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Don's 49th Prediction
(2005 - 2nd Prediction)

Don's 49th Play - Play Starts 7/26/05
Play ends: 9/22/05

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Sept 24, 2005 - From Dawn - Yes, Don's play is over! This play took a long time to come in but the pair "69" came in 9/22/05.

August 26, 2005 - 9:45 PM - From Don - Todays number was 6-8-9 and as I mentioned in the "lost" mail the 69 and 78 had a chance to repeat IN the number but the optimal play was x-6-9,x-9-6,x-7-8, or x-8-7. There is a valid reason for this. Lets say I evaluate the each pair with a variable from 1 to 10 with 10 being the time to play. In this case, the front pair is 2 and the back pair is 10 and the split pair is 5. Even though, the pair group arrived in the number it is because on a cumulative basis the group is still too high. The back pair has now ascended into new territory which on a scale of 10 is about 15. Therefore, even though a profile arrived (in this case 69-78) the mentioned outcomes are absolutely fabulous plays. Thanks for reading Dawn, try to stay cool

August 25, 2005 - From Dawn - Don sent a message for ya'll last night but I can't post it because I accidentally deleted it. My excuse ... yesterday morning our compressor burned up and we were without A/C until 10 pm last night. I did good to post last nights results in the heat - ya'll have no idea how lucky you are that I'm so dedicated! Or maybe I'm just stupid! :))

At any rate, I did read his message and I do know what he said. The bottom line is that he said, and I agree with him, the 69/96 or 78/87 still needs to come as the last two digits. The outcome of yesterdays draw - 936 - does not alter his prediction. He suggests continuing the play. YOU pick the first digit - he has no favorites.

We're both aware that this play has taken a long time and probably longer than we should have kept it alive, but the truth is, we need to see one of the above pairs in the day drawing. I do agree with Don that this is the best calculated play - for whatever that is worth! Good luck.

August 20, 2005 - 2nd message (PM) - From Don - To the I have written a column for some duration on this web-site. I believe that statistics can determine a "random number" in advance and this subject is of course controversial in a mathematical sense. The pick 3 game is such a difficult game to forecast a correct outcome because the odds strongly favor the house or in this case the state.

On July 26, 2005 I forecast specific things. I forecast a primary indicator and some secondary indicators that stood, in my opinion a strong chance for success. Three days later, statistics mentioned proved accurate in the form of 6-4-7. Sixteen days later more relevant statistics occurred in the form of 7-3-8. Today, the EXACT number forecast arrived, 23 days later.

Twenty four days later we still have opportunity in the form of x-7-8, x-8-7, x-6-9, and x-9-6.

In conclusion, on a personal note, I am very thrilled today that a long and difficult project is again validated. Thank you for reading Don

August 20, 2005 - 1st message (AM) - From Don - To the The correct number on 8/19/05 in the day game was 5-7-1. This outcome had three different digits and the 7 in the center position which was a prime likelihood. This does diminish the 78 or 69 potential somewhat in that the back pair could be either 78 or 87 ot 69 or 96 as opposed to my favorite selection of x-7-8.

So, these two pair groups represent a great speculation in the exact selection. Also, please note that if you play say, "9-7-8 Combo," you are purchasing 6 numbers in the exact postion but I am only selecting the 78 or 87 or 69 or 96 in the back pair. Therefore, you would be purchasing selections NOT in the profile. Also, do not disregard the previously mentioned 2-x-0 and 1x1 and 0-x-2. Best of Luck. Don

August 13, 2005 - From Don - To the
In yesterdays pick 3 game the winning number was 7-3-8 which was in the heart of the statistical profile provided. In selecting the 78 and 69 to be within the number, I also alluded to the much higher reward of selecting the 78 and 69 in the proper [back] position. Prior to the arrival of 378, a "combo" wager of 78 or 69 with the winning third digit of 3 paid a considerable return, even after a much longer than anticipated time period. Thus, this is a unique situation in that there is still statistical opportunity.

