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Don's 43rd & 44th Predictions
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June 11, 2004
For the DAY Draw
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- June 11, 2004
270 Was Drawn

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June 12, 2004 - Conclusion to Play - From Don - To the If you recall, on June 2nd, I selected 911 with a 91% chance to lose. Today, on the first day, with a 99% chance to lose (if you played 4 of the numbers divided by 220 outcomes) you didn't.

So, my message to the players now is stop playing the pick 3 game. As you know, I have a hypothesis about the game.
My theory is that when you play my picks you will always have a statistical edge. I know my system is contrary to the great probability theorists but I believe in it and I think many of you do too.

Some of the elements I recommend are -1) don't play the game unless the statistics favor you -2) print out the chart I have provided to make sure you always understand the odds against you -3) read for great lottery news

Thanks for reading and I enjoy hearing from you. Don

June 11, 2004 - From Dawn - Congratulations to those of you who won today which was the first day of play on Don's new play! WOW - what a response I've received from ya'll.

Here's the first two messages that I received - Sorry, but I can't post them all ...

1) A genuine thanks to you and Don! I had a combo 270 which makes $500. for a $30. investment.

Not 2 hours before the drawing I said to my son (pardon my language here) "Don has gotten dam good with his predictions". I know he has been doing very well and I believe that his time has been spent wisely. Please tell him that I knew he could do it. I never had any doubts !! Not many people out there would be so gracious as to share his knowledge with others. And thanks to you for all your many hours invested in this. I certainly appreciate it. May God bless you both! Imogene, Weatherford

2) THANK YOU!!!! I waited, then I played heavy on your 1st 2 favorites and then played on your 2nd 2 favorites - just won $5,800!!!! YES - sharing with my son who is headed to law school in August - You are AWESOME!!!! Suzy M

Now, ya'll do me a favor - whatever you do, do NOT take your winnings and give it back by way of buying Lotto Texas tickets. OK? You only need ONE ticket to win - and you'll win ONLY if it's your destiny to win - then God will see to it that you win.

I'm certain this will be a CEASE play. I'll post Don's message when I receive it.

Original Play - Posted June 10, 2004 - 10:45PM - Play starts 6/11/04 - DAY Draw - To the One thing I am quite confident of, it's time to play the pick 3 day game. It is also time for your neighbors and friends to play it. My expectation to play the game is a maximum of 10 days and a minimum of 1 day. One day would be better.

I prefer providing the audience a fore-warning of what I expect to happen and I have done so in my previous columns. However, I will start at the beginning because I want there to be absolutely no doubt what the indicators are, what the odds to them are, and how, based on my theory, the odds have been reduced significantly.

Hopefully you have printed my chart. It is important for all my plays because it provides a written picture of how many numbers are possible and how many are in the profile.

Typically my profiles or selected numbers are extremely small compared to the possibilities. By the way, have you ever seen any gambling lottery game provide ALL the outcomes for you as a player like the lottoreport does? I would expect not.

Moving on to what number to play. Of the digits x-y-z, either x-y-or z will have a zero. Let's say x is 0. The number will also have three different digits. Thus, y cannot be 0 and z cannot be what y is. That means there are 36 potential outcomes. If I make a selection for y or z, the possibilities are narrowed down to 8. I will tell you that between the 1 and the 2 are almost tied statistically to the fourth decimal. Therefore, I have to look for other things.

So, I went on to look for as many characteristics as I could find of what other stats jump out. The numbers 180, 270, 360 and 450 meet certain standards. The 3 as a digit with the zero also has significance, especially in the final position.

So, for day one of this play, I am going to select the numbers 1-8-0 and 3-6-0. Looking at the chart then, I have selected 36 numbers that are excellent plays and reduced them to 2 that I believe are outstanding along with calculating the day I believe they should arrive.

Coincidentally, today, I was reading about Ted Sevransky.
Ted is a 36 year old professional gambler who was featured in the NY Times special report on Las Vegas. He made a name for himself as a top handicapper and picked winners of football games 58% of the time. I liked the way Ted was portrayed in the article and the way he lives and the respect he gets from the marquee at the Stardust. One thing about Ted though, he's not as good as I am. If he had to pick numbers at 220 to 1 he wouldn't last very long. Also, I don't charge $1000 a year for an annual newsletter.

Finally, this play, as described is an excellent one and won't come along very much. Best of luck to all. Don

June 10, 2004 - Comment regarding plays to come - From Don - 12:05 AM - To the In the day game we are still alive and if we get by ONE more day without the primary indicator we can begin playing Friday and I will tell you exactly what I recommend.

