74 numbers with a potential win of 80 on an any play and 250 on a combo play.

So, since I prefer numbers with a 12 or 03 in them, I recommend 129 and 103 and 320. There is one other number, 189, that I cannot discount due to the digit 1 and the pair 89 being in a particular statistical relationship.

So, there you have it for the DAY game beginning 4/13/2004. I elimated 216 outcomes and arrived at 129, 320, 103, 189. Thus, you only have a 216 to 1 chance for success. Keep reading for updates because I am sure there will be some. Don

April 9, 2004 - 11:30 PM - From Don- Revised 4/10/04 - To the We are looking very good after the occurrence of a third double digit AND the fact that we are waiting for opportunity which at this moment seems very good! Will continue to advise and since tomorrow is the last day of the draw week, I expect to have something Monday Tuesday regardless of the number on Saturday as I DO NOT expect another double digit. Happy Easter to all. Don

From Dawn: I'm going to Austin for a Commissioners meeting Monday morning so Don has decided to start the play on Tuesday rather then Monday.

April 8, 2004 - 7:50 PM - From Don - After the Day Draw - 2nd posting today. The emergence of another double digit provided little insight into what we will be playing. However, it was a good decision to WAIT. Keep watching for updates. Don

April 8, 2004 - 10:50 AM - From Don - Just comments. The occurrence of the double digit in the day draw did not give me enough information to make a good conclusion for the next play. Keep reading for updates. Don

April 7, 2004 - 10:15 AM - From Don - Just comments about the next potential DAY play - A dilemma! To the I am studying the DAY game and looking for opportunity. There is a suitable play but it is very convoluted as to what to play and when it might come in.

The pairs "03" and "12" are proportionate, however, the digits 1, 0, 7 and 9, IN THAT ORDER, seem favorable. Putting the elements together means that 130, 120, 370, 390, 127 and 129 seem to be outstanding speculations.

However, the juxtaposition of the 1 and 0 is extremely close. So, the pair "12" is more favorable as to having the correct digit yet the pair "03" is more favorable as to the potential day.

Right now, I am leaning towards 120 because it has the 1 and the 0 digit, and has the "12" in it. 127 and 129 also have some of the mentioned elements. I think the best thing to do is WAIT until the picture becomes clearer.

What would I like to see happen while I am NOT playing? I would like to see the 7 and 9 arrive in a three different digit number or possibly 790 arrive which would make any number with a 1 in it an outstanding speculation. Keep reading as something seems to be always happening in the game lately. Don

April 6, 2004 - 10:30 AM - From Don - Next play ended before it started! Day play on horizon though: To the The opportunity to play the pick 3 night game has ended with the number 0-4-9. As you can discern from my previous comments, the criteria arrived on the exact day originally anticipated.

However, in this case, I decided to wait one day due to the way I designed my programs in relation to the emergence of the triple digit. (The 000 that came on Saturday night)

The digit in the DAY game to watch now is the 1. We should have some great opportunity again soon and more importantly, we will know how to take advantage of it.

(From Dawn: Don's play was going to advise you to play the 4 in the center position and his favorite to go with the 4 was a 0. It was an "any" play. I had his message prior to last night's draw but was waiting until after the draw to post - his instuctions to me was to wait one more day to start the play because of the triple digit that was just drawn.)

I hope you will continue to read for upcoming plays. As I have repeatedly advised, only play the game when statistics are in proper alignment. Don

April 4, 2004 - 10:45 PM - From Don - Next play postponed one more day: To the The emergence of the number 000 has delayed the proposed play one day. Thus, there will be no play until Tuesday at the earliest. The proposed play is described in detail further down the column. Don

April 3, 2004 - 12:45 PM - From Don - Comments and notice of possible next play: To the I continue to study the pick 3 game intensely as success often provides that motivation. It was great to see my statistics confirmed in yesterdays outcome of 4-5-3 in the DAY game.

This came one day after the result of 2-5-3 with the back pair being 5-3 and the digit 3 repeating in the final position in a number having three different digits. Although I never make recommendations on what I call the downside validation of statistics, they are very important to my theory about the game.

Looking ahead to the Night Pick 3 game, the digit 4 in a number having three different digits will become an extraordinary play soon. The question of how and when to maximize this play is more difficult to evaluate. Also, this indicator is representative of a previous column I wrote on tactics used in the game. Should we escape tonight's draw without the necessary indication (no 4) then beginning Monday, April 5th we will again have a great opportunity.

If you did not read my previous column about tactics let me explain in case we get past tonight. The digit 4 will be in the number. So, you could play 4-x-y, x-4-y, or x-y-4. This encompasses all the positions or gives you a 100% chance of success of selecting the 4 in the proper position. x or y cannot be 4 and x cannot be y.

Let's say you select 2 to go with 4 closely followed by 8. You may place 2 as x or y. So, you now have 4-2-y or 2-4-y or 2-y-4. We have 9 outcomes possible as x. So, that is 9 to 1. And remember that y could be 2 as opposed to x. So, that potential is 18 to 1. Now to finish the number, or select y suppose we choose 8. Thus, 4-2-8 and 2-4-8 and 2-8-4.

The actual odds against us are 997 to 1 because there are 1000 outcomes and we have 3. However, based on my theory, the odds to you are 18 times 8 choices of y or 144 to 1 which are very high but much lower than the return of 500 to 1. There are a number of tactics available to the player using a multiplicity of digits as x or y remembering that the digit 4 is a primary indicator.

If this is way too much for you, you could just play 428 any which is a very easy way to do in essence the same thing but at a much lower return. (500 to 1-actually 500 for 3 versus 80 to 1 or 80 for as many numbers used)

In conclusion then, I am getting ahead of myself because the play has not eventuated YET. We must get by one more draw but if we don't there will always be more opportunity. Thanks for reading I share your interest in the game. Don



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