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Don's 45th Prediction
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Don's 45th Play - Play Starts 8/14/04
CEASE Play - 8/26/04 PM

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ANALYSIS: OUR LAST PLAY - Tuesday, August 31, 2004 (12:50 PM) - From Don: To the My last play was a disaster, there is no getting around that. I always review my comments to the lottoreport after such a dilemma and see how I can improve and if there was any good news to be discovered in, what was for me, such an unusual and perplexing set of events.

The play lasted 11 days and 5 double digits occurred and 6 numbers having three different digits. By starting the play 7 days later than what I expected, there was a great chance for success. I tested over 4000 events of this particular number formation and it had never occurred. Thus, I felt the play was as safe as it gets in the pick 3 game.

Unfortunately, this particular sequence was a 1 in 4000 occurrence which obviously can and does happen. As you know, I always give waiting quite a bit of respect on my plays because I feel extremely confident my indicator WILL occur. However, it must occur within an appropriate time period, otherwise there is no reason to play the game. The only reason to play the game is to obtain a positive result.

Secondly, I correctly analyzed the pair groups three times consecutively. The pair sum of 16 or the 79 was prominent prior to the occurrence of 791 and then I changed to the pair sum 8 and the occurrence was 844 and then changed again to pair sum 11 which eventuated as 839.

So, in four actual outcomes of the lottery at 55 to 1 odds my programs gave correct indicators. In this particular situation, the primary indicator was 3 so I could not discount what was, as I explained a 4000 to 1 occurrence for other numbers.

My conclusion is then, that in failure there is sometimes potential for future success and my intention is to work hard to obtain that success again! Thanks for reading Don

CEASE Play - Thursday, August 26, 2004 (11:35 PM) - From Don: To the All the problems associated with the pick 3 game materialized on this play and I do apologize for the length of the play and the inaccuracy of the correct number. Today, the correct number had three different digits and had the primary indictor of 3. The number was 8-3-9. Two of my selections were 8-3-0 and 2-3-9. I was unsuccessful on what I believed to be one of the greatest plays imaginable. I assure you though, I attempted to provide the absolute best chance for the audience that I my information provides. The play is now concluded. Don

Wednesday, August 25, 2004 (8:25 PM) - From Don:To the After taking a month off and getting a huge buildup I am cognizant that the last 9 days have been in my opinion, an immense failure. However, the statistics tell me that 329,380,473 and 563 are great plays so I continue to recommend them. Thanks for reading Don

From Dawn - I'm in Austin now for the Commissioners meeting that is in the morning. I will post any news I have and the validy of the rumor I heard tomorrow or Friday. And YES, my favorite numbers are still Don's picks and I've added 013, 398, 328.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004 (9:45 PM) - From Don: To the I always thought I was a good candidate to study the pick 3 game. I have quite a bit of discipline and patience and a desire to win but not a reckless one. I know the formidable odds of the game and have provided the audience with a calculable (chart) profile of the odds.

On Monday, I predicted the 79 was the best pair to go with the primary indicator of 3. As you know the odds of selecting a correct pair is 55 to 1 on a box and 100 to 1 straight up because there are 100 pairs. The correct number then was the 79 with a 1.

Prior to the draw on Tuesday, I changed the pair group in focus to the 08, 17, 26, 35 as denoted. Obviously, 44 is in that group BUT - as I have detailed - the number must have three different digits. Interestingly, we could have made plenty of profits playing 79 all and then returning to the game with sum pair 8 all. So, for me, the game tests my incredible patience at times.

The same accuracy rate that allowed me to select the correct pair group tells me that the numbers I outlined yesterday are outstanding plays. But now, the pair group has again changed for the third day in a row. The pair group highlighted is 29, 38, 47, 56. So, my selections for Wednesday are 329, 380, 473, 563. Thanks for reading Don

Monday, August 23, 2004 (8:35 PM) - From Don: To the First, I want to exclaim an incredible OUCH!! If you were like me, a 1 instead of a 3 with the predicted 79 cost me thousands of dollars in potential winnings.

But, it's time to regain my composure and think logically because the main criteria still exists. I'm not sure when I began this column but I must tell you, I have never seen anything like it in several lotteries I have studied over several years. The Texas Lottery reports the following on their web-site regarding pick 3 draws. "If no ball is selected four times ( in the pre-test) in the same chamber the ball set and machine passes the pre-test."

Curiously, I didn't see any provision if a ball does NOT arrive. I did notice that in 4 pre-tests each on August 23, 21, 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9 - which is 13 days - the digit 3 only appeared 3 times total.

Typically, I do not review the pre-tests because I am not trying to predict elements of what might occur in the pre-tests. I only am trying to predict what might occur in the actual draw.