In the night game, the primary indicator of 07 arrived, actually as 0-7-7. You may notice that the numbers I was closely watching were 166 and 116 due to the duality of the pair 07, 16, 25, 34. Although our tactic will be slightly changed in that only the day game is now alive - all we lost was opportunity - but I am hoping that opportunity will arrive on Friday. Keep reading for updates. Don

June 9, 2004 - Comment regarding plays to come - From Don - 11:45 AM - To the have provided a plan or tactic to play the pick 3 game and given specfics about the idea. For the second day in a row, NONE of the indicators I explained arrived. In performing calculations as to when to play, the plan is still in place.

In the day game, we have a minimum of 84% of the numbers that may arrive and not be a number that we plan to play. When the forecasted numbers ARE NOT arriving while we are NOT playing it is great to know that as each day continues, according to my theory about the game, our opportunity grows stronger.

In the night game, our anticipated play is slightly larger at 18% of the numbers in our expectation and 82% in theirs or on the house side of the table. To repeat, the goal is to hit the DAY game and then if the opportunity arises hit the NIGHT game and then to STOP playing the game. Don

June 8, 2004 - Comment regarding plays to come - From Don - 10:25 AM - To the I do take some satisfaction in coming home from work and seeing that the numbers reviewed did not arrive in either the day or night game. Thats great because we are not playing yet and it gives us as players some insight into what it feels like to be the house. I say that because the house has all those numbers that we are not going to play minimizing our chances and increasing theirs. So, you have to be patient in this game and WATCH to see what happens sometimes. Keep reading Don

June 7, 2004 - Notice of Plays to Come - From Don - 10:15 AM - To the In researching the Pick 3 games for June 7th, 2004 a number of statistics are available. As you may know if you read this column regularly is that I perform research on both the DAY game and the NIGHT game reviewing comparative statistics. The night game has 3324 data days versus the day game with 660 days.

I believe, based on my theory about the game, that this is a huge advantage for us as players. I will give you a real world example that is happening right now or more appropriately in the future, always a hard thing to predict.

In the DAY game, a group of numbers with three different digits and having a zero in it is in focus. Also, the numbers on the chart I have provided give you a list of the total sums of the numbers that total 3, 4, 5, 7 and 9 as outstanding.

To translate, the numbers 250, 340, 160, 450, 360, 270, 180, 230, 140, 130, 120 are very prominent. Of those, 340, 360, 230, 130, all having the digit 3 have great possibilities. Of course, more importantly is the correct day. I have a six day expectation to one of the 36 key numbers.

In the NIGHT game, a number with the digits 07, 16, 25, 34 will be a great play should it NOT arrive in 8 days. One of the selections, I prefer are 661 and 116.

The question is then, what tactic should be used to turn this information into a winning pick 3 ticket. We want to play the fewest amount of days and have the most amount of chances to win. With that in mind, we will wait until Thursday to determine if one of the zero group numbers arrive in the day game. If not, we will begin to play the day game.

Our play in the day game will then be for 5 days maximum if the correct conditions are met. That process takes us 9 days away. Then, in 9 days, should no 07, 16, 34, 25 be in the number, we will begin to play numbers meeting this criteria in the night game.

Finally, you as a player should print the chart. Denote the numbers indicated for the day game. Make a memo on the page as to the primary indicator for the night game. Then WATCH what happens. Best Regards, Don

Don's 43rd Prediction
(2004 - 4th Prediction)

Play Came In - Cease Play - June 4, 2004 - From Don -To the and Dawn: Thank you publishing my plays and I am confident your readers will conclude that was an amazing statistical event. The occurrence of 911 ended the play after only one day as I notified the readers a little late to play on Tuesday. As I mentioned, I was hoping for the double digit as it pays much more although just picking ANY double digit is an outstanding coup if you can do it in advance. So although this play is concluded and my statistical evaluation has proved correct I will begin looking for more great plays for everybody. Again, thank you for your interest. Don

From Dawn: Don, YOU did good again and we're ready for the next play! Congratulations to those of you who played "1-1-All" and "0-2-All." That was a good investment!

I want to take a minute and apologize for not posting anything yesterday after Don's play came in. The truth of the matter is that I have a very close friend who has cancer, he's terminal, and his mother called me yesterday asking for my help to take him to the hospital. This is why I didn't post anything - I was not here. This is also why I've been unable to reply to many of your emails and unable to take your phone calls in the last several weeks. Plus I've been in Austin and I will report on those trips as soon as I'm able. OK. Don - many thanks for a great play and thank you readers for your kind messages.

