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8/10/04 - Don's Notice of Play - To Start 8/14/04

August 13, 2004 - 9:30 AM - Play to start tomorrow - From Don: To the Yesterdays winning DAY pick 3 outcome was 7-6-6. This number was NOT in any of the profiles and again we were successful in not rushing into a play. Keeping with that thought, I intend to WAIT at least one more day.

During the year, I have significantly reduced my computer programs that analyze the pick 3 game by taking the most successful 11 programs. This allows me to review the game much faster and I believe in greater depth. The advantage of this is that I am not so hard pressed to make a selection from the time the number arrived until the next day. As many of you know, each days outcome has a relevance to my idea about what should occur. Before I combined the programs it was too difficult to make a good selection and thus I would have to play earlier than necessary. Waiting to make a play is absolutely critical to good profits because the indicators may go longer than I expect but typically I factor that in to the final play or the one you receive at the lottoreport.

For example, in this case, I do not expect to wait beyond today's draw. I have already waited three days past when I expected the indicator. This was a great decision for us. If I would have played 6 numbers three days for three days, on an any play, readers and myself would only receive 80-18 or $62 return for their dollar. Although that return is outstanding for most it's not good enough for me. I want as much of the 80 as I can get by trying to pick the correct day. (Also, combo type plays are always good on my recommendations)

Finally, I will have a message for you tomorrow as to what numbers I expect to be in the profile. Hopefully, we will get through today. Don

August 12, 2004 - 10:10 AM - Update - Play to come - From Don: To the As we approach a good speculation in the DAY pick 3 game, I find it is difficult to wait based on the statistical overview. The key indicator is the digit 3 in a number having three different digits. Making a decision about WHEN to play will give us the greatest chance to win in the shortest amount of time.

As of right now, I do not believe the indicator will go 7 more days. Thus, by waiting as long as possible we can increase our return AND have potential to play a few more numbers than would ordinarily produce a adequate return on investment. Right now, I am leaning toward the numbers 379 and 368 yet the digit 0 has indicators that make it a reasonable choice to go with the 3 such as 340.

In conclusion then, I hope to get through at least one more day without the primary indicators arising. Keep reading for updates and don't forget to read yesterdays column about what is necessary on your part. Don

Aug 11, 2004 - 8 PM - 2nd message for today - From Don - To the As many of you may know, the pick 3 game is a very serious game in that it takes in almost a million dollars on many days and pays out a fraction of that. Thus, since the game is so formidable an opponent is important to use information to make proper assumptions.

First, always print out the chart provided on this site. Seldom will you find such a concise picture of all probable outcomes in a lottery type game. In fact, you may want to make a few copies of the chart and circle a few numbers that you might make an imaginary wager on. I quite often do that and realize that it is much like picking a needle out of a haystack.

On the play that MAY arise I will attempt to reduce the listed 220 numbers to perhaps 36 and then perhaps 15 and then perhaps lower than that. However, the actual odds will always be 220 to 1 as the chart indicates. So, doing your part is an essential element of making an informed speculation. To sum up, your part is 1) printing the chart 2) waiting for opportunity 3) avoiding the game most of the time.
Keep reading for updates. Don

Aug 11, 2004 - Update to yesterday's notice of play to come - From Don - To the In yesterdays column, I highlighted some things to WATCH for. In the night game that front pair of 96 occurred but it did not occur as 969 or 966 as I mentioned. It is good to see statistical verification of what might be anticipated which means I am making correct assessments. In this case, in the night game, the front pairs which sum 15, 11, 8, 6, and 0 consisted of great marginal speculations.

However, I try to stay away from marginal speculations because there are too many numbers in the profile. In this case, the minimum amount of numbers would have been 40 and although it pays 500 to 1 these pairs could have easily gone 10 more days.

In the day game, the correct number was 7-8-5. If any of the digits had the 3 in place of any one digit the play would have been concluded before it officially began. So, the good news is that we are still in the game and waiting for a great opportunity. Keep reading for updates. Don

August 10, 2004 - From Don - Notice of Play To Come - To the My vacation went by so fast! A month is surely not long enough. Now I'm back though and it's time to get serious about the pick 3 game and let the audience know what is happening in the game beginning August 11, 2004.

In the NIGHT game, interestingly, there are few plays that are even on the brink of looking playable. Certain numbers like 667, 668, 669, 776, 886, 996, 889, 998 are at a high statistical accountability. There are also some pair groups in the front pair that are marginally speculative but I do NOT believe they are worthy of our very hard earned dollars.

In the DAY game we might have some plays very soon. The digit 3 in a number containing three different digits is very prominent in conjunction with a group of 15 numbers having a three, three different digits, and no digit lower than 4 including 4. However, the numbers 234, 235, 236, 237, 238, 239 all have a three and have technical trends that favor them. Within the mentioned group of 15 numbers, the numbers 359 and 368 are highlighted in many of my programs. Also, there are a number of statistical highs in specific pair groups that are too cumbersome to mention.