My conclusion is, I can't explain what has happened. But I do know that the digit 3 is going to be in the number and the number will have three different digits. I do not like 3-7-9 as much now due to the outcome of 7-9-1. The elements of 08, 17, 26, and 35 are more in focus. This makes the numbers 3-5-0, 3-8-0, 3-2-6, 3-5-6, 3-5-7, 3-5-8, and 3-5-9 outstanding. Thanks for reading Don

From Dawn: Many of you are asking me what my favorites are. Besides Don's numbers, I really like 013, 398 and 328. But remember, I usually lose! So, you've been warned. OK? <grin>

Sunday, August 22, 2004 (8:45 PM) - From Don: To the I did not write a summary quickly as I wanted to give what has happened much deliberation. Here are my findings.

Indicators I used to review the statistical elements of the pick 3 day game proved to me that a speculative play existed. The recommendations involved the digit 3 AND that the result must have three different digits. Reviewing the chart I always suggest you use eliminated 184 numbers out of 220 potential outcomes.

To take a little more in depth view, lets look at the results since my recommendation. They were 141, 518, 502, 757, 815, 604 and 969. So, three double digits occurred and 4 numbers having three different digits occurred of which one (1) had all of the same properties. So, double digits occurred 42% of the time which is about 14% too much.

Also, if you study the game as I do, you may notice that the digit 3 has not occurred in the first position and second position for 22 days while it has not occurred in the third position for 60 days. This in of itself is meaningless as numbers will always go longer than one might expect or anticipate. Did you know that I have seen individual digits not arrive for over 80 days! So, this element alone means little to me by itself.

However, the digit 3 when analyzed in a number of other ways has elements that indicate it MUST arrive within a number having three different digits. Also, there are 36 other numbers at a historic high in the DAY pick 3 game. Those 36 numbers have the lowest digit 2 which consist of 21 numbers and the lowest digit 3 which consist of 15 numbers. (They do not contain a 1 or 0)

My point is that when you consider the viability of playing the pick 3 game right now, you have what I believe is unparalleled opportunity.

Contrary to that view is the fact that you have either waited or played for the last 7 days. You have made an investment, a gamble based on the history of my selections and the many successes I have had. Also, these LOSSES or INACCURACIES on my part have minimized your potential for success and profits. I am highly cognizant of that fact. But, if I were to suspend play at this time, I believe I would be deficient in providing readers the absolute best statistics available and chance for success the game offers.

So, with that explanation, I am recommending you play a three digit number that has three different digits and the digit 3 in it. The number 3-7-9 is offered because it has a three, has a 79 in it, is in two groups of 36 numbers that are at all time deviations. Any 3-5 number is also an excellent play like 2-3-5- or 3-5-7 or 3-5-9 are excellent because the pair group sum of eight is in the correct mathematical position.

The 0-3 in the split position means 0-x-3 or 3-x-0 is also an excellent speculation. For example, 3-5-0.

Finally, I will NOT be as successful on this play as I always strive for. I realize your hard earned dollars are very valuable. For the reasons outlined, I recommend you continue playing the pick 3 day game. Don

August 21, 2004 (9:45 AM) - From Don: To the Today is the last day of an anticipated 7 day play. When the play goes to the edge or furthest parameter of expectation it is NOT as successful as preferred. I know your dollars are very hard earned and given that point of view, I am always concerned as to whether I am giving you the best opportunity based on a statistical overview of what is happening in the game.

In this case, after reviewing almost constantly each statistic, I conclude that this play is unprecedented in opportunity. As I mentioned before, an unprecedented opportunity is one that is uncharacteristic of what has happened in the game and what could happen in the game. When something happens in the game that is unprecedented, however, that does not mean it has never happened before or never could happen.

I have factored those elements into the expectation. And, that is why I have so few plays during a calendar year. Typically, all the elements or statistics occur in the game month after month and year after year within some parameter of MY expecation.

I would say, for Saturday, August 21st, 2004 we are in or near that "never could happen" area. So, I conclude that any number in the profile is an absolutely outstanding play with 3-4-9 and 3-7-9 being my most reasonable choices. Thanks for reading Don

August 20, 2004 (9:25 AM) - From Don: To the The results of the last 5 days of the expected 7 day play are 141-518-502-757-815. None of the selected numbers met the explained criteria. Also, it is just a coincidence that the numbers 738 and especially last nights outcome of 243 met all the criteria I have detailed on this play.

I still feel very confident in the numbers outlined yet the only thing that matters in the pick 3 game is results and we have not had a successful result YET.

So, for August 20, 2004, I have highlighted 36 numbers out of 220 that I expect. I have listed 4 within the 36 numbers which meet other very acceptable criteria. I also want to let you know that 3-7-9 and 3-4-9 meet excellent statistical guidelines. Thanks for reading Don

August 19, 2004 (9:45 AM) - From Don: To the During the last four days of play in the day pick 3 game the results were 141, 518, 502, 757. None of the numbers have had the indicators I have discussed over the last 7 days. I believe I am still in excellent position for success because in the four draws, 2 have been double digits or 50% of the outcomes. There is nothing unusual about that other than combination numbers will occur 72% of the time and double digits only 28%.

