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Don's 47th Prediction
(2004 - 8th Prediction)

Don's 47th Play - Play Starts 12/7/04
Play ends: 12/22/04 After the draw

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Tuesday, Jan 11, 2005 - From Dawn - OK ya'll, stop playing the 69x or 96x or 87x or 78x that I suggested on Jan 5, 2005. It came in tonight and in the first two positions.

And sorry, but right now I don't have another suggestion. You are on your own!!!

Wednesday, Jan 5, 2005 - From Dawn - Yes the "01" finally came in on Jan 3rd so I don't recommend playing the "01" any more. Congratulations to those of you who chose the "5" to go with the "01" because it equaled the sum of 6 that was shown as way overdue on the stategy page. I too had that one.

As for what I'd play now - as many of you keep asking - I suppose if I had to pick a pair to play - I'd play 69X, 96X, 87X or 78X for the NIGHT draw. These numbers MUST be in the 1st two positions.

As I write this message, I don't have a favorite so you have to pick the 3rd digit. I just believe we should see one of the above mentioned pairs in the very near future. Good luck to all who have the guts to play my picks! :)) Dawn

Tuesday, Dec 28, 2004 - 11:05 PM - From Dawn - Well, how 'bout that - my 589 came in tonight! As for the '01' - I still agree that '01' is worth playing IF you are going to play in spite of the cease play on it. Many thanks for all the emails regarding the 589 tonight. Congratulations to all who were gutsy enough to play my picks!

Cease Play That Began on 12/7/04 - Thursday, Dec 23, 2004 - 10:25 AM - From Dawn - I did not have a message from Don today but I know this is a CEASE play. Don does not believe in "chasing" plays - the odds of winning are far too great against us so even though his play was a calculated play - there comes a time that we need to quit.

Don's Dec 17th message covered the odds issue at length but I did not post his message in its entirety that day - it required editing and I did not have time to edit it.

I will say, however, that IF you are going to play the Pick3 no matter what, then his prediction of seeing the pair "01" is VERY muchly on target. We SHOULD see "01" in the NIGHT draw SOON. Do understand, these are my words and not his. His words are to CEASE play.

Additionally, I believe we will see "X89" or "X98" in the very near future so that is another good pair worth playing. But you have to pick the 3rd digit! Personally I like 189, 589, and 089.

Good luck and Merry Christmas to all. Dawn, Don & Jeff

Notice of Cease Play - Wednesday, Dec 22, 2004 - 9:25 AM - From Don - To the Tonight (12/22/04) is the last day of play for my December 7, 2004 selection of playing "01." Thanks for reading and Merry Christmas to all. Don

Update - Friday, Dec 17, 2004 - 10:30 AM - From Don - To the The occurrence of 8-0-4 has some good news and some less than good news. First, the uptrend is now over but we did not have the primary indicator when it ended, that being 01.

I continue to recommend 011, 001 and 107. The other "01" numbers are also certainly good selections. We have a favorable chance of getting a combination number with the 0 within four Pick3 days which means Fri, Sat, Mon, Tue. I expect these four days to be the final days of play. I would really enjoy providing you with some extra money for xmas and I hope this play does just that! Best Regards, Don

Update - Wednesday, Dec 15, 2004 - 9:05 AM - From Don - To the What I described in a previous column as an "uptrend" continues as there has been no number with three different digits and a zero since I began the play.

That fact is relevant because once such a number occurs (hopefully ours), there is a very strong trend (70% of the time) that such a number will arrive again in under four days.

Thus, we have a chance to hit on the uptrend and then again within four days. The danger then, is that these uptrends can go longer than anticipated and that has occurred on this play.

Seven of the numbers selected have this uptrend characteristic while 011 and 001 are not indicative of this because they have 2 of the same digits. I believe 107, 001 and 011 are excellent plays for the future and very near future at that. The play is - I expect to see "01" - 01X, 10X, 1X0, 0X1, X10, X01 with 107, 001, 011 as my favorites. Don

Update - Monday, Dec 13, 2004 - 1:00 PM - From Don -To the I began the play with the indicator mentioned and to reiterate that indicator is 0-1 as a pair. I recommended the numbers associated with that pair and highlighted 107, 110, 100.

