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Don's 50th Prediction
(2005 - 3rd Prediction)

Don's 50th Play - Play Starts 6-10-06
Play ends: June 16, 2006 - The play came in.

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June 17, 2006 - 5:45 PM - Cease Play - From Don - To the lottoreport:

Many of the readers may know that I have worked on the pick 3 game for several years. I use an array of statistical methods and there remains a subjective decision making process for me. The process seems overwhelming at times when trying to select one outcome of 220 within the small window of time to make a profit. What continues to motivate me is that a successful outcome CAN be forecast as witnessed here.

In this particular case my absolute favorite arrived before I changed the selections for the audience.

Normally, I would go through how the digit 5, total sum 15, 2 to go with the 5 and sum 15 became a cumulative best play but I choose not to today.

Hopefully, many of you did not read my update and had a successful winning outcome.

On a personal note, I have put forth a great deal of effort into fatherhood and have tried to demonstrate to my children that what sometimes seems impossible is not. Best Regards to all and of course this play is concluded. Don

From Dawn - Thanks Don for a great play. Many players asked me if I would stay with the sum of "15" after it came in the other night and I said YES, I would and I did. For some reason the sums repeat - not always - but often. I also agreed with the sum of "5" - and I still do.

What's good about the sum of "5" is that there's only a few ways to make it - 203, 410, 500, 311, 221. It's also a good play for the Day Game - in my opinion -

Congratulations to those of you who won last night on Don's favorite that was originally posted on Jun 10th. The payout was a hefty $326,220 -

June 16, 2006 - 9:55 AM - Udpate from Don - First , in my column yesterday, I did not characterize the situation correctly.

After yesterdays draw, the key indicator is the digit 5 in a three digit number. I meant to indicate that my choice of the sum of 15 in my chart - with a 5 in the number - was my first selection because we had a play on both indicators.

When the 267 was drawn, the sum of 15 arrived, which gave that group less of a priority for me.

So, looking to the future, statistics tell me that the present numbers I expect to go with the 5, in a three digit number, are 01, 14, 23.

This does give some validity to the numbers 145 and 235 along with the 015 and 05 something. So, as of Friday, my best selections are 145, 235, 150 in that order. Happy Fathers Day to all. DON

June 15, 2006 - 10:30 AM - Udpate from Don: Again, the "fifteen" group in the profile, that being 267 was a great play but it did not have the digit 5. I had to make a decision which group I thought was the very best value, the numbers containing sum 15 or the numbers with a sum of "5" and three different digits. Looking back, this type of decision does grind on me. Yet, the three digit number with a 5 it still absolutely outstanding and thus I am recommending the same numbers. Don

June 14, 2006 - 10:50 AM - Udpate from Don: Hi to the lottoreport:

Took another very deep breath at the result of 8-2-no - not 5 but 4. Unfortunately, this result does have implications for my selections as to the priority I listed them in (June 10, 2006).

Since we are so early in the play I am going to continue to recommend the order specified until I reevaluate every pair, every digit, every historical reference that has occurred and the possibility to earn money on this play in the most immediate way. Best Regards, DON

June 13, 2006 - 10:15 AM - Udpate from Don: Hi to lottoreport.

The posted result on what is essentially is day one of my forecast was 2-2-5. This was not my first pick of 2-5-8. That's the bad news.

The good news is the number did not have three different digits which, using my method, has NO relevance to all the indicators I spoke of in my June 10th message. Thus, the same statistics are usable. I wish you all great success. Don

June 10, 2006 - 8 PM - New Play From Don - Hi to the lottoreport.

As of 1800 hours on June 10, 2006, statistics indicate that a good play exists in the NIGHT pick 3 game. The play is a number having three different digits with the digit "5" in the number.

There are a number of good indicators that have 5 in them. For example, using my chart, the fifteen group is at an all time high and numbers meeting that criteria are 159 and 258 and 357. I also like the number 150 because a number having three different digits with a zero in it is very consistent as arriving on what I call schedule for at least the last 60 days.

There are 9 digits you can select to go with the 5 and then the final digit cannot make the number a double digit. Since the 5 is an outstanding play, whatever digits you choose to go with it remain a great play.

I am going to choose in my order of priority - 258, 150, 159, 357. By playing one of these numbers, the reader gets a great play on the 5 AND a great play on the sum 15 and if you play 258, a great play on the 5 being with 2 which is my first choice as a digit to go with the 5. Best regards, Don

April 12, 2006 - A Message From Don - Hi to the lottoreport: I posted some information regarding statistics for the readers and updated the message on April 6, 2006 based on subsequent drawings in the night game.

There are 55 pairs of numbers that could be a three digit number such as 29 or 92, counting that as 1. If I would have selected the pair "29" as a prominent pair on March 21, 2006, there have been 18 draws since then. So, playing a number like 129 any for 18 days, a player would have lost a hypothetical $18. (playing $1 any per day).

As I indicated in my March 21st message, "if you play x-2-9 you have an eight to one chance to be correct". This is almost exactly what occurred except for the fact that I did not correctly select the 8 to 1 third digit as I selected the number one and the actual outcome was 0 to go with the 29.