I wanted to take a moment to mention that I might have a different view of the pick 3 game than most. I do not play any other type of lottery game including the most prevalent game, scratch offs. I only review the pick 3 games because my theory indicates that it is time to play and an advantage based on the comparative statistics of the game tell me based on history that a great opportunity exists.

Thus, my expectation is to be correct and I am more astonished when I am incorrect.

In assessing what has happened so far, 2 double digits, and 1 number chosen because of the sum group I expected to arrive (502 not 340 as anticipated) I believe we are in great position regardless of which number you are playing in the group of numbers I have outlined. For me, four days of play is more than I prefer to play the game but this particular formation of statistics is so rare that I believe it bodes well for us. I wish you success. Don

August 17, 2004 (11:35 PM) - From Don: To the Today was the third day of play and the result was 502. If you printed my chart as I recommended, in column sum 7, are 4 numbers with three different digits that total 7. The only one with the main criteria of "3" is 340 and thus that was one primary reason I selected it. Obviously, the 502 is in that group as well, so it diminishes my interest in that number, although somewhat reluctantly. I say reluctantly because as I mentioned, the 0 and 4 were tied to go with the "3" and both those digits are imminent to be with the three.

So, any of the profiled numbers are still excellent plays but I am going to select a few that I will pursue for tomorrow. Those numbers are 379, 349, 368, 356. I wish you great success. Don

August 16, 2004 (8:35 PM) - From Don: Tomorrow will be day 3 of pick 3 play and a variety of excellent numbers to play have not arrived. Todays number had no significance to my extensive writing about this play. I wish everyone success. Don

August 16, 2004 (10:00 AM) - From Don: To the I have written extensively about the DAY pick 3 game and my expectations. In reviewing the game more over the weekend, I conclude it is a great time to play the game.

There are a number of combination numbers in focus and they in historically high territory. Also, some of the triple digits are in focus and after the "3" play arrives there may be the potential to play triples depending on how successful we are and how quickly.

It is also relevant to note that the numbers mentioned and the window of opportunity is not going away on this one. This means that although my expectation is under 7 days, for me, I will not stop play should it not occur. Numbers can always go farther than one expects even though I have only one case in 4000 examined draws that have crushed my expectations.

In conclusion, then, it's an absolutely grand time to play the mentioned numbers in the DAY pick 3 lottery. I hope you have great success. Don

August 14, 2004 (9:50 PM) - From Don: To the On the first day of play, the correct number drawn had none of the mentioned elements. I will spend some time reviewing the information due to the absence of a Sunday draw however all the numbers mentioned and strategies are still available. Keep reading for updates. Don

ORIGINAL PLAY - August 14, 2004 (12:50 AM) - From Don: To the This column will be a little longer than normal due to the type of play available. The play will be for the DAY pick 3 game beginning Saturday, August 14th.

As I explained, the key indicator is 3 in a number having three different digits. Using x-y-z as simulated numbers x = 3. y then must either be 0, 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 because the y must be different than x. So, I know x will be correct and I have all the possibilities of y. Picking z then is the only obstacle to success. I have eight possibilities because it can not be the digit 3 and z cannot be what ever number is used for y. If I play in this manner, (30, 31, 32, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39 and pick the third digit) I have spent 9 hypothetical dollars to win $80 or a return of 71 to 1 with odds of (using my methods-9 to 1) This is a great speculation.

Let's go to another method possible. Again, x is 3. However, I am going to try and select y. Assume y equals 4. The third digit must be then either 340, 341, 342, 345, 346, 347, 348, 349. This method will return an excellent return based on the actual odds and the approximate odds to the player. Incidentally, the 0 is very close to the four. So, making the y as 0, the numbers would be 301, 302, 304, 305, 306, 307, 308, 309. Notice 304 is in both groups.

A third method offered would be for me to select some numbers of the 36 that are possible (really 220 outcomes-print chart) based on criteria of the 3 and other factors I use to determine whether the number selected has merit. In that category are 368, 359, 340, 230, 130 with a strong emphasis on 368, 359.

So, in reading and re-reading the material presented here, I ask myself what am I going to do? I am going to play 379 and 340. I may increase the amount of numbers I play if the main criteria does not arrive right away. I believe the maximum this play will go will be August 21st or 7 days.

In summation then, I have lowered the amount of numbers I believe will arrive from 220 to 36. I have estimated the day of occurrence to be tomorrow with a maximum of 6 days beyond that. Waiting longer before one of the numbers are played is an option and if you choose that the play gets stronger each day you wait assuming the indicator does not arrive. If your waiting for an opportunity like this to arrive again i estimate you would have to wait about 717 days or about 2 years. There will be a daily update. Best Regards to ALL. Don

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