The numbers that occurred were 845, 200, 182, 588, 587. In my opinion, it still remains a very good time to play the indicator or the highlighted numbers. As you recall, I stated we only have a 4.5% chance for success and 95.5% to fail. Thanks for reading Don

Update - Friday, Dec 10, 2004 - 10:00 AM - From Don -To the I believe the critical aspect of this play will be the component of when the indicator arrives. For two of the three days, we have had 2 numbers which had 2 of the intended digits included - 2-0-0 and 1-8-2. We are still in an uptrend in the zero group as 200 did not have three different digits.

Although that means this play is not as fabulous statistically as I prefer, the "01" has outstanding value for your speculative dollars. I continue to recommend the following numbers - 120, 130, 140, 150, 160, 180, 190 with 011, 001 and 170 preferred. I hope I can soon write a conclusion rather than an update! Best Regards, Don

Update - Thursday, Dec 9, 2004 - 9:45 AM - From Don - To the The emergence of the number 2-0-0 was disappointing if you were playing 1-0-0 or 2-0-1. I remain of the opinion that all the elements of a great play exist in any of the ten numbers outlines and specifically the numbers previously denoted.

I hope this arrives so you can have a more prosperous holiday. Don

Update - Wednesday, Dec 8, 2004 - 8:40 AM - From Don - To the The occurrence of 0-2-1 in the day game was an unfortunate coincidence in that to some it may appear the indicator arrived in the game exactly on schedule. This is NOT the case as the play is for the NIGHT game although I wish it would appear that quickly.

As I pointed out though, it is somewhat interesting that since only a 4.5% chance of success is a realistic expectation that any number in the profile would occur on the exact same date recommended.

Moving on, and beginning 11/10/2004, we have had numbers occur within what I call my profile group which are 930, 406, 807, 082, 306 and 095. These numbers have occurred about every 5 days. Since we have had no number within my expected group for 7 days now, we are in what I call an "uptrend."

I do not prefer to play in an uptrend yet the strength of the 01 is NOT to be overlooked. In this case, the uptrend group has a zero and three different digits and the primary indicator 01.

So if a number such as 507 occurred (I am not recommending this - the play is 01) then the uptrend would be over and we have an excellent chance in under 4 days for the "01."

This is not the case with the 010 and the 011, therefore, they carry significant weight in the 10 numbers mentioned.
So, I believe we are in great position but not the absolute best I have ever seen. Keep reading for updates. Don

Original Play - Posted Tuesday, Dec 7, 2004 - 12:05 PM - From Don - To the I always try to consider what is a great speculation for your hard earned dollars. I also consider different venues like sports wagering and the success available to you in that endeavor. The best sports analyst in the country select about .550 winners against the line. With the amount it costs to wager when you lose and if you pay a professional handicapper for your selection the chances are excellent you will not be successful.

This fact leads me to the pick 3 night game for today, 12/7/2004. The core pair 01 has reached a plateau that warrants specualtion. I especially prefer the 0 in the middle position if you want to hedge, meaning play exact, for example 7-0-1 or 1-0-7. Predicting the 01 pair means I have eliminated the other 54 pairs and come to a conclusion that the number could be 012, 013, 014, 015, 016, 017, 018, 019, 010, 011.

I have selected then, 10 numbers out of 220 outcomes for a 4.5% chance of success and a 95.5% chance for failure. In reviewing the numbers selected, 010 and 011 are double digits and pay substainally more. Also, it might be informative to know that neither of these 2 numbers have occurred in about 757 days and beyond. In looking at the other 8 numbers, the 170 stands out due to the digit 7 in a number having three different digits.

The key indicator in this wager is time as opposed to my metaphor used in sports wagering. Although you have a great chance of selecting a game correctly at 50/50, the payout is proportional. In the pick 3 game, the payout is much greater at 80 to 1 or 160 to 1 but the odds of success are minimal as I have pointed out.

However, statistically, I believe the numbers 010, 011 and 107 are worth an informed specualtion. Thanks for reading and I hope this play will bring you holiday cheer! Don

Saturday, Nov 20, 2004 - From Don - Just comments about the recent winners stories and why no plays - To the I read the stories provided about former lottery winners. I believe the inherent theme is, who can you trust? Think about how many people you know are above reproach. How many people do you know that you could give a million dollars to hold for you until you need it? I think this process of developing trustworthy friends is a critical aspect of life whether you win money or not!

Another message that might be conveyed by these stories is the idea of being careful what you do with your hard earned dollars whether they are winnings or not. In the pick 3 game, we know by reviewing the FACTS, that the game takes in about $900,000 per day. The game pays out far less and I have seen it pay as little as $162,000 on $900,000 wagered. Thus, you as readers have to be extremely cautious about how you evaluate a great speculation.