If you read this column often you know I like to develop a tactic. In this case, if none of the mentioned parameters arrive prior to August 15th, Friday, I believe a very good speculation will exist and I will detail exactly what it will be.

Hope everyone had a great summer! Don

July 20, 2004 - From Dawn - As you know, the 69/96 or 78/87 has not been drawn in the night draw as the first two digits. It's time to stop chasing these numbers. Sorry, we just have to lump our losses on this one.

July 8, 2004 - From Dawn & Message From Don -
From Dawn First - Update to my picks - As you all know, I've been saying since June 25th that we need to see 78/87 or 69/96 as the first two digits. Since then, we've seen in the night draw - 867 & 649 and in the day draw, we've seen 478 and 578. As you also know, my favorites were 964 and 784 of which both have come BUT NOT in the right order. I'm thrilled that ya'll have won on my plays but my picks were for the night draw only and I play EXACT. I do always have an any ticket too but I'm looking for the $500 win and until I get it, I won't be satisfied!

So, I've re-evaluated my picks and while I'm going to tell you all of them, do know I'm going to narrow it down because I won't play 7 different numbers. They are: 960, 691, 962, 698, 969, 879, 784. Please notice that they all have either 69/96 or 78/87 as the first two digits. We have to see this. If and when you see 69/96 OR 87/78 as the first two digits in the NIGHT draw, the play is over.

Also, I should say, I'll recommend that we stop playing in 2 weeks if the pairs don't come. We can't chase them forever!

Of this group of numbers, I think I'll be playing 960, 962 & 784 only. I also need to warn you, more often than not, the numbers I don't play are the ones that come in and I lose. Good Luck. Dawn

Message From Don - 7/8/04: To the Although I'm anticipating being on vacation almost the entire month of July, I wanted to share a few thoughts about my recent trip and provide an update on the pick 3 game.

I hadn't been to Las Vegas in sometime and was startled by 2 elements of my trip. The first is the growth in Las Vegas and the second is the incredible amount of BAD wagers people are making. I would speculate that those two things combine to provide the grandiose place Vegas has become.

I was also stunned at the strategies casinos use to make certain any money won by the players stays with them. For example, I had an incredible streak at the Luxor and was immediately offered a number of perks, I supposed these perks were designed to keep me there. It kind of reminded me of the pick 3 game and how players continue to reinvest in the game recklessly. Fortunately for me, before I sit down at the table I make sure I know where the casino cage is so I can go directly to it followed by the nearest exit.

That fact is exponentially true in the pick 3 game as it is enormously difficult to maintain a strong profit margin. While on the plane, I usually spend some time reviewing my comments on the history of my plays.

On my last play I wrote, " it's time for your neighbors and friends to play the game." "This play is an excellent one and is rare." "I expect the number to have three different digits, a zero, and the one and two are tied statistically."
"The numbers 180, 270, 360 and 450 meet certain standards". Finally, after the number 270 arrived "stop playing the game."

The point is that whether you are playing a casino game or the pick 3 game you must take advantages of value wherever you find it. I continue to research for that value in the pick 3 games and will let you know if I arrive at anything.
Best regards, Don

July 7, 2004 - From Dawn - Well, tonights results were 649 and my favorite was 964 - While we've won - so I hear - we still need to see the 69/96 or 87/78 as the 1st two numbers. I will have to re-evaluate now to see what my favorites are after tonights drawing. Thanks for all the kind words and congratulations to those of you who even won on the 478 playing the day draw. BUT - you weren't suppose to be playing those numbers during the daytime!! Anyway, I'll post my favorites picks for the night draw tomorrow. OK? Dawn

July 4, 2004 - From Dawn - I know that last nights results were 867 and many of you won BUT - it's still not what I'm looking for so my play is still active. You see, we need to see the 87/78 or 69/96 as the FIRST two digits. Until we see that, I don't consider this a successful ending to the play. It was nice though to recover a little bit to keep us going. I'm leaning towards 964, 960, 961, 784, 699 as my picks. Thanks for all the kinds words too and good luck. Dawn.

June 25, 2004 - ORIGINAL PLAY - From Dawn - First let me say thank you for all the super messages of thanks for Don's & Jeff's last play. It's always great when we win. Don called yesterday to say that his computer was down and he's leaving for Las Vegas/California on vacation today. He's taking his son who just graduated from high school. So, there will be no plays from Don for at least a week or so.

However, I've decided I'd give ya'll what I consider to be a hot tip. For the NIGHT draw, you should see a 69/96 OR a 78/87 come in as the first two digits. At this point, I have no favorites so you pick the 3rd digit.

One strategy for playing is to just play 50 cent ANY and cover all digits. This would cost you $4.50 per pair. If you covered both pairs, you'd spend $9 per draw - To profit, we'd have to win within 3 days. It's a risk to play this way.

But I won't play this way - I usually just pick one and really gamble. Sometimes I pick the right 3rd digit and sometimes I just LOSE. :))

When one of these pairs arrives as the first two digits, CEASE this play. Personally, I'm going to play til one arrives but I won't be spending $9 per day! Good luck. Dawn

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