So, again I look to the 78 or 69 pair group which is 4 outcomes out of 100 and thus have a 4% chance of being correct. But I am selecting the 78 and 69 to be in a distinct ORDER. In this case, the BACK PAIR.

So, the totality of the outcomes are x-6-9 or x-9-6 or x7-8 or x-8-7. Of those 4 outcomes, I strongly favor the x-7-8 due to the positional arrangement of the 7 in the center position in combination with the 7 being a great speculation of being in a number with three different digits AND arriving in the CENTER position. Although the 78 and 69 could return in the number making a combo wager appropriate, the best speculation is x-7-8 which has (at the most) 10 chances in 1000 or 990 chances out of 1000 to lose.

As a secondary choice, the split pair of 2-x-0 or 0-x-2, or 1-x-1 is very high statistically and represents a reasonable chance to arrive soon. To give you an idea of how rare these events are, the positional arrangement of the 78 and the 69 have never happened in 1030 events of the day game and 3695 draws of the night game. As stated in this column many times, all records will be broken over time yet if the game is fair in honest, numbers (I call them profiles) must arrive. I conclude it is still a good time to be playing the DAY game and speculating that these statistics will arrive. Thanks for reading and best of luck to everyone. Don

August 9, 2005 - To the I provided statistics giving an indication of what I consider to be a good speculation in the DAY pick 3 game. I want to provide a little better view of these statistics in depth as my selections have NOT arrived so far.

The back pair of 78 and 69 are at a statistical high in both the night and day game. Trying to be as specific as possible, the correct outcome could be x-7-8 or x-8-7 or x-6-9 or x9-6.

In addition, the pair group of 69 and 78 are TOO high in relationship to all the other pair groups giving great potential to a 69 or 78 being IN the number.

The next highest pair group that is statistically relevant is the 0-x-2 or 2-x-0 or 1-x-1. As opposed to the 78 and 69 the 02 and 11 pair are NOT near as statistically relevant as to being in the number.

In accessing all the combinations of pair groups and all the digit possibilities and all the sum possibilities and all the combination number possibilities and all the double digit possibilities and many other methods I have available, I find NO deviation in either game as dominant as the above assessment. The only other numbers that have deviated from a normal occurrence in the game are 889 and 899 which have none of the above matching numerals.

When reviewing statistics, they must be put in context. For example, there have been 272 double digits occur in the day game and 755 combination numbers. On the double digit side, this is only about a 1% deviation as double digits should occur 28% of the time.

On the comparative basis, how much of a deviation do we have as to the above statistics? I would estimate about twice the normal as to the 69 and 78 being in the number. In assessing what I have predicted so far on this site, I must conclude that the critical element of time has diminished the return enormously and I do value timing as critical to a successful outcome.

However, I am NOT going to stop speculating on these statistics until they arrive as they present too great a potential for a return on investment even at this later than expected date. Best of luck in all things. Don

July 29, 2005 - To the If you review the last paragraph of the information I provided for this play on 7/26/05 I said, "the 6 as the first digit in a number having three different digits is at an all time Texas high and the middle digit "7 and 4" are somewhat high statistically."

Of course the numbers drawn on 7/28/05 was a combination with a 6 in the first position and had both a 7 and 4 within the number.

This is mildly upsetting as I look at hundreds of statistics and select what I believe are the very best to provide the players. In this case, I did an evaluation that was NOT, in retrospect the absolute best based solely on the result.

As to the good news, the 78 and the 69 within the number remain excellent probabilities based on the exact same type of information I used to discover what turned out to be very accurate.

I also do not want players to forget about the 1x1 and 2x0 and 0x2, all of which are exact plays and to recap - the 78 and 69 in the BACK position is the best BUT the 69 and 78 is also a great play as to being IN the number. I wish you the best of luck. Don

July 28, 2005 - The lottoreport generously supplied a link to the pick 3 payouts (mentioned in yesterday's posting below).