Admittedly, 8 to 1 is still a very big long shot except when it pays 80 to 1 or in this exact case after 18 days you would have to subtract the 18 from 80 and that means an 18 dollar wager MIGHT HAVE returned $62, a very good return. If I would have played 129 and 290 and increased my chances to 2 out of 8 I might have had to wager $2 per day for 18 days or $36 for a return of $80 or a profit of $44.

Using an extreme example, if I would have provided the pair 29 with all 8 digits possible (must be three different digits) that would have required an $8 wager per day times 18 days or a wager of $144 and a return of $80 and a loss of $64.

The point of this information is that, in my view what was a 100% chance to "win" can easily turn into a loss if it takes too long OR you do not add up your continuing losses.

In conclusion, I placed the stats out there to evaluate what was happening in the game and mentioned that I did NOT find this play of value. The main thing to always remember is that the pick 3 game always pays at HALF THE TRUE ODDS and that is what makes it so difficult. However, I am motivated to give readers the most insightful and opportunistic chance for success and that is what I always try to accomplish. I will begin to look for something NEW worthy of those very valuable dollars. Don

April 6, 2006 - A Message From Don - Update to his last message - Hi to the lottoreport. I mentioned in my previous message that this play was not worthy of your hard earned dollars as we must play the pick 3 game at the very best time with the very best statistics. However, I want to explain my previous message and what has transpired statistically.

I stated the digit 9 in a three digit number is somewhat distended. After that, the digit 9 occurred in a three digit number (396) and then in the prominent final position (379)

The 2 did not evenuate with the 9 however the 2 did occur IN the number as (082) and (124) and (642) and (327). So, if you went against my advice and played one number for $1 you have lost $15 with an $80 horizon.

Interestingly, the 9 is still somewhat prominent as the foremost digit in a number and the number must have 3 different digits. Surprisingly, the 2 is still prominent although it has occurred IN the number four of the last seven night lottery selections. So, effectively choosing a 2 and 9 with another number you have eight other numbers possible of which I am selecting the 1.

I wish you all success in your endeavors. Don

March 21, 2006 - A Message From Don (A speculative play) - Hi to readers of

I took some time to study the pick 3 night game after validating all my statistics I use for the game. In a short conclusion, I did NOT find anything of value to risk your very hard earned dollars on. I can share with you many of the statistics I arived at.

This is for the pick 3 NIGHT game.

You may already know that numbers having three different digits arrive 72% of the time. In this category, a number having 2 or 9 within the number are somewhat statistically relevant. Prior to the arrival of 4-7-6 on Friday, the digit 7 was in that mix with the 2 and the 9. As to the position of the digits, the 9 is somewhat prominent in any position while the 2 is only prominent in the first and second position. Of course, when you play a box you select any position of the correct number.

So, let's assume you select a number with x-2 and 9. You have an 8 to 1 chance to be correct with x (no double digit).
If the 2 and 9 were correct (100 to 1 on that). You would "win" 80 for $1 by selecting x.

You could also be MORE speculative by attempting to select the position of the 2 and 9. You could also play "combo" to wager on all positions.

I could go a little further in describing some potential in the numbers having three different digits by saying that at the moment a number such as 1-2-9 is in a group of 42 numbers that have promise.

I can't really find anything else that might be of interest to players. So, 129 (220 to 1) on an any bet which pays 80 to 1 for a correct selection. Best Regards, DON

March 13, 2006 - A Message From Don - Not A Play - Hello to readers of It has been some time since I have updated the column generously provided by Dawn.

I have been working on continuing my education and certifications as a fitness professional. Being a fitness professional along with my full time job requires I stay up to date on all aspects of risk stratification and current exercise themes. If you stay away from the human movement sciences too long, it is a detriment to your professional responsibilities. I want to provide my clients the highest value in personal training techniques and to do that requires a strong vision, strategy, persistence, belief and motivation that requires learning.

As you know I have a theory about the pick 3 game. With definable mathematical principles, I use a computer to analyze the 1000 possibilities presented in a pick 3 game and reduce them to a manageable amount of speculations that would provide a player an opportunity to win.

An opportunity to win does not mean cashing a winning ticket. Opportunity means providing a winning ticket with a predictable win ratio while advising the players the huge obstacles to success inherent to the game. It is also relevant to note that a speculator in the game must have a relative knowledge of other gambling forms such as sports wagering and horse wagering.

Without a comparative assessment as to how and why the pick 3 game presents opportunity in relation to other games, there is no reason to play.

I am glad that many of you have asked about me and what I am doing and what I intend to write about in the future. I will let you know very soon. Don

Sept 25, 2005 - From Dawn - Here's some interesting stats on pairs NOT drawn since June 1, 2005 for either draw. I will NOT keep this list current on this page, you will need to go to the Pick3 Strategy page to watch the list dwindle.

First Two Digits
07x, 23x, 24x, 31x, 40x, 65x, 77x, 89x, 97x
Last Two Digits
x03, x06, x08, x13, x14, x32, x33, x40, x48,
x49, x61, x70, x75, x77, x79
First & Last Digits
0x5, 1x4, 2x9, 3x2, 3x9, 4x0, 4x1, 5x5, 8x3,

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