I haven't had a forecast in a while because many of my plays have arrived before I could advise players they were good candidates for a wager. However, I too am very concerned when I read about ANY deviation in the lottery which may signal something other than a random chance whether it be a scratch off or anything else. Personally, I am very surprised at lottery behaviors such as the stratch off game because this game is the biggest gambling game in the WORLD. Thus, all games within the lottery venues generate success just by increasing sales and insuring fairness.

In conclusion, great journalism, and again, where the lottery is concerned, cautious optimism is very important. Don

Don's 46th Prediction
(2004 - 7th Prediction)

Don's 46th Play - Play Starts 9/24/04
Play ends 9/27/04

Monday, Sept 27, 2003 - 10:45 PM - From Don - To the I'm hoping the readers enjoy the information provided as it takes quite a bit of energy to evaluate and put into proper context for the audience. Of course this play is over and the process of looking for a new great play begins again. Don

Monday, Sept 27, 2003 - 1 PM - After the Day Draw - From Dawn - Well Don's play came in. Very specifically his play was that we'd see a "3" in the last position and his stats showed that the second best digit was a tie between a "0" or a "9" to go with the "3" in the last position. As you know, today's outcome was "703."

Don's favorites were 903 and 103 and 013 EXACT but I'd bet he played ALL with "03" EXACT like he told us to do so he probably won a little today as we all did. Just not as much as we wanted!!!

For those of you who played ALL with X03 - you should be about $200 ahead after deducting your costs to cover "all" numbers with the "03" and the "9X3 ALL." Congratulations!

Don did send a message for me to post this morning but I was gone until around noon and was unable to post it. His message for today though just spoke about the odds and that playing the 3 in the last position was an excellent play. When he sends his final comments about this play, I'll post his new message.

Attention DON - Many thanks for such a great play. We like having two digits handed to us on a silver platter then having it come in! Especially in EXACT order.

Saturday, Sept 25, 2004 (Posted 11:15 AM) - From Don: To the The emergence of the number 3-4-7 means that the play continues because the digit 3 was NOT in the final position.

IF the number had been 7-4-3 the play would be over as the correct outcome must have three different digits and the 3 in the final position.

This type of play has the potential to be much more profitable than an any or combo play. The reason is that the number, 103 for example, should NOT be played "combo" or "any" because you would only obtain 2 of the expected outcomes.

Thus the potential for reward is greater if the statistics confirm. Speaking of statistics, I think it is fair for the audience to know that this particular formation has only occurred one other time in 754 occurrences. That may be relevant to you but also note that on my last play, the formation only occurred once in a 4000 occurrence population.

I provided some scenarios on how to play yesterday.
You can place all with the last digit 3 in one of the positions.
For example, 0x3, 1x3, 2x3, 4x3, 5x3, 6x3, 7x3, 8x3, 9x3. By inserting a digit that is NOT one the digits listed, for example 013, you then have a 10 to 1 chance per day to win on a .50 ticket $250 ($4.50 wager)

You may want to just play ONE of the selected exact numbers and play multiple tickets because if I am correct on the indicator, you will have a 90 to 1 chance to win with actual odds of 1000 to 1. Remember, on an EXACT play the odds are always 1000 to 1 minus the number of numbers played. Best of Luck. Don

Original Play - Thursday, Sept 23, 2004 (Posted 11:15 PM) - From Don: To the It's time to play the DAY pick 3 game beginning tomorrow, 9/24/2004.

This is an EXACT play. The play is a 3 in the final position. My best statistic to go with the FINAL POSITION DIGIT 3 is a tie between 9 AND 0.

So, 9-0-3 and 1-0-3 and 0-1-3. Playing my favorites only will produces odds AGAINST you of 997 to 1.

Here's what the statistics say. If you place all the possibilities in each position of EITHER the first or middle position and place the 3 in the final position you have spent (at a .50 rate) $5.00. Since I do not know what the final digit might be, I have a 10 to 1 chance to be successful. However, if I am correct at 10 to 1 or more importantly, if you are, you will win $250 per ticket played.

You can also select ONE digit to go with the 3 in the final position and select ONE number to go with the one selected.

The number must have three different digits.

So, for example, you can play 1-0-3. The 3 is in the final position and I randomly selected the 1 and 0. By selecting in this manner there are 9 chances times 10 chances or 90 to 1 to win 250 to 1 at actual odds of 1000 to 1.

My expectation in days to play will be 15 days so waiting is always a possible scenario.

Best of Luck. Don


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