Three of the dates really jump out at me in the Day game. On July 13, the game paid out a whopping 28% of income, on 7/18 the game paid out 32% and on 7/25 the game paid out a huge 43%.

Obviously, I am being cynical about these amounts as they are outrageous. The game could easily pay more, say 600 to 1 on an exact ticket and still earn plenty of money.

But, for now, the numbers and indicators specified (July 26th posting) are excellent specualtions. Also, can anyone ever conclude that a wager with odds of 1000 to 1 is a good wager? I think this might be one of those times. Best of luck to all. Don

July 27, 2005 - To the I posted a play shortly before the draw yesterday and I am occassionaly glad that a play does NOT arrive so that it will give players an idea of what they intend to do.

If you extrapolate that a 78 or 69 will be the number you have taken 4 pairs out of 100 that you think will arrive. Thus, you have 96 chances to lose on that bet. In fact, in some pick three games you can wager on the pair or a single digit. The reason is that the house is strongly favored to win as they always are.

When I evaluate a play for readers, I look at the night game and the day game to evaluate the best statistical presence for numbers. I review about 10 computer programs on each game and use comparative data for that selection.

I do not throw out wild manueveurs based on my childrens birthdays. If the lottery is fair all numbers must arrive over time. I try to evaluate the TIME as the most important element before even selecting the numbers.

In each draw of the game, the odds to the player are the same, 1000 to 1 on an exact play and 220 to 1 for an any play. With this in mind, you must remember that for playing more than one number you are increasing your odds of being correct yet you are diminsihing your winnings.

Conversely, if I play fewer numbers, say just one, my odds are known (1000 to 1) and my payout is known.

It is good from time to time to re-access what tactic a player might use in the game and it is vital to keep good records of how much they are spending. The lottery keeps excellent records of how much they take in and payout and those statistics are available on this web-site.

I have reviewed these statistics (money paid to winners) and it is appalling in that the game takes in, most days, half of say $900,000 or yes, you read that right, $450,000 PER DAY.

So, we have to be very careful what we do with our hard earned dollars and avoid the game most of the time. I believe, if the game is fair and honest, this is NOT one of those times.
Thanks for reading Don

Original Play - Tuesday, July 26, 2005 - 9:55 AM - From Don - Hello to Pick 3 Players: Let's get right to the action. On a comparative basis, the DAY pick 3 game as of July 26, 2005 at 0830 presents some great opportunities. As you may know, I compare the games and try to develop conclusions about what the absolute best play might be in either game based on statistics. Here is what the statistics reveal.

The sum pair of 78 and 69 in a three digit number are at an all time statistical high in either game in the back position. This means the number could be 4-6-9 or 6-7-8. Of course, the numbered digits could be x-9-6 or x-8-7.

Selecting an exact number is always the most difficult yet the most rewarding. In combination with the back pair digits the statistical formation of 69 and 78 being within the number is also high. Thus, I conclude that playing a number with 69 or 78 in it are fantastic plays and for more speculative players, playing the formation of the exact number as I have indicated is a respectable wager.

I might also add that I have seen this statistical representation before and a typical conclusion is sometimes a number like, in this case, 669, 699, 778, or 788. This is because the mathematical representation quickly returns to what I call zero in all positions of the indicator which all numbers will eventually.

I would also be remiss if I did not mention the split pair 1x1 and 2x0 and 0x2. This is an exact play and represents a high statistical representation of 4.3. This 4.3 means little to those who read this column yet it is a somewhat high figure BUT to give you a comparison, the 78 and 69 are 5.4 which is one of the highest I have ever seen in the game.

In combination with the 69 and 78 mentioned digits the 6 as the first digit in a three digit number is at 75 days which is an all time high in the Texas DAY game and gives potential to 6-7-8 and 6-8-7. The middle digit 7 and 4 are also somewhat high statistically and that gives pause to the number 6-7-8 and possibility 2-4-0 or 0-4-2.

I will not have any favorites using these particular statistics as all the mentioned numbers and criteria when used correctly present a great potential to the player both on an any play and the more lucrative exact play. I appreciate your interest in this column. Don

April 6, 2005 - From Don - Just Comments: The information presented by the lottoreport is always entertaining and very accurate. I especially enjoyed the story about who plays the lottery which of course is very contrary to the information I have read at the website produced by the Texas Lottery.

Since I write about the pick 3 game I want to present a few points in context with the mentioned article. First, I have a chart with all the possible outcomes presented in the game. I think you will seldom find a lottery type game that provides an actual representation of all the obstacles the game produces.

Whether you choose to play a selection I have or not, the chart is a mandatory tool if you play the pick 3 game at all because it is a constant reminder that 220 numbers exist in the game and if you played 120 of them you would only get back 80 AND you would lose 28% of the time. Playing 90 of the other numbers would return $160 on a dollar wagered but you would lose 72% of the time and therefore lose too much over time.

The only numbers that pay more than the actual odds then, are the 10 triple digits which pay at 250 for 1 for .50 but they only arrive on average every 100 days meaning you would have to spend $5.00 per day to cover them all and you guessed it, play for 100 days to get back $250.

Thus, having the correct information and playing a game is much better, to me, than aimlessly throwing dollars at a diverse group of lottery games. In conclusion then, if you play the pick 3 game, use the free chart to make as many hypothetical wagers as you want and write down how you do.

Thanks for reading and if the statistics favor US in the future, I will let you know. Don

Don's 48th Prediction
(2005 - 1st Prediction)

Don's 48th Play - Play Starts 3/22/05
Play ends: Play ends 3/22/05 After Draw

Tuesday, March 22, 2005 - 5:15 PM - From Don - Hi to the audience of! I have not written to the audience for a variety of reasons in some time yet I hope you are well and being very cautious about how you spend your very hard earned dollars.

Getting right to the pick 3 game, night version, there is an opportunity that the readers should know about. With 52 weeks in a year and 6 draws a week in the night game that is about 312 draws per year.

With 3571 draws that means that in 11.44 years we have a situation that has never occurred. This is unlike the fact that 999 has never occurred in that 999 represents 1 number while the profile I am about to address includes 36 numbers times 6 or 216 which is very different.

When you have a profile of 36, it is large yet you have eliminated 184 other numbers or 83% of the other possible combinations. Thus, you only have a 17% chance to pick IN the correct profile. Your chances are much smaller to actually select in the 17% group of numbers which WILL be correct.

The group of 36 all include a zero. The correct number will also have 3 different digits. To give you an example of how statistics can portray events, in the night pick 3 game in 11 years there should have been 771 zero group numbers and there have been 776 with only a -4.88 difference. This group of numbers has never surpassed 27 days and they are already past that now. Remembering that all possible highs will always be surpassed over time, we are still in excellent position to begin playing such a number as I have described, that being a three different digit number with a zero.

If you follow the game you may notice that the zero has not arrived in this fashion in a three different digit number in 57 days in the first position and 29 days in the second position and 31 days in the third position. You can extrapolate several things from this information. (1) there is a problem with the ball titled zero (2) the zero number has occurred too much over time 3) numbers as I have described have occurred too much. 4) something else.

You may also noticed that no number with a 00 in it has occurred in over 88 days which is a little unusual. This statistic then, a number having a zero or 2 zeros is slightly curious. A player might engage the thought, the lottery checks and rechecks to make certain the game is positively fair and random. Thus, by playing the game at this moment,
I am getting more value than I ordinairly would. I am in that category.

I have a 9 to 1 chance to select the correct digit with the zero. For my favorites - I am going to pick a 3 or a 5. This makes 30 and 50 with one digit left. To make a long story short, I am going to add the 1 for 130, a 2 for 230, and a 3 to 350. I won't be updating this play because when you see the 0 it's over. If the double 00 arrives it still won't be over. I don't think you'll need much luck on this one. Best Regards, Don

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