UPDATE - June 3, 2004 - From Don - 10:15 AM - To the I explained the two pair groups that are outstanding plays and matched up all twenty possibilities to show you which numbers I prefer in the DAY game. I requested that you print out the chart to make sure you understand the chances for you. But moreover, I want you as players to do some deliberation about your particular strategy.

It's much more difficult to play someone else's recommendations than your own. You may not understand all the variables that are available. With this play, I have chosen the "11" & "02" as pairs.That gives you a 95% chance to lose because 3 divided by 55 is .0545.

So, when we are playing a very small group of outcomes it is an advantage as to playing just one number as to the time imperative but a disadvantage as to the correct number. In deliberating the situation statistically I believe we are very close to the proper timeframe and since half the numbers are double digits the profits could be either 80 or 160 to 1 which is a hard to find return on investment. Obviously, then multiple tickets on a number or two can yield a great return.

The safer play would be the 02x because 8 of the numbers with 02 have three different digits and those numbers arrive more. However, the number 022 and 020 pay more. Here is where you have to evaluate your pocketbook and how long you intend to play should the indicator not arrive quickly. Also, as I have described before, waiting is an important tactic. Although you may miss a good one there will be others. This may suit you if your funds are on the shallow side. By waiting on my plays, you do gain more opportunity because I have already estimated that we are beyond a point where we can wait no longer. But if I am wrong and you are correct you have the ability to achieve a much greater return.

Remember, the goal of the project as I like to call it is to provide you a BETTER chance than is typically offered in the game. Although the actual odds are 220 to 1, I believe the 20 numbers selected and specifically the 3 numbers indicated provide that for you. Finally, give some thought to what you INTEND to do should the play NOT arrive right away. For me, I intend to play until the indicator arrives. Don

ORIGINAL NEW PLAY - June 2, 2004 - From Don - Posted 6-2-04 - 11 AM - To the In reviewing the pick 3 game in Texas I researched both the day and night game as of June 2, 2004 at 0806. I found a great speculation in the DAY game. Actually, I have been watching this play emerge for the last 27 days. I'm glad I waited as it could have gotten very expensive being wrong that long. So, the question is now, could it go another 27 and the answer to me is no.

I selected 2 pairs of numbers as my initial indicator. They are 02 and 11.

If you play 020, 021, 022, 023, 024, 025, 026, 027, 028, 029, 110, 111, 112, 113, 114, 115, 116, 117, 118, 119 for 4 days you might invest $80 on a $1 per number play. Since this play has gone 27 days OVER what I expected already it doesn't seem the proper tactic. Reviewing the numbers, you may denote that half the numbers are double digits thus you can win a lot more if you select that half of the numbers. Since each of the numbers at this point have an equal chance based on my statistics you may want to consider that pool of numbers.

Here is what I recommend. Print out the chart I provided readers some time ago and circle the mentioned numbers. You can then calculate the difficult odds of being correct with 200 numbers that can arrive and not be your number. Then select a number or number from the group. Play those numbers. My favorites in the group are 205, 207 and 110. Don't forget that 111 pays the most if you can only afford one number. So, again the indicator is to play the the pairs "11" and "02." Best regards to all. Don

Posted Tuesday, May 25, 2004 (Received Saturday, May 22 though) - 2:00 PM - From Don - To the I am always researching the pick 3 game and spend a great deal of time looking for opportunity in general. USA TODAY published a computer model prior to the Preakness selecting Smarty Jones the winner based on speed. The owner of this site is Liam Durbin of and all I can say is the computer worked again.

Using computer analysis or statistics to evaluate future events is a relatively new endeavor in many venues. I would venture that 20 years ago, very few, if any horse handicappers were using computer analysis.

The pick 3 game has a history probably as old as horse racing in that it has been called a variety of things over the years. Unfortunately, I do not think computer analysis of the pick 3 game is as good as it can be yet. I say that because the game takes in too much in relation to what it pays out. If you read my column you know I attribute this to people playing the game too often. Based on statistical history you should lose playing the game over time. However, that does NOT mean that opportunity does not exist at certain specific times. Trying to evaluate when those times are and how strategically we can attack the game is where the challenge lies. I encourage you to continue to read for great lottery news. Don

From Dawn - Sorry for not posting Don's message sooner. I have gotten really far behind and catching up seems to be impossible! But I'm still